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  1. djplong

    FSD beta expansion to new beta testers June 2022

    I've had my M3 LR RWD for over 4 years and 73,000 miles. I got the free HW upgrade years ago. My score has been at 96 for a while after dropping from 99 to 94 during a 3,000 mile road trip because EAP followed trucks and buses too closely. I'd love to be able to say "Hey, can I have the beta...
  2. djplong

    Tesla - North Shore Mall Gallery- Peabody

    I was there yesterday getting an upper control arm replaced. The guy there said they'd opened last Monday. Of all those Model S vehicles parked out front, at least 5 had NJ plates so I'm thinking those are the 'loaners'. Also, a string of what look like HPWCs along the exterior of one of the...
  3. djplong

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Over time, I burned out a couple of thumb drives so I decided to get a 'real' SSD with a REAL controller on board. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078SWJ3CF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 SanDIsk 500GB "Extreme" portable hard drive. Works like a charm. Comes with the...
  4. djplong

    Tesla to Open Gigafactory 4 in the Berlin Area

    "The Euro is not s expensive as the dollar"? I was just there and one Euro is about $1.10.
  5. djplong

    RV Electrified By Tesla - Is It Possible ?

    Those facilities can handle all those RVs drawing current to power rather inefficient roof air conditioners. (I had an RV for many years)
  6. djplong

    What's it really like to own a Tesla in New England?

    Ok, so here's my experience. I was one of the first to get a Model 3 in NH. I've had it for about 15 months. In that time my wife and I have put nearly 35,000 miles on it. Had service come out ONCE to fix some loose carpet trim on the side of the center console. I couldn't get it to "snap...
  7. djplong

    Create a “I’m a Tesla” web campain

    About Tesla's buggy beta software and constant crashes. Full disclosure: I've had my Model 3 LR RWD for 13 months and driven it 25,000 miles. Got my driver's license in 1978 and, at times, drove over 50,000 miles/year. Easy to say I've driven over a million miles. In those 13 months, I've...
  8. djplong

    Gun ownership overflow

    It's even more complicated today. Go ahead. Ask someone two words: "Define 'freedom'". I have an acquaintance who thinks freedom is a man and his gun. Me? Just an example of a 'freedom' I would like is NOT having a combined $19,000/year going to a health insurance corporation (combined...
  9. djplong

    Elon Musk’s Hilariously Bad Subway System Leaves Virginia Transit Officials Baffled

    I can't remember the details but an analysis of NY's 2nd Avenue Subway showed that, with all the corruption factored in, the actual subway tunnels weren't the biggest expense - it was the STATIONS. There's no automated machine for digging those out like the TBMs used today for the tunnels.
  10. djplong

    Gun ownership overflow

    It's hard to argue with facts so people tend to dismiss the ones they don't like. Look, I believe that a person should have a right to own a firearm to defend themselves. In fact, I've exercised that right to own in my own home and voluntarily gave up that gun some time after my kids were...
  11. djplong

    Bill to Extend EV Tax Credit

    If we stopped subsidizing oil, I can't calculate how much the price of gas would skyrocket - and I don't mean just the tens of billions in direct subsidies that the oil companies get. If we charged the oil companies for the military costs of securing their oil supplies - the price leaves the...
  12. djplong

    This isn't good - charging rate increase

    It's amazing what happens when you practice cutting about 5MPH off your speed, find SUVs and semis to draft behind and, in the winter, turn the heat down a bit (after all, I'm still wearing a winter jacket).
  13. djplong

    AAA FUD: Winter Driving Range

    I did a real world test a couple of weeks ago when New England was in the Deep Freeze. Starter the morning at 300 miles of charge (started the range charge too late), drove 2+ miles to top off my tires with air to get the pressures right. 220 miles, round trip, of almost all highway driving...
  14. djplong

    This isn't good - charging rate increase

    A year ago, I calculated that, from my home in Southern New Hampshire, there were 26 Supercharger stations within range IN ALL DIRECTIONS. Where do I want to go? Maine? Montreal? Toronto? Philadelphia (where my kids live)? Washington DC (where I'm running a race next month)? Indiana...
  15. djplong

    Another dumb idea, pedestrian low speed noise makers.

    I just hope that Tesla keeps Elon's sense of humor and allows us to configure the sound. I can't decide if I want to have my car doing "Charge of the Valkyries" or the spaceship sound form "The Jetsons".
  16. djplong

    Powerwall in New England ?

