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  1. K

    Add to favorites in Phone screen

    I have never managed to get this to work. I have a relatively recent Note 9. All the contacts sync and everything else works, but the favourites list stays stubbornly empty. None of my favourite contacts on the phone sync across.
  2. K

    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    Yes, I have exactly that issue, and it arises for exactly that reason (i.e. while the plug is in the car and it rains). Still working though, though slightly disconcerting to see water seep out when I press the button.
  3. K

    Winter is coming

    I actually had the heating on for 10 mins beforehand, so as to clear the windscreen. I'm not sure that the door handles or wing mirrors are heated though.
  4. K

    Winter is coming

    Moderator comment - posts merged from "Really mild frost" It was around -2 Centigrade last night. Despite that, both my wing mirrors froze, and I only barely got in through the drivers door. I had to open the passenger door from inside as it was iced up. How do our Norwegian friends cope if...
  5. K

    Phone favourites

    I have a Samsung Note 9. Quite a recent phone. Would that be a problem? Would be interested if any other people have the same issue, though interesting that you experienced it with your older Notes.
  6. K

    Phone favourites

    Yes. That's precisely why I'm hoping to figure out how to get the favourites tab! Searching the list is hard, and voice recognition for contacts just doesn't work.
  7. K

    Phone favourites

    Does anyone else have the problem where phone favourites are not showing? I'm up to 2020.8.2 but I still don't see the favourites tab in the phone panel. I believe this functionality was introduced many releases ago, but I've never had it.
  8. K


    Voice commands still only semi-working, as before. Apart from the vehicle info, nothing new or improved that I can see.
  9. K

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Your hope is misplaced. That's three releases, 40.50.1, 40.50.5 and 40.50.7, all of which don't even work with the limited examples in the release notes. It seems the QA guy is on his or her holidays.
  10. K

    Installing 2019.40.50.5

    I notice you have a "favorites" tab under your dialer. I don't have that, despite having 2019.40.50.5. I have a Samsung Note 9 phone. Is there something i need to do to enable this? Is it for iPhone only?
  11. K

    2019.40.50 beginning to roll

    I've got the 2019.40.50.5 release, and it doesn't appear to have fixed the voice command problems. As before, open glovebox works, show the rear camera doesn't. No obvious improvements that I can see. Will have to wait for people to come back from their Christmas holidays before we get back to...
  12. K

    2019.40.50.1 voice commands UK

    It's broken. They've just released 2019.40.50.5 and they're still broken.
  13. K

    2019.40.50.1 - Car is mostly deaf to voice commands

    Yes. That's also my experience.
  14. K

    2019.40.50.1 installing

    I've rebooted the car (two buttons plus brake pedal) and also repaired my phone. I'm still getting a sub-par experience. Some commands work, but others, including the ones advertised in the release notes, don't. Open the glovebox is super reliable, whereas not once have I managed to show the...
  15. K

    2019.40.50.1 installing

    Smart summon won't work for me on private land.
  16. K

    2019.40.50.1 installing

    Hmm. Just installed it. Quite a lot not working. "Open glovebox" works. "Show me the rear camera" does not. It correctly identifies what I say and shows the text, but then doesn't show the camera. Ditto for "set temperature to 21" (I even tried set temperature to 70, even though I work in...
  17. K

    eCall emergency call system needs service

    Had this exact set of problems. Fixed it in the exact same way.
  18. K

    Software Update & Spotify

    I've found that when Spotify stops playing, going to TuneIn, playing something there for one second then makes Spotify work when you go back there. It seems to have got worse in recent releases.
  19. K

    Petition to unlock full Autopilot in EU

    I agree AutoSteer is great. The issue is with the added value of NoA over and above AutoSteer. Apart from lane change, there doesn't seem to be any.
  20. K

    UK FSD

    Why do you list NoA in the UK as additional to lane change? As far as I can tell, the lane change is the ONLY feature NoA has over and above AutoSteer. Am I missing something?
  21. K

    Cruise control disabled [Update: faulty radar unit fixed, resolved issue]

    I just had this. Booked a service appt (earliest one was in mid December!) but now the error message has gone away and the autopilot is working. I've also had an intermittent warning about brake fluid (on a brand new car). The common factor in all cases is that the car was recently very wet...
  22. K

    Great first SC experience

    Yep. It's only when reversing though.
  23. K

    AP to FSD Cost, what would you pay?

    Went on my first long road trip in the UK, and thought it would be a good use of NoA, as there were many switches of motorway involved. Apart from lane changing, which was sporadic, and one blue line instead of two, I couldn't tell the difference between NoA and AutoSteer. I thought the car...
  24. K

    Things that could be improved on your 3

    RE the occupancy detection. I had a problem where if I left my kids in the car, the alarm music would deafen them. Solution is to use dog mode.
  25. K

    V10 32.11.1

    Only difference I've found is that the Hulu link has disappeared from theatre (I'm in the UK).
  26. K

    V10 32.11.1

    I thought this was as in-joke.
  27. K

    Car now goes round corners

    That may be so, but I don't think it attempted slowdowns on normal A and B roads. It can definitely get around corners it couldn't before. That doesn't mean it can get around all corners. Some it ignores and immediately gets into trouble, so still a way to go, but I appreciate the progress in...
  28. K

    Car now goes round corners

    One major improvement I've noticed in AutoPilot since V10. The car now goes round corners, due to cunningly slowing down as it approaches them! Previously, it would stay at the cruise speed and just switch AP off half way through the corner, which was quite scary. It drives like a granddad...
  29. K

    UK Owners with v10?

