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  1. MKandyman

    Lisle Illinois Sales and Service Center

    Any updates on this service center?
  2. MKandyman

    Illinois Vanity Plate or NON EV Plates on EV

    My understanding is all EVs now must have an EV plate due to a law passed which increases yearly registration to $250. The reasoning is since EVs don't pay gas tax they should contribute their fair share since the taxes are used to improve roads. Illinois now has No incentives to own an EV which...
  3. MKandyman

    Driver seat sometimes not returning to saved position

    +1 on this. It annoys me so much I did away with my easy entry profile. I need to submit a bug report...
  4. MKandyman

    Leaving UMC Brick on Tire Under Wheel Well When Charging

    Thanks for your comments. Charging last night went well, though decided to reduce the amperage from 12 to 10 due to some fluctuation I was getting in my charge times. It kept bouncing around by an hour back and forth every 15 seconds or so - I assumed because it wasn’t getting a consistent...
  5. MKandyman

    Leaving UMC Brick on Tire Under Wheel Well When Charging

    Couldn't find another thread on this topic (I tried, honest!), so I figured I’d post and get some of your thoughts. I’m currently staying at a hotel with my Model 3, and my only charging solution is a 110V GFCI outlet, unfortunately mounted sideways (I do not feel comfortable letting it hang at...
  6. MKandyman

    Model 3 LR RWD Range Shown at 100% Charge?

    April 2018 Build w/ 2019.16.2, almost 12k miles - Displaying 325 miles @100%. Not sure if this matters, but the vast majority of my charging is done on a 120V outlet in my garage (pack balancing?).
  7. MKandyman

    How come Tesla cannot beat Hyundai's MPGe?

    To me, the Hyundai EV's are quite impressive, and I think even Elon would agree that having more companies offering cars like this is a good thing as it helps accelerate the use of sustainable transport. I think it is also impressive that Hyundai can match or exceed the efficiency of Tesla's...
  8. MKandyman

    Returning Tesla M3 after awful delivery experience

    I’m not singling anyone out, and mean no offense to anyone, including you. I apologize if you were offended. I think your comment is telling though. Why should we be “conditioned” to accept an inferior customer experience? My Tesla is the most I’ve ever spent on a car, and my expectations from...
  9. MKandyman

    Returning Tesla M3 after awful delivery experience

    I am with the OP on this, and think the responses are harsh and unjustified. Regardless of the magnitude of some of these discrepancies, the Tesla sales staff did not seem to have a good explanation for any of these issues, which when doing business with a normal company is a red flag. Couple...
  10. MKandyman

    Owners with No AP - Thoughts/Plans/Speculation on What Happens Next

    As far as 0-60, haven’t measured, but turth is my cars current power is enough for my purposes.
  11. MKandyman

    Owners with No AP - Thoughts/Plans/Speculation on What Happens Next

    I have 2 conflicting thoughts on this situation. 1. I logically understand car prices and options change constantly. For ICE cars, end of year clearance sales happen every year, and never once have I been concerned about this for my previous cars. On the other hand.... 2. As an early adopter...
  12. MKandyman

    Model Y unveiling event 2019-03-14 (official thread)

    I couldn't agree more and had similar thoughts while watching that train wreck. And the reward for watching was to see a large Model 3 with no unique features other than its bigger and had a hatch (which we didn't see during the reveal anyway).
  13. MKandyman

    POLL: Changes in feeling toward Tesla

    As much as I am enjoying my Model 3 (closing in on a year already :)) I admit that their recent string of, IMO, erratic announcements makes me feel slightly more negative about the company. I am also disappointed with all the stories I hear of poor customer service, coupled with my own mildly...
  14. MKandyman

    Windows Fog Badly, best way to combat?

