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  1. JesseIan

    Buy parts from salvaged Model S and X

    Any Model S white interior, any pieces I want, if anyone even in the future see's this let me know! (All i have are the 2 main dash pieces, need glove box, lower trim, door panel bolsters, arm rests, and seats)
  2. JesseIan

    WTB: Gen 2 TPMS

    I got the eBay ones as Larry66216, they work great - read my PSI fine no issues so far, had them about a month
  3. JesseIan

    My Model 3 Got Wrecked Today :(

    This guy saw what happened, if you don’t have Facebook I can message him for you
  4. JesseIan

    Vendor LTE Premium MCU + Gen 2 Hi Res Cluster (donor: 2017 90D)

    Still have cluster? Assuming I could swap with gen 1? Hate the lower resolution...darn OCD
  5. JesseIan

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    On lowering links or what for the drop?
  6. JesseIan

    Your House or Your Tesla?

    That is an amazing set up sir! But I would fall off those seats so fast, drunk or sober
  7. JesseIan

    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Tomorrow is going to rule. (I hope)
  8. JesseIan

    WTB: TPMS (PSI read out version)

    Looking for 4 working TPMS sensors - I have a 2013 however it seems to read the PSI so from reading forums I think I have an updated system? If this is wrong and you know - please correct me, otherwise I'll gamble on thinking the newer versions will work! Thanks in advance
  9. JesseIan

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    How about any black headliner while I wait for white interior? :)
  10. JesseIan

    Autocross with my Model S for the first time

    Thank you! I did drifting for a few years years ago, but never autocross/Road course stuff. The plan is to get more into it, Road course will be a different car but I think for the autocross I’ve found the one to run for a while!
  11. JesseIan

    Autocross with my Model S for the first time

    I had never done autocross before, we were going to share my friends r32 that he brought but I decided to hit the supercharger down the street on our way and take my Model S out. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a blast, didn’t set any records or anything (though they did say I was the first...
  12. JesseIan

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Oh my jaysus. What tire size(s), and what width? I'm in love
  13. JesseIan

    [Mac App] Tapp

    Looks good so far man, I think the Fahrenheit - even though it shows the "F" - is in Celsius for US members. Mine shows 13F and it's 55F which 13C would be about right, easy conversion for me to do just something to mention! Good job so far, feel free to private message me if you want, I figured...
  14. JesseIan

    [Mac App] Tapp

    Awesome! That's my biggest wish from the Tesla app currently, so that would be awesome! Thank you
  15. JesseIan

    [Mac App] Tapp

    I will download and try when I get home! Just curious before I check it out, is there a feature to set a timer of when to turn climate on?
  16. JesseIan

    AR App Displaying Interior/Exterior Model 3

    Glad I could share then! It's pretty fun to try out haha
  17. JesseIan

    AR App Displaying Interior/Exterior Model 3

    I was going to post this in the video section but doesn't seem you can post there anymore? Or at least I can't. Anyway, I am no way affiliated with either company Evannex or Kinetic Visions but I thought this was a pretty cool app to mess around with. I figured "off topic" is the closest as it...
  18. JesseIan

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    Henry, any TPMS that work for a 2013?
  19. JesseIan

    TPMS sensors

    Looking for 4 TPMS sensors (for a 2013) let me know!
  20. JesseIan

    Arrived earlier at work today and made a sticker

    I need a set or two of these! Let me know where to send/how much!
  21. JesseIan

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    Anything at all white interior wise yet? I know we chatted, just checking in. Dash panels/center arm rest I believe are interchangeable between X and S so either one works :) I should have swapped to grey..would be done by now haha
  22. JesseIan

    Hooking up iPod, etc.

    Bluetooth quality does seem to suck pretty bad. I end up streaming which I'm sure is part of their goal but hate that it's not Spotify. Like gfb107 said, you can load a USB stick with music, or some MP3 players (my iPhone does not load through the USB, doesn't mean there's not a way I haven't...
  23. JesseIan

    2014/15 Tesla Model S - P85D, Autopilot, White, heavily optioned

    Bump for a clean car and for putting "<3" after AP Enabled lol. GLWS!
  24. JesseIan

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    The minute you consider selling these PM me haha
  25. JesseIan

    MCU Retrofit

    Excuse the ignorance, but doesn't the MCU have the 3G/LTE built in, so if you have 3G this "free upgrade" if you chose the replace route, would get you LTE? Or are they separate
  26. JesseIan

