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    My MX smells like something died in it

    My wife drove the MX to a rural location about a month ago. When she came back to the vehicle and got in (after being gone for about 5 hours), it smelled horrible. Hard to describe, but it was somewhere between rotten food and a dead animal. Yet there was no food in the MX, and even if a small...
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    My MX is ready 6 months early—what now?

    I have a MX with 6 months more on the lease. Given supply chain issues, I ordered a new MX (Plaid) about 2-3 months ago to make sure I had the new one before my current MX lease expires. The original delivery window I was given was Oct-Dec. But I just got a text asking me to schedule delivery...
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    Any experience with aftermarket wiper blades?

    I'm having issues with my windshield wiper performance, described in another thread, that Tesla cannot resolve. It is dangerous to drive our MX in snow/ice conditions as a result, and given that we live in the mountains in Utah, that's a deal-breaker. The last thing for me to try is...
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    Dangerously bad windshield wiper performance in snow/icy conditions

    I'm in my second winter with my MX here in the mountains of Utah. We've had constant issues with our windshield wipers. When it rains, they don't clear the windshield. And the "rain-sensing" modes, where it's supposed to sense how much moisture is on the windshield and adjust the frequency...
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    Steering wheel heat stopped working

    About a week ago my steering wheel stopped heating up. It's still cold 30 minutes after turning it on. I scheduled a mobile service appointment, but just thought I'd check here to see if there's anything else I can do in the meantime.
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    Question about entertainment screen in back seat of refreshed MX

    Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the rear screen in the refreshed MX? I don't want my kids glued to the screen and playing games every time they're in the car.
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    Wait time for new X is >1 year, but lease is coming up...

    My lease comes up in December of 2022. I'd like to upgrade to a new MX, but when I checked on delivery times just now, it says January 2023. Can I order a new one now, in the hope that there won't be too much of a gap between when my lease ends (12/20 I think) and when I get the new MX? Would...
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    How do I link a phone to a driver profile?

    My wife and I both drive our MX. I would like to link her phone to her driver profile so that it has priority when she is driving, and the same for my phone with my driver profile. I checked the MX manual, and I see instructions for linking a key fob to the driver profile, but not a phone. Thanks.
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    iPhone calls get transferred to Tesla when I'm not in the car!

    This is something that drives me nuts. Scenario: I'm on a call on my iPhone using my AirPods in my home office. My wife gets in the MX and starts driving out of the garage. Without warning or notification, the call gets transferred to the MX. I have to then tap on the audio source icon on my...
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    Poor windshield wiper performance in winter

    I've noticed that my driver-side wiper leaves residue/streaks along where the bottom half of the wiper travels. I thought that the wiper blades needed to be replaced, so I had that done a couple of weeks ago when the vehicle was in for service for something else (a coolant leak). But this is...
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    Vehicle coolant is low—can I replace myself?

    The vehicle coolant warning came up. Called service center and they can't get me in until 12/30, and can't guarantee a loaner. Offered Uber vouchers, which is not going to work because... pandemic, for one, and because we live in Park City, UT, it's snowing, and I have a family to get around...
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    Blizzak WS 90 245/45 R19s (fit Model S) for sale

    I bought these snow tires for my 2016 Model S in October and mounted them in early November. Then I decided to trade the Model S in for a Model X, which I took delivery of in mid-December. As you'd expect for tires that are only about two months old, they are in like-new condition. I'm offering...
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    TSportline 19" TSS Flow Forged Wheels for Model S (Like New)

    I bought these beautiful 19" TSportline wheels for my 2016 Model S in October and mounted them in early November. Then I decided to trade the Model S in for a Model X, which I took delivery of in mid-December. As you'd expect for wheels that are only about two months old, they are in like-new...
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    MX ski/snowboard rack options for 2019?

    I'd like to put a ski/snowboard rack on my new MX. I've researched in these forums and elsewhere. Seems like the main option is the Yakima Tilt or Full Swing plus the Thule Project Tram Hitch Ski Carrier. However, I've seen some comments in threads on the forum that the Thule Ski Carrier doesn't...
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    Is it possible to restrict access to games?

