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  1. J

    "UM UM UM" noise & tires wearing out turns dream car into nightmare

    "Um um um" increases in frequency with speed. I hear it. Passengers hear it. Tires wear out prematurely, mainly the inner passenger side rear on my December 2014 Model S P85D build. Tesla Service, however, said the problem was MY TIRES making this noise. So, they replaced tires and lined up...
  2. J

    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    I got towed 150 miles from Supercharger to Tesla service center when my battery would not charge. I got stranded far from home. This is my third night in a hotel. I watched my car charging from my AP when Tesla was working on it in their service center. I don't know if they were performing a...
  3. J

    Tire Store Put One Wide Tires On Front & One Narrow Tires on Rear

    My rear tire blew out, and when towed to Tesla they explained to me that back tire that blew was a narrow front tire on a narrow rim, and there was also a wide rear tire that had been mounted on the front. Of course, my Tesla is a P85D with staggered wheels/tires. The Tesla tech said that...
  4. J

    101 Year Old WW 2 Vet In Tesla

    101 year old rides in Tesla - he liked it!!
  5. J

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    In 2015, when I bought my Tesla Model S, critics with gas cars told me that no matter the 5 to 6 times higher efficiency of EV's, that the charging stations would just charge more for electricity, and we wouldn't benefit from the higher efficiency of EV's. They would take advantage, and we...
  6. J

    Sell my P85D with Ludicrous and

    Would somebody give 45K for a 65,000-mile 2014 P85D with Ludicrous, black, hardtop, one-owner, warranty in effect, new tires on 21" charcoal stock turbine rims, black premium seats, paint well was buffed out by pro two years ago and looks great, rear quarter if you look at right angle can see a...
  7. J

    trying to buy warranty

    can't figure out how to do this online - and waited hours on the phone trying to get a Tesla person to take my money. no answers - called many times. can't get Tesla on phone anymore. my warranty runs out tomorrow or next day, not sure. any suggestions?
  8. J

    Tesla has labeled my new inventory car 'used'

    No extended warranty for you!! Maybe Tesla will fix my account page, maybe not. A Tesla person insulted me on the phone telling me "You bought a used car." (More than once) Not true - I bought a new inventory car for $119,500 in April of 2015. I got my tax credit. I know what is what. With...
  9. J

    Looking to trade my P85DL 2014

    For a P90DL - but my P85DL has the Performance Plus suspension, being an early car. Wondering if the P90DL will not be as good handling, etc. Tesla is offering $46,500, and my Next Gen seats are very nice. I had the driver's replaced under warranty in the summer of 2017. Tesla offers low I think...
  10. J

    Seat covers to protect Nappa leather in Model S

    Tesla put a brand new seat in my Model S. The Nappa leather looked wrinkled after 2.5 years of use. I want to prevent this wrinkling with my new seat. Is there a seat cover that would prevent this wrinkling and degradation of the leather? I remember a thick sheep skin cover that BMW owners used...
  11. J

    Car backed into my parked Model S

    I am 350 miles from nearest service center in Dallas, where they use 3rd party body shops. Houston is 600 miles away where they have a Tesla body shop. This is what I understand. I wonder what the insurance company will say about that. Will they pay? (Lady backed into my parked Model S.) I will...
  12. J

    Missed Sales at Tesla Dealers

    In Las Vegas for a car event, I drove two enthusiasts by the Tesla dealer. This was nothing planned. We were on the way to another place, I drove them by Tesla. I had hopes of a test drive creating a sale. Two salesmen were standing around, but neither one could take my friends on a test drive...
  13. J

    Top Ten Tesla Car Myths

    I have owned a Model S for three years and two months. There are so many myths I hear over and over about Tesla that I decided to add one to my youtube car channel. I am an auto writer and photographer full time. I'm sure forum members could add more myths. The video is here - Interested in...
  14. J

    WTB Tesla Model S P100D

    Looking to upgrade from my P85D L to P100D. Jerry . 806-236-3681
  15. J

    WTB Tesla Model S P100D

    Looking to upgrade from my P85D L to P100D. Jerry . 806-236-3681
  16. J

    Tire store rounded off lug nuts, which is common, and where are my lug nut covers?

    On my annual Tesla replaced the lug nuts because they were "rounded off." Tech told me something like Tesla has higher standards. I'm not sure what he meant - if it was acceptable for another car to have rounded off lugs or what. Does anybody know? I didn't want to keep asking tech that same...
  17. J

    Tesla's Most Fervent Convert

  18. J

    Hey, I did a podcast!!!

    I would be honored if anyone would watch a podcast I did for Driver's Talk Radio. I'm Jerry, on the right. Thanks!!!
  19. J

    WTB: 911 Porsche

    Have a Model S, but looking for second car - a gas car (for where there are no superchargers to travel) and considering a Porsche 911 - PM me with what you've got to sell, maybe your trade-in for a Tesla. An individual can pay more than a dealer.
  20. J

    WTB: P100D

    Multi Coat Red, solid roof and textile seats, 2.0. To [email protected]
  21. J

    P85D with Ludicrous

    Had this P85D with Ludicrous two years April 17th, so wanted to find another one in a different color for a change. Found a multi-coat red P90D, so I thought I would ask some other Tesla people if they were interested in my car .The dealer would handle the paperwork for us. I've never tried...
  22. J

    City Vs Highway MPGe Government Ratings?

    I use fewer KWH in city than on highway. But, EPA states higher figures for highway.
  23. J

    Does P100D require warming battery for 0-60 in 2.5 seconds?

    My P85D with Ludicrous has a warm battery button to achieve 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds. I believe the wait period can be like 40 minutes, which I have never done. I wonder if the P100D also has a button for warming to achieve 0-60 MPH in 2.5 seconds.
  24. J

    Inventory Car Delivery Or?

    Buying new inventory car - do they ship to buyer? Or is do they charge extra cost over the shipping fee already on the invoice?
  25. J

    P85D Ludicrous For Sale

    Getting new Model S, so would rather sell to another enthusiast at a good price. I noticed Tesla has a pre-owned P85D on their website for $105K and no Ludicrous and 25K miles. So I have 30K miles and Ludicrous and dual chargersand all the stuff listed below from my invoice - so what would be a...
  26. J

    Wow, Roadster very rough - got shocks?

    Want (ed?) a Roadster, still do I guess, but first test drive, wow, roll over a crease in road and suspension bangs up through thin seat into body with sort of a clank like there are no shocks. Is this something drivers get used to, that they want, or what?
  27. J

    WTB Roadster 2.5

    Well, my Model S has disrupted my interest in normal cars, like ICE. But, I want to have a small EV to drive. I would buy a roadster - I like the 2.5 grille, and Sport, of course would be nice. Hunting is stressing me. What has anybody got they might sell an enthusiast like me? They could email...

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