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  1. H

    residential EV charging station for payments

    Since I just got my true up and gave PGE 5200 bucks worth of solar, and they only are giving me back like 700, I am just asking, has anyone heard of a homeowner putting in a EV charging setup to charge folks?
  2. H

    My current True up

    After months of not getting anything on my true up, my third adjustment, I just got the long forms in the mail. I ended up with True up total net usage (kWh): -14,930 Charge amount, -5,193.24 Nuts. Looks like my total bill summary is -718.14 Yep, NOT worth being a net generator. But am...
  3. H

    Grid charging update

    Since I just got my new batteries installed yesterday, and my heaters are now turned on, with the less solar this time of the year, they are not getting charged back to 100%. And since my grid charging did not seem to work, I have been calling for a while. So I called again this morning, and...
  4. H

    Added some more batteries, and disconnects :)

    V3 just finished adding 2 more batteries, so I now have 7. Still no grid charging working. And I now have more disconnects. So next step, final from the inspector, then PGE.
  5. H

    checking number of panels on a string

    I have solar edge inverters. I have 3 strings per inverter. What is the best way to determine how many panels are on each string? I can see the total, but do not seem to be able to see how many per string. My only thought was to turn off the inverter, and I guess could I measure each strong...
  6. H

    Nissan Leaf as a battery

    So, this seems to be a much cheaper and great capacity solution than batteries? I am trying to find cost of charger and specs to hook up. https://www.carscoops.com/2022/09/nissan-approves-charger-that-can-draw-energy-from-leaf-to-power-your-home/ More than simply a generator, the...
  7. H

    Solar panel fire

    Yesterday your Grass Valley Fire Fighters assisted the Nevada County Consolidated Fire Department with the extinguishment of a roof top fire involving solar panels. The home owner was able to hold the fire in check until crews could arrive and secure the system and extinguish the fire and ensure...
  8. H

    Monitoring non backup load?

    I installed my EV charger lines in front of my gateway, so I guess this is called a non backed load? When we plugged in a tesla and charged it, I could not see the 7kw pull. I saw it on my meter. So, is there any way to add something so that the tesla apps sees the total load being drawn?
  9. H

    Finally clipped both of my inverters

    Amazing what a nice clear, cool, clean sun can do. I have finally clipped both of my inverters now for 22.82kw output. I just LOVE being 99.9% immune to any energy cost increases! Put on the solar, forget the batteries!!
  10. H

    V2H PGE pilot?

    So, articles has said PGE will have some V2H pilot programs now. Anyone see anything? Which cars? I guess we are still having to wait for how knows how long. If I could get a V2H car, for 30K, might buy one. I care less about V2G.
  11. H

    Anyone with sunrun installed tesla batteries get grid charge option?

    Even though my batteries were installed by v3 electric, tesla says sunrun is the recorded co, and they do not have an agreement with PGE, so would not enable grid charging. Anyone else have grid charging with a sunrun install?
  12. H

    Best plug type for EV charger?

    So, getting closer to wiring up some stuff from my solar setup for EV charging. Currently looking at driving a 200 amp split into another 200 amp panel in my garage. Then running 5 6 awg on 60 amp breakers to 5 locations in the garage. Was going to get tesla gen 3's, but since I do not have a...
  13. H

    March was a great production month

    Boy does it make a difference when we are in a drought, solar does great. Hitting 3MWh's for March is nuts. Will I ever hit 5, time will tell?
  14. H

    The LNG Export Boom Is Draining U.S. Natural-Gas Supplies and Lifting Prices

    Reading articles like this is why I am SO SO glad I converted my house to 99% electric, and went nuts on solar since I am basically 100% off the grid for most of the year. and for the months I am not, I have so much credit, my net true up is real real negative. :) Too bad I only get at best...
  15. H

    Why electric vehicles are a bad investment

  16. H

    Power wall setting vs sending solar back?

