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  1. S

    Since my MC2/HW3 upgrade, the car will not sleep when plugged in

    Are you saying that you got an advanced copy of the BUG without even buying the upgrade?
  2. S

    6th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Rally

    Hey there fellow Floridian! I will also be leaving early- and planning to make the most out of the trip. I just got called away from the computer, but will take a look at my schedule and see if we can cross paths :) angel [email protected]
  3. S

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    There is plenty of charging available on campus, so I wouldn’t be to worried. Also, it is not THAT much burden to hit up the super chargers in Brandon or Tampa. I personally find the Brandon SC better for travelers - Starbucks, several restaurants, shopping etc.
  4. S

    How to convince FL DMV to design EV license plates

    I was just asking the same question. I recently was in Massachusetts and saw their new EV plates. They are not ostentatious but clearly identify the cars as electric. That would make it so much easier for police to identify the EV stays in an emergency, posers using EV parking/charging spots...
  5. S

    Elon Musk Unmasked as Top Donor to House Republican PAC

    I admit that I haven’t read the majority of the above posts, so I apologize if I sound repetitive. I came across this thread after searching something to the effect of ‘electric vehicle supoort by other republicans.’ See, I’ve been appalled by my country turning science into a presumed...
  6. S

    Supercharger - Manchester, TN

    Hate to break it to ya- but it is not all that uncommon for them to be functional for several weeks, but still not showing up as operational. The most recent we've gone to like that was in Tampa. This is why it is so helpful to have locals sharing the intelligence.
  7. S

    Supercharger - Wheatland, WY

    I am hoping Bighorn is right... actually kind of depending on it. Plan on heading to Arches NP after the Cluster Clan disperses and Wheatland is right in my crosshairs. angel
  8. S

    Model 3 hits Tampa International Mall

    @jas- You are absolutely right, but since Tesla is still claiming a 450,000 reservation backlog they don't need to concern themselves [yet] with appeasing those that will need a test drive first. By the way, I am pretty sure we have someone with a blue Model 3 in Apollo Beach (or at least...
  9. S

    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    This might not be the right place for my inquiry, but it seems to be the perfect group of people to ask... I will be heading to South Dakota for the Sound of Silence Tesla Rally May 18-19. I am Strongly considering adventuring up to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park... then driving all the...
  10. S

    Free CHAdeMO Adapter borrowing is now available! for N.A.

    LOVE the idea. I am hoping there might be somebody in the Tampa Bay area or somewhere along the path we will be taking heading west that would be willing to lend their Chademo adapter (security deposit totally understandable). In the [likely?] even that I get no local offers, do you roughly...
  11. S

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    I wonder how many people routinely stay up way past there bedtime to watch the a vehicle launch event. This is my first time. Ever. Of those of you that more routinely watch such events, how often do you do it when you KNOW that it will be an unrefined speaker, with historically poor...
  12. S

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Considering that the most difficult passengers to work with are babies in carseats- if the car can make that experience much better- it should be better for all other passenger scenarios (i.e. grandma and her walker)
  13. S

    Will you regret buying MS too soon if immensely better model comes out soon?

    That is a VERY different scenario- particularly because it was a feature you were in the market for, and you let the drool get the better of you ;). One of the guys I work with has held on to his old beater for years, because he is obsessed with the self-driving car concept. He has his drool...
  14. S

    Will you regret buying MS too soon if immensely better model comes out soon?

    Wouldn't it be more frustrating if you were ready to buy a car in June, and you knew that all these improvements were ready- but the company chose NOT to give it to you, because it is not the new car year yet? To the question- I actually think that I would have delayed buying my Model S a bit...
  15. S

    Will you sell your Model S and buy Model X?

    Despite my daughter encouraging me to consider trading over the Model X (we travel and camp a lot), I have no intentions of giving up my beloved Model S. Though I must say that the X looks like it would meet more of my real life travel requirements more than any other truck or SUV I've owned-...
  16. S

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    I don't think it will be as hard as you are thinking. We travel quite a bit in our Model S- Kids and dog appreciate the charging stops. They get well spaced potty and munch breaks; legs get stretched and they are refreshed for the next leg. "Are we there yet?" complaints replaced with "Are we...
  17. S

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Oooh- that is a real good point. I've watched vehicles at gas stations sometimes struggle with access. I hope we hear an answer to this one soon. I am not in the market for a utility vehicle, but I found myself compelled to stay up LATE last night to watch the launch. Overall, I was impressed...
  18. S

    Tesla moments

    I am not sure how any of you can single out which 'Tesla moment' is the most thread worthy. We've had so many memorable storyworthy moments, that I would I could almost organize them by category, chapter, or state! Angel
  19. S

    Is it Conceivable to Go Back to ICE After Driving a Tesla?

