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  1. K

    DU failures... Still a thing?

    Yes, still an issue. Mine rear broke yesterday night on my way home. Reduced speed for a turning car in front of me (full regen) and when he was out of the way, accellerated again. Pretty hard byt not full pedal, as I had another car aproaching from behind. Heard a big smashing sound coming from...
  2. K

    Trip display problem in 7.1

    It is a known issue - i noticed the same a few days ago, and have logged data since. Today after a long drive my display went totally insane. It didnt update for 6 km - neither the distance - nor the energy consumption. However the average consumption dropped from 192 wh/km to 191 during the...
  3. K

    Gen II rear lighted appliqué soon available: Gauging pre-producion interest

    Count me in on the upgraded applique - I have Version 1..
  4. K


    This thread is about spotify?
  5. K

    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    UPDATE FROM THE DANISH TEAM: Last friday (14th of August), after starting this thread and similar on other forums, we received an email from Tesla management (VP Engineering) and arranged a phone conference, to discuss the subject - Missing performance on P85D's. During the call, we once again...
  6. K

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Are we sure that the speedometer and the GPS inside the vehicle is precise enough to measure the times correctly? And that the nvidia CPU and display is fast enough to update the display to show the correct numbers? I would say NO - the GPS is only 4 hz and not reliable enough to calculate...
  7. K

    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    @dsm363: Tesla promised us a car faster than a McLaren F1 - as you can read on 1-foot rollout Missing Performance - McLaren confirms that the F1 did 0-60 mph in 3,2 seconds without roll-out. All we ask for is to get what we paid for, simple and easy - nothing else. How Tesla intends to fix our...
  8. K

    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    Dear fellow P85D owner. As you might have heard from different forums around the world, the Tesla Model S - P85D doesn't currently perform as stated by Tesla. For one the acceleration times is about 1/2 a second slower than advertised, secondly the stated 700 hp is nowhere near what we have...
  9. K

    98726 vin P90D in transit

    +1 Looking forwards to the numbers. Do you own a Vbox? If so, please test the accelleration without 1 foot roll-out, and then again with roll-off, and let os know the difference.
  10. K

    98726 vin P90D in transit

    @H. Syed. Really looking forward to hear about the performance in the new P90D(L). Would it be possible for you to test it with a VBOX. We, as in some P85D, owners regrettably does not have the promised performance - looking forward to see it this has been fixed with L mode. /Ken
  11. K

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    @darthy001: Speak for yourself, I always drive with my eyes closed, and I CAN feel a difference between now and when we got our cars delivered in March (Europe). :biggrin: Actually we did a test of several P85D's in Denmark 14 days ago. We had 2 vbox'es to test with, so only 2 cars could test...
  12. K

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Hi, If someone can get a hold of some cells from the pack then I know someone how can test the cells. My father is actually involved in battery developement (based in Denmark), and he bought (and modified) a testing machine to this purpose. They have some standard test that that is business wide...
  13. K

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    @wk057: 1500A * 400V = 600 kW 1300A * 400V = 520 kW
  14. K

    Poll: Current P85D owners: Will you be going from Insane to Ludicrous?

    Tesla will just have to deliver the promised 3.2 sek on 0-100kmh. No upgrade needed. We are several owners in Denmark with poor performance on our Ds. Like 3.4 to 3.6 sek, not anything like the promised numbers. Several cars have been testes still awaiting Engineering..? Perhaps the new fuse is...
  15. K

    Firmware 6.2

    Received .239 and find the regen for P85D to be more aggressive than .188 a now it is more like classic P85 which I prefer.
  16. K

    Wiki Model S software/firmware changelog

    Received 2.2.239 today. regen for p85d seems more aggressive when releasing accellerator.
  17. K

    Model S Premium Center Console - Only in Black

    The center console is pretty easy to take apart, and can easily be wrapped in anything that you like. Did mine this weekend as well as the dashboard. Estimated time to take apart, wrap and put it all together: 4-5 hours - cost of materials: 50€
  18. K

    P85D front camera placement

    I have mounted the DR650 front camera just below the front camera, and have no problems with heating or anything else. Living in Denmark, and temperatures still only around 13 degrees celsius. Camera not visible when in the drivers seat, and only slightly from the passenger seat. The rear...
  19. K

    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    @Michael: In all of EU it has been decided by law, that EV's should have sound as per 1.1.2019 General News Technology - Europe makes noise over EV sound laws | GoAuto
  20. K

    Is it okay to only fast charge?

