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  1. CAM3RON

    Ground Clearance and Steep Driveways - Tesla 3

    I was considering buying a house with a very steep driveway. I asked the estate agent at the open home if I could stick around for a bit after the open home had finished to see if I could get in and out of the garage from the steep driveway with my car. So I got down okay and then trying to go...
  2. CAM3RON

    Supercharger - Auckland North Shore

    Of course, I do. But also 18,000km of free Supercharging expiring December 2023.
  3. CAM3RON

    Supercharger - Auckland North Shore

    Yeah, I guess. As long as we get one on the Shore, that is V3, more than 4 stalls and within the next 12 months, I will be happy.
  4. CAM3RON

    Supercharger - Auckland North Shore

    Albany would be way better than Glenfield. Say it aint so!
  5. CAM3RON

    Puncture & Tyre Rotation - where to go Auckland?

    I recommend getting the "hockey puck" jacks and taking them to any old tyre centre and asking them to use when jacking. I had a puncture yesterday (not in my Tesla though). Rocked up to Tyre Corp in Silverdale and they fixed it straight away for $45 in 10 minutes.
  6. CAM3RON

    Slow GPS routing and app connection

    I would delete the app and install it again. I have found Tesla Navigation directions are about 5 seconds slower than Google Maps directions on a phone.
  7. CAM3RON

    Puncture & Tyre Rotation - where to go Auckland?

    Why not go to Tesla Service Centre? They can fix any issues that need fixing under warranty for free while it is there.
  8. CAM3RON

    Where to put camera in Model Y

    I have a Go Pro mount fixed to the plastic part surrounding the dome lights in the cabin.
  9. CAM3RON

    Sentry and Dashcam Storage

    Vanja USB Type-C SD Card Reader with a Sansdisk 128gb inside, has been working well for me - easy transfer to laptop for storage or viewing. Before the update to view in the Tesla arrived, it was easy to unplug and plug into my phone for viewing while out and about too.
  10. CAM3RON

    now that's genius for charging

    Would most likely be trickle charge rate. Looks like you would need your own charging cable too, and I am sure there would be people who would mess with these. Overall, though a good idea.
  11. CAM3RON

    New model 3

    Never had that issue with my windows. Welcome to the club!
  12. CAM3RON


    A quick google suggests these parts on other cars last 15 years or between 60,000km - 120,000km before the need to replace. We have both had our cars for 3 years. If in another 3 years they need replacing they won't be under warranty.
  13. CAM3RON


    @khayyam Yes, same thing for me, the wording on my invoice was - "replace front lateral arms (bushes split)"
  14. CAM3RON


    Geez that's a shocker. Maybe someone should make a post on the Facebook group - I'm not on there but getting the message out to 2019 build owners might be good idea. Did you get the WOF done at Tesla?
  15. CAM3RON

    First Road Trip

    Great vehicle for road trips right? I recently went on a road trip and out in the wop wops I lost connectivity so no more Spotify and no voice directed navigation. When I made it back to the edge of civilization these issues still weren't resolved so I pulled over and did a reset pushing the 2...
  16. CAM3RON


    The whole lot took 4 hours 45 mins. I got Uber credit and they are washing/vaccuming all cars they service now - seem to be stepping up the level of customer service they are offering. I missed out on a wash though as mine was the last car to be done for the day. 😢
  17. CAM3RON


    Update Yep 12 volt battery replaced free. WOF would have failed if they didn’t fix suspension issue. Under warranty so free. Now with that suspension and a wheel alignment done it drives smooth again. All together the labour, WOF, and wheel alignment ended up costing $397
  18. CAM3RON


    Yep, I just booked in the app under the 'Something Else' category and typed in WOF and 12 Volt Battery replacement. The other component to be fixed is "Rework electrical harness due to water ingress" (I didn't ask for this they just added it).
  19. CAM3RON


    12 volt batteries usually last 3 - 5 years. If you do lots of small trips (I am guilty of this) they don't last that long though. So I thought I would get it replaced. Plus I read somewhere recently there was a shortage of 12 volts that fit Tesla's, so thought I would be proactive. I was...
  20. CAM3RON


    I booked my WOF through the Tesla Service Centre and it will cost $73.91 (most other places charge between $50-$72). Since it has been 3 years, I thought I would replace my 12 volt battery and that is under warranty - so will cost nothing. They will also be fixing some other under warranty...
  21. CAM3RON

    Wall Charger Question

    I would wait till you have your own place - save paying the installation cost twice. Buy a UMC and use that in the meantime.
  22. CAM3RON

    No chargers included on new orders after 8th July 2022 in New Zealand

    Us early adopters may not have got a rebate, but we surely saved getting both of those for free, plus the free internet connection.
  23. CAM3RON

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    Original plan was to own long term, but it certainly is tempting to sale as these resale prices for a Tesla at the moment are pretty good.
  24. CAM3RON

    Model 3 car cover recommendations

    It was a thick material but not too heavy, I found it to be pretty easy to put on once I got the hang of it. I mainly used it when I planned not to use it over a long time and was handy during lockdown. It would get damp on the inner liner sometimes and so I would dry it out on my deck on hot...
  25. CAM3RON