    I had this issue a month or two ago when it started getting cooler outside. Switching off the recirculate function helped a lot, since it tends to bring in cool dry air versus recirculating damp air. I also only use front defrost and the floor vents.
  15. MKandyman

    Small plastic piece loose in charge port

    Talked to the SC - since the plastic guide is not a separate part, they need to replace the entire charge port. Seems wasteful, but they did not hesitate when I spoke with them. Here are some pics...
  16. MKandyman

    Small plastic piece loose in charge port

    This just happened to me last night. Was at the Tinton Falls NJ SC, had a hard time getting the charge cord to reach the port (backed up as far as I could). During the first try I didn’t have the ends aligned, went to remove the plug when one of these pieces popped out. Was still able to charge...
  17. MKandyman

    Aero Wheels - touch up paint

    Absolutely - I made sure of this as I was putting these on. Aero covers go on perfectly and look good also.
  18. MKandyman

    Best way to remove center wheel hub on uncovered Aeros

    I removed my center caps for the first time yesterday using a "lighter duty" suction cup, also from a screen repair kit from iFixit. Although it took a few tries on each wheel I was able to get them all out using this method. Much better than the one youtube video I saw of a guy using a roll of...
  19. MKandyman

    Aero Wheels - touch up paint

    Same issue - Curb Rash on rear passenger side on my 3rd day of ownership. Explored a few options, and initially bought some RimSavers from RimBladesUSA to at least minimize this sort of damage in the future. Turns out they also covered the scrapes on the rim of my wheel (see pics). They were...
  20. MKandyman

    Model 3 Abstract Ocean Matte Screen Protector Before/After

    Just installed the Clear HD glossy screen protector from Abstract Ocean. Looks perfect, no huge issue with glare, does a decent job of not picking up too many finger prints. Definitely recommend. I think Matte screen protectors diminish perception of sharpness and brightness based on my...
  21. MKandyman

    trouble syncing phone to M3

    Funny - I just had this problem today also. I went to drive, tried to play music from my phone, but the car said it wasn’t connected. This persisted while I ran errands around town despite rebooting the car and my phone, trying to manually connect the phone through Bluetooth etc. When I went to...
  22. MKandyman

    “T” Charging Light Going Out During Charging

    Thanks - the car is in fact locked while I’m charging because I charge outside by my townhouse. Must have missed that in the manual. Thanks again!
  23. MKandyman

    “T” Charging Light Going Out During Charging

    Just picked up my 3 yesterday, and it’s totally awesome! So far there are only a few small things that aren’t perfect, but very minor and not worth getting too uptight over. One of those things happens during charging. When I plug the car in, the charge light on the car lights as normal - blue...
  24. MKandyman

    Audio bug after receiving a phone call

    Just picked up my 3 yesterday, and this happened to me after picking up coffee this morning after I got back in the car. While futzing with my phone to resolve the issue, the car did a soft reboot by itself, and after it reloaded everything was normal. No issues since......fingers crossed.
  25. MKandyman

    First Production Issues - Model 3 vs. Model S vs. Model X

    Haven’t seen any threads on this topic - if there are I apologize. Obviously there have been some issues with the Model 3 since it’s started production, but overall are there fewer issues with the 3 than the S and X at the same stage? Although my knowledge of all Teslas is derived from this...
  26. MKandyman

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    Invited 2-22, Configured 2-23, VIN assigned 4-2 (100xx) - Black Aero No EAP Got a call from my ISA this evening (4-4). She said the car is ready for shipment to the rail yard, and from there will go to another distribution center, where it will then be loaded on a truck and sent to my local SC...
  27. MKandyman

    VIN Assignment

    Right on cue. Just got my VIN - 100xx. Black Aero No EAP. NJ
  28. MKandyman

    VIN Assignment

    Well, same config, but invited 1 week after you, plus on the east coast. So I'm probably after you. Hopefully a big slug of black aeros come through soon...
  29. MKandyman

    VIN Assignment

    Same config and timing as me and east coat. Hope I’m next!
  30. MKandyman

    Franz von Holzhausen personally delivered my Model 3

    Awesome and congrats. So jealous :)
  31. MKandyman

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Ordered. Now I just need my car. 5 weeks and counting since configuration - no VIN. :(
  32. MKandyman

    VIN Assignment

    Congrats! I also configured Black Aero, but on 2/23 (after 2/22 invite) and on the East Coast, so no VIN yet. As others have already stated, getting a bit miffed at Tesla for the wait (it's been 4 1/2 weeks), and seeing all these west coast VINS is painful (though I am happy for all of you to...
  33. MKandyman

    Extension Cord with Mobile Charger?

    Thanks for the advice. Just looked quickly and saw that Tesla does not offer an L5-15R adapter for the UMC, meaning I'd need some kind of adapter or special cord to connect the regular 5-15 plug. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of using an L5-15R receptacle?
  34. MKandyman

    Feasibility of 120V daily charging with 240V backup?

