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    Constant high pitch electronic whine, even when parked

    What software update did this?
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    CCS1 adapter from A2Z

    I have both the Tesla one and the A2Z but have used neither :confused:. The A2Z one seems more robust somehow.
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    Teslas In The Florida Hurricane

    I was in St Pete the 26th and supposed to head to Ft Lauderdale the 28th but changed my mind. Up to that point in time the superchargers I was using around Tampa were generally less than 50% at capacity at any time. On the 27th I decided to head north out of state and in my travels every...
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    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    I drove 8 miles through Tampa today with FSD. Enjoyed it for the most part but I did turn it off several times to manually take over on some turns and when I drove through the bridge toll booth. The FSD accomplished several right and left hand stop light/intersection turns properly.
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    Alert - Mileage Request Please

    Bought my 2022 the third week of June and as of now have 6300 miles on it.
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    All Tesla Owners in U.S. and Canada With a Safety Score of 80+ Will Receive FSD Beta Tomorrow!

    Has anyone else noticed that the FSD display has the multi colored lines etc but that when between cities/towns that it reverts to the EAP type of display?
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    Tesla App Keeps Losing my CC Info for Supercharging

    What is odd is that the first four supercharger sessions went smoothly.
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    Tesla App Keeps Losing my CC Info for Supercharging

    I paused my VPN and rebooted the iPhone and can see the payment info in the app for now.
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    Tesla App Keeps Losing my CC Info for Supercharging

    I can’t seem to add a payment when logging on to the account. I’m being re-directed to the app for payment info.
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    All Tesla Owners in U.S. and Canada With a Safety Score of 80+ Will Receive FSD Beta Tomorrow!

    Downloaded the FSD update at 3:30am and left Birmingham to St. Petersburg Fl (600miles) just before 5am. Used FSD on majority of drive. Did go manual at times as I’m not sure of exactly how it all works. Had one phantom breaking episode but car car never fully stopped. Overall, made the 12 hour...
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    Tesla App Keeps Losing my CC Info for Supercharging

    Im currently in the middle of my first over the road trip and 600 miles from home. While supercharging last night when I unplugged the car I got a message on the App that I didnt have a valid payment method and needed to take care of it immediately. After opening the App I learned that both of...
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    Ordered one today with the 7% off and free shipping. Hope to have it soon! - 2022 MXP
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    2022 Model X whistling sound

    What software version does the car have?
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    How bad is the wear on the half shafts with the suspension is set to Standard? I ordered the N2ITIVE kit but it wont be in stock till October I believe. I have a 1200 mile trip coming up at the end of the month.
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    New Energy Price Guarantee

    Forgive me for posting here but the thread is interesting to me. Biden’s ill named Climate Bill recently passed in the US (with no climate provisions…) raised EV prices for Ford and GM by $7500US almost overnight. While stated as a $7500 tax break there was an amazing almost overnight price...
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    Benefits to paying for HW3 upgrade?

    Just curious, did you order FSD with your car originally?
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Has the ”refresh” X been any better?
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    Model X Wont start while being charged at supercharger.......STRANDED in middle of night. !!!

    Please continue to post as the car is diagnosed and fixed. Very interested.
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    CCS1 from TESPLUS

    Is there a projected Tesla OEM CCS adapter price at this point?
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    Home or Showroom Delivery in Winter?

    I was a new owner to Tesla and I picked up my X in June this year. Other than the inspection and immediate remedy if anything is found, what use is a showroom? Maybe the SC is a better place to do your inspection anyway? Setting up your phone, fob and card can be done by your local SC. I...
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    2022 Model X at 60 days… all good!

    I hope this isn’t a dumb question…. Can a normal wheel shop do the alignment on a Tesla?
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    2022 Model X at 60 days… all good!

    My commute is heavy stop and go through hilly terrain if that may explain the energy burn a little?
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    2022 Model X at 60 days… all good!

