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  1. J

    Rob Schneider's Tesla Bricked In Scottsdale, AZ - Multiple Offers Respond

    Just for some levity. Couldn't find to post elsewhere. Apparently he moved to Scottsdale "along with everyone else" and when his (wife's) Tesla bricked multiple officers responded when he couldn't figure out how to use the Tesla app or even the copy and paste function on his phone. Video is...
  2. J

    Breakers recommendation for decades old panel.

    Any help here. I’m looking for some recommendations for drop in modem day replacements for some of the breakers in my 50+ year old electrical panel. Some of the breakers need to be swapped out for various reasons and I also want to fill in the last remaining slot. See attached photo of the...
  3. J

    2021.12.25.10 Is replacing 2021.12.25.7

    2021.12.25.10 has started rolling out. So far it’s only replacing 2021.12.25.7; which lots of people have said it’s incredibly buggy. That said there still a massive amount of people progressing to 2021.12.25.7 first from numerous other lower versions. No release notes thus far but on all...
  4. J

    Tesla Website - User Account - Referral History

    Does anyone have a link to the webpage on the Tesla website in the User Account for Referral History? I know the program is going away at some point but I no longer find it anymore. Hoping someone has the page bookmarked and it still exist but the link in the user account page has just been...
  5. J

    Tesla.Com Owners Referral History Gone ?

    I noticed that your refers link no longer states how many referrals you have. The loot box on the app has also changed and historically showed slightly different information then the referral page on your Tesla owner account on Tesla.com I can’t seem to find the referral page anymore on the...
  6. J

    TMC Won’t Stay In w

    Since I new forum I can’t stay logged in anymore. I have the keep to logged in clicked on TMC have passwords set to remember I can’t figure out why it’s not keeping me logged in each time.
  7. J

    Disposable Detailing Towels

    Looking for recommendations of disposable towels to keep in the car for spot detailing to remove remove sky fall from the paint before I can properly detail the car. Obviously paper towels will work in a pinch; but their not ideal for paint work. There should be multiple choices better than...
  8. J

    SuperCharger Free Miles Expiration ?

    So the Tesla faq states that the miles expire after 6 months if not used. But we've seen that sometimes, like during the pandemic Tesla extends the date at their discretion. Likewise if you get more miles added to your account the expiration date extends in the loot box. However does it extend...
  9. J

    Solar & Powerwall SCE Los Angeles Recent / New Customers?

    Looking to do an install on my house in Los Angeles country. There seem to be quite a number of good solar discounts out there but Tesla does a poor job of summarizing them unlike how they do with the cars. What rebates, credits, etc are available for Solar & Powerwall done at the same time...
  10. J

    SCE (or California In General) Charger Install Rebates ?

    There's supposed to be a rebate (reimbursement) available from SEC for something like $1000-1500. I can't find this info anywhere on the their website. There are links referencing it but when you follow the link it lists all kinds of other types of rebates but not for charger install. Did...
  11. J

    2020.24.6.4 !

    Just got notification of 2020.24.6.4 update on my car. I’ve only had 2020.24.6.1 for what a week. What’s interesting is I don’t see .4 even listed on TeslaScope or TeslaFi yet. Since I got the second 2020 Model 3 and got FSD on this one I get constant updates. With the other one I only get...
  12. J

    Model 3 Taptes USB Hub and TapTes Gen2 Wireless Charger (Los Angeles US area)

    I purchased the TapTes USB Hub and their Wireless Charger three months ago for my Dec build 2020 Model 3 with the intention of moving it to my new June build 2020 Model 3. I picked up my car last week and I got the new interior with USB-C and a wireless charger included so that made my TapTes...
  13. J

    Tesla removed auto-dimming for side mirrors with June 2020 cars.

    I got a 2020 in late Dec and replaced the factory mirrors with the Euro wide view ones. Heat and dimming connectors were present. I just got another 2020 in late Jun and again went to replace with the Euro mirrors. When I pulled the factory mirrors off there is no dimming connector. Just the...
  14. J

    Model Y Updates to Model 3. USB-C, Wireless Charging, Heat Pump ?

    So we're already seen some of the nearly manufactured Model 3's coming out of Fremont has the Model Y USB-C ports and included wireless phone charging. Unless people are fibbing that is. Obviously a change in ports and including a wireless charger is low hanging fruit and easy to implement. Is...
  15. J

    Add car to app before delivery ?

    Six months ago when I got my last M3 I was able to take the VIN provided weeks in advance form Tesla and add it to my account and have it show in the app before arriving at the delivery center. I tried adding the new yesterday to my account but hey want a photo of my drivers license front and...
  16. J

    Self Referral 2000 Miles

    Adding another car this year. If you’re an existing 3 owner and you self refer do you get 2000 added to your Tesla account? Is it 2000 per Tesla account, regardless of cars on the account? Or is it 1000 for the referring car and 1000 for the new car; even if both registered to the same Tesla...
  17. J

    Question: Airbags Deployed, 12v Dead, Car Locked.