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    I have been thinking about getting some new tyres.
  26. CAM3RON

    New Zealand Road Trips

    Good to know about the 80% button. Thanks, gents! I noticed as well while using the older chargers that the ChargeNet app does not connect so well with the charger in remote areas (Hauhora charger), so swiping the credit card was needed to activate - I read the Plugshare reviews for the...
  27. CAM3RON

    New Zealand Road Trips

    I just did Auckland to Cape Reinga - as someone else said earlier there are plenty of charging options up North, however, quite a few of the old ChargeNet 23kw chargers, which slows you down, and they cut you off at 80% charge. I am happy to have ChargeNet, but they are definitely going to need...
  28. CAM3RON

    UMC no longer supplied with new cars

    Huh, I never would have thought the UMC cost more than the Wall Connector. I think not including the UMC is a mis-step by Tesla. Glad I got both of mine for free back in 2019.
  29. CAM3RON

    Model 3 car cover recommendations

    I originally bought a generic one from Repco, but it wasn't the best fit, so I got the Tessories one that is designed for the Model 3 and it was much better.
  30. CAM3RON

    Turning on heated seats without turning on A/C

    Voice command: "my butt is cold" turns it on.
  31. CAM3RON

    Model S second hand market

    It is odd that on the website there is no pricing (at least when I tried) for Model S or X. You place your $400 reservation and then wait for pricing delivery to be confirmed. Not the most transparent system.
  32. CAM3RON

    Supercharger - Auckland North Shore

    The pin on the map does not seem like it will be the place they will install them. I drove down Wairau Rd a few times recently, and I noticed this empty lot that used to have all these camper vans on it. It sits there empty now, so I am guessing that could be a potential spot.
  33. CAM3RON

    Supercharger - Auckland North Shore

    Anyone seen any progress on this site yet?
  34. CAM3RON

    NZ Car of the Year…lol

    I have seen quite a few IONIQ 5 around Auckland in the last 2 weeks. They look great.
  35. CAM3RON

    2022 North Shore EV Rally - expression of interest form

    I have planned an EV scavenger hunt rally around the North Shore and I am hoping to see what kind of interest there is for the event. ChargeNet have kindly offered a $100 charging credit for the winners, and I will arrange 2nd and 3rd place prizes too. Entry is $25 and proceeds will be donated...
  36. CAM3RON

    What power company and home charger do you use?

    I am in Auckland and with Electric Kiwi. They recently put up their rates, but it is still worth it for me as they give an Hour of Power every day during off peak times. I chose 9-10pm and during this time I charge my Tesla, put on the dishwasher, heatpump, Playstation, TV etc are running. I use...
  37. CAM3RON

    Model 3 early NZ adopters feedback

    Damn, that is some bad luck.
  38. CAM3RON

    Removing factory tint on glass roof

    The short answer to your question is Yes. I removed the tint. See picture below for how it ended up.
  39. CAM3RON

    SR+ 2019 builds are eligible for free foglight retrofit

    That explains it logically.
  40. CAM3RON

    SR+ impressions after the first 3000kms

    Those first few weeks learning to get over range anxiety and that the car can go quite far and that chargers are usually close by is a learning curve.
  41. CAM3RON

    Update for waiting Model 3 buyers

    Yep 2019 here - definitely no regrets - I have free premium connectivity for life, free supercharging from referrals till Dec 2023, got a free Wall Connector on delivery day. Swings and roundabouts.
  42. CAM3RON

    SR+ 2019 builds are eligible for free foglight retrofit

    Weird. Guess it is 2019 builds only. Either that or I got lucky.
  43. CAM3RON

    Update for waiting Model 3 buyers

    Aaah the fun of shipping tracking and VIN number allocation begins. See if you can find VedaPrime's account in the Aussie forum for shipment updates - he is the guru with that stuff. Welcome to the forum.
  44. CAM3RON

    Model 3 The Model 3 trunk harness recall

    I would love it if while they were at it, they installed powergates on old models! :p
  45. CAM3RON

    Tesla Synchronised Lightshow Auckland Northshore Sulphur Beach (or suitable location)

    Loving the idea. Not loving the time. I am a fuddy duddy who doesn't like being up late and NYE traffic is not fun either. Wanna do earlier?
  46. CAM3RON

    Tesla Synchronised Lightshow Auckland Northshore Sulphur Beach (or suitable location)

    My light show does Chop Suey by System of A Down now. Is that okay?
  47. CAM3RON

    Supercharger - Tauranga

    Tesla now saying completion will be in Q1 2022. Anyone in Tauranga seen any progress on this?
  48. CAM3RON

    SR+ 2019 builds are eligible for free foglight retrofit

    I thought perhaps Waka Kotahi might have made them a legal requirement, but after a google search there is no such law requiring them on cars. I did read the following though on their website: It is against the law to use fog lamps in clear conditions (day or night) as they can dazzle other road...

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