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    540 server error

    There are threads about this in the various car specific forums, but since it genuinely seems to span all cars and regions, maybe collect notes here? I can start... I have two cars, 2018 M3 and a 2016 MX. No third-party apps now or ever (this was brought up in a thread as possible network...
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    Window rolls all the way down when opening door

    Hi all, Haven't seen a recent thread on this, so starting this. Ever since updating my 2018 M3 to 2021.4.12, 90% of the time when you open the front passenger door, the window will roll down 60%, then all the way. Once the passenger enters, the window will roll back up slightly, still about 60%...
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    Anyone else having trouble with TuneIn radio stations?

    For the last several weeks now, I have been unable to play internet based radio stations found under the TuneIn section. When I try one of my saved stations, it spins for a while, then the whole music section locks up and becomes unresponsive for several minutes before I can try something else...
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    No Netflix after FSD upgrade - TeslaCam not working well

    Sorry if this is a duplicate entry of someone else, just wanted to compare notes with others. Had my December 2016 X 90D in for the FSD upgrade. Noticed a couple of things. 1. Bluetooth connectivity was non-existent and car would not see my phone, even after deleting it from memory. A...
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    Video from test ride in Model Y

    You guys have probably seen a ton of these already, but here's my video from the test ride at the unveiling FWIW. Enjoy.
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    2012 Model S 85 $35,000

    Almost six years after taking delivery in Fremont, we have come full circle with our Model S. The Model X takes care of the hauling and it's bigger than I need, so I'm updating to Model 3. In case someone here is interested in outbidding Tesla's trade-in value, I thought I'd post it here. She...
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    Car wash staff didn't want to send car through

    Just checking if anyone else had this happen... My wife took our X to a new car wash, and they strongly urged her to do a hand wash. Apparently they had a previous X go through the regular wash and the spoiler got ruined. (Static spoiler, not the folding performance version.) We've taken the...
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    AP2 can't read speed limits?

    We bought an MX with AP2 and it very often gets the speed limit wrong, despite driving by unobscured speed limit signs, regardless of time of day or weather. In our neighborhood the speed limit is 25, but the car thinks it's 30, despite signage. Does the car rely on some (semi-correct) database...
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    Electrek speculations on Elon tweet 350kW supercharging

    Didn't see this posted yet, apologies if it was. Elon Musk teases new ‘Tesla Supercharger V3’ with over 350 kW power output and off-grid solar + Powerpacks
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    StateFarm doesn't know about the 90D?

    Hi all, About to bring home the X 90D and working on getting insurance. Turns out my VIN indicates to StateFarm it's a 75D. When I tried to correct them, the (detail challenged) agent quoted me on the P90D. After some back and forth, she assured me that in their systems the Model X only comes...
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    Main screen won't come on in the morning

    Hi everyone, Curious if anyone else had this issue. In the morning, when the car has been in sleep mode and has been slightly chilled (garage in the 50's), the main screen remains black with a slight shimmer. Some repeated double-thumb reboots, both main screen and the smaller screen behind the...
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    Model S station wagon design, anyone?

    Found this online, I like it! From here: PICTURES: Estonian designer suggests estate version for Tesla - Estonian World
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    Articles say Autopilot is both awesome and lame

    Don't you wish journalists could make up their minds? :-) Tesla's Radical Update Is Just More of the Same - Bloomberg View Tesla Auto Pilot Is "Awesome," Will Help Drive Demand: Global Equities - Stocks to Watch - Barrons.com
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    Email on Aug 31 "Tesla Updates: August 2015"

    Tons of known stuff about Model S ... but only this about Model X: .. with the same old picture of the prototype and a link to the (not updated) website. Anyone still holding out hope for the configuration center soon? If it was coming out in the next day or so, I don't think they would have...
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    Battery degradation or just goofed calculations?

    Question to the collective braintrust that probably has been asked before and will be asked again... Have my battery really degraded this much? With the new percentage indicator I've done some comparisons between that and rated range, after I noticed a fairly low range after a range charge...
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    12 Model S for $60k a piece?