    My kid found out the MX has games and now every time she gets in the car she wants to play. Is there a way to make them disappear or at least restrict access?
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    19" wheels/tires for winter on MX?

    I have a 2016 MS 90D that currently has 19" TSS wheels from TSportline with Blizzak snow tires. On Thursday, I am picking up a MX Raven Performance. I will be trading in my '16 MS in the transaction. My plan is to put the OEM 22" wheels and tires back on the MS before trading it in. Then, I...
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    Tire size for Raven MX with 20" wheels?

    I have a Raven MX on order, should be arriving in 7-10 days. There's a tire place right next to the Tesla dealership and I want to pre-order some winter tires so they can put them on right after I pick it up. What is the tire size for the Raven MX with 20" wheels? Thanks.
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    Rack that can accommodate bikes and skis/snowboards?

    Just bought a MX Raven Performance, expecting delivery in December. I'm wondering if there's a good hitch-mounted rack that can accommodate both bikes and skis/snowboards? I was looking at the Kuat NV 2.0, which seems great for bikes, but it doesn't look like it can be used for skis/snowboards...
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    Would you drive a MS in a winter climate without snow tires?

    I recently moved to Park City, UT from the SF Bay Area. I've decided to trade in my 2016 MS for a new Raven MX. However, the wait time is 4-8 weeks for a new MX. We've already gotten some snow here in Park City, and there will certainly be more in the next 2 months (assuming it takes the full 8...
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    Anyone have silver exterior with cream interior?

    I'm about to trade in my 2016 MS 90D for a 2019 MX Raven. I know I want the cream/oak wood interior. I've narrowed exterior color to silver or red. I prefer the silver, but I'm not sure how the cream/oak wood interior would look with it? I've seen the red exterior/cream interior combo and I like...
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    Snow chains for Model S with 21" turbine wheels?

    I'm planning a trip to Tahoe from the Bay Area in a couple of weeks. Have a Model S 90D with 21" turbine wheels and all-seasons tires. My understanding is that the 90D performs very well in the snow without chains, but that in California there is a legal requirement to carry chains in the car...
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    Audio glitches with iPhone and 8.0

    I have multiple complaints related to using my iPhone with the MS: Volume is too low. In some cases cranking it way up provides adequate volume, but in others it does not. MS automatically starts playback as soon as I get in the car. This happens even when I wasn't playing something prior to...
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    Best phone mount for MS (iPhone 7+)?

    I just installed the Quick Connection Phone Dock into the center console. It came with the car when I bought it in July, but I didn't actually realize what those parts in a plastic bag were, because my DS didn't tell me and I haven't had time to look into it (extremely busy few months). I like...
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    Question about Quick Connection Phone Dock

    I found installation instructions here: Tesla — Quick Connection Phone Dock Thing is, even after installing correctly the lightning phone connector has some "play" moving back and forth, so in order to connect my phone I have to push the male lightning connector back with one finger while I...
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    Is service plan worth it for low mileage driver?

    I'm trying to figure out if the service plan is worth it for me. I bought a 90D about 5 weeks ago. Expected mileage, even with the "Tesla bump", is only about 6-7k a year (I work from home and don't drive a lot). Also, it's pretty likely that I will upgrade to the latest & greatest in 3 years...
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    A dog and a kid in the back?

    We recently bought a MS 90D, and we have a 5-year old daughter. Next weekend we're going to pick up a 9-week old Labrador Retriever puppy. I'm starting to think ahead to what road trips and even trips around town will look like. I've done some research on the forums on various solutions for...
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    Where can I buy a single 21" grey turbine rim?

    Like an idiot today I pulled in to a parking spot and the front right rim scraped against the curb and scuffed it up pretty badly. The car is less than a week old. I might get over it, but it's pretty hard to take and I'm considering buying a new rim. Where can I do that?
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    Questions about leasing an MS

    I just put a deposit down on a 2017 90D with sunroof, grey turbine wheels, premium upgrades, and autopilot. I'm excited! I'm a small business owner and have decided to lease for two reasons: I can write off 80% of my monthly payment, as well as other related expenses; and I will probably want...

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