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  1. Kraken

    The first AP1 car upgraded to MCU2

    Wow! Great news. My MCU1 died 2 weeks ago in my AP0 2013 p85+. I would love to do this. I'm no expert at all, but my car is out of commission until they get MCU2 out as I refuse to pay twice (once for repair and again to upgrade). I don't know if v2020.20.12 made it on to the car before it...
  2. Kraken

    Whitefish Destination Charging?

    I'll add to the plugshare comment as my wife posted it. We stopped for breakfast at the lodge after out first trip off the supercharger network up to Glacier National Park. Tinky had posted that it was active only about 24 hrs before we were on our way home. Thankfully we have Verizon and can...
  3. Kraken

    Our Sea-to-Shining Sea Itinerary for TMC Connect: Who wants to meet us or join us?

    Check your pm... I also asked about the rocklin area...
  4. Kraken

    Tesla battery swap: Post announcement discussion

    Just stopped by the battery swap location at Harris Ranch and talked to the "attendant"... 1. Beta testing is ongoing and will be for several months. After beta testing the mass trial will begin. Beta testing is to work the kinks/processes out. Mass trial is to evaluate the feasibility of...
  5. Kraken

    voice to text fail....

    Well, I guess technically, it's not a complete fail... I technically did say that.
  6. Kraken

    Ford mondeo copying S design

    Looks like a Ford Fusion with a pano roof to me... Fusion was out before the s
  7. Kraken

    Is this a P85D+?

    He just needs the Pizza Plate Wheel covers...
  8. Kraken

    4 Months in the Garage with zero lasting ill effects

    So, I went to mess around with it last night after posting. I thought maybe I had to log-out and log back in to my premium account. That didn't work. So I re-read the change log. It says it does, but the wording (which is pretty bad at actually describing it) mentions playlists. So I tried...
  9. Kraken

    4 Months in the Garage with zero lasting ill effects

    After more than 4 months of non use due to being over-seas, we finally got to drive the Model S again. I'm not sure if that's the longest a Model S has sat still, but here are the things I noticed: 1. The rear suspension had sagged significantly. The top of the tire was almost completely in...
  10. Kraken

    P85D missed its scheduled charge time

    Could be a few things. Yours is a new car, but mine just started doing this recently after more than a year of working fine. At first, we thought maybe we were pressing the button while plugging the HPWC in, because they made it so that prevented it from working. Even with ensuring we are...
  11. Kraken

    Front-rear camera touchscreen parking protection switch kit reservations

    I can second the fact that for those of us who don't have the camera triggered to switch when going into reverse, the white lines show up when in reverse and the front camera on... it looks like it expects your about to launch into space, but I think that's just because I need to tilt my front...
  12. Kraken

    Can the Model S and I make things work?

    It's about 15k for the rears and 35k for the fronts. The first rear tire blew out at 5k due to a pot hole. The other side needed replacing at 15k, the pothole side then needed re-replacing at 25k. We'll probably replace all of them here soon (35k) because the fronts are finally starting to...
  13. Kraken

    Drive Unit Replacement Poll

    Just put in for one myself. They'll call me when they have a DU waiting for install. It was purely due to a low kw noise. They said it was a very annoying noise with no serious ramifications, but they would be glad to swap it due to the annoyance. It'll be the first, and it probably wasn't a...
  14. Kraken

    Can the Model S and I make things work?

    wow, and out comes the holier than thou crowd. AMPd, fun to get financial advice from someone going by "Itsnotaboutthemoney" as a name... isn't it? It sounds like some just can't get over the fact that someone so young can afford this car. I'm 28, I put my deposit in over 2 years ago, and I...
  15. Kraken

    Tesla HPWC On EBay from Canada

    Great to hear how this all worked out for you! I had something similar happen to me once. I ordered a Red Wings Jersey, and when I opened the package, there was a Penguins jersey inside!!!:cursing: I'm pretty sure it went down something like this: Chicago Bears Fan Gets a Packers Jersey (seen...
  16. Kraken

    Parking with auto-leveling suspension

    install a front camera from Artsci. don't park over curbs. done.
  17. Kraken

    Model S Celebrities

    woah... didn't see that coming. What a unique device.
  18. Kraken

    Model S Celebrities

    I'm assuming you're joking... He broke his ankle. I don't think that required an amputation.
  19. Kraken

    Tesla HPWC On EBay from Canada

    Unless he's an American living in Canada. I have had an innocent mix-up before (most notably my jersey was sent to someone else and theirs was sent to me). Theirs was a birthday gift, so the seller got me in contact with them and we worked for expedited shipment. It happens. I hope for the...
  20. IMAG2106


  21. photos


  22. Kraken

    Random Model S sightings

    In Tokyo: Also, after showing my wife that pic, she asked me to see if I could find the supercharger. It's at the Grand Hyatt in the Valet area... 2 chargers, one was iced by a porshe, the other was iced by a Ferari. I'm sure the valet's would move the other cars as necessary.... I'm counting...
  23. Kraken

    Tesla moments

    That's what a removable one is for.... though the one's I've used are magnetic to stick... and I haven't tested them out much past 70.. have been in a Camero and Pontiac doing that speed on the RWY though chasing planes. They had fixed lights though....
  24. Kraken

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    if the quality of their work is similar, there would still be engine noise even with those advisors.....
  25. Kraken

    Routing suggestions are laughably bad, at least in LA traffic.

    No... It's not. It's been done for over a decade by every other major navigation system on the market. You have it display 3 options and the projected time. The user then picks based on his/her knowledge. This is a step closer because it gives the choice of 2 options, but it still doesn't even...
  26. Kraken

    Slacker just stopped working

    Slacker service as a whole (not just Model S) had some major issues over the weekend. They fixed it all last night. I am thousands of mile from my Model S, but I was having difficult with slacker too. They said their engineers worked all weekend to figure out what was wrong. Basically, on...
  27. Kraken

    Slacker issues anyone?

