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  1. mrbulk

    Tesla Owners' Everyday Climate Control Use

    AMEN! In fact make it PROGRAMMABLE and that way you could make it blow high fan (only) for 10-15 minutes after you parked and got out. It would dry out and warm up the airways, to prevent moisture that encourages that garbage-smelling mold growth that is causing all the funky A/C aromas...
  2. mrbulk

    Looking to buy model Y reservation

    Hmmm...I can't help but think - what if this is just Tesla trolling...they do need to validate/thin out their massive waiting lists after all...
  3. mrbulk

    Tesla Lays Off Over 200 Autopilot Data-Labelling Employees

    Together with their new 4D radar patent plus reintroducing Enhanced AP, does anyone else see a potential connect-the-dots situation where FSD is now prioritized far behind doing a full-on robo taxi product first? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. mrbulk

    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    One thing bothers me about them upcoming robotaxis - dirt. Meaning OPD, or Other People's Dirt. After Covid I've had to rethink a lot of what I used to do naturally, and probably far too casually, when out and about with the public. Would prefer that I drive (or be driven in) my own private...
  5. mrbulk

    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    Even now, FSD has only a minority acceptance rate at $12K, so common sense doubts he would raise it That much more unless he's going for a zero acceptance rate as part of a bigger agenda.
  6. mrbulk

    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    When FSD is finally perfected for general release (thanks to all a you diligent beta testers) then Tesla will get a check for $12 grand (or whatever the cost is by then) from me. But otherwise AP is just fine for all of my current needs and from what I hear, is also still a step better than...
  7. mrbulk

    Quad Motor

    ...of course all I care about is how many drop outs in the first 39,999 reservations...
  8. mrbulk

    Quad Motor

    Like every other new model before it, Tesla will likely only produce the quad Cybertruck at first, maybe even a fully-optioned-to-the-teeth "Signature Edition" at greatly increased cost, not only to help make the Cybertruck immediately profitable but also to established a price-conditioning...
  9. mrbulk

    Smartwatch as a key?

    Even if they offer this app to drive the car eventually, I would be more interested in having it loaded onto a nicely styled bespoke Tesla design watch with one of our keycard chips already embedded into the case somewhere...
  10. mrbulk

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    I know how to solve the slow take rate - just let Everybody be FSD Beta testers rather than only the "extremely safe drivers" and adding just one caveat - allow any accidents (since you're supposed to be fully diligent and ready to take over at a moment's notice and all that) and you are banned...
  11. mrbulk

    Car Wash Mode - Instructions!

    We use one nearby that is "drive in and park when light turns red" and the entire washing mechanism - complete with wash and rinse plumbing and various additives if you pay more - is mounted on a carriage that glides over the stationary car. So no need to set nothing, you basically just park...
  12. mrbulk

    We Are Now Down To 2...

    ...lengths of following distance in Autopilot on wife's Model Y LR with the latest update. Just thought I'd mention it since I was complaining about the prior minimum setting of 3 being too far back which allowed too many cars to keep cutting in. This was maybe a week or two ago and lo and...
  13. mrbulk

    Is No-Radar Cause of Crashes?

    Hmmm, I wonder if the AI computer responds faster/better if it doesn't have to choose between conflicting radar and vision data every time a split-second decision comes up?
  14. mrbulk

    Poll - Are you waiting for the infrastructure bill before ordering?

    That’s actually really smart because I f you wait, not only will the freak surge in used car prices die down, but if Tesla continues does what they have been doing lately, their prices will only go up.
  15. mrbulk

    Poll - Are you waiting for the infrastructure bill before ordering?

    I think once they initiate this rebate it will open the door to an additional surge of Tesla orders. Only Tesla orders. Tesla wants to accelerate the transition to EVs, but their products are so desirable and in demand at this time that they’re just unintentionally accelerating the transition...
  16. mrbulk

    Driving Sounds in the Toybox>Boombox settings.....

    Apparently this one makes hot rod revving sounds while driving...
  17. mrbulk

    Why Lease a car?