    Okay experts. it is that time of the year where solar production has kicked up. I currently have my PW's at 50% for winter use. But now, even though I still use plenty for my heat pumps, and the batteries recharge pretty quickly, am I better off stay like this, sending lots back to PGE, or...
  17. H

    Changing to electric hot water?

    2 years ago when my water heater died, my solar guys said I should just put a gas water heater back in. No idea why, but that is what we did. but now that I have SO much excess solar, and looks like NEM2 for a long time, I am just wondering if there is any payback at all to replacing my gas...
  18. H

    10K 1/2 inch npt Thermistor

    Looks like my thermistor for my solar hot water to spa heating loop has died. So far no luck find a replacement let alone what to call it. Since this group as lots of experts and leads. Below is a picture of what I am trying to replace.
  19. H

    Why is solar going back to the grid instead of charging powerwall?

    I have one of my PW's to 100%, but the other for some reason is only at 86 and sending most back to the grid. And at 4 is goes 100% battery. Any ideas what maybe going on?
  20. H

    Loving the great sunny weather this month in the west

    Man is it great for solar to have no rain so fair in Feb. Solar is way higher than expected. How are others doing?
  21. H

    Adding EV charging circuits, what is code?

    I continue to want to add some EV charging circuits to my garage, BUT, trying to find out if what I want to do can even be coded. If not, need to change direction. I have a 400 amp feed, 200amp per subpanel setups. One 200amp feed goes into my garage subpanel. It has my 4 heat pump...
  22. H

    Solar Edge Inverter update seems to have killed output

    I just did another, as I have done many times, a FW update to my 2 solar edge inverters. Even though the light is green and blue, neither are making any solar output now. :( I powered them both down, and threw the breaker, and fired them back up. Nothing, no output. Oh well, of course they...
  23. H

    Had to reset clocks after using batteries

    I had a 5 hour outage the other day and ran off batteries. After power was restored, most of my grid based clocks had to be reset. Some had gained minutes. Anyone else see this?
  24. H

    Why not install 400amp service instead of 200 when upgrading?

    (moderator note - split off from another thread on minimum amps needed) If one had to upgrade, why not consider going to a 400 amp service
  25. H

    How to tell how long power was out?

    Had my first power outage with this storm and it look like my batteries kicked in. My computer seems to have rebooted so might need to get a UPS. But, where can I tell how long it went out for?
  26. H

    Auburn, northern calif, just went to storm watch 12/23/2021

    Just got notice storm watch just enabled.
  27. H

    How to change gateway to never export?

    So, if the power goes down, the gateway knows to never try to send power back to the grid. If the batteries are full, it shuts down the inverter. So, can we get the fw changed in the gateway so it NEVER can feed back power to the grid. Then we can go back and tell PGE we have no solar capable...
  28. H

    CPUC solar decision?

    CPUC supposed to make solar NEM3 recommendation today. Any word on status?
  29. H

    Gen 4 charger rumors?

    Any rumors of a Gen 4 wall charger?
  30. H

    Battery time mode setting and time change

    I have been running my batteries in balanced mode, with 4pm where I kick in peak. Been working great. So, we just have fall back time change last night, and the batteries behave as if it is 4pm, but it is only 3pm. So, how does the sw adjust itself to deal with a time change? Is there...
  31. H

    Pool/spa heater

    I currently have a propane heater on my Spa. But with a large solar array with excess generation, I would like to consider added some type of electric heating/ heat pump to my spa. Has anyone done anything like this? What is the most efficient type of electric heat?
  32. H

    Prepare for Propane Sticker Shock

  33. H

    Road trips, mini-vans and EVs

    Family trip car? This is why I would never get one. Drove to Disneyland and back with 7 folks and luggage in a minivan. 3 gas stops, total like 5 minutes each. NO way we could do that with ANY EV on the market...
  34. H

    SolarEdge Energy Bank Home Battery

    We could not be more excited about the upcoming launch of the SolarEdge Energy Bank Home Battery – which connects to our award-winning SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter to deliver homeowners more power and independence, at less cost to your business.
  35. H

    Software v21.35.x

    I just got one GW updated to 21.35.0 Wonder what this does?
  36. H

    Is Gen 3 wall connector best Tesla has for home charging?

