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  1. S

    Calling all MX 75D Owners lets y’all battery degradation

    Wow that’s brave, how long of that total trip was charging?
  2. S

    Voice Command Button

    Only thing that will fix it is a new airbag module!!! Whole airbag assembly comes with new switches also. It’s basically the entire center of the steering wheel
  3. S

    Voice Command Button

    I wish, tried a couple times no luck…also same thing the first two times , it’s a hardware issue
  4. S

    Voice Command Button

    Third time my button stopped work, annoying. Almost out of warranty so dodging a bullet on this one, but is there any part numbers or instructions so when this happens again I can fix myself?
  5. S

    Sentry Mode and Cameras on app

    I’m just complaining, not that it matters! With your logic there were plenty of features I got with updates on the 3 and x I wasn’t expecting. But simply stating the 2018 3 i have is farther advanced than the 2018 X I have
  6. S

    Sentry Mode and Cameras on app

    I can’t believe it, premium vehicle (supposedly, according to price) can view remotely or roll windows up…sad the 3 and y get more features
  7. S

    Sentry Mode and Cameras on app

    Finally got an update on my 2018 2.5 mcu X (2021 40.6), are the x’s with 2.5 mcu able to get sentry camera views on the app? My 3 on 2021 38.6 is getting the view from app.
  8. S

    Calling all MX 75D Owners lets y’all battery degradation

    Mar 2018 with 22” 90% 194, app shows 100% would be 216
  9. S

    Problems with dashcam

    Thanks, did that…also re-formatted it on the x no luck, got home and re-formatted it on my computer. When I plugged the drive in the Teslacam folder was missing. Anyhow re-formatted and added the folder. It all works now. At least in my case the vehicle format option doesn’t work.
  10. S

    Problems with dashcam

    I lost my dashcam icon after update 2021.32.10. Any one else?
  11. S

    Suspension Heights Wrong After Update

    Same with the update to 2021.24.4
  12. S

    How often does your suspension adjust?

    let me throw a wrench into the chat…I have a non raven and it’s raising at stop lights…suspension set to low
  13. S

    Raven air suspension question

    Mine does this too and it’s non raven
  14. S

    Subwoofer install on standard audio package?

    looks way promising, probably need an amp too,
  15. S

    Set point using Tesla app

    Since the new update, 44.15 my set point is 3% lower than selected. If I select 90% in the app it shows 87%, 80% shows 77% etc....this is for both of my Tesla’s x and 3. Anyone else seeing this? In order to hit the number 90% I have to move it to where the old 93% was on the slider.
  16. S

    Talk button on Steering Wheel Not Working

    try honking your horn...that activated my voice recognition when button was broke
  17. S

    LED headlight different shade

    Anyone else have their lights little difference in brightness? Picture shows difference but of course in person it’s more noticeable.
  18. S

    Talk button on Steering Wheel Not Working

    Its a repair...Mobile came out, entire button assembly is replaced. Button assembly is both right and left sides
  19. S

    Drivers side falcon door stuck open

    i had this happen, I removed the speaker cover and pulled the emergency release. Eventually it worked...service guy on unrelated issue heard of it happening and stated to make sure car is level. I also disconnected the power, in the frunk, and it forces a recalibration of the doors. The x will...
  20. S

    Turning sharp while parking get shudder like feeling

    I get the same feeling, running with 22’s in low setting
  21. S

    Tesla iOS App not working

    Im having this same issue connecting to both my 3 and x. What’s weird though if I hard press on the Tesla app it brings up a quick status of the car, location and battery status. Then I go into the app and the car is connected...weird stuff. For me it started after I updated iPhone to 13.6
  22. S

    What is the difference between Autopilot & Enhanced Autopilot

    tesla does not offer enhanced auto pilot anymore. What EAP is missing from the 8k FSD is traffic light recognition and stopping at them. Eventually autopilot on city streets will be released. There are no a la carte options to purchase.
  23. S

