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  1. grichard

    Long term EV storage

    I have a vacation house with a garage. Right now, I don't keep a vehicle there. Overall, I'm concerned about the hassle of a car needing service every time I travel down there, so I just rent cars instead. I'm thinking about buying a used Leaf to park in the garage. It would be used for a...
  2. grichard

    Least-used supercharger?

    This site has any number of threads about congestion at California superchargers. Most of my long-distance travel has been here in the Midwest... and of course I see nothing like that crowding around here. It set me to wondering: which SC station is the *least* used? Now that Tesla puts out...
  3. grichard

    Timeline for new St Louis showroom?

    A few months ago there were several reported stories about Tesla buying a building in Chesterfield to open a real showroom / service center. Nothing at all in the news since then that I can see. Does anybody know the timeline for this new facility?
  4. grichard

    J1772 Failure

    I tried to charge my MS from a J1772 this weekend--for the first time ever--and failed miserably. Was this my fault, or was there a problem with the charger? I was using the Chargepoint chargers in the Aqua garage in downtown Chicago. No problem unlocking them with the Chargepoint keyfob...
  5. grichard

    Car "settles" onto brakes

    I've noticed a subtle but consistent behavior in my MS that puzzles me: I see this behavior when I come to a stop while pointed up hill (a traffic light, for example). I bring the car to a complete stop using the brake pedal, and the hill-hold feature engages. I then take my foot off the...
  6. grichard


    Well, this is awkward. I've had my MS for about a year, and I only just now realized that the aftermarket site is "E. V. Annex" rather than--for who knows what reason--"ev-uh-nex". Please tell me there are other people out there who made the same mistake...
  7. grichard

    Charging circuit doubling for generator tie-in?

    I just moved, and I'm dealing with getting a charging circuit in my new garage. In my old house, I had a circuit installed for powering my main panel with a gasoline generator. (Properly done, with an interlock on the main panel to avoid electrocuting linemen, and an external breaker.) In my...
  8. grichard

    No key and no internet

    (This is just a hypothetical situation. I haven't lost my keys.) At work, I park my MS in an underground garage that has low ceilings and no wifi or cell coverage. I got to thinking today: what if I lost my keys? I can't unlock the car through the app, because the car can't connect to the...
  9. grichard

    Chademo, Mathews Nissan, Clarksville TN

    Planning my first road trip (St. Louis - Florida) and looking for ways to bridge the St. Louis - Nashville gap. Has anybody ever charged at Mathews Nissan in Clarksville, TN? Plugshare says that it's available 24 hours. This surprised me for a car dealership--is it really true? Is the...
  10. grichard

    Is 120V charging really less efficient?

    Many threads on these forums say that charging at 120V / 12A is less efficient than charging at 240V / 40A. Most of the reason for this observed inefficiency, I think, is the constant level of vampire drain from the car's systems. So for example, if the car uses 500W constantly, that's a much...
  11. grichard

    Advice: St Louis-Florida round trip

    I live in St. Louis and frequently travel to north Florida. Usually we fly, but this March, we'll probably drive in our 70D. Assuming that the mythical Paducah / Sikeston supercharger doesn't materialize by then, I'm trying to figure out how to get there. On the way down, we usually drive a...
  12. grichard

    Parking sensors and rear-end collisions

    My wife just had a peculiar accident (fortunately without any damage) in our MS. Although she seems to have been responsible, it seems like something that could be avoided with a minor tweak to the car's software. She was stopped at a light on a slight uphill gradient, with the hill-hold...
  13. grichard

    Can the TPMS tell if I CHECK the pressure?

    I drove this afternoon in the coldest weather since I've owned my MS. A few minutes after setting out, my TPMS put up a warning that the right front pressure was low. I pulled up the status screen, and the right front was an amber "37". The left front was a white "37" and the rears were white...
  14. grichard

    My charge port has dementia

    Or something like that. I've had my MS for about 4 weeks. I usually charge it whenever it's parked in my garage. Over the past week, it's started doing something really weird. When I push the button on the charge connector, the port door flips open like normal. However, the locking pin...
  15. grichard

    Intentional key lock-in

    My MS is in for service (buffing out a scuff on the bumper, alas). I usually get done with work after the body shop closes. I'd like to pay them with a credit card over the phone, have them lock my key in the car, and go pick the car up later that evening. With a physical lock, this is...
  16. grichard

    Columbia supercharger moving on map

    Probably not in reality, though. Click back and forth between "today" and "2015" on the Tesla map. The pin moves a couple of miles to the west, some time in the next 2 months. Wonder what that was about.
  17. grichard

    Waiting weeks for registration paperwork

    Picked up our MS 18 days ago. Still waiting for the paperwork that will allow us to register and title our car with Missouri. I spoke with them last week; they promised I'd have the paperwork by the end of the week, and that they'd call me with an update. Nope, and nope. If my temporary...
  18. grichard

    Cleaning the inside of the windshield

    Okay, I know this is a trivial question, but I'm curious. How do the car washing connoisseurs on this forum clean the inside of their windshields? My usual strategy--with previous cars--was just to spray Windex on the inside of the windshield and wipe it off with something fairly lint-free...
  19. grichard

    Front plate and vehicle sensors

    We picked up our 70D yesterday. Everything looks really great, but the delivery rep said one really surprising thing to us... She popped the frunk open and said "Well, here's the front plate holder. But you should know that most of our customers here don't actually put front plates on."...
  20. grichard

    Warm spots for critters

    Taking delivery of our MS next Tuesday. One thing that worries me: We have a weekend cabin that's way out in the boonies. When it's cold outside, we have a problem with squirrels, rats or something getting into the warm engine compartment and building nests. Once they chewed through some...

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