    A third small but pleasant surprise: Caraoke works while driving! I was sitting in an awful traffic jam with my daughter this morning, and the combination of auto-pilot doing the stop starting and the caraoke entertaining us transformed the experience from a chore to a pleasure! I suspect it...
  30. K

    AC fan running - not charging and parked in cool garage, why?

    Just noticed this myself since the 2019.32.11 update. Thought I'd left the AC on by accident, but no, the car has decided to do this for its own reasons.
  31. K

    Range on my LR AWD seems low

    I don't think either way of calculating remaining range takes account of the route and whether there is a significant uphill or downhill component. It's possible that the percent remaining calculation in the trip planner does, but I haven't been anywhere mountainous enough to establish one way...
  32. K

    UK Owners with v10?

    A few small but pleasant surprises: 1) You don't need theatre. You can just go to the browser and videos will play there. iPlayer works fine, for example. 2) Hungry and lucky give you different suggestions every time you press them, so if you don't like the suggestion, you can get another one.
  33. K

    Range on my LR AWD seems low

    I actually find the range estimate in the top corner to be very accurate. Much more accurate than the energy graph, surprisingly enough. I've been on numerous journeys where the energy graph predicts a much lower range, and then the two predictions even out over time.
  34. K

    So you need to take drivers licence (card or paper)

    Have you got a scanned version? I uploaded a scan of my license when I purchased the car, and although I took it with me for collection (as I was instructed to do), nobody asked to see it. They might be happy just with the scanned version.
  35. K

    Musk: V10 wide release "hopefully end of august" after early access

    Rather spookily, I agree with you 100%, although maybe I should reserve judgement on Tesla Theatre. Unlike gaming, which is downright uncomfortable with the in-car setup, watching a movie might be better than a tablet given the sound system and hence a justifiable feature.
  36. K

    Charge port door won’t open with wall connector

    Kind of makes the button on the charger a bit useless though doesn't it? If you have to start opening or at least touching doors, you might as well also start touching the charge cover to open it, which is what I've started to do.
  37. K

    Charge port door won’t open with wall connector

    I have this as well. Works sometimes, not other times. I find that (contrary to somebody else's experience above) I need to open a car door in order to wake the car up, and then it sometimes works. I've also had a problem using the button to unlock the cable so that I can take it out.
  38. K

    Sat Nav Useless

    You do realise there are options to avoid motorways, take the shortest route etc? I'd check your settings, as it appears they have been set in a way that doesn't work for you. The thing that drives me crazy on my discovery is that some genius saved 50p on a compass, and as a result the car gets...
  39. K

    Sat Nav Useless

    I had a bit of a nightmare with it in central London. On at least 3 occasions it asked that I make a right turn when a right turn was prohibited. I had to ignore its advice and then the rerouting took me a considerable amount out of my way. Also, the speed limits are more often wrong than right...
  40. K

    Model 3 LR vs. Performance

    My AWD came with floor mats, including the frunk.
  41. K

    Something rattling around inside car

    Thanks a lot. I now realise there's a good chance one of the kids might have dropped something and it slid inside the seat. Perfect room there for something to rattle back and forth. Will dismantle the seat tomorrow when it's light and see if I can get to the bottom of the matter.
  42. K

    Something rattling around inside car

    It's a very long rattle. A few seconds. Roughly the time it would take for a stone to slowly roll from one side of the car to the other. There isn't enough lateral space in the console or the glovebox for that length of rattle.
  43. K

    V10 release notes

    I don't understand the focus on games. If I wanted games in my car, I'd bring or buy a tablet, whose cost would be a rounding error to the cost of my Tesla, and I'd have access to a huge range of games, and I'd be able to interact with them in a much more comfortable way than reaching across...
  44. K

    Something rattling around inside car

    Hi. Has anyone else had this problem? I seem to have picked up what sounds like a small piece of gravel, and every time I take a corner, it rattles all the way along the car from one side to the other. It sounds like it is somewhere behind the back seat. I've done the obvious of looking in the...
  45. K

    Latest Software?

    I started off with 2019.15. Just been upgraded to 2019.32.1 after just under 2 weeks. All went smoothly. I didn't need to hassle the SC about anything. It's not a revolutionary upgrade. Dog mode is nice, plus there are some extra games. Other than that, much as before.
  46. K

    Model 3 tyre pressure

    I also had this a day or so after taking delivery. Tyres were one PSI off rated. So I just topped them up and it's been fine since. I assumed it was just a calibration thing.
  47. K

    What pleases you and annoys you most about your 3?

    Having had the car 2 weeks, I've now developed a neck ache. The head-rests, being non-adjustable, are in the wrong place for me. I've experimented with various driving positions, but can't seem to sort it out. Anyone with the same experience and, better yet, a solution?
  48. K

    What pleases you and annoys you most about your 3?

    Perhaps this is a new skill I will learn. It's all a bit pointless though. I think the mistake I might be making is looking at the screen and reacting to the hassle messages. Maybe better just to keep jiggling the wheel all the time like someone with a hand tremor. Or I could just not switch the...
  49. K

    Who Else Doesn't Care about the Performance Model? vs. AWD

    That's interesting. I must admit I didn't get a comparative quote as I knew what I was getting, but I just assumed a crazier car would carry a higher premium...
  50. K

    What pleases you and annoys you most about your 3?

    "Are you talking about Autopilot or FSD? If Autopilot that is disappointing to hear. I had high hopes for that." Both. Three main problems: 1) It can't take corners properly, which is quite frightening. 2) It brakes violently and often for no reason (certainly not a good reason). I'm worried...

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