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    2017 Model X for Sale. Long Island NY.

    As long as the seller is the first owner, and it has always been privately owned. If it was ever titled to a dealer, it’s game over.
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    2017 Model X for Sale. Long Island NY.

    Call your local service center, press option two for service and then press option three I believe it is to get through to someone. Option three is a way to get a hold of them when your car is already in service and you need an update. It just seems that they answer that line more often, and in...
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    22” Black Onyx Wheels $2750

    Wheels are in excellent shape with a lot of tread left on the tires. They are about 7 months old. Asking $2750. Prefer to sell locally here in South Florida, but will ship in the continental US. Average shipping cost is $350, but varies by zip code and is curbside delivery to your home.
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    2017 Model X 75D with FSD for sale

    Price is now $58.5k
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    2017 Model X for Sale. Long Island NY.

    Just call Tesla and give them the last six digits of your Vin number and they will confirm it.
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    2017 Model X for Sale. Long Island NY.

    Just by reading announcements and supercharging policy changes through the years. Plus at one time I was researching it because I wanted to get a car that had transferable supercharging. It was at the end of 2016 that they went from transferable supercharging to a 400 kW annual credit as a way...
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    2017 Model X for Sale. Long Island NY.

    If purchased in August 2017, the supercharging will not be transferable. My X delivered in March of 2017 wasn't transferable either.
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    WTB Model X Xarbon Fiber/Graphite Trim

    Had a misspell. Guess I can’t edit the title. Brutal. Y’all know what I meant. Lol
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    WTB Model X Xarbon Fiber/Graphite Trim

    Looking for Carbon fiber/Graphite trim for my Model X. I currently have figured ash. If anyone has a set for sale let me know. Thanks!
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    Model X carbon fiber parts

    I need the 4 door trims for a 2017 Model X. Do you still have them?
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    2017 Model X 75D with FSD for sale

    Dropping the price to $59,999. Couple of things I forgot to mention. Wheels and tires are like new. Less than 1000 miles on the rubber. Car goes in for FSD hardware upgrade in a week. Lifetime premium connectivity transfers to the new owner.
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    Tesla Model X 22" Black Onyx Wheels

    Can’t believe I forgot to put the price....$2750
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    Tesla Model X 22" Black Onyx Wheels

    For sale are a set of 22" Black Onyx Wheels in excellent condition. Tires are Pirelli Scorpions with good tread on them. Will also give you the black lug caps, but not the lug nuts. These were on my 75D non performance Model X so they weren't used in launch mode at all. Would prefer to sell...
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    2017 Model X 75D with FSD for sale

    Listing for $65,000 Selling my 2017 Model X 75D with Full Self Driving 37,125 mi (at time of posting) 6-seat configuration Full Self Driving (upgraded after initial purchase) Performance Pedal Set (Tesla-installed upgrade) Black Leather Interior with Figured Ash Wood Décor Premium Upgrades...
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    Model X 20" Slipstream Take-offs

    For sale are my 20" Slipstreams that I took off when I bought the car. They are in mint condition. Priced for a quick sale. I am located in South Florida. $1200.00 You can text me also at 954-881-0086. 4466982D-FA57-4FAA-93C9-35B5F7214E30 by billy76 posted Oct 19, 2019 at 9:13...
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    Model X 20” Slipstreams Like New

    For sale is a set of OEM Tesla 20” Slipstream Wheels. The rims and rubber were replaced by Tesla a month ago, so they have very little use on them. Maybe 500 miles at most. Selling for $1800. 4466982D-FA57-4FAA-93C9-35B5F7214E30 by billy76 posted Oct 19, 2019 at 9:13 PM...
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Every service center has been staring that same company line. Maybe Elon initially missed that meeting, but it is apparent from his latest tweet regarding the matter that he is aware that there currently is no upgrade path. Hopefully as he says, they really are “Working on it.” and he’ll make...
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Yes, I wish they weren’t independent systems because I already paid my $3k for the FSD upgrade. Know it’s off topic, but I do wonder if I’ll ever get full sentry mode when I get HW3. Currently have HW2.
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    Anyone having radio problems?

    Yes, doing a complete power off for a few minutes solved my issue, I think. Seems okay tonight. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow.
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Sadly we’re more informed than most Tesla employees.
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    LTE (AT&T) keeps going out since 2019.32.12.1

    I may have fixed it inadvertently. I was upgrading my wheels from 20” slipstreams to 22” black onyx and I had to change the wheel configuration. The system does a reboot automatically after you change the wheel size. When it did, I had a bunch of drive errors on the screen (regen disabled...
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Someone find this guy and get the details. He’s gotta be misinformed. There’s no way he’s getting a proper MCU2 upgrade (that doesn't officially exist yet) for $2k. Oh, and he’s out of warranty.
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    This guy tweeted that he’s getting the MCU 2 upgrade for $2k. Shane Adams on Twitter
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    V10 on the Model X

    Anyone know what the 12.2 update did? Bug fix? I did it last night.
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    I did the UV fix. It just mitigated the problem. I still have some yellow banding. I did receive an email from Tesla saying they would replace the screen if it can’t be fully fixed by the UV tool, so I may let them try one more time, and if that doesn’t work, ask for a replacement. BTW, the...
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    Anyone having radio problems?

    I never use the radio. I stream, but I did the 2019.21.12 update last night, and now my LTE keeps going out.
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Here’s the link again for those that have a moment to sign it. Sign the Petition
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Signed it
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    MX17 - FalconWing Door weather stripping deteriorating - Not covered by Warranty

    The rubber on my FWD’s are tacky and sticky toward the back side. I was examining it the other day and realized it was part of the entire door. It’s not terrible.....yet. The towel I was drying the car off with, left lint on it though and the rubber seems to be in the beginning stages of...
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

  44. B

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    On a side note, he’s getting really good at chess.
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    My 10 year old watches YouTube and saw all the new v10 features. Then I had to sit him down and have the talk. :(
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Just checked Tesla Twitter this morning. Are they trolling us?
  47. B

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    DAErik just posted on YouTube regarding the MCU 1 situation. It’s good to see mention of it finally. Video link below. Give it a thumbs up, and comment. Let’s see if we can help bring more attention to this issue affecting all of us. Now we need “i1Tesla”, “Now you Know”. “Like Tesla”, “Andy...

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