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  1. Nick B

    Driver Seat Sensor not recognizing when Driver Gets out

    That price tag seeme excessive. Did you try to ask for Tesla to pay a portion out of good faith? Might be worth asking politely. I was reading another recent post and someone posted a video with a solution... Might be worth checking out
  2. Nick B

    Thinking about trading X for S ... change my mind!

    Im a little suprised you find the RX 350 has more storage than the S. I had a 350 before and find that the S has much more storage and is a lot more practical for road trips except for the comfort in the rear sets as well as ingress/egress.
  3. Nick B

    12V battery. "Will I ever buy another Tesla? Guess."

    Hi, Did you know you can actually boost your 12V battery? I have a small battery booster (not like the one shown in the video) and you can rather easily boost your car if you get stuck somewhere. See here This is the booster I used. Very practical and rather inexpensive.
  4. Nick B

    Brakes temporarily not working!

    Just to be clear the idea of my post is to tell people to make sure they have their brakes cleaned regularly, especially in harsh conditions. I think Tesla should explain this to its customers. I know it might sound obvious to some but I have never had to do any type of brake cleaning with any...
  5. Nick B

    Brakes temporarily not working!

    Yes this is what I meant. Not everyone's first language is english... The story is true. The brake pads stucked and they were unresponsive. I was going in reverse at 5 km/hr and almost crashed in another car that was parked behind me. I dont see why I would invent a BS story like this. The...
  6. Nick B

    Whats new with 2020.20.1

    Yes that is correct. Honestly the small bugs suddently dissapeared while coming back home tonight so it might simply be a bug but thanks for the information, its good info to know!
  7. Nick B

    Whats new with 2020.20.1

    The new features for me are a PIN to drive fonction that no longer indicates the numbers I press and a lot of glitches with the tesla main screen. Am I the only one? 2016 with autopilot 1.0
  8. Nick B

    Roof Rack Accessories in Montréal

    Thank you for your post. This answers one of my worries regarding the product fitting.
  9. Nick B

    Roof Rack Accessories in Montréal

    Thanks for the info, do you know if the model s roof rack also haa t-slots? Edit: Just saw on the website that the model s whispbar also has T slots.. so any type of rack would technicaly fit as long as I have the adapter? Do you know by any chance which adapter you purchased? Thanks,
  10. Nick B

    Roof Rack Accessories in Montréal

    Hey guys! For those of you that have a roof rack and are located in Montréal, where did you buy the biking and skiing accessories to go with your whispbar? I'm thinking of purchasing the whispbar from Tesla but I can't seem to be able to find the bike and ski accessories anywhere! I have a...
  11. Nick B

    Text messaging Model S 2.0

    You can adjust the reading volume of the message with the nav volume button.
  12. Nick B

    Text messaging Model S 2.0

    The new function works pretty well however I havn't figured out how to stop the car from reading a text message after it has started reading it. My wife sends me calendar invites via MMS and so the car starts reading the text message with all of the coding behind the message. Very annoying!
  13. Nick B

    Do I buy the Y or keep my S?

    This might sound a little crazy but I really love the heated steering wheel of my S. From what I read, this will not be available on the Y, which is a deal breaker for me. I also have the sunroof in my S, which I really like. The one thing is really hate about the S is fitting in my 2 young...
  14. Nick B

    ISO 2016 Model S

    Yes the 16 will be much better in every way. The most obvious improvments other than the general fit and finish are the improved seats, awd (if included) and autopilot. I've had a 2014 P85 and now a 2016 90D and the newer car is better and offers the same performance as the 2014 P version.
  15. Nick B

    Comparing LR AWD to SR+

    Model S owner here for 3 years. I was reading your post about charging to 80 vs 90%. Personally I charge to 90% daily and the range loss for 80 000 miles of driving has been of about 5%. Out of that 5%, 3 were on the first 40 000 miles so it seems to be more stable in terms of degradation. Im...
  16. Nick B

    For a P100DL is it worth paying for Pilot Sport A/S 3+ or Michaelin Primacy MXM4 at no extra cost?

