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  1. elmos_world

    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    i got my 50k miles out of the mxm4, and its time for replacement. is it worth getting the pilot sport as4 now or wait for mxm4 to get back in stock?
  2. elmos_world

    Ca$h for a Cra$h

    that is one of the main reasons why i reserved cybertruck. the body panels and overall structure should fare much better than most other cars. fenders are plastic, bumpers are plastic. basically any area with highest risk of impact would be plastic, so costs would be really low. risk of rollover...
  3. elmos_world

    Cybertruck Width is 82"

    but the height might be a problem as well
  4. elmos_world

    Cybertruck with 4.5' bed photoshop

    it doesnt look bad... it is like a cyber suv!
  5. elmos_world

    POLL: Will you buy?

    market very happy now ;)
  6. elmos_world

    18650 cells for the truck?

    since the cybertruck would be using model s/x raven drivetrain for awd, wouldnt that mean that the 18650 cells would be used as well?
  7. elmos_world

    Bioweapon Defense Mode

    LeX Acevedo on Twitter link to the actual tweets
  8. elmos_world

    Bioweapon Defense Mode

    Musk Reads: New Tesla Cybertruck details emerge nvm this article says there will be a "partial" bioweapon defense mode, which is not bad but i hope it is still really good what would he mean by partial?
  9. elmos_world

    Bioweapon Defense Mode

    the chances of him replying to me are almost none
  10. elmos_world

    Bioweapon Defense Mode

    Will cybertruck have that massive hepa filtration system like model s and x? i know they didnt put it in the model 3 or y because of space issues, but cybertruck is massive so they should be able to. i really hope they put that in there.
  11. elmos_world

    Best Config for Overlanding - Dual or Tri-Motor?

    i cant afford the tri motor version, so i have a reservation for dual motor, because i wouldnt use the single motor for off roading. would it still be good for off roading? i like off roading but i wouldnt take it if it werent decent for it
  12. elmos_world

    Which mototrs will truck get?

    why not just keep both the front and back motors to be permanent magnet motors? wouldnt that be more efficient?
  13. elmos_world

    white interior?

    will tesla offer white seats as an option for cybertruck? i like tesla white interior a lot, but then again, might be a bad idea for a pickup truck...
  14. elmos_world

    18650 cells for the truck?

    isnt the cybertruck using the older ac induction motors from the rear of the model s/x for the rear, and model 3 permanent magnet motor for the front, just like tesla raven powertrain? i dont want them to also be using the older 18650 batteries as well. afaik i think tesla still uses 18650 for...
  15. elmos_world

    No Summon?

    wondering the same, had a few situations where it wouldve been useful
  16. elmos_world

    Suntek vs Xpel?

    i want to get something for my model 3, xpel or suntek. for the finish of either, if you put a ceramic coating on it (like cquartz finest reserve) does it really matter which one you get? need to know. also what is a good windshield protector? already had to replace my prime windshield twice :( ...
  17. elmos_world

    2017 Model S 75D AP2.5 - 5K Miles - EAP - White - Bay Area, CA

    in that trapezoidal area below the headrests
  18. elmos_world

    FS: Model S 85D - Autopilot - Pano Roof - Premium Sound - Subzero - Leather - LTE

    may i ask why you are selling this car? also is that range rover in the back yours as well? if so SELL THAT GAS GUZZLER INSTEAD OF THIS AMAZING TESLA! :)
  19. elmos_world

    2017 Model S 75D AP2.5 - 5K Miles - EAP - White - Bay Area, CA

    no look closely. the rear seats are the newer ones from after they changed it in july, but the front seats are still the "old" design (there is one stitch line that used to be there on the old seats but not there anymore on the newer ones produced after they changed it in july). dont worry...
  20. elmos_world

    Model 3 Roof Rack Options

    yet on the model s, you had to get the pano roof for roof racks. i think model 3 glass roof does have roof rack capability, hopefully will see in the future
  21. elmos_world

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $62,000 - San Ramon, CA

    where in san ramon? im in windemere... but i already ordered my model 3 so could not get this car! :(
  22. elmos_world

    Tesla Model X 90D 2017 (Re Posting) AP-2 ( 9000 miles)

