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  1. S

    21” Model S Refresh Arachnid Wheels and Tires Set in Gloss Black finish - includes TPMS

    These wheels were powdercoated in Gloss Black and wrapped with brand new Michelin tires less than 500 miles ago. I’m selling them as i finally got my hands on a set of signature wheels. Includes factory 21” 2022 Arachnid wheels, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S T2 in the front 265/35ZR21 , and...
  2. S

    2022 Tesla Model S Plaid 19” Tempest Wheels, Covers and Pirelli Tires Complete Set

    Sorry for the duplicate: Just replaced the wheels on my 2022 Model S Plaid and selling my 19" Tempest Wheels with Wheel Covers and tires. Not a scratch anywhere on them. Removed off vehicle with 976 miles on the clock Includes the following: 2 x 19X9.5J ET40 Tempest Wheels 2 x 19X10.5J ET40...
  3. S

    Tesla Gen 2 Black Elon Signed HPWC - New In box 80A 24ft cord

    I received this as a referral prize a few years back. I had saved it as a back up to my other Gen 2 charger but have no use for it anymore since neither of our new cars can do 80a. Brand new in box - i have opened it to confirm it’s a black Elon signed, which it is. Other than that, never been...
  4. S

    WTB Model S Long Range Pre-Increase reservation - LA Area

    looking for a Long Range Model S reservation holder that’s going to sell their reservation and not take delivery. If you’re looking for the full $10-15k, I’m not interested. I have one on order that’s due here in February but at full price. Willing to put some money in your pocket and a...
  5. S

    Brand New Keyfob for Refresh 2021 Tesla Model S/X

    I have an extra key fob from my 2021 Plaid that has never been used. They gave us three at delivery by accident and said just take it since it was already there. Asking $125.00 and open to ship at buyer's expense. FYI: While it pairs with the 3/Y, its not fully functional for frunk and trunk...
  6. S

    21” Plaid Arachnid Refresh Wheels and Tires - Complete set with TPMS

    These are the new 2021 Arachnid refresh wheels that came off a Plaid with 913 miles on the odometer. Included is all four wheels, Michelin Pilot staggered tires and TPMS. Ready to mount on your car. Local pickup in SoCal is preferred but will ship at buyers expense. I expect these to cost...
  7. S

    2021 19” Refreshed Model S Dark Tempest Wheels and Tires

    Just picked up my 2021 Plaid with 19” Tempest wheels. Ill be replacing the wheels and tires today and they will be available for sale. includes 4 19” wheels, aero covers and Pirelli Pzero tires. TPMS are not included as I’ll be using them for my new set. Asking $2,000. Prefer local pickup in...
  8. S

    2021 18” Model 3 Aero Wheels and Tires with Bluetooth TPMS

    I have a set of 2021 Tesla Model 3 Gen 2 Aero Cover Wheels and tires removed from our car. Complete with 2021 sensors tires have 7/32 left all around. 2 wheels have some sure rash to the lip of the wheels as shown. Asking $1,000 and will ship for a flat fee of $200 to anywhere in the United...
  9. S

    2021 20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbines with Pirelli Tires and Bluetooth TPMS

    2021 Model 3 Performance 20" Uberturbine wheel and Pirelli tires with 2021 bluetooth TPMS sensors. Removed from vehicle with 1100 miles. They are mounted & balanced, ready to bolt up to your car. Square 20x9 ET34 Uberturbines 235/35R20 92Y XL Pirelli P Zero 2021 Tesla Bluetooth TPMS sensors...
  10. S

    Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector - 18 Foot Cord Version - Complete in Box

    I have a used Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 with 18" cord. Comes complete in original box with all the hardware. Purchased August 2020 directly from Tesla Asking $450 shipped via Fedex or UPS Ground to you. Located in Corona, CA if you want to pick up. Payment via Venmo, ApplePay or F&F PayPal...
  11. S

    2021 Tesla Model 3 18” Aero Factory Wheels with Tires and TPMS - Practically brand new

    Just took delivery of another Model 3 for work and we replaced the factory Aero wheels. these were removed with 45 miles on them. complete set with Michelin Tires and new 2021 Bluetooth sensors. aero covers are also included asking $1350 or OBO Will ship for a flat fee of $200 to anywhere...
  12. S

    Tesla J1772 Public Charging Adaptor - Brand New $60 Shipped!