    Spotted this on Craig's List. Haven't contacted the seller... yet. What say the collective braintrust, too good to be true? http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/4875635203.html
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    Anyone? Loud buzzing noise when supercharging

    Hi all, Curious if this happened to anyone else. Family and I came up from a long road-trip to the Gilroy supercharger with 24 rated miles left on the battery. It was about high 60's outside. We plugged in, saw we got only some 30kw, so changed to a different charger and off it went to 89kw...
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    Swedish EV bus charges 5 minutes for 1 hour of driving

    Just caught this off the Swedish Tesla forum: Premiär för unik elbuss i UmeÃ¥ | Bussmagasinet Google Translate: Google Översätt Seemed really cool. The article is a bit short on the technical details...
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    My regen was limited for no apparent reason?

    Hi all, Just posting this one rare occurrence that I can't make sense of in case it happened to anyone else. Driving down from the Santa Cruz mountains I suddenly noticed that the yellow dashed line in the regen gauge came up, that indicates regen is limited, at around the 30 kw marker. I...
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    Hey Mississippi owner, you on TMC?

    Referring to this article, where Mississippi was the 50th state that got a Model S owner: With a registration in Jackson, Mississippi, Teslas Model S now has sales in all 50 states | SiliconBeat Last line of the article:
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    Are the circles on the Supercharger website deceiving?

    Looking at the Supercharger website: Supercharger | Tesla Motors it kind of looks like you can drive from the supercharger in Wisconsin to the one in Minnesota, i.e. the circles intersect: But for the heck of it, I pulled the Google directions from site to site and noticed that it was...
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    Looking for low-end Model S 40/60kwh

    Tentatively testing the market for a possible second Model S. This one would be a commuter car, therefore smaller battery is fine. Looking for no-thrills, some or no options (some plus points for rear-facing trunk seats), at a fair to low price.
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    Any news/rumors of SoCal supercharger?

    Planning a roadtrip to Carlsbad in a week. Finding myself refreshing the Tesla supercharger website with embarrassing frequency hoping for an online supercharger in the region. Anyone heard anything?
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    Need tips on Carlsbad motels with charging capability

    Planning a road trip to Carlsbad and Legoland. Anyone know of any reasonable hotel/motel that would let you plug in, even on a 110? I noticed the Sheraton by Legoland has Blink chargers, but the room rates were a bit steep I thought...
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    Help with existing high-power outlet: what's needed here?

    Hi all, Have a friend that runs a winery and would love to make an EV charging station. Setting up a brand new one is too expensive, but he wouldn't mind using his existing outlets. Can anyone here advise on what possibilities he has? There are two types: #1 #2
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    Clay model of new Tesla?

    Found this piece on Swedish news television, Elon being interviewed at Hawthorne in front of a clay model that looks very interesting... Maybe an old discarded design or something new? Nu börjar elbilarna slå igenom - TV4 Play
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    Tips? Need to tint windows in Silicon Valley

    Time to tint the back window to spare the rear facing seats some heat. Anyone have any good tips of where to do this in the silicon valley area?
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    Feedback: Menlo Park Coffee and Cars 6/2/13

    Thought we could have a thread to gather feedback on today's "Coffee and Cars" gathering in Menlo Park for the benefit of the organizers. Here are my two cents: Pros: - Terrific turn-out. - Good coffee caterer. Cons: - I have to say it, it felt like a squandered opportunity for Tesla. I...
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    Sunset Red Model S performance for sale

    This is not my car, but the Santana Row has a former demo car, sunset red performance, lots of options, for sale. Price range is in the six figures, but some deduction for used mileage. Don't remember the VIN... Call the store for details.
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    Trunk button for rear facing seat passengers?

    I seem to remember seeing mentioned here and there that there is a button inside the trunk that the kids riding in the rear facing seats can press to open the trunk. I feel dumb for asking this, but looking around the trunk I can't find it. Am I imagining things? I do think this would be a very...
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    Idea for Tesla: Nissan now warranties against battery degradation

    Hopefully I'm not going too off-topic, but I heard through the grapevine that Leaf owners got this tidbit from Nissan: Hat's off on a ballsy move. Tesla...?
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    UMC available in Menlo Park

    Didn't see a thread about this... Just a tip in case you want an extra UMC: I was able to pick one up at the service center in Menlo Park yesterday. Justin in service had some in stock. $500 plus tax.
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    2006 Mercury Grand Marquis - back-up Model S?