    I have the 22” wheels. As for Plaid mode… I have to confess I have never turned that mode on :oops:. From the start I have been trying to get through the FSD safety course so I have left it in Sport. It’s not that I havent done pulls but they have all been done in Sport. There has been no...
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    2022 Model X at 60 days… all good!

    Picked the X up in June from Kennesaw GA which is a story in itself. It was one huge clusterF after another with that place. However, the X with a minor front panel adjustment has been so far a great SUV. Some enhanced wear on the inner portion of the rear tires but that seems to be about it...
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    There have been many unsold cars over the years. After price reductions and other sales tactics the unsold inventory ends up in a shredder yard and is recycled.
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    Extended Warranty Options

    Is Xcare an exclusionary warranty? I cant find any specifics on the site.
  27. I

    2018 Model X extended warranty

    Why does the optional coverage stop at 2020 models? Anyone know?
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    FWD Stuck Open

    Please keep us posted. It’s hard to believe there isnt a manual override to close the rear doors. On another note, Im in Bham as well!
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    Brake Fluid Change

    Is it possible that because of the regen braking that the hydraulic system isnt heat cycling like an ICE vehicle and the fluid isn’t developing condensation?
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    Mobile connector button isn't opening charge port anymore?

    I am so proud of my X today, the charge port opened with my WC wand for the first time in two months. Pretty sure it wont happen again for a long time but for today, 😃 happy
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    When the ACTUAL cybertruck pricing is released…,

    Many ICE vehicles like the Macan are performance driving vehicles. The MY is certainly not. Acceleration may be greater with an EV but handling and breaking performance are very very far second place achievements IMO.
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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    But will they come down🤔
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    Significant Issues with 2022 Model X Plaid

    Apparently nobody at Tesla did either
  34. I

    Significant Issues with 2022 Model X Plaid

    Is the 12v battery charged along with the main battery by the wall charger?
  35. I

    Significant Issues with 2022 Model X Plaid

    Very glad you are safe. I never thought about the car not having a manual parking brake system which seems altogether a bad idea. During the month you were away was the X on any power hookup?
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    Trailer Hitch questions

    I wonder why Tesla doesnt consider the S safe enough to tow with🤔
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    How to escalate issues when SC says its within spec?

    I would probably ask for published spec sheet from Tesla identifying not only that the noise is correct/anticipated during normal operation but also identifying what the known source for an “in spec” noise signal is from.
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    Gen 2 NEMA Adapters & Corded Mobile Connector availability alert

    Thanks, I have been waiting for the 14-30. Ordered!
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    What are these that my car came with?

    Yes, they are for your wheels
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    Charge door not opening

    With the car unlocked i just push the door and it opens
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    Charge door not opening

    My charge door also does not open like it did pre-update. I have a service call at my house the 26th to fix this issue.
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    Refresh 6 Seater Divider

    Could you post some better photos when you get a chance?
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    2022 Model X (Plaid) Energy Graph

    Thank you, that was a very helpful post! I do have the ”old” update of 2022.16.3 although today the car supposedly did an OTA update to 2022.20.5. I checked the car as well as the app and the 16.3 version shows up as installed.
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    2022 Model X (Plaid) Energy Graph

    My graph worked today, “Show Energy” was all it took. However, I have no idea how to use the graph?
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    MCU1 to MCU2 written promissory note

    No it doesnt. If you still have the note from the Service Center showing the details of the agreement then this is binding on Tesla as the Service Centers are not subcontractors but are company representatives.
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    Model X as a daily driver?

    I use the X I took delivery of on June 16 this year as a daily driver. Put about 65ish miles a day on it with todays total of about 1600 miles. Great car for downtown and other use IMO.
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    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Mine is scheduled to be looked at Wed the 6th of July.
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    Ordered MX Plaid yesterday and being asked to pickup today

    Just as likely passed on for affordability as any other reason IMO
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    Lease return nightmare model X

    Get a lawyer, develop a storage bill/fee with maintenance and have it sent to Tesla. This is assuming you have a clear history of attempting to return their property and Tesla not responding per the agreement. I dont know what the TOS you had with Tesla but they have a responsibility the same...

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