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  1. gfb107

    Supercharger- Greenville, NC

    Direct link to the site plan: CSS
  2. gfb107

    Supercharger - Durham NC

    That's a totally misleading comparison, because of the huge difference in battery capacity. A 10% to 80% charge for the largest Ioniq 5 battery (about 73kWh), is about 51 kWh in 18 minutes. But you expect the same 18 minutes for the 200 kWh Cybertruck battery, where a 10% to 80% charge is...
  3. gfb107

    Supercharger - Lexington, NC

    A clue is the placement of the post, where the charging station will be. It's where the charge port would be for a car pulled in nose-first.
  4. gfb107

    Supercharger - Lexington, NC

    This is a trailer hitch friendly spot, designed to be used by pulling your car in nose first. If you’re pulling a trailer you don’t have to unhitch the trailer in order to charge. Also useful if you have be a hitch mounted bike or luggage rack.
  5. gfb107

    NC State Inspection

    The Raleigh Service Center does not do inspections.
  6. gfb107

    NC State Inspection

    I’ve used the Quality Inspection Center on Kildare for my X. It’s on Kildare Farm just south of Cary Parkway.
  7. gfb107

    Supercharger - Cary, NC

    Sorry, just realized you couldn't tell from the pic I posted, but most of the pedestals were lit, and that Model X was making its way from pedestal to pedestal testing.
  8. gfb107

    Supercharger - Cary, NC

    Looks like it’ll be online shortly!
  9. gfb107

    Supercharger - Hattiesburg, MS

    Not really ICEd until there are signs and the chargers are operational.
  10. gfb107

    Supercharger - Cary, NC

    Stopped by tonight. No change. Guess the pedestals are still in short supply.
  11. gfb107

    Supercharger - Durham NC

    Unless you don’t have access to charging at home.
  12. gfb107

    Five Seat Question

    There are 2 pop-out cup holders on the back of the console between the front seats.
  13. gfb107

    Supercharger - Statesville, NC

    Are aware this site is no longer listed on Tesla's supercharger map? I think it's pretty clear the Hickory supercharger replaced this one.
  14. gfb107

    X75D full charge miles

    My X75D gets 206 rated miles when I charge to 90% charge, and 234 rated miles when I charge to 100%. That's after 2 years and 4 months of ownership and 34,000 miles. 206 / 90 * 100 = 229 The math doesn't match exactly, but it's pretty close.
  15. gfb107

    Ball mount for towing a U-haul trailer

  16. gfb107

    Ball mount for towing a U-haul trailer

    I want to rent a u-haul trailer to tow with my Model X. I'll be driving about 40 miles, hauling a 400 lbs power wheelchair on a motorcycle trailer. I'll easily be able to center it directly on the load line over the tires. U-haul trailers have a coupler height of 18", according to U-Haul...
  17. gfb107

    Charleston, S.C. supercharger?

    I stayed at one of the hotels within walking distance of the Tanger outlet, so could leave my X there for several hours every evening to get a 90% charge without any inconvenience.
  18. gfb107

    Suggestions for rear seat cup holders for 5 seat configuration

    There are pop-out cup holder for the 2nd row seats, near the USB ports on the back of the front console
  19. gfb107

    Charging 2 Teslas in a sequence

    If you want to charge an J1772-capable EV from a (stock) Tesla Wall Connector or UMC in North America or Japan, use one of these: JDapter Stub (Tesla Charge Station Adaptor)
  20. gfb107

    Supercharger - Durham NC

    Until the actual location is determined, Tesla and supercharge.info show the SuperCharger at the geographic center of the municipalities in which they are planned.
  21. gfb107

    Where to put sunglasses on Model X?

    There are visors in the X. They’re stowed along the top edge of the door windows.
  22. gfb107

    North Myrtle Beach Tesla Charger

    There’s no Superchargers in Charleston, and destination chargers only at the top end hotels. But there are L2 chargers at some downtown parking garages as well as at the outlet mall. I stayed at one of the hotels in easy walking distance of the chargers at the outlet mall and had no trouble...
  23. gfb107

    Hooking up iPod, etc.