    In my "old" Model S I drove 75.000 km during 1,5 years. Have used Superchargers a lot - and have had many 100% charges - including the time to balance the pack. I haven't lost a single KM on the pack since the day it was delivered. Normally I charge the car to 90% - leave it overnight - and an...
  21. K

    Nissan manufactured CHAdeMO 25kW limitation

    I have tried 3 different CHAdeMO stations in Denmark. All of them Siemens and charged at up to 48 kW at these stations with a low SOC. As when supercharging power drops when almost full. P85D With firmware 6.2
  22. K

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    Rick; I am about to install my BlackVue 650 rear cam. Will the applique install use the rubber tube in the right side of the car? If so I will install the wire for the rear camera in the left rubber rube.
  23. K

    Are Europeans that unimportant that they can be handled as 2nd Class Customers?

    I totally agree that the communication is very limited if even existing. With regards to the missing automated chargeport I will take it all the way. We have been promised chargeports that could open and close electronically. Having experienced several times this winter that my port was...
  24. K

    Red floor mats? Where Can I buy them?

    @cyclone: I had them made in Denmark. Bilmaatten.dk have template and the mats is produced and shipped from the Baltic countries.
  25. K

    Asia version video

    Same as in Europe, the plug is a Mennekes Type 2.
  26. K

    MyTesla phone app - can't connect

    We have HUGE problems in Denmark with the mobile APP. Many cars loose connection to the 3G network, and even on WIFI we cant connect to the cars. According to Tesla the problem is that the OpenVPN connection to the car cannot be established. As many others also experiences this now it seems like...
  27. K

    Anyone got a black & black config?

    The mats has been order online at a Danish webshop - Bilmaatten.dk But I think they are produced in Poland or the Baltic countries. When i received my first TMS - Michael - the owner of the shop, measured my old mats and upon my request made them a bit wider and a bit longer. Think that you...
  28. K

    Anyone got a black & black config?

    I have black on black - -and LOVE it. Piano black decor Will snap a picture tomorrow and upload. Till then - an outside picture - also black on black - with red calipers. Inside I have red mats. To make it easier to clean I will have an OptiCoat treatment done in 2 weeks from today.
  29. K

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    ACE Convex on a P85D - All black Brand New - Changed the wheels behind the SC in Copenhagen.
  30. K

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    +1!!! Cant wait to get mine!
  31. K

    My P85D and P85...

    The 2 cars made me think of this video: DODGE SRT HELLCAT OWNERS, BE WARNED. USED THE RED KEY! - YouTube
  32. K

    Retrofit Premium Interior Lighting?

    WeazL: As you can see on the attached picture, the control of the ambient light is done through the door control module. This control unit receives a signal via the can-bus, closing the relay inside the door control unit. If you have the button enabled on the main screen, power will be...
  33. K

    Can you add carbon fiber trim as retrofit?

    Can be done, however IMO I think that just applying some wrapping makes it much more nice! And costs only a few bucks.. Carbon Wrap Decor | Teslafied For the same reason I ordered my D with Piano Black decor, and will apply brushed alu wrap, just to have something else.
  34. K

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    Looking really good!! Looking forward to the final product!
  35. K

    Vector Art Logo

    Hi Doc, Have uploaded a collection of vector based graphics to the danish forum: http://teslaforum.dk/ow_userfiles/plugins/forum/attachment_710_54c56d912e4c5_54c56cea63b7f_TeslaLogoer.zip Think it is all you need..
  36. K

    Question about traction control on P85D and how regen behaves on ice

    Yes, when driving on very slippery roads, the regen (when set on standard), can cause the car to brake on the rear wheels. However only for a very short period, whereafter the TC kicks in and reduces the regen. Back in november I planned a driving course for 16 TMS in Denmark, where we took...
  37. K

    Prices up in CAD, what about NOK and EUR?

    Up in Denmark by approx 3,4%. Increase has been expected for a long time due to the rising exch. rate.
  38. K

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    Looks perfect. Cant wait to see it with 3d printed letters - and lights turned on..
  39. K

    Photo from Amsterdam to London rally

    It is the sensors for the Security package.
  40. K

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    Rick, please add me to the next batch..
  41. K

    Saleen 416 Video

    Check the alignment of the window trim lists at 2:42..
  42. K

    New Panoramic Roof Bow !

    I have mine covered in same leather as the seats (Signature model) - as well as the parcel shelf:
  43. K

    From Orange to Chrome

    Orange is for sure my next colour. Planned for this coming spring. Orange with a Black TESLA application on the bottom of the doors!

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