    I do know one person who returned his S60, after only maybe 6 month (lease?), and opted to replace with an ICE. I dont remember exactly what his reason was, but I guess it means it does happen. I considered buying an ICE when I was shopping for a second car (for my 16 year old, but I just...
  20. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Darn it- just wrote a comment and lost it ? !?! We bought this tent for our 20 day cross-country adventure. We loved it conceptually, and loved having the ability to sleep on our makeshift Tesla bed while camping. It was also nice to load/unload the car from inside the tent, but we split the...
  21. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Now THIS is an awesome idea. To bad I lack that kind of skill set. If any of you decide to build one- I'd be the first in line to buy build #2 ;) - - - Updated - - - @LetsGoFast- Thanks for the review! That is what I've pretty much heard about most 'soft' coolers, which is why I was so...
  22. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    I do have the 'old' Tesla [In fact, he turned one year old this month ;)]- and the extra cubby space is the perfect size for our dry foods storage. I have been able to find coolers that are perfectly sized- but either of questionable durability (Igloo Marine Cooler) or unlikely to keep ice for...
  23. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Frunk-sized coolers I chose this one by AO Coolers and the largest 48 pack size fits nicely in the frunk. The height and depth are pretty much perfect Do you know what stores might sell those? That looks like a perfect size, but I am not sure I'm not sure a soft cooler will work for us...
  24. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    What a great idea for the app. Is it only available with iPhone? I couldn't find it on my 'Droid... I've used quite a bit of the information from this thread to prep for a quick (4 day, 3 night) camping trip this past weekend. We got the Sports Napier tent- which worked just fine and provided...
  25. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    @PACO3791- Have you used the AllStays Camp and RV app much? I just looked it up, and the last few reviews didn't look good- Since it is not a free app, I am hesitant to download willy-nilly. I did see an AllStays MILITARY camp app that I just downloaded, hoping that they are designed the same...
  26. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Coming from the east, you'll have no problem once you detour around West Texas and most of New Mexico (see evtripplanner.com). Starting from campgrounds each morning with a full charge will be nice - not sure even with that that west along I-10 to/past El Paso would be wise. Which east/west...
  27. S

    50,000 Mile Club

    @MGDURAND... WOW! Your Tesla hit 50 k just after it's first birthday??? That is awesome. You clearly didn't get yours to decorate your garage with, eh? Mine turns a year old next week, and we'll barely hit the 36,000 mile mark. I am not sure if I am impressed or just jealous :) angel
  28. S

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    My daughter and I -along with are ever present great Dane- are planning our next big Tesla adventure, which is a (bit under) 3 week road trip from Florida, through Texas (where we are picking up another 4 legged youngster) and on to the Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone, or whatever else strikes our...
  29. S

    POLL: Have you had to have your 12V battery replaced?

    % I think you are very right on this. I happenstance onto this thread while reading this quoted statistic of '75% of Tesla owner respondents have had their battery replaced at least once!" This surprised me since I've met so many fellow Tesla owners, and only one mentioned having a [12 volt]...
  30. S

    Pulled over driving Model S

    You are probably right that I am exposing some naivety here, though I find it much less stress provoking to presume the best of intentions (til proven otherwise). Many people innocent of any obvious infraction, think they are being targeted prejudicially. The mantra: Good happens to me because I...
  31. S

    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    "Whether Tesla "takes care of" owners on a case by case basis or charges reasonable or unreasonable amounts for repair are ancillary questions; the central point--that you really can't work on the car yourself as you do with many of the other ICE vehicles out there--remains true, at least as of...
  32. S

    Pulled over driving Model S

    I think we may be a little arrogant in our assumptions here. It is not that uncommon for a policeman, to transition to relatively idle chit-chat instead of the standard 'license and registration, please' line, if the initial reason for the approach was already [mentally] cleared in the officers...
  33. S

    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    still only seeing concerns and rumors of concerns Despite the length of this thread... albeit sometimes hijacked by the "lethal" debacle, I have yet to hear a single Tesla owner mention ANY over-the-top out-of-warranty expenses they've had to endure. Actually, I haven't even seen any comments...
  34. S

    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    I've heard a lot of concern about potential problems or expenses after the warranty is over, but I am curious if anybody out there has some stories of actual major problems or expenses with their Tesla after the warranty was over- and how did Tesla handle those problems. I am a high miler with...
  35. S

    IOWA DMV pushed by dealerships to block Tesla test drives

    It sounds like they cleverly found the loophole. If the Tesla employees that were staffing the event happen to be a part of the selling process, according to the Iowa law, they would not be allowed to provide the test drive. If the employees were designers, repairers, educators, etc- THEY would...
  36. S

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    I am finding my new stalking habit is not very satisfying. No obvious changes noticed this past week. This is driving me crazy. Any rumors? Is it normal to take this long for the electricity to be connected or is this some local issue?
  37. S

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    I'm glad to see that I am not the only person stalking the Supercharger site! LOL. I am beyond excited! It seems to be going up pretty fast. Does anybody know if they 'usually' have some sort of grand opening or ribbon cutting ceremony or something? It seems like I read about an opening even...
  38. S

    Supercharger - Lake City, FL

    I don't know anything about any potential superchargers in Lake City, but I am posting here because I am hoping somebody may know about what other viable charge options exist in that area. I will be doing my very first road trip that is far enough to NEED to charge- and it is for a 3 day...
  39. S

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    My 'inside intel' also reported that the supercharger site will be in the Regency Square Mall parking lot across from the Brandon Mall- though I was told that the area that intended area would be closer to the AMC movie theater rather than Starbucks. Either way, this is a PERFECT area for me, as...

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