    Lease vs buy arguments have raged, quite evenly for each side I might add, since the dawn of (car) time. Everyone has different situations from which either buying or leasing may help them benefit, so from my vantage point the argument is still 50/50 for either side depending upon one's specific...
  18. mrbulk

    Transparent blind spots. Break through feature.

    I really care not who does it first, just Give it to us already. Along with no side mirrors.
  19. mrbulk

    Transparent blind spots. Break through feature.

    I could go for this. Compared to cars we had in the past, all the extra crash engineering has brought us Roman-column-thick posts we have to crane our necks to see around when turning sometimes.
  20. mrbulk

    Using Existing Nema 14-50 Power Outlet to charge Model 3 Performance

    We have a Tesla wall-mounted HPWC unit (a black one "signed by Elon", was given to me by bro-in-law, woo hoo!) but since we already had a 50A Nema 14-50 socket installed in the garage wall, I rewired a 14-50 socket into the HPWC replacing the normal installation hard-wiring so when we move I...
  21. mrbulk

    Superchargers open to all other EVs later this year (2021)

    I also disagree with allowing all or most other EVs access to *our* Superchargers. Although the upcoming new Supercharging free-for-all does align with Tesla’s own mission statement (“accelerate the world’s transition to” blah-blah), unless more stations are built out rapidly enough, the wait...
  22. mrbulk

    TMC has a VERY real problem with the Marketplace!

    Unsure if anyone's mentioned this yet, but I go to several other forums (some auto related but many not) and the For Sale ad sections for most of them are exactly that, a for-sale section with ads (like in the newspaper) meaning no public discussions or followup posts allowed. All questions and...
  23. mrbulk

    We're blowing it up

    Great news! Thank you! I wonder if there's a way to see how many hits other EV makers' sites are getting? Or even how many hits specific models get, like the Ford Lightning EV site vs CT site, etc.?
  24. mrbulk

    "Why should I pay for your gas? I'm not paying for anyone else's gas"

    If I were the employer my main concern after still being reassured it would result in minimal cost, is how to handle subsequent requests by other workers (maybe all go out and buy EVs too now) or prevent the appearance of preferential treatment. Also I did not see it in the OP but are the...
  25. mrbulk

    If you can't sleep in it, it is not self-driving

    Much like the variety of proprietary terminology different companies assigned their past products (such as the Sony Memory Stick or their gargantuanly successful BetaMax, remember that?) it makes for a fractured consumer experience. Why not just standardize and say "Level 5" or whatever Musk is...
  26. mrbulk

    If you can't sleep in it, it is not self-driving

    When I die, I want to go out like my grandfather did, smiling while asleep. Not screaming and kicking like the rest of the passengers in his car...
  27. mrbulk

    If you can't sleep in it, it is not self-driving

    On a lighter note, maybe it could be FSD as long as you can drive from the Back seat...
  28. mrbulk

    Is Anyone Else Tired Of Following Waaay Behind On PureVision Autopilot?

    ..... Thanks for the thumbs-up, DanCar! Has no one else been bothered by the inordinately looong following distance? If enough people comment about it maybe Tesla will see this and expand the following distance selections back to the previous 7 (and I mean SEVEN) options?
  29. mrbulk

    Is Anyone Else Tired Of Following Waaay Behind On PureVision Autopilot?

    I know they did this (set the following distance to no Less than "3") on Autopilot to allow the system to feel out the real world with cameras only, but the following distance seems a bit too long and allows everyone and their brother to cut in front of you. The gap increases with speed as well.
  30. mrbulk

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Hmmm, I was indeed caffeine-free at the time I typed that, but went back and re-did it and it's still the same. I was using Tesla's own lease and purchase calculators on their configurator page; if you click to buy the FSD, the lease and loan figures change by the same amounts I originally posted.
  31. mrbulk

    Under what driving habit and condition is FSD subscription worth it to you?