    Need to unload what Model S replaced. Rides almost as nicely as Model S and has served us well... 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis LS, 79kmi
  34. T

    So when do pick service plan etc.?

    Hi all, I took delivery about a couple of days ago at Fremont. One thing that was never mentioned (and I forgot to bring it up) was options of prepaying service, extending warranty, and prepaying battery replacement. Has anyone else who have taken delivery done this? If so, what was the process?
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    EV/Model S Taxes in Norway

    Norwegian anyone? http://www.tv2.no/underholdning/broom/tesla-model-s-dette-er-en-julegave-fra-norske-politikere-3910171.html
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    Opening rear doors without power

    Hi all, Don't mean to stir anything up, but for lack of better things to do I sat around reading the Model S quick guide: http://www.teslamotors.com/sites/default/files/blog_attachments/ms_owners_guide.pdf Noticed on page 28 the instructions for opening the rear doors in case of a loss of...
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    #? - Silver Roadster - Tesla Store, Menlo Park, CA

    OK, almost useless post because of the lack of info, but I had just finished a Model S test drive so go easy on me. There was a "certified pre-owned" silver Roadster in the showroom for sale at $93,000. Didn't catch the VIN or the year, but it had the older hood badge and push button gear...
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    Would you like to be a rear facing seat passenger in sunny weather?

    Thought about this a couple of times but never brought it up, but has anyone considered how the kids in the rear facing trunk seats would fare on a road trip in sunny weather. We have sun protection in the pano roof, but the kids would be baking under the rear window and that doesn't seem tinted...
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    California should have EV license plates - letter writing campaign

    Hi all, I decided to write my state senator and assemblyperson to suggest that California get EV specific license plates, like Massachusetts and Hawaii, described in this blog post: Massachusetts will distribute happy little EV license plates You can find out your district and...
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    Electric E-bike for charity auction

    A Spark for RCC! Online Auction for Dane County Rape Crisis Center Don't know too much about it but it seems like a 25-30 mile range electric bike that can also be pedaled. MSRP of $1400, right now the highest bid is $553 so someone could get a good deal. Auction ends on 4/30 at noon CST...
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    2010 Roadster for $57k - a scam or not?

    Not a lot of info or I can't find it. Cars.com is tricky... http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp?listingId=86806272
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    NRG Energy's $120 million settlement over energy crisis contracts reaps big investmen

    NRG Energy's $120 million settlement over energy crisis contracts reaps big investment for electric cars - San Jose Mercury News Promising news for us in California...
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    What it's all about

    When I get too lost in the center console this or interior finish that, I find that looking at this picture helps me remember why I'm in it for the Model S. Maybe it will do the same for you. (My kid but not my pic. Thank you Photographer for taking the time to send it to me.)
  44. T

    Anyone tried to get an insurance quote for Model S?

    Premature maybe, but for financial planning's sake I thought I would shop around for insurance quotes. Didn't get very far online, tried StateFarm and Geico, but Tesla is not even listed among the brands. Pinged my insurance agent, but thought I'd check with the rest of you (Roadster owners in...
  45. T

    Tesla targeting women with the Model X?

    Model X is for women, they say... Don't see this posted yet, so I thought I would put it in. Some familiar names mentioned... Tesla's upcoming all-electric Model X built with women in mind - San Jose Mercury News
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    Are you making a reservation?

    Didn't see this done yet, and now post-reveal can't help myself...
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    Can you disable the airbag?

    It just occurred to me, one feature that is common on European cars, but (in my limited experience) not so much on US cars: ability to deactivate the front passenger airbags. The reason is that many parents like to have their rear-facing child seats in the front passenger seat, in which case...
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    What's your color? - Signature

    Another "passing time" poll, this one for Signature reservation holders. What's the color you have in mind for your S? This is Signature colors. Production color poll here: What's your color? - production
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    What's your color? - production

    Another "passing time" poll... What's the color you have in mind for your S? This one is for production. Signature color poll is here: What's your color? - Signature
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    Fisker recall...

    Fisker recalls Karma electric vehicle over A123 battery defect - Boston Business Journal This can't be good... No doubt the press will let this trickle down to Tesla, along with federal loan bla bla, even though they have a different battery supplier and are in a different category.

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