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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #27 is available now with topics time-stamped. We discussed: Consolidation in LiDAR manufacturers; Volvo EX90 shipping with LiDAR; FSD Beta Full Release in N.A.; FSD detecting autopilot cheats, Gwen Shotwell directly overseeing SpaceX Starship; and more. You can watch it now on YouTube. We should have it published to podcast networks shortly.

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  1. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Addressing the claims on social media of interior detailing as protection from COVID-19

    I've seen a lot of claims on social media in regards to interior detailing protecting consumers from SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 / CORONAVIRUS and I'd like to frame expectations of car owners so they better understand an interior detail is not a "silver bullet" for protecting themselves. In my...
  2. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Simple Explanation (video): Model 3 Preparation, Enhancement and Protection

    I've been sitting on this video content since the first Model 3's were being delivered but I just didn't have the time to piece it together and do the voice over. Finally, I made the time to put a brief 13 minute video together explaining certain aspects of our process and also dispelling some...
  3. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Full-Monty (all protection & aesthetic enhancement options) project video for Model X. (100+ hours)

    What's up folks?! Hope y'all enjoy this mega-project video which crams 100+ hours of work on a Model X into a short little video. This project included: ·New car prep & decontaminated ·Emblems removed for seamless PPF wrap ·Paint correction ·Full-body paint protection film wrap ·Modesta...
  4. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Silver Tesla Model X: TOO MUCH FUN [video]

    We had a ton of fun with this visit over the summer and finally got around to making a video that shows off some of the process of our full-monty service. I hope you all find it as enjoyable to watch as it was for us to do! Join us on our journey to take a new Tesla Model X 100D from being...
  5. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How our clients sold their P85 and received a maximum return in 2 weeks...and upgraded to a P100D

    3 years ago we got a call from a potential client inquiring about some protective services on a P85 that was scheduled to arrive in the following month. What followed was a few weeks of communication ironing out what exact services were going to be the best fit for these new Tesla Model S P85...
  6. Jean-Claude

    Vendor T Sportline Now Available at Detailed Designs Auto Spa

    Detailed Designs Auto Spa is proud to announce we are now a www.tsportline.com retailer for metro-Atlanta Tesla owners. Whether you own a Model S or Model X, want sportier wheels, a full custom interior or just a new carbon fiber lip, Detailed Designs Auto Spa can order and install your T...
  7. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Clear Bra Options for Teslas in Atlanta

    This post is made to provide information about clear bra coverage options for metro-Atlanta and southeastern Tesla owners. I want to take a moment to explain how these different coverage options differ with the hopes that it helps someone make an informed decision as to what coverage they feel...
  8. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Blackvue dashcam installations on Model S and Model X in Atlanta

    Have you considered having a Blackvue dashcam installed in your Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X but are unsure of where to have it installed? We are happy to share that Detailed Designs Auto Spa has been installing Blackvue dashcams in Atlanta since 2015, have many Tesla installations under our...
  9. Jean-Claude

    Vendor 3 Reasons why you should have clear bra installed on your new car

    Reason No.1 Clear bra keeps your car looking great while you own/enjoy