    Couldn’t find anything specific on this. I’m aware of the process to access and recharge a dead 12V to then get access to unlocking the car under NORMAL circumstances. Does this also work if the airbags have been deployed since the pyro fuse has been blown? Or does the blown pyro fuse have...
  18. J

    Self Referral Possible ?

    Read the Tesla FAQ and didn't notice anything about this being excluded. Did a few quick forum searches and didn't see any clear answers. If you're buying a second Model 3 / Model Y, etc can you "self" refer and get double miles; assuming the 1000 mile program? Thanks.
  19. J

    Tesla Owned Collision Centers - Only 4 Mth - 1500 Miles - Possibly Totaled

    Cross posted between Model 3 & S groups for better responses. Open case and can’t discuss at this time. I will say part of the Tesla logo was burned into by body. That’ll be an interesting scar. Question is does anyone have an experience with the Tesla OWNED collision repair shops. Ideal...
  20. J

    2020.12.11.2 hitting M3

    Still stuck on 2020.12.5. Been waiting for at least 2020.12.6 at least to try some of the new stuff. Lots of incremental tweaks. Some MY. Some not. Many tweaks for stop lights and signs I’m assuming. Can’t wait to play with it.
  21. J

    Tesla's 'full self-driving' feature is coming in subscription form

    Musk announced on Wednesday during the Q1 2020 earnings call on today, “Full Self-Driving” system will become available as a monthly subscription later this year." “It was to make available FSD as an option. In our view, buying FSD is an investment in the future and we're confident that his...
  22. J

    Shelter-in-Place Auto Insurance Payback

    Anyone else get there's. Allstate sent mine overnight. $30.83 on a six month multi-car policy/
  23. J

    2020.12.11 ?!?! - To Many Version ?

    Just when it seemed like everyone (most) were progressing towards 2020.12.10 then 2020.12.11 starts hitting. Is it just me or are there a lot of sub version appearing lately? Who knows what’s really going on but it almost seams like there so many models with so many different hardware...
  24. J

    Keeps Going To Sleep - 2020.12.5

    So ever since I got 2020.12.5 the car keeps going to sleep and most times I go out to use the car it takes several minutes for the screen to come on. I can put the car into drive but the turn signals won't work. Oddly when the screen come on it remembers I triggered the turn signal and turns...
  25. J

    Tesla Roadie 128GB For Sale

    Selling my Classic Roadie 128GB version. I've upgraded to the newer 256GB model. Still useful as a complement to built in viewer. Has been updated to latest firmware and is compatible with 2020.12.15. The Micro SD and Raspberry Pi are worth $50 on their own. Download their app for a demo or...
  26. J

    So many active versions - Why ?

    Based on TeslaFi there are currently 40 active versions of the software right now! Why? Sure a large chunk only have 1 or 2 cars; and some people are just not upgrading by choice or whatever. But this in the largest amount of active versions I personally have seen all at once. Looking at it...
  27. J

    Model 3 Window Rattling

    Does anyone else have or had any issues with the windows rattling. When driving around with the windows up on good roads no problem. On bad roads it sounds like they rattle somewhat. However with the windows down this becomes more pronounced. And if you close the doors with the windows down it...
  28. J

    Voice Commands - Weird Issues - Add Yours

    So I had a funny one pop up tonight. Asking to “Play The English Beat” displays the same but instead a starts trying to play a stream channel called “The Beat” which also promptly fails every time. But asking to “Play Mirror In The Bathroom” displays the same and also starts playing the...
  29. J

    Backgammon Broken ?

    I play backgammon quite often and even after the latest update tonight it appears that backgammon is either broken or has a bug? Quite often I’m in a game where I make a move and have one more move to make. At least according to the dice. Problem is that no possible remaining moves. If there...
  30. J

    Upcoming major update ?

    I know we don’t have any firm date when this is supposed to happen; and anything Musk tweets should be taken as hard and fast. But there is a major update coming. But when do we think it might actually hit? And what evidence to we have to support it? Being 6 versions behind myself with a car...
  31. J


    Seriously. 2020.8.1 I have t even seen 2020.4.1 yet. Oh come on. ;-)
  32. J

    PowerWall removed from Tesla solar configurator !

    So i've been eyeing a Tesla solar system for a few months, especially after my tax bill for 2019 and increasing electric usage with the additional EV and a future HVAC and tankless water heater upgrades. I just went to the Tesla solar configurator to see if rental / purchase rates had moved, as...
  33. J

    Store / Phone Only Exclusive Options

    Much like the entry level model is only available in store or over the phone; are there any other options that can't be had when ordering from the web? Ie can you spec the black dash from the black and white car for the black interior which otherwise would only get the brown wood dash if you...

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