    Came with a new car and not needed Asking $60 shipped to yoo Payment via Venmo, Paypal F&F, Zelle or Apple Pay Thanks!
  13. S

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheels with Michelin MXM Tires

    Selling Aero wheels off a brand new 2021 Model 3. Took delivery of the vehicle in December and have barely driven it. These have the new style aero covers and wrapped in Michelin MXM4 tires. TPMS Sensors are not included as they were used in the new set of wheels. Removed with 1145 miles and...
  14. S

    2021 Tesla Model 3 18” Aero wheels with Michelin Tires and TPMS Sensors

    Selling my Aero wheels off a brand new 2021 Model 3. these have the new style aero covers and Michelin MXM4 tires. The sensors have been swapped out and now have pre-2021 TPMS in them so they’ll work for all 17-20 models. I bought the vehicle as a demo with 767 miles on and removed the wheels...
  15. S

    Tesla J1772 Public EV Adaptor $75 Shipped

    brand new- came with a recently delivered vehicle and not needed Asking $75 shipped to anywhere in the US Payment by PayPal F&F, Venmo, Zelle or Apple Pay thanks!
  16. S

    FS: 2020 Model X LR Plus 6 seater FSD 22" Wheels Blue with Cream Interior 9k miles

    Up for sale is my 2020 Model X Long Range Plus, Blue with Cream interior Built 02/2020 Purchased in March of 2020 Deep Blue Metallic with Cream Interior 6 Seater Full Self Driving Package Included Prestine Condition - No Accidents 9,100 miles as of this post Purchased this back in March but...
  17. S

    Tesla J1772 Public Adaptor - Brand New

    Brand new - Came with a new model 3 we picked up today Asking $75 shipped to anywhere in the US
  18. S

    Tesla UMC Mobile Connector Charging Kit $265 Shipped

    Gen 2 mobile connector kit. Brand new in bag. Came with new model 3 picked up today and i don’t need it includes charging cord, bag and 5-15p 110v adaptor. located in corona if you want to pick it up in person asking $265 shipped to you
  19. S

    Powerwall Gateway 2 with Hub and Internal Subpanel Bar

    Brand new in Box Tesla Powerwall Gateway 2 This is the newer gateways with the White front that look like a mini powerwall. comes with internal subpanel busbar and outdoor conduit hub Asking $1,000 Located in SoCal for local pickup will ship at buyers expense. Box is heavy. I’d assume about...
  20. S

    Gen 3 HPWC 18ft Wall Connector - Brand New in Box

    Brand new in box Gen 3 HPWC Wall Connector - 18ft cord I was able to find a gen 2 and ended up not using this one asking $500. located in SoCal (Temecula) Will ship for $15 to anywhere in the US.
  21. S

    Powerwall - Need one this week if you’re in SoCal

    I have an install in progress and one of my batteries is bad and Tesla won’t be able to get a replacement for a couple weeks. Willing to buy one from someone that might have a referral battery they recently and is local to me. Send me a PM if you do thanks!
  22. S

    Move from a Model 3P to Model Y LR with or without AB - Anyone done it?