    SELL THE PORSCHE KEEP THIS. unless you are willing to give me the model x for 55k then ill take it ;)
  23. elmos_world

    2016 Model S P100D AP2

    yes ludicrous, every single p100d has it (also you can tell by the underline on the model designation)
  24. elmos_world

    2017 Model S 75D AP2.5 - 5K Miles - EAP - White - Bay Area, CA

    wow you have an interesting interior... the front seats are from the pre vegan gen premium seats while the rear seats are from the vegan gen premium seats (if you can understand what i just said). interesting
  25. elmos_world

    Poll: 81% of Prospective Model 3 Owners Say They Won’t Pay Upfront For Full Self-Driving

    i was thinking on buying fsd, but got eap instead
  26. elmos_world

    Selling My Signature Model S - 20K miles (VIN ending in S00035)

    sig red with silver turbines (and white interior) is the best looking tesla imo
  27. elmos_world

    2017 Model S 75 (RWD) EAP/Premium Package. 8k Miles

    id say its a really good price considering it has pup and eap, but i just ordered my model 3... but good luck with sale :)
  28. elmos_world

    2018 Model 3 Long Range

    i could buy this car right now for 45k after sales tax and incentives
  29. elmos_world

    2017 model X 76D AP2.0

    what i was thinking too ;)
  30. elmos_world

    2017 Model S 75 (RWD) EAP/Premium Package. 8k Miles

    interested, good price, may i ask why you are selling?
  31. elmos_world

    Selling my 2012 Red Signature Series Model S P85 (low mileage)

    why did the buyer not like the color? sig red with silver turbines (and white interior) is the most beautiful model s imo
  32. elmos_world

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    nope, if you look closely, the car has ap1, turbine wheels, and most obviously chrome delete. not the same car ;)
  33. elmos_world

    2015 Model S 60 for sale

    im just trying to find a good deal before i get my model 3 in the next one or two months. :/ but if i do get a good deal i will take it.
  34. elmos_world

    Tesla Model 3 delivered in Honolulu for sale

    actually it is like 61k with taxes, minus 7500 federal, so around 53k after rebates and taxes.
  35. elmos_world


    so beautiful, but i kinda need autopilot. also i cant afford it :(
  36. elmos_world

    WTB 2014-2015 Model S with AP-1

    the 60Ds are impossible to find :)
  37. elmos_world

    New Wheels for MS -- 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine

    i hope so it would look and be better
  38. elmos_world

    New Wheels for MS -- 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine

    i go there twice a month just for the fun of it! i dont like the appearance of them that much, because there is a less metallic shade to the wheels. they seem like a solid gray color
  39. elmos_world

    New Wheels for MS -- 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine

    they are more aerodynamic than the normal turbines
  40. elmos_world

    2013 Model S 60 $37,500 FIRM

    or this
  41. elmos_world

    2016 Model X 90D for sale (as seen on "LIKE TESLA")

    but isnt a model x better than model 3? except for size, which may be impractical in a few cases. in a crash i feel the model x is safer, because it is higher and heavier also you get free supercharging, which for me saves hundreds of bucks if i use it right but still you are getting a p100d...
  42. elmos_world

    2016 Model X 90D for sale (as seen on "LIKE TESLA")

    i watched the video why dont you just sell your other cars and keep this and the p100d it is better!
  43. elmos_world

    For Sale Model S 85D 2015

    i can only pay at most 55k, which im pretty sure is too low. but then ive seen quite a few 85 kwh ap1 cars on evcpo a while ago go for high 40s to mid 50s. i hope i can get this in that range. they also had 55k to 75k miles
  44. elmos_world

    For Sale Model S 85D 2015

    this is the EXACT configuration i was looking for. EXACTLY. but i cant afford it :(
  45. elmos_world

    2015 CPO TESLA MODEL S 85 AP1

    sent pm
  46. elmos_world

    2016 Tesla Model S 70 w/ Autopilot ~ 11k Miles - FL

    this car is so nice. but the price isnt for me... :(
  47. elmos_world

    2015 Model S 60 for sale

    i offer 48k, the miles are high, and not many options according to the list you gave in the op. ive seen many ap1 model s on evcpo with around 60-70k miles that went for mid to high 40s (46-49k). they also have many options, like leather seats, pano roof, etc.

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