    Slacker service as a whole (not just Model S) had some major issues over the weekend. They fixed it all last night. I am thousands of mile from my Model S, but I was having difficult with slacker too. They said their engineers worked all weekend to figure out what was wrong. Basically, on...
  28. Kraken

    HPWC price reduction??

    exactly. buy it now before the price drops... more money for them!
  29. Kraken

    Firmware 6.0

    Last time I was out of the country for more than a week was before we had the Model S... you'll at least have to wait for me to return to the U.S. to get 6.0 before you can send me away again!
  30. Kraken

    Firmware 6.0

    I figured it would come out right after I left the country for 5 months... Y'all are welcome.
  31. Kraken

    A most unfortunate event :-(

    I've been off the forums for a bit (short notice deployment), but I'm very saddened to hear this, but glad to hear that you are all ok! I can't wait to see GGs new Tesla.
  32. Kraken

    Fly in my Taillight

    What's he doing in there? Looks like the the backstroke to me, in the remaining residue from the condensation that always forms back there.
  33. Kraken

    Random Model S sightings

    I know of at least one. I spent three days there last May (a year and a half ago), and low and behold there was one whose owner worked at the building right next to the hotel I was staying in. It was an awesome chance to show my family the car I was about to get (I was about 3 weeks from delivery).
  34. Kraken

    Firmware 6.0 (beta version discussion)

    I agree. I'm an android user (with an iPad). The difference in support is clear. That being said, I do think that if they had reason to wait for some feature from one or both, they would.
  35. Kraken

    Firmware 6.0 (beta version discussion)

    Everyone is feeling like 6.0 is short of what we expect for something that took so long, but maybe it actually was Massive as hyped by Elon and others.... But We instead received 65% of it in 5.9 - 5.12, and we will receive the last 10% in 6.1 those all came out between the announcement of 6.0...
  36. Kraken

    Firmware 6.0 (beta version discussion)

    Not totally true. A lot of expectations were based around the navigation enhancements making the car more in tune with things that are energy drags like hills and wind. This was pretty much brought up by Elon Musk as one of the highlights of 6.0. It wasn't what I was really excited for, but a...
  37. Kraken

    Drive unit problems explanation by Elon

    you should be lucky. that (and maybe it's just iphone audio) sounds about 100x quieter than my car. If it is the same problem, which it sounds like we're hearing the same noise, yours hasn't progressed very far. The only other car I've ridden in and listened for that noise had it too. It was...
  38. Kraken

    Tesla adds Titanium Underbody Shield to Model S

    Yes. I weighed in before and after the under body titanium was installed. 20 pounds and no impact on range (definitely not 1%- 2%, although there is more like a 15% variation just in daily differences).
  39. Kraken

    Supercharger - Truckee, CA - Donner Pass Rd. (LIVE Aug 2014, 11 V2 stalls)

    I can attest that this photo is legit and not doctored... :tongue: . He showed me the original on his phone when we met randomly in vacaville at the supercharger...
  40. Kraken

    Please don't do this...(park blocking multiple Supercharger spots)

    I just encountered a car (very early vin) that was quite a bit across the line due to a poor/rushed parking job.... On a side note, I've noticed that certain supercharger locations (vacaville is one) are extremely difficult to back into. Everyone takes multiple attempts to be straight. It is...
  41. Kraken

    How many miles/year have you driven your Model S?

    Hmm. June 2013 build in Grass Valley with 20k miles... That will be us in a few days as well
  42. Kraken

    I weighed my MS today....

    20 pounds. That was the sole purpose of me weighing my car. - - - Updated - - - ...
  43. Kraken

    How many miles/year have you driven your Model S?

    Hit 30,000 on the way home from work this morning. This is since June 2013... 14 months. 20,000 since we switched what base we are stationed at in February. This is likely to slow down as we are about to close on a house that's 30 miles from the new base, instead of 75. Also, we'll be deploying...
  44. Kraken

    I weighed my MS today....

    Fwiw, my p85+ from June 2013 weighed in around 4750 with the titanium shield
  45. Kraken

    Drive unit problems explanation by Elon

    Per your suggestion, I did talk to Peter. We ran into each other at the supercharger in Gilroy. He had never heard the sound my car was making. We ran it behind a strip mall, so we got lots of echo effect. He then suggested we run his car, now that he knew what to listen for. Sure enough...
  46. Kraken

    I can no longer say I've never had a problem where I couldn't drive my car

    How about the Chevy I took in to get an oil change and immediately after had engine problems on the way home. They refused to accept that it was something that happened while the car was in for the oil change (or that they did), but they were glad to give me a quote to fix the problem... they...
  47. Kraken

    Tesla moments

    I think we had our own Tesla moment at that same intersection... Denarius and I. Not nearly as scary, but definitely a search for that familiar headlight outline. And if I recall, we were told you'd come meet us at the supercharger after picking up Bonnie's car... haha. oh well, all's well...
  48. Kraken

    Brainstorm: Eternal Signature Status

    All they have to do is wait for a break in the paint line. Just like they did when they painted that beautiful purple car we all saw them delivering when we all met at the Fremont chargers. They even did purple brake calipers and purple accent on the dash instead of carbon fiber etc. That...
  49. Kraken

    Drive unit problems explanation by Elon

    Denarius, You've heard my car. Would you say it sounds like Yobigd's #2 and Eggplants #1?
  50. Kraken

    Tesla moments

    Wait... I think I remember this... was this when you ditched us all in Fremont?

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