    Recently sold our Model 3 Performance vehicles as the wifey got an X earlier this year but im still on the fence on what to get. I've contemplated just doing a MY LR with AB vs. the performance model. Has anyone gone from a M3 performance to a Y LR? Thoughts?
  23. S

    New configurator up. LR now 353 miles and Perf has Y wheels

    Q3 buyers are gonna be pissed LOL
  24. S

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance with PUP White on White Grey 20” Wheels AP

    MY2020 Performance Model 3 with PuP 20” Grey Wheels Autopilot White on White Mileage: 12,000 Car is in perfect condition. No accidents, non smoker, wheels are free of any curb rashes Just bought a Model Y and looking to sell this vehicle. Asking $52,000 Located in Inland Empire/ SoCal area Can...
  25. S

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance with PUP White on White Grey 20” Wheels AP

    Up for sale is our Tesla Model 3 Perf. MY2020 Performance Model 3 with PuP 20” Grey Wheels Autopilot White on White Today’s Mileage: 10125 Only thing done to it was 3M tint all the way around including the windshield. Car is in perfect condition. No accidents, non smoker, wheels are free of...
  26. S

    Powerwall 2 Referral Red Edition - With Gateway 2 and all hardware - SoCal Only

    Brand New in the box - Just arrived yesterday Located in SoCal and can deliver within reasonable distance PM me if you'd like to discuss pricing Thanks! PS - to the guy that bought my arachnids from the valley, I can't find your number. Call me :)
  27. S

    Tesla Gen 2 80A HPWC Wall Connector - 8.5ft Cord - Silver

    I bought this from a fellow TMC member and unfortunately it didn't work for my install location, so I ended up getting a 24ft version instead. Asking $550 for it - Brand new in the box, never been used or taken out
  28. S

    Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Charger with 5-15 and 14-50 adaptors

    Tesla Gen 2 mobile connector kit with 5-15p (110v) and 14-50p (220v) charging adaptors included in the carrying case. Used a couple times but still pretty much new. Just installed a HPWC in our buildings garage and have no need for this kit anymore. asking $285 shipped to anywhere in the US.
  29. S

    Tesla Gen 2 UMC Mobile Connector Charger Kit $250 SHIPPED

    Brand new, came from a 2020 Model 3 Includes charger, 5-15p adaptor and bag shipped to anywhere in the US for $250
  30. S

    Tesla Gen 2 Charger UMC Bundle Kit with 5-15 and 14-50p adaptors

    Came with a vehicle we took delivery of a few weeks ago Used maybe 3 times but just got picked up a HPWC to replace at home and don’t need this kit anymore. comes complete in bag with charger, 14-50p and 5-15 adaptors Tesla sells the kit for $275 plus $35 for the 14-50 Asking $285 local or...
  31. S

    Tesla J1772 Public charging adaptor - New $75 or $80 Shipped!

    Brand new - came with a new car and not needed asking for $75 - Local Pickup In Temecula area or $80 shipped to you via USPS
  32. S

    Tesla Model 3 18” wheels and tires - TPMS, Aero covers and Wheel cap included

    Tesla model 3 18’s taken off a brand new inventory vehicle after we got it home. They have 800 miles on them. All the wheels come wrapped with Michelin tires and include TPMS sensors and Aero covers. Also have the wheel cap cover kit i can include This was an inventory vehicle and two of the...
  33. S

    New Gen 2 UMC Mobile Charging Connector Kit - 5-15P Adaptor & Carrying Case

    Basically brand new - Charging cord comes with the carrying case and 5-15P adaptor Sells for $275 from Tesla Asking $250 shipped to anywhere in the US Or $240 for local pickup. Thanks for looking.
  34. S

    Tesla HPWC Gen 2 Signature Elon Musk Matte Black 24ft Wall Connector Charger

    Asking $425.00 I installed this about a month ago and just pulled it out last night to replace with a Gen 3. Looks and operates just like new. All parts that came with it are included. Located in Temecula, CA if you'd like to pick it up in person or I can ship for $40.00 flat fee to anywhere...
  35. S

    Tesla Powerwall Solar Gateway 2 for sale - Brand New

    Just received my shipment of powerwall and gateway. Selling the brand new Gateway 2 that came with the shipment as I have no use for it. Located in Temecula, CA for pickup. PM me if your interested and we can work out the details.
  36. S

    FS: Red Tesla Powerwall - Brand New

    Just received another one of my referral powerwalls today. still on the pallet, never been opened. No gateway, just the battery Asking $5,500 OBO Pickup in Temecula, CA
  37. S

