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  1. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - North Babylon, NY

    This supercharger has already been built and is nearly online.
  2. MiaGiada

    Model Y makes hum noise all the time

    I had a Model S with constant hum. Everyone thought it was the HVAC system. It turned out to be a bad ballast in one of the headlights. Might want to try unplugging your headlights.
  3. MiaGiada

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Do you have a reference for the proposed start date?
  4. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Bay Shore, NY

    Anyone checked on progress lately?
  5. MiaGiada

    Model Y owners in Maine!

    Try the Maine Tesla Owners group on Facebook... more likely to get local advice. That said, we have on and have not seen what you are describing. Any photo reference?
  6. MiaGiada

    Maine Scenic Drive convoy

    Should be there with our Y
  7. MiaGiada

    Delivery to Maine

    Check out the Tesla Owners Maine facebook group. Lots of folks have written about this. In my experience, delivery was not really delayed at all for home delivery. Didn't worry about inspection as we never had trouble on our previous Tesla getting things resolved after the fact. No trades.
  8. MiaGiada

    2016 Tesla Model S 75D

    Dropped to $43,000
  9. MiaGiada

    2016 Tesla Model S 75D

    -$45,000 -Dual Motor All Wheel Drive -Original owner, great condition, accident free -8 Year/Unlimited Mile limited warranty from original purchase date on Battery and Drive Units -8 Year/100,000 Mile Extended Service Agreement ($4500 option) -69,880 Miles -Extra set of wheels/winter tires...
  10. MiaGiada

    Model Y Wiring

    12v runs almost everything but the drive motors. Fans/lights/locks/computer/etc. When the voltage on the 12v battery drops enough, it gets topped up from the high voltage battery.
  11. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Portland, ME

    Regarding v2 vs v3... If you look at the permitted plan (attached), each pair is 250A three phase or 125A per stall. Pretty sure that is v2 which makes sense seeing as the plans were drawn long before v3 was talked about.
  12. MiaGiada

    Maine owners, do you have to get service in Dedham or can you get a ranger?

    Any reputable mechanic/DIYer can lift the car safely. No special "tesla" pucks needed. You just need to use the lift points.
  13. MiaGiada

    Tessie is talking to someone

    Does your router also show you down/up totals? I know the Google router can show instantaneous use but also totals for last day, last week, last month, etc. Totals are what you really want to see.
  14. MiaGiada

    Tessie is talking to someone

    Post a screenshot , I'd love to see how the interface looks.
  15. MiaGiada

    Tessie is talking to someone

    I doubt it's 500mbps, wifi is not quite that fast. You likely have a rounding issue. Maybe 500kbps? Our Model S downloads about 1MB per day, uploads about the same during normal operations (no updates, etc).
  16. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Portland, ME

    The submitted plans (first post above) are permitted already. They have been in place a while and you can see the technical power details there. If going to v3 I assume they would need to re-submit plans first and get a new permit.
  17. MiaGiada

    Mobile Ranger here, ask me (almost) anything!

    Can a ranger use a jack to replace a leaky air spring? I have a leaky one but hours from service center.
  18. MiaGiada

    New Brake Pads on P3D - Much Firmer!

    It's a Tesla, you don't need brake pads anymore.
  19. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Portland, ME

    Looks like the permit was issued yesterday 11/5/2018 (attached).
  20. MiaGiada

    I keep forgetting to charge when I get home....

    Perhaps you could put a daily event on your calendar to check the Tesla app for charge level?
  21. MiaGiada

    Why does my car say charge complete if it's not all the way to the line

    Well there you go! It takes power to run the car in standby for 7 hours. Perfectly normal. If you look when it completes charging (or let your phone notify you) you will see the actual completed value.
  22. MiaGiada

    Why does my car say charge complete if it's not all the way to the line

    Could it be you are looking at the graph long after it finished charging? That behavior is normal from vampire drain. It will charge again back to the line once it drops sufficiently from the requested level.
  23. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Portland, ME

    You can view the entire plan PDF attachment there as well (it is also in the first message here).
  24. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Portland, ME

    Found the attached planning document on the Portland Permits web page. Looks to be in withdrawn status. Plan Link
  25. MiaGiada

    New Englanders -- check in!