    I havnt tried the primacy's but I've been running as3+'s for 3 years on my P85+ and now 90D. I've just driven 15 000 km this summer on them and they're almost like new. I expect to do the rated (70 000 km) mileage. Probably a little noisier but otherwise great tires!
  17. Nick B

    Interesting Article on Longevity & Reliability

    Thanks for sharing!
  18. Nick B

    Plaid Model S to get bigger battery pack

    There will be obviously lemons. I had a 2014 P85+ and it had some issues. Nothing major but I probably went 8 times to the SC on a 2 year and a half time frame. Most lf my visits were on the first year. Now I have an 2016 90D. Ive had it for almost a year and Ive had 0 issues with it. So I...
  19. Nick B

    Plaid Model S to get bigger battery pack

    Out of curiosity what year is your S?
  20. Nick B

    Is this normal?

    Lol 72F isnt cold weather... It was 32 here this morning. For the op, I have an 90D and easily managed 100 miles today. Still had 40% left and did highway driving at around 77-80 miles per hour with a lot of wind. I understand a 90D is not the same as a P90D but there shouldnt be a big difference
  21. Nick B

    Dancing Cars on my display. Is this normal?

    Not normal, well my 2016 ap 1.0 does not do that
  22. Nick B

    URGENT help needed: Significantly reduced range on a P90DL - should I take delivery?

    Most people who are buying a P90D aren't buying it for range but for performance. Sure range is important but not the most important aspect. I don't think you will have problems selling it later on. If everything else is ok I'd say go for it!
  23. Nick B

    Surprise Tesla experience wanted for a colleague!

    Hi Dave, I'm located in Canada so cannot help regarding the personal tesla tour but did you think of renting out a Tesla for him? I know that in North America there is turo. Maybe there is sonething similar in Europe? Just an idea,
  24. Nick B

    What's the point of the "Dual Motor" badge ina Model S?

    Don't worry, he disliked 2 other of my posts in a tread where he wasn't participating simply because I disliked one of his previous post.
  25. Nick B

    Warped rotors

    I'm no professional about brakes but I have recently changed my 2014 P85+ for a 2016 90D and the brake feeling is way better in the 2016 (my opinion obviously). In my P85, I always had the impression that the pedal was too soft. I've had 2 experiences where I almost ran into another car because...
  26. Nick B

    Geico just raised my rate another 40%

    Maybe you should think of doing business with an insurance broker. You provide your information once and they do the price comparison for you. No need to call multiple companies...
  27. Nick B

    Have you seen this Technical Service Bulletin?

    Well theh replaced them when I came in because I was hearing a noise when turning
  28. Nick B

    Have you seen this Technical Service Bulletin?

    I'm not too familiar with the TSB bulletins. I recently switched in my 2014 P85 on which I had to pay to have rear and front control arms changed. Would I be admissible for a certain reimbursement or am I wasting my time?
  29. Nick B

    Suddenly several error messages

    I had something similar happen and it was a bad connector on the battery (not the 12v). It was easily fixed by the service center and covered under the 8 year warranty.
  30. Nick B

    Interesting occurance this morning...

    This is, IMO, the reason why we should all have a the pin function activated to drive the car.
  31. Nick B

    Warranty reset?

    I've never heard of a specific piece/part being replaced 3 times in less than 12 month intervals. Even the door handles last more than 12 month each. So in that sense yes there is some kind of added warranty but never a 4 or 8 year reset like the op is asking about.
  32. Nick B

    Warranty reset?

    No it won't reset your 8 year warranty.
  33. Nick B

    January/February Used Process

    I've had my CPO cat delivered last week (this one is my 2nd tesla) and I am extremely happy with my used 2016 90D. However, I really think that Tesla needs to work on communication. Sometimes it feels as if no one knows what is happening and then suddenly they call you and say "Hi your car is...
  34. Nick B

    CPO vs. Non CPO

    I'd say it really depends on what year car you plan on buying. My older 2014 that I bought in 2016 (cpo) had a lot of issues for the first year and a half and then no more. My newer 2016 (still Cpo) that I just bought on wednesday seems like a much better built and will most likely have a lot...
  35. Nick B

    Lease is up should I just buy it or buy CPO(used)?