    Tesla Gen 2 UMC Charging Bundle with NEMA 14-50p and 5-15P adaptors

    This came with a brand new car delivered today and not needed. Includes the case, charger and both a 14-50P and 5-15P adaptors. J1772 IS NOT INCLUDED This kit costs $275 from Tesla plus another $35 for the NEMA 14-50P Asking $275 SHIPPED to anywhere in the US via USPS Priority mail
  38. S

    So Cal Model X Window Tinting - how much and where

    Looking to get a new Model X window tinted and not sure where to go. I’ve called around and prices are all over the place depending on 3M, Llumar or other brands. not looking to spend $900+ on window tint. Just seems silly to me. anyone used any local shops that were reasonable? thanks.
  39. S

    Tow Hitch - anyone else with 050 key?

    We picked up our car recently and the tow hitch was already on it and the keys aren’t there. Tesla wants to replacement the entire hitch because they don’t have spare keys. I just want to remove the receiver part and call it a day. anyone happen to have key 050 i can borrow :) Bonus points if...
  40. S

    FS: New Tesla Gen 2 Black Musk Signed HPWC 24’ Cord

    Brand new in box - Received from referral program but already have two HPWC’s. brand new in box. I only opened it to ensure it was the Elon Musk signed edition. 24 foot cord asking $550 for local pickup in So Cal or i can ship via UPS or Fedex for $50 to anywhere in the US thanks for looking
  41. S

    Tesla Model 3 19” Wheels and Continental Tires - TPMS and center caps included

    Selling my Tesla Model 3 Factory 19" wheels with Continental tires, center caps and TPMS sensors. These have been stored for a few months and now looking to make space since we got a performance 3 with 20’s on it. All tires measure between 7/32 and 8/32 and have never been patched or repaired...
  42. S

    New Gen 2 UMC Mobile Charging Connector Kit - 5-15P Adaptor & Carrying Case

    Basically brand new - Charging cord comes with the carrying case and 5-15P adaptor Sells for $275 from Tesla Asking $260 shipped to anywhere in the US Thanks for looking.
  43. S

    Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Connector Kit - Includes 5-15 and Nema 14-50P

    Picked up our Y today and don’t have a need for this kit since we have HPWC’s Tesla charges $275 for the retail kit and $35 for the 14-50. I’m asking $275 shipped to your door for the whole thing. PayPal(FF), Apple Pay, Zelle or Venmo accepted thanks for looking
  44. S

    Installing additional Powerwall to existing setup

    Has anyone added an additional powerwall to an existing install on their own? If so, how did you get Tesla to add the additional PW to your app and setup profile? I have a friend that has 3 PW's and wants to buy an extra PW I have but doesnt want to go through the hassle of a certified Tesla...
  45. S

    Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Connector Kit - Includes 5-15 and 14-50

    Came with new car and not needed. Never been used Tesla charges $275 for the retail kit and $35 for the 14-50. I’m asking $265 shipped to your door for everything.
  46. S

    For Sale: Powerwall 2 Founders Series Red & Energy Gateway

    I have (1) Tesla Founder Series Powerwall 2 Battery and Energy gateway leftover and for sale. I ended up installing 3 of the 4 awarded to me and Tesla Energy just left the extra one in our garage. Available for pickup or shipment via Freight. It's on a pallet ready to go. I'm located in the IE...
  47. S

    Silver 24” HPWC with Nema 14-50P - 1050068-01-H

    This is brand new in the box. I bought it last year but we moved and it ended up in storage and never used. This HPWC is the 24” 40A Gen 2 model with the 14-50P pigtail built into the unit from Tesla. It was sold by them for a smal window of time before it sold out. Open to reasonable...
  48. S

    Tesla J1772 Adaptor - Brand New $75 shipped

    Just came with a new car and not needed shipped for $75 payment via Apple Pay, venmo or Zelle preferred. PayPal as friend and family

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