    There is no audio/aux input. If you don't want to use Bluetooth, the other option is to use a USB memory stick loaded with songs. It'll also work with some MP3 players that behave like a memory stick when USB connected
  24. gfb107

    Tesla Supercharger network

    2107 is an obvious typo of 2017, does it really merit ongoing commentary?
  25. gfb107

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Greensboro, NC opened on 12/16/2107
  26. gfb107

    Model X quits charging

    If you want to make sure use the phone app to see that it is still charging, and the charging rate and remaining charging time.
  27. gfb107

    Turning off BT (iPhone) auto-play when the car turns on?

    For me, the problem isn’t the auto-resume itself. The problem is when auto-resume happens. It auto-resumes before I even get in the car. It should wait until I sit in the driver’s seat, or press on the brake pedal. Also it should pause while navigation speaks.
  28. gfb107

    Parking Brake Safety Recall Notice

    They did mine when I got my X75D uncorked yesterday. I didn’t know ithey we’re going to do it until I dropped it off at the service center.
  29. gfb107

    Good inventory deal for MX 75D?

    Would be shocked if it can’t. Getting mine uncorked today, VIN 0088xx
  30. gfb107

    2017.46 3387a54

    I know that. I wasn’t on 42, not 44, so I didn’t have those.
  31. gfb107

    2017.46 3387a54

    I don't use streaming much, but I tried it yesterday for about 30 minutes. Didn't have any issues.
  32. gfb107

    Streaming sucks since last firmware update

    I’m not a regular streamer, but I’ve tried it a few times since getting 2017.46 and haven’t noticed any problems
  33. gfb107

    Supercharger - Greensboro, NC

    Too bad. Thought it might open before Thanksgiving.
  34. gfb107

    2017.46 3387a54

    My X75D got it this afternoon, upgrading from 2017.42. Took about 15 minutes Release notes have Easy Entry and Chill
  35. gfb107

    0 to 60 uncork

    Just got confirmation from my Service Center that my June 2016 X75d (VIN 0088xx) is eligible for uncorking!
  36. gfb107

    X: What's your 90%?

    Seems awfully low. 90% should be around 210 for an X75D
  37. gfb107

    Supercharger - Greensboro, NC

    Will anyone have a chance to check on progress over the next few days?
  38. gfb107

    Supercharger - Greensboro, NC

    Will anyone have a chance to check on progress in the next few days?
  39. gfb107

    New Superchargers Proposed in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

    Will anybody have a chance to stop by and check progress in the next few days?
  40. gfb107

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    My 2016 X75D, with 20" wheels, 18,600 miles has averaged 340 wh/mile
  41. gfb107

    Supercharger - Raleigh NC

    People are reporting Construction progress is in the New Superchargers Proposed in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC thread
  42. gfb107

    Can you summon using the key fob

    I had one fob that wouldn’t summon, and one that would. Went in to the Service Center, they tried a number of things including updating the fob firmware, but in the end they gave me a new fob. Kept the old one as a spare.
  43. gfb107

    How to open doors with keyfob

    They do have clear: RPM Tesla
  44. gfb107

    My Top Tesla Accessories - What are yours?

    Multi-purpose T-Hooks for Model X Multi-purpose T-Hooks for Model X(set of 2)
  45. gfb107

    Hoping to install L2 EVSEs that require payment

    Be aware that in many jurisdictions it is illegal to sell electricity unless you are a designated electric utility or retail electric provider. In those jurisdictions it is OK to charge for time in the parking space and give away the electricity, but it is not OK to charge for the electricity.
  46. gfb107

    Average leg during road trip

    For us, distance between charges has been determined primarily by the location of superchargers along our route. Other than the possibility of skipping the first one after leaving home with a 100% charge, the chargers have been more than 100 miles apart, and we won't attempt more than 200 miles...
  47. gfb107

    New Superchargers Proposed in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

    I'm confused because there isn't a Sheetz anywhere near there, and I don't see how a Sheetz could fit there, or make any financial sense to have a Sheetz there.

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