    I've just changed my 2014 P85 last Wednesday. Bought a 2016 90D. I don't lease my car's so can't comment on that side however the CPO process is painful... you really have to hassle the sales team to find the perfect car. Most of CPO cars have scratches and rock chips and are neglected...
  36. Nick B

    Bug report - Pin 2 Drive

    No I agree that it's a good idea to share the information... I just wanted to know if you reported it to them and if yes what did they tell you?
  37. Nick B

    Additional batteries and second charger

    I'm not an expert but did you factor in the additional weight and impact it could have on the frame of the vehicule? I mean by this that it could potentially cause serious issues to the aluminium frame of the car
  38. Nick B

    Bug report - Pin 2 Drive

    Did you try to share this info with Tesla?
  39. Nick B

    Crazy low temps , low of -26 high of -16 tomorrow

    If you do a lot of short trips it will consume 50% more but if you do one long trip you can expect a 30% decrease in battery capacity. The good news is that the car will easily start up, especially comparing to ICE cars. Regen will be deactivated so be careful but otherwise there really isn't a...
  40. Nick B

    CPO Experience/Process December 2018

    It's probably just stuck there. I heard it's an easy and inexpensive fix... read that on the forums a while back
  41. Nick B

    Used Tesla Model S Prices Show Signs of Weakness

    Yes I agree with what you're saying but you have to think that a newer car with more technology will be available and improvements will keep on being added over time. The will be a certain base price but it won't be very high. I'll get you a real life example: I have a friend who has a 2012 85...
  42. Nick B

    Seeking opinions and recommendations post-repair strangeness

    Honestly you should call them first and if the answers don't make sense then file a complaint. Maybe they did not right he initial mileage correctly?
  43. Nick B

    Used Tesla Model S Prices Show Signs of Weakness

    People are saying that they get really good deals on used cars but it is totally realistic to expect 6 or 7 year cars to have a very low selling price. Yes theses cars aren't like gas cars and should last longer but I don't expect my car to be worth anything when it reaches 7 or 8 years of age...
  44. Nick B

    Timeline of my CPO buying experience so far...

    Just an update on my side. Got a call yesterday from the SC in Montreal saying that my car was ready for delivery. I was very happy about it and the person at the Montreal SC is very professional and efficient. The only complaint I really have is the lack of communication between the delivery...
  45. Nick B

    Sound issues when doing sharp turns

    I had a similar problem with my P85 2014 and it was a loose control arm which they replaced. Around 2000$ in CDN dollars to fix. But it could also be something completely different... my case was quite probably the worst scenario Edit : that was for both front lower control arms
  46. Nick B

    CPO Experience/Process December 2018

    I guess so... sick that Tesla isn't more organized and that the CPO is either a hit or miss. I still haven't had news on my order. It's been 2 weeks since first contact with the delivery specialist (3 since the deposit) and last week she told me it could take from 3 to 4 weeks to have he car...
  47. Nick B

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?

    Just to make things clear, I'm not complaining about our electricity prices (which are very low but have necessited a lot of investments by our society in the past to build dams and so on - but that is a mostly political choice - other provinces could decide to invest in other renewable...
  48. Nick B

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?

    That's not the point. Elon always said superchargers were supposed to be set up in a way to cover basic running costs and that their goal would not be to generate profit. Granted, he says a lot of things but still this increase in price (and in particular the way it was done) does not fit with...
  49. Nick B

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?

    I don't agree with the way Tesla is increasing the cost for ALL of the superchargers. I agree that they should not be free because people abuse of them however it doesn't make any sense to increase the cost of supercharging like they did in Quebec. We pay electricity here at 8cents kWh (day or...
  50. Nick B

    CPO Experience/Process December 2018

    Regarding the top up they did mine for free... but I guess it would depend on the state of things. If the problem is caused by one of the pump failing, that would fall under the bumper to bumper warranty. Usually the service center will make it right.

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