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  1. Morhydro

    Tap the card

    Recently (last two months or so) my car keeps insisting that I 'Tap the Card' to drive. My phone is connected by Bluetooth and it listed in the registered keys list. Although I always carry my card this is getting annoying. Car is currently on 2022.16.3 but this started prior to the most recent...
  2. Morhydro

    Loan Vehicle - how far can I take it?

    You may have read in another thread that my M3LR suddenly decided to limit the speed to 55mph. It did this for a whole evening even though there was plenty of electrons left in the battery. After a SuperCharge it seemed to recover and the fault has not re-occurred. However it was booked in for...
  3. Morhydro

    Speed Reduced

    Driving home today the car suddenly announced 'Speed limited to 60 mph'. Actually it initially said 62 mph, then 60mph then 57mph. Why? Battery still have more than 50% left left. Do I need a service visit?
  4. Morhydro

    Impressed with Edinburgh SuperCharger

    Storm Arwen put paid to charging at home (no power for 4 days) so nipped to the Edinburgh supercharger. Sat in the car watching Youtube while it charged and a couple of young chaps in Tesla shirts tapped on the door. They offered to check the tyre pressures and fill the windscreen washer while I...
  5. Morhydro

    Ski Rack or Box (UK)

    Thinking that it might just be possible to go Skiing early next year. Myself and the better half will drive to the Alps. I am a bit nervous of putting roof bars on the M3LR (but what is the worst that can happen :)). We need to get 5 maybe 6 pairs of skis on the roof. So first question - Rack...
  6. Morhydro

    BBC iPlayer

    I was sat at the Broxden Supercharger on Monday. Having been stuck in the A9 traffic coming south. Got Fish 'n Chips for tea. Sat in the car charging and thought I would catch up on the Olympics. Using the browser navigated to BBC iPlayer (I have premium connectivity) but no joy - the BBC says...
  7. Morhydro

    Stopped by the Cops

    So I was driving south down the A82. I drive this road very regularly for work, have done for the past 15 years. Saw a cop car behind me at Cairndow. He followed me all the way to Loch Lomond (Luss) about 20 miles. I drove at 60, well perhaps the occasional 62. I know that this road very often...
  8. Morhydro

    Pillar Camera images

    Moderator comment - thread renamed from "Pillar Cameras" Is there anyway to see the image that the Pillar Cameras produce?
  9. Morhydro

    Insurance with European cover

    I got my M3 exactly 5 days before lockdown in March last year. I usually make two trips to Europe in the car each year, typically for 3 weeks at a time although the longest was 5 weeks. In fact one of the reasons I bought the M3 was a trip at the end of January 2020 in our 24kWh Nissan Leaf from...
  10. Morhydro

    Free winter pack?

    Tesla seems to have offered me a free winter pack - I was excited (hoping for a heated steering wheel) but turned out to be a set of mudguards. I have some cheap copies on the car already but ordered these as spares. And yes they do seem to be free. Anyone else?
  11. Morhydro

    Boll*cks - scraped a rear wheel rim

    Can anyone in the UK recommend the best company to reapir the alloy? just a scrape on the out rim. Ta.
  12. Morhydro

    Charge Rate reduced

    I charge on a single phase 32A outlet. Recently the car has been turning itself down to 17A and will only go back to 32A if I reset the charging. Tesla service told me that this is a known bug in the recent firmware but I can't find any reference to that on the forums. Anyone else have this...
  13. Morhydro

    Reversing camera Sepia tone

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but; I like the upgrade to have the two side cameras on the screen when reversing. But why don't they have the same colour as the main rear camera. Mine appear in colour but with a brownish wash effect - like old sepia toned photos.
  14. Morhydro

    Underside panels

    Firstly - sorry I know this has been covered elsewhere and I have searched for the thread. What do you call the plastic panels that run under the door sills? Mine have the clip failure and I know there is a post about that with photos somewhere on this forum. Can anyone point me at that? Ta.
  15. Morhydro

    Collision alarm volume

    Is there anyway to turn down the colume on the collision alarm? The one where the car icon goes red. I know it is supposed to wake you up in case the driver fell asleep at the wheel, but around where I live with very narrow and twsity roads the alarm goes off more than necessary - and I jump out...
  16. Morhydro

    Tow Bar electrics (EU)

    The tow bar fitting on my M3 LR is rather difficult. It has an EU standard 13 pin socket which points downwards. All the trailers I have use the older 7 pin socket. By the time I fit a 13pin to 7pin adaptor and then the 7 pin plug the cable is very close to the ground. Since I live up a dirt...
  17. Morhydro

    2020.8.3 and Android App problem?

    So my LR M3 upgraded to 2020.8.3 overnight last night. All seemed fine. Went to the shops this morning. Opened and drove the car using the Android phone App. Waited outside the shops while the missus was shopping, was looking at a few things on the cars screen. Suddenly the screen went black...
  18. Morhydro

    11kW charging?

    Since I got my M3 I have been using my 32A tethered Type 1 charger with a Type1 to Type 2 adaptor to charge the Tesla. I have this for our other electric car a 6 year old Nissan Leaf (7kW). That all works fine. However I would like to change the charger to a Type 2 socket arrangement. The Nissan...
  19. Morhydro

    Newby post

    Picked up the M3 LR Blue with a tow pack last week. 900 miles on it already! my 4th electric car - a G-Wiz, two Nissan Leafs (still got one) and the M3. A few things you might be able to help with; 1. First couple of days the car kept complaining that the left door pilalr camera was obscured...

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