    I am planning on doing the same thing - my daily commute is 20 miles round trip, and I’ll only be in my current home for another 3 to 4 months. However I will be installing a 50 amp outlet in the garage on my new house, as my commute will be longer and I want the flexibility. I think your plan...
  35. MKandyman

    Extension Cord with Mobile Charger?

    Tried searching but didn't find anything - bad search terms perhaps. Thanks for the tip.
  36. MKandyman

    Extension Cord with Mobile Charger?

    Potential dumb question. Hopefully in the next 4 weeks I will be taking delivery of my Model 3. I will be moving in about 3 months to a house with a garage where I will install a 50 amp outlet. In the meantime, my townhouse (no garage) has an outdoor 110V outlet (on a 15 amp circuit) which I...
  37. MKandyman

    VIN Assignment

    Non-owner, configured 2/23 (2/22 invite), Black Aero config, NJ. No VIN yet. Will post as soon as VIN is assigned — already checking my tesla page every 10 minutes. If the Tesla page was a person I’d be a stalker.......:) )
  38. MKandyman

    Non-owner First Production window just got pushed back

    What good are these estimates? Why even bother stringing people along. Better to under promise and over deliver right? Anyway, I guess this is my official first hand welcome to Elon time.....
  39. MKandyman

    Non-owner First Production window just got pushed back

    Mine was Nov to Jan, now reads Feb to April. Non owner east coat line waiter. Doggone it :(
  40. MKandyman

    Highest production VIN in the wild

    !vinbot Model 3 #6423 !vinbot Model 3 #6423 !vinbot Model 3 #6423 :)
  41. MKandyman

    Highest production VIN in the wild

    Sorry - didn't snap a pic of the silver......:(
  42. MKandyman

    Highest production VIN in the wild

    Spotted 3 Model 3's at Highland Park, IL Tesla a few hours ago. Highest VIN was #6423. The other 2 were in the 3000's and 5000's. I also have to say after seeing the black it has me questioning my color choice again! !vinbot Model 3 #6423
  43. MKandyman

    Speculation: configuration queue for non owner line waiters

    I was actually Oct - Dec and got moved to Jan.
  44. MKandyman

    Speculation: configuration queue for non owner line waiters

    Nov - Jan. About 40th in line in Short Hills NJ. Non owner.
  45. MKandyman

    How Many “Missed” Nov 17 - Jan 18 Estimates Are Out There?

    Just wondering how many others out there have with a Nov - Jan estimate that have not been invited to configure yet. Curious how many missed estimates there are. I am a non-owner on the east coast who somehow got in the Nov - Jan group, so in truth I’m not shocked I did not get to configure...
  46. MKandyman

    Question for owners, how does model 3 handle in snow, rain?

    I may be wrong, but isn’t the reason FWD is desirable in slippery conditions is that the majority of the weight in most ICE vehicles tend to be over the front wheels? If so, since the Model 3’s weight ratio is 48:52 F:R, it should be at least effective in the snow as a typical FWD ICE vehicle...
  47. MKandyman

    Options To Select During Configuration if Not Financing Through Tesla

    Hello All - As I look forward to configuring my Model 3, I noticed in the various descriptions and videos of the configurator that you need to select either "Cash" or "Financing" when ordering. My assumption was "Financing" means financing through Tesla, however I wanted to have the option to...
  48. MKandyman

    East Coast timing

    Non-owner, reserved at Short Hills on 3/31/16 (about 40th in line). My estimate still says Nov 17 to Jan 18 which surprises me. Will keep everyone posted.
  49. MKandyman

    222 Delivered Model 3's in Q3

    http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/ABEA-4CW8X0/5492793002x0x962149/00F6EB90-2695-44E6-8C03-7EC4E06DF840/TSLA_Update_Letter_2017-3Q.pdf 222 delivered. Wont hit 5000 per week until end of Q1 2018. Not good but not a surprise.
  50. MKandyman

    Average WH/mile on display?

    Hi Everyone, Haven't seen too much discussion on this topic so I'd thought I'd post. Will the Model 3 show average WH/mile on the display? Has anyone heard anything on this? It looks like the UI is still in development, but I haven't seen any spy shots or indication that you will be able to...

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