    Wireless Phone Charger Upgrade

    i have it installed on MCU2 seems to charge fast, didn’t do anything scientific but went from 61%to 67% just over 5 minutes. Next time I drive the x I’ll do little more “research”
  24. S

    Wireless Phone Charger Upgrade

    just got mine today...,you can not change our cord, you would have to use a usb extension
  25. S

    Model X Holding on Boat Ramp

    That’s fishy....my x won’t summon on the slight incline of my driveway. I’m not the most travelled boater but haven’t ran across a boat ramp less steep than my driveway.
  26. S

    Falcon Wing Door won’t close

    Had an issue with driver side FWD not closing all the way...it was shut but would open or confirm close ( message in screen warning about driving). Drove 10 miles home with warning beep, it was annoying as heck. Got home tried manually releasing, holding buttons open and close and door would...
  27. S

    1 million miles battery retrofit for old models

    I also have an 18’ 75 x...I ran a KBB on it and was shocked at the trade in value listed....43k and it only has 11k miles. Values have dropped drastically
  28. S

    Blue Leak Near Back Tire on Drivers Side

    found it: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10153432-9999.pdf
  29. S

    Anybody heard this noise?

    I had the same sound no one could figure out until I got the right mobile guy....front fender rubbing on the door...adjusted the fender and sound was gone. It was an intermittent noise seemed related to temperature. Fender adjusted no sound!!!
  30. S

    Front windscreen

    recently had my glass replaced by safelite...they had to order glass from Tesla took about 3-4 weeks. Had to take vehicle to shop they claimed they couldn’t do mobile. Took them about 6 hours.
  31. S

    Is Venting for model 3 only?

    we ever figure this out, my x can open but not close
  32. S

    Vent button in app

    did we ever figure out why X and S’s window can’t be rolled up ? If my 3 has its windows down and I hit vent it will close them
  33. S

    Model 3 18” with Aeros and wheel cap kit

    Selling 18’s they were taken off car at 19,684 miles. Can probably get 5000-7500 miles more. These were just rotated around 19,500, so the rears are the ones more worn, came from a rwd. Pictures show what’s left on tread. Pictures show where the damage is to the rims from curb rash, they are...
  34. S


    sorry I’ll clarify, I meant show them on the screen. Yes auto pilot recognized the cones prior to 12.5 it followed the lane as it was reduced it just didn’t visualize the cones
  35. S


    cones didn’t exist for us with 2.5...I know 2.5 can see stop signs and knows when traffic signals are red, heck it’s even warns you...I’m hopeful we may see the lights and stops signs in software 2030 12.6.
  36. S

    Ver. 2020.12.5 but no dashcam viewer on Model X

    got to drive a little today in the 3, cones now show with HW2.5. My X same hardware said it shows cones in the release notes like the 3, I’m guessing it will show the cones too...haven’t taken the X out yet.
  37. S

    NEW Wireless Phone Charging

    Keep us updated...
  38. S

    Ver. 2020.12.5 but no dashcam viewer on Model X

    On my 3 (HW2.5) 12.5 gave me cones visuals ...does 12.5 (HW2.5) give the X cones?
  39. S

    NEW Wireless Phone Charging

    interesting, don’t want the dual charger as both ports would be used and need one for dash cam. Wonder if the lid still closes?
  40. S

    Clicking Noise from Driver's Side Door

    i had my drivers side replaced, it’s the door check. It’s prevent the door from opening too far. It’s been about 6 months and it’s making noise again, plus my front passenger door is making it as well. if your noise if from the door check you should hear the noise as the door reaches the two...
  41. S

    Gigantic POP in audio, lose audio for a bit.

    streaming music same thing, had to do a scroll wheel reset, didn’t pull over through. Once it booted up it’s like it never happened
  42. S

    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    I have a new one, summoning out of garage...before the latest update the 3 would back out of the garage when summoning. Now the car won’t summon out, tried restarts etc, hopefully it improves...

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