    We had our S dropped off (near Yarmouth Maine) via Tesla service truck. We wen't over the car to find any issues (didn't have anything). After that, I went to the town office and registered it. No complaints and saved us a day of time.
  26. MiaGiada

    Need to know how to replace front plate holder mounting for usa model s 2017 facelift.

    We have had our S in Maine for a couple years without a front plate/holder. Ezpass mounted to the windshield. When it doesn't trigger, they get it via rear plate photo. No problems.
  27. MiaGiada

    Get some Sense... [sense monitoring solution]

    I have a Curb. While the initial install takes a few hours it was well worth it. The data is great and there is no guessing.
  28. MiaGiada

    Updated Delivery Estimate

    I'm just showing what my account says. I thought that was the question. Who knows what reality will be. If we speculate on that we will be here forever.
  29. MiaGiada

    License Plate

    My guess is if you are driving recklessly they will add the plate to the list of charges but not worth the time to make a traffic stop over by itself.
  30. MiaGiada

    Updated Delivery Estimate

    East coast , S owner, res made 3/31/2016, "first prod" estimate is Nov 2017- Jan 2018
  31. MiaGiada

    License Plate

    Do they actively enforce/charge fees for the rule? I'd keep it in the trunk.
  32. MiaGiada

    What GPS receiver do HW2/AP2 cars use?

    Even if the GPS could be under 1cm accurate, how does it account for obstacles and detours? It doesn't. You need to solve real-time vision.
  33. MiaGiada

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    I understand the change is essentially a setting change done via hardwire using their in house computer. Has anyone heard of rangers having this ability?
  34. MiaGiada

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    Just called SC, June 2016 build #147XXX, IS eligible. (60D upgraded to 75D a few months ago)
  35. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Freeport, ME

    Photo Update from 1 hour ago. Concrete day.
  36. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Freeport, ME

    Photo update from an hour ago ....
  37. MiaGiada

    Mapping a drive

    EV Trip Planner
  38. MiaGiada

    Supercharger - Freeport, ME

    Good seeing you guys today. I'll try to grab some photos every week or two. We tend to make it there fairly often.
  39. MiaGiada

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    This website is not run by Tesla. You may want to contact Tesla if you have feedback.
  40. MiaGiada

    My "My Tesla" page on the Tesla site changed!!!

    You can still get there after logging in. Go to mytesla/profile?rn=your_res_number
  41. MiaGiada

    2017 New England Super Chargers

    I actually messaged Maine Beer... they are thinking about putting in a destination charger after all of the construction is done. Seems like nobody has the inside scoop on a Supercharger yet.
  42. MiaGiada

    2017 New England Super Chargers

    I was just there. I did not see any evidence at and close to Wilburs Chocolate. I did not go in and ask anyone though.
  43. MiaGiada

    2017 New England Super Chargers

    Nice. Can you elaborate on "is happening"?
  44. MiaGiada

    Battery Icon Shows Excess of Capacity

    Do you have it set to show Ideal Range instead of Rated Range?
  45. MiaGiada

    Wiper wobbles

    Hmm... we had it in for the annual about a month ago and they put on the new Bosch blades and inspected the brackets, etc. There must be something else to it.
  46. MiaGiada

    Wiper wobbles

    Anyone else experience the wobble as shown in this video? The bottom of the driver wiper wobbles under certain wetness conditions.
  47. MiaGiada

    Tesla IOS App Update 3.1.1 - Issues

    I fixed it. Turns out my phone's clock was 2 minutes ahead my wife's phone, and presumably the Tesla's clock. Once I set my phone to update time automatically, it worked instantly.
  48. MiaGiada

    Tesla IOS App Update 3.1.1 - Issues

    Yeah I know how it works but it doesn't work. :) Funny thing is on my wife's iPhone 7 it works fine. My 7plus not so much. Was wondering if it's localized to my device or if others had issues.
  49. MiaGiada

    Tesla IOS App Update 3.1.1 - Issues

    It connects every couple of seconds but still reports/flashes screen that it had last update 2 minutes ago. Location/speed refresh every few seconds.

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