    A 10kWh system won't even cover me for a one-day power outage. I think there's hidden reasons Eversource is blocking. If battery prices continue to shrink, and a three to seven day backup becomes feasible - linked with solar panels - there will be no reason for Eversource to exist as people...
  17. djplong

    A Tesla Owner's Goodbye

    You know, even if I had some of the same motivations as the OP, I could never go back to ICE. I would never buy a BMW, even if it DID end up being almost nothing out of pocket because of all the OTHER stuff. It's not just ICE vs. EV to me anymore. It's sleazy dealer versus fixed-price. It's...
  18. djplong

    Dear Tesla... Please bring a new New England Service Center for Christmas!

    As much as I would like a service centr in Nashua (since I'm right next door in Hudson), I think it would make more sense for them to open in Manchester. Maybe they could buy the Sears Auto Center at the Mall of New Hampshire (there's one in Nashu's Pheasant Lane Mall as well). Apparently...
  19. djplong

    Navigate on Auto-Pilot= Boston/Eastern Mass

    I was going from US-3 South to I-495 South (just outside of Lowell) at night and it handled the C/D lane pretty well but, when the actual exit came up, it started to swerve right - like it wanted to go into the guard rail and sound barrier. Fortunately, as instructed, I *did* have my hands on...
  20. djplong

    Sirius XM

  21. djplong

    AP 3.0: Upgrade from AP 2.0/2.5.

    You are *painfully* out of focus here. Every computer is advertised with it's CAPABILITIES, complete with the understanding that, for more advanced things, you need to buy the software to support it. I don't expect to buy a computer without and Operating System. Video games are ALWAYS...
  22. djplong

    No Tesla’s in Boston?

    For what it's worth, there appear to be at least three Model 3s where I work at Hanscom AFB. Mine, a white one that I just started seeing near the flightline and a drak grey one I just saw yesterday leaving with the flotilla of cars at quitting time.
  23. djplong

    Slacker Premium: What would you be willing to pay for Premium?

    I have a lifetime SiriusXM Premium subscription and a family Apple Music subscription. I'm not interested in another subscription.
  24. djplong

    Sheetz tesla charging stations

    I'd love them to bring Sheetz to New Hampshire. On my road trip to Indiana, the Sheetz at the SC in carlisle PA was one of the more pleasant surprises on the trip.
  25. djplong

    National Drive Electric Week - New London NH

    Good meeting you as well, WhiteMountains. I was kept pretty busy at the end with all the test rides! I honestly wondered how good the crowd would be in a place as rural as New London and was VERY pleasantly surprised!
  26. djplong

    Sirius XM

    I wrote an email to that company in Colorado that was supposed to be developing a solution for the Model 3 (can't remember their name at the moment). They said that they were waiting for a 'volunteer' with a Model 3 in the area to test their solution. I need to follow up with them to see if...
  27. djplong

    Road trip. Thinking of renting a car?

    I did an 8-day, 3,000-mile road trip from New Hampshire to Indiana to Philadelphia back home to new Hampshire for an hour then off to Montreal for a weekender before returning home. It was quite the pleasurable experience.
  28. djplong

    New Englanders -- check in!

    WhenI took delivery of my '3' back in May, it was at home - waiting for the semi to roll up in front of my house. After he rolled the car out, the driver said his next delivery was in Somersworth so at least one other person up there has gone through the experience.
  29. djplong

    National Drive Electric Week - New London NH

    I just registered. I'll be there with my '3'.
  30. djplong

    why satellite radio should have been an option

    I have a lifetime Premium subscription - but that's not the only reason I want XM in my car. As an example, the only streaming services that carry baseball games are SiriusXM and MLB's own "AtBat" app. And Verizon? Thanks, but I can do with out there not-really-unlimited data plans that...
  31. djplong

    How long did it take you get used to no dash screen?

    I would imagine that people who had a center-mounted GPS or entertainment screen in their car would adapt more easily to it. I installed an aftermarket Pioneer AVIC screen, mostly for GPS, in my Camry and had a color touch screen in my Oldsmobile. It really took all of 15 seconds to 'get used...
  32. djplong

    Drive Electric Week

    I might be able to bring my red Model 3 up there.
  33. djplong

    Are you concerned about Tesla's survival?

