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  1. J

    Tesla Virtual Power Plant - CA (Released for some SCE customers starting 08.15.2022)

    I received I'm not eligible after trying to enroll. I have 27 sunpower panels and 2 powerwalls in SoCal.
  2. J

    Powerwall+ Wifi Connected but using Cellular

    Further testing - the channel for 5ghz matters. My Sunpower PVS6 and Powerwalls might have the same wifi chip. Neither of them like the 5ghz UNII-3 channels. I tried using channel 149 and they both went offline. Switched back to channel 36 and they picked up right away.
  3. J

    Powerwall+ Wifi Connected but using Cellular

    I've tested this quite a bit: Powerwall 2- it uses Wifi5 according to my Unifi setup. It will connect fine on any network that has 2.4 and 5ghz combined. It will prefer 5ghz. No need for band steering. It does not like DFS channels. If you have DFS on, it will not connect to 5ghz. For the...
  4. J

    Tidal App: Content Download Location

    would love to know this too. 2022 MX here.
  5. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    So I've had the car for a few weeks now and I must say this - there is no way in hell this car gets 300 miles of battery range. Granted I have the 22s but my car now has 390 miles on it and I've charged it 3 times. The first time was when I bought it. It was at around 70% and I charged it to 90%...
  6. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Tint all done today at RPM Tesla. 20 front, 40 all around on the factory smoked, 70 windshield.
  7. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I’m also getting the chrome emblems changed to black and getting the headlights smoked.
  8. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I've had my Plaid for over a week now. I love it. I sold my Cayenne to Carmax and I'm done with ICE. Dropping off my car to RPM Tesla tonight for 3m crystalline tint. Doing the whole thing - 40% on the smoked windows, 20% front, 70% windshield. This car has been fantastic to drive around in...
  9. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I picked up my plaid X on Tuesday. love this car. its so much fun to drive and I'm so glad I got the plaid model. the power in everyday driving is phenomenal. the launch is nice but I'm more excited about the daily driving power. car feels like a spaceship. getting my tint done next week at...
  10. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Getting my Model X Plaid at 4pm today.
  11. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Got my vin yesterday for fully loaded plaid x. Delivery Thursday. I’m in Newport Beach.
  12. J

    Model X plaid vin reservation for SALE - car ready to deliver

    picking up my model x plaid on Thursday! just got the text.
  13. J

    Gen 3 Wall Charger WPA2/WPA3 compatibility Issue

    I needed to swap my 18 foot cable wall connector for the 24. Installed it again and noticed it has a newer firmware 21.36.5. Tested my wpa3 network and it still didn't work.
  14. J

    Gen 3 Wall Charger WPA2/WPA3 compatibility Issue

    Manual clearly says: Wall Connector only supports WPA2/3-secured, 2.4 GHz, 802.11 infrastructure mode networks. NOTE: Hidden networks are supported. NOTE: WPA enterprise will be supported in a future firmware update. Has anyone tried WPA3 only? I wonder if that works.
  15. J

    Gen 3 Wall Charger WPA2/WPA3 compatibility Issue

    Just installed a Wall Connector for my upcoming Plaid X. I have a Unifi network and had to create a separate SSID that uses only WPA2 because WPA2/WPA3 transition doesn't work for it. Its weird because on WPA2, I set PMF to optional just like transition mode as well as Group Key Interval - it...
  16. J

    Blog Tesla Starts Refreshed Model X Deliveries

    I ordered a Plaid X a long time ago. It slipped from October delivery to January. Now it doesn't show a delivery date on the page.
  17. J

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Ordered my first Tesla last week: Model X Plaid White Black Int 6 seats 22s FSD Estimated delivery is Oct/Nov
  18. J

    Model X Refresh Lease vs. Purchase

    I ordered the new Plaid Model X. Total with delivery came to about 150k. I'm in sales and use the car for traveling to client meetings so hopefully I can use section 179.

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