    Looking at adding EV charging to my garage. Will probably run a 100 amp sub panel there first. So, what is the best Tesla charger for the home? Is it the Gen 3 wall connector? Any rumor of something better coming out? I might want to wire up 3 charging stations in my garage?
  37. H

    Estimated PV Generation PGE

    Okay, how is PGE calculating this? What is this statewide methodology? How do they estimate PV generation? Since I lost a lot last month, just wanting to know how they calculate month by month, assuming it changes?
  38. H

    NEM transfer between selling or buying?

    So, what is the law in Calif about NEM moving upon a sale of a home to a new buyer, or a new buyer from a seller? So, if a seller has NEM1, is new buyer forced to NEM2? If a seller has approval for like me, 88 panels, does a buyer get to stay approved for the same amount of panels? And of...
  39. H

    Multiple EV charging setup in Northern Calif? Can someone recommend an installer?

    I am looking for someone that ideally has more than one EV charger installed in their garage. Would love to see someone who has installed a neat nerdy charging setup. Trying to find an installer that would be in my area of Auburn, California.
  40. H

    gateway updated to 21.20.5

    Guess they never sent me back, just forward
  41. H

    Number of PGE panels, do they approve? Make you remove some?

    I have a family member looking at solar, PGE. They called PGE solar and were told that PGE does not determine panels and does not require you to take them off if you put on too many. They said won't make you pull them off but you'll only make 2 cents a Kwh for excess. So, this is not what I...
  42. H

    Powerwall and high heat!!

    I went by my powerwalls and heard a lot of noise. I walk by them and the fans are blowing like crazy. It is at least 108 outside, and will be hotter this weekend. I hope they do not fail.
  43. H

    Gateway updated to 21.20.2

    So, one GW just got updated to 21.20.2 and made me log in. The other GW is still at 20.40.3 So, what is this new option in 21.20.2 called Go Off Grid?
  44. H

    Power outage in Auburn CA due to failed utility equipment

    Got a friend who lives in Northern Calilf, Auburn, who got an alert they were going to do a rolling back out of him from 4 to 7. Will find out tomorrow if happened, BUT, this early in the season. And this states wants us to use MORE electricity, and they cannot even keep it on for a 100 degree...
  45. H

    powerwall charging

    Been watching how balanced mode has been working to get my PW's charged back to 100% before my 3pm peak. Without running AC, they would recharge before noon, with maybe my 3 pack going to 80%.. But now running the AC, this morning it was down to 30%, my reserve is 10%. It has enough smarts...
  46. H

    Why even have batteries?

    As I am reading threads on batteries lately, it hits me that many may not have really thought about, does one even really need, other than the cool factor. First, for folks who have gas heating, the whole need of when and how to use electricity is TOTALLY different than folks who have electric...
  47. H

    Solar panel decreases with hotter weather

    I am amazed how much less my solar panels produce at peak as the weather gets hotter. I have heard that 70 will a slight wind is about the best?
  48. H

    Adding EV charging into my PV/ESS setup

    I want to add some EV changing stuff into my house while I still have the sheet rock torn apart. Looking for any experiences on my options. Currently I have an empty generation 200amp panel. Am thinking of putting 3 60amp breakers in it for 3 EV charging stations in my 3 car garage. I assume I...
  49. H

    How to tell build date of PW v 2.1?

    Since it seems the PW's with v2.1 have been installed before Nov 2020, the next question that maybe more important is how do we determine the build date? So, I guess the next step is to compared PN and SN's. Lets see if we have different PN's for V2.1 and a SN change. Here is mine.
  50. H

    Going rate for solar panel installs?

    Looking to add more solar to my house. I will not need an inverter and wiring since I have 2 11.4K's already installed. So for just putting up panels, and connect these into my existing inverters, for northern calif., any input as to what price would seem to be the going rate. Looks like 350...

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