    I think he meant that you have to be careful of the tactics that the short-sellers use to try and manipulate the stock and public opinion.
  34. djplong

    NH State Inspection

    I got mine done at Steve King's on Main Street in Nashua. I was their first Model 3. They had a heck of a time trying to override the computer's desire for an OBD port - even calling both the state AND the company leasing the computer to them (nobody knew anything on either of those calls -...
  35. djplong

    Vendor World's First Tesla Digital License Plate

    Nobody has yet EVER answered the question as to how the fool and his money got together in the first place!
  36. djplong

    Garage charging me $75/month in electricity for Model 3...

    I missed the first reply where he said that - my bad. I wonder how much he's going to have to pay ON TOP OF the $75/mo. In my head, the only way that number made sense was if the management was paying for the install.
  37. djplong

    How you describe the driving experience of your model 3 to others?

    I tell people that this is the start of the future I was promised in the science fiction of the 1960s.
  38. djplong

    Elon Musk Unmasked as Top Donor to House Republican PAC

    HRC won becuase of Superdelegates and state party rules (i.e. in New York's later primary, if you hadn't registered by October of the previous year, you couldn't vote - so new Sanders supporters who discovered the candidate in February were out of luck) Ironically, before being taken over...
  39. djplong

    Garage charging me $75/month in electricity for Model 3...

    It cost me about $800 to buy and install a Tesla HPWC. Mine was easy since the HPWC is literally on the other side of the wall from where the electricity comes into the house and right next to the circuit breaker. For an apartment building, retrofitting new electrical runs could be expensive...
  40. djplong

    Model 3 Vs Trans Am at Drag Strip

    I have all my result slips at home, but I *did* take a picture of my first three (though the order is off - top to bottom are my first, third and second tries). My first run, they mistakenly listed me as #366 (I was #360) Quoting from a Facebook post I made... All runs: Top speed - 102.21 MPH...
  41. djplong

    Model 3 Vs Trans Am at Drag Strip

    My result slips are back home but, from what I remember, my times were from 13.62 to 13.8 second and my speeds ranged from 101 to 102.1 MPH. I have a picture of my first three results here: Log In or Sign Up to View And from a post I made on Facebook recapping the night: Top speed - 102.21...
  42. djplong

    Model 3 Vs Trans Am at Drag Strip

    LOL! That was me in the Model 3. A few Tesla owners went up to New England Dragway in Epping NH this past Wednesday evening (June 20). Practically in my backyard (as the crow flies) so I figured I *had* to go. Never been to a drag strip before. Most I'd ever done was turn some laps in a...
  43. djplong

    NH Configs - how long have you waited for delivery?

    This just highlights the need for a store / service center in New Hampshire - even a small one would do. According to what someone wrote in a Tesla group on Facebook (I know, impeccable credentials, eh?), Tesla is *allegedly* looking at properties in Nashua. This *allegedly* came from someone...
  44. djplong

    Streaming Free For a Year?

    Satrad doesn't work in any of that, either. Cell signals have problems with most of those as well.
  45. djplong

    NH Configs - how long have you waited for delivery?

    My timeline is in my sig. I had excessive trouble getting calls back from Hector (my 'sales advisor') or having him respond in timelines anywhere near when he said. If he said he was emailing something to me immediately, it was pretty much a guarantee that it wasn't going out until the...
  46. djplong

    Streaming Free For a Year?

    Yes. It's the size of a pizza box NOW. Look what happened to cell phones. What if the "pizza box" was somehow integrated into the frunklid?
  47. djplong

    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    Bingo. 2112 was my gateway drug to becoming a Rush fan back around 1979. Saw the "album cover" in a "record store" and checked the "liner notes" and bought it immediately without having heard a note or knowing anything about the band. (You kids can look up the words in quotes). True that...
  48. djplong

    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    I used to change my plates every year. Over the years I had plates like "SF-FAN", "WHTKNT", "TRYME+", "IMTHE1", "&YES&", "MMCXII" and many many others until "WIZARD" became available. (I've written software since the 1970s - I speak to inanimate objects and make them do my bidding, or I did...
  49. djplong


    Like three loud obnoxious BEEEEP warnings.
  50. djplong

    Elon Musk

    Umm.. The page in the Trump playbook is *propagating* False News.

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