    Black Housing Headlights (Service or Product) Model S

    Looking to get black housing headlights for my Model S, pre-facelift model. I would ideally like to buy someones they're selling but if you do it for a business/on the side and want to work something out about sending some cores in or however you want it to work let me know! I've done the take...
  27. JesseIan


    // center console color if (grey() === true) { grey.sold.(); } Also only kidding, couldn't help it - GLWS!
  28. JesseIan

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    Emailed for white interior pieces! Thanks Henry!
  29. JesseIan

    WTB: Model S Pure White Interior Pieces

    Looking to swap over my interior to white, I have some panels already but let me know what you have. Looking for Seats, Door Panels, Dash Pieces, Glove Box, Arm Rest. Pretty much anything Pure White (so 2016+ white I believe? As before was grey). I've done some searching but may missed...
  30. JesseIan

    New Space X video - Falcon Heavy & Starman

    Oh man, wish I had thought of the tattoo idea first, I need more ink! Haha
  31. JesseIan

    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    To piggy-back on that eBay link that other guy posted - I didn't see this thread until right now, and 2 weeks ago I bought one of the eBay ones for like $24.99 shipped - and it is embarrassing. It fits awful, the handle is ghetto, it's not quite the right depth so it teeters up and down, stupid...
  32. JesseIan

    Chademo adaptor

    How much shipped to 98270?
  33. JesseIan

    Buy parts from salvaged Model S and X

    Looking for white or grey interior pieces as I'm swapping it all over. Haven't started yet so either grey or white works for now! Thanks
  34. JesseIan

    Tesla Screwed Me Royally This Weekend

    Man you got me with this one haha! I was reading your title and was like "this forum is just people openly telling their hatred about Tesla stories," which in fairness, if it wasn't happening then they wouldn't need to post. But that was a great plot twist, even sent it to my fiance as a similar...
  35. JesseIan

    Center console

    Thanks Msfitz! Excited to get mine
  36. JesseIan

    Center console

    400 shipped I'll PayPal right now
  37. JesseIan

    Vendor Introducing Avant Garde Wheels A.R.T. M600-Series

    Can you PM me a quote for this same setup shipped to 98270? Also, any way to run more concave upfront? different offset or even run squared 20x10, probably too much poke at that point though
  38. JesseIan

    Vendor New Tesla Model X AND S Wheels Released! - Vossen Wheels NV2!

    Please PM price of grey Model S wheels to 98270 :)
  39. JesseIan

    2013 CPO Tesla Model S60 For Sale

    Good god this is a good deal, I'm tempted to go for it even though I'm looking for 85w!
  40. JesseIan

    WTB: Tesla S

    Shoot for 35-42 with AP, I too am looking so if he doesn't want someone's that offers or there's a second one, PM me!
  41. JesseIan

    2016 Model S75 27K miles $60K

    Also curious if the car is on air and has AP activated?
  42. JesseIan

    Vendor Like-new 2017 Model S & Model Xs for sale or long-term rental/lease

    Kilo is alive! Let me know about the Model X leasing, thanks!
  43. JesseIan

    $51,200 85 kWh, AP1, tech pkg, hifi sound, leather CPO 4 yr warranty

    Did your friends end up wanting it? If not I'm very interested
  44. JesseIan

    Vendor Like-new 2017 Model S & Model Xs for sale or long-term rental/lease

    Alright, you've got my interest haha - more information on leasing a used X? Sorry if I'm missing something that explains it, I'm on your site now and just curious about more. Thank you!
  45. JesseIan

    For me the big benefit of autopilot is that it makes driving so much less fatiguing

    I live north of Seattle while my work in in Downtown Seattle (just out of it technically) so one of the biggest reasons to warrant a Tesla was just this. It's still traffic but it makes things much better and almost feels like less of a drive than it is.
  46. JesseIan

    This Guy Loves his Model S

    I openly admit to liking their show - I noticed the more recent seasons he was in a Tesla, nice to see it's because he wants/likes them and not just because HGTV provided it or something, ha! Awesome article
  47. JesseIan

    Anyone regretting their purchase

    Same situation for this, and on my friends Model X...still notice misaligned panels that my OCD won't let go. Love the car overall but no question there is room to grow.
  48. JesseIan

    Anyone regretting their purchase

    Sorry to hear about your luck with the Tesla, any car manufacturer has theirs lemons but it is no fun being on the buyer side of that. I haven't had any issues luckily besides some body panel alignment. Not sure if you can try and get traded in towards a different S with hopefully less issue and...
  49. JesseIan

    Geico 27% increase after one year. :(

    This thread made me deep dive my insurance options again since Geico has steadily been increasing - Progressive is much cheaper for me - so that you all for this!

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