    We had EAP on the Model S75D (lease ended a couple of months ago) and the only thing we really ever used aside from basic Autopilot was Auto Lane Change. Although it Would be kinda cool to have the car stop by itself at lights and stop signs (and restart when you nudge the accelerator) but...
  32. mrbulk

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Sorry for my cut-to-the-chase reply here (because tl;dr) but: 1) the first Tesla (in my sig) already has EAP so to purchase/subscribe to FSD which, at this time, only adds stoplight/sign functionality is worth neither $10K nor $99/mo. 2) the second Tesla (wife's MYLR) is leased - IF we had the...
  33. mrbulk

    I am selling my Model Y SR I just bought in February, maybe you should too??

    Recently picked up new MY, was going to trade 2015 Passat to Tesla but got offered $2300 more from Carmax. Then just for the experience a friend suggested we try Carvana - which ended up giving us another $3400 over what Carmax beat Tesla's offer at. A $5700 gain just by checking with two other...
  34. mrbulk

    New Model S concerns.

    Naw, no worries about that yoke wheel, if the Cybertruck still has the yoke when mine is ready I'll just get one a these here.
  35. mrbulk

    Model Y makes hum noise all the time

    I would just turn on the Coconuts driving sound and see if the humming sound goes away and/or is replaced by the new sound. If so then it may be your pedestrian warning system. *EDIT: You mention the sound comes from the front, and that is where the pedestrian speaker is mounted as well...
  36. mrbulk

    Can’t remove stain on seat

    Although I'm not even sure what I myself would use eventually (wife just picked up her white/white Model Y), I saw this article about Magic Eraser and apparently it can scrape off whatever protective coating the seat material supposedly comes with: https://home.howstuffworks.com/magic-eraser.htm
  37. mrbulk

    Are the Cybertruck's looks growing on you?

    I'm just hoping by then that Tesla Insurance reaches where I live (Vegas). But if not, I did get by for the past three years during my Model S lease by using a 40-plus year-old *accident-free* policy number (they have that for old-time clients at State Farm I guess) and insurance was half what...
  38. mrbulk

    Are the Cybertruck's looks growing on you?

    I like the overall utility which seems logically expressed in its angular looks, which makes me realize that is why I like the looks. Also the (hopeful?) fact that we can roll up hovering only 4" off the ground or as high as 20" above it. I am trying to visually interpret that 16" ground...
  39. mrbulk

    Lost key card? If not found how do it deactivate it?

  40. mrbulk

    Tesla changed my Plaid Plus to Plaid

    No idea, just going by some of the earlier comments. Hopefully everyone gets their deposits back as was also mentioned by some posters.
  41. mrbulk

    Tesla changed my Plaid Plus to Plaid

    Hmmm, so Kolby can't even sign full last name? Doesn't want to be fully implicated in a class action suit maybe?
  42. mrbulk

    Miss My Model S, Wrote A Song...

    I guess people are telling other people about the song, it’s well up over 500 hits closing in on 600. Even I f you’re just curious please take a 2 minutes to listen, and thanks. PS. wife just took delivery of Her Model Y but of course it’s not the same…😔
  43. mrbulk

    Miss My Model S, Wrote A Song...

    Haw! Thanks for listening, and I agree of course about the backseat driving, I just threw it in there for humorous entertainment value because the guy is in the news lately. I know FSD is not there yet, but it seems even when we eventually are, it will be an uphill battle against the lawmakers...
  44. mrbulk

    Miss My Model S, Wrote A Song...

    Wow, did not pay any more attention to the link, went to look today and it's up to over 400 hits now. Thanks for listening!
  45. mrbulk

    cable hook for wall connector cable

    We had one of the Amazon wall hanger things but got rid of it because the handle sticks out at an awkward angle when hooked, and not only gets in the way when walking past it but sometimes it lets go and does not remain on the hook.
  46. mrbulk

    Current Delivery Times

    Hey, congrats Bluebell! Did not realize you Got it already! We're still waiting...
  47. mrbulk

    New Las Vegas Showroom

    Cool! Was just at the 7077 W Sahara location getting an update on wife’s Model Y order from early April, and the guy mentioned it like it was a soon occurring thing.
  48. mrbulk

    Miss My Model S, Wrote A Song...

    By the way it's up to 199 views, appreciate all the clicks!
  49. mrbulk

    Miss My Model S, Wrote A Song...

    Thank you very much, your kind comment is appreciated more than you know.

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