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    Frustrated with changing Time-Based Control behavior

    I’m on an Ev-A TOU plan, peak, partial-peak and off-peak. When in TBC (TIME-based control) usually as solar ramps up, it covers house loads with excess going to recharge the batteries until they are at 100%. This time of the year, batteries reach 100% well before peak period when 100% of solar...
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    Reserve for car charging not being “honored”

    I have a Model S and what I assume is a 1st generation Tesla wall charger (2015). i set the Powerwalls to self generation mode with the reserve for power outages at 50% and the “share with vehicle” at 15%, I.e. “save for home use” is 85%. last night the car was charged from the PowerWalls...
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    Status of PTO (PG&E)

    A friend had solar (8.5kW) and 3 PowerWalls installed nearly a year ago. He is still waiting for PTO. The independent contractor has been very VERY flaky but at this point all the inspections have been done. However the friend doesn’t have PTO and doesn’t even know if PTO has been applied for...
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    Plenty of solar to cover house and charge PW - but still pulls from grid - Why?

    I'm in Time Based Control mode, Battery at 85% and charging with excess solar. Batteries will get to 100% in less than 2 hours based on current production. Most of the time it is not drawing from the grid, but periodically it starts drawing ~.2kW - ~.4kWs from the grid for 20 - 30 seconds...
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    Grid outage - PowerWall not allowing solar production

    I experienced a grid outage at 1:30 AM last night. Powerwall kicked in as expected. Current SOC is 71% and I would normally be producing solar at this point in the day. However, PowerWall is keeping the frequency at 62Hz Keeping the inverters offline. I called support and Tesla said this is...
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    How long for Hz to get back to 60Hz when going off grid

    After my PowerWall installation, going off grid caused the PowerWalls to shift Hz to ~65 shutting down the inverters regardless of the battery’s SOC. After nearly 2 months Tesla came back and said I needed to upgrade the firmware (for some reason it didn’t do it on its on its own). After the...
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    Time Based Control Expected Behavior

    I'm on a EV-A rate plan with Peak, Partial-Peak and off-Peak rates. When I use Time Based Control (TBC), the Powerwall is only discharging during the peak periods. In partial-peak and off-peak periods the house is always powered by the grid with any excess solar going to the PowerWalls or back...
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    Tesla App: why are settings hidden in new installations?

    My Powerwalls have been installed for 5 days now. On day one the only setting option showing was “self powered”. 2 days later, time based control showed up. Today storm watch is showing. Still no off grid or limit for charging a car. Why are these options slowly showing up over time and is...
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    PowerWalls not charging from excess solar

    My PowerWalls are at 21% I’m in self powered mode and my reserve is set to 80%. When the solar is producing more than the house is using the excess is going back to the grid rather than charging the PW, why? Shouldn’t it send excess to the PW? My installation is less than a day old so perhaps...
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    NetMetering Credits

    I'm in Northern California and want to verify how PG&E credits for solar that is pushed back to the grid. On my EV-A TOU plan, during winter the PG&E charges for grid use are: Peak: $0.41 / Partial Peak: $0.24 / Off Peak: $0.14. If I'm pushing solar back to the grid during those times, does...
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    Doors don't always auto lock...

    Does anyone know all the parameters for when doors will lock automatically and when they won't? I have things set so only the drivers door handle presents itself when approaching the car. When getting in and out of the drivers side the car always locks itself a few seconds after walking away...
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    Evtripplanner Down?

    Is Evtripplanner down? I have not been able to get into it this morning.
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    Software update available - 3/18/16

    I see there is an update available. Does anyone know what has changed?
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    Can we access location history?

    The Tesla app will show the car's current location and if in motion its route and speed. Is is it possible to display the car's history of movement?
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    I can now charge at 80A, should I?

    I finally got my car and garage set up so that I can use a Tesla wall charger to charge the car at up to 80 amps. I did this to have the flexibility to charge the car quickly if needed but the reality is, more often than not, I have overnight to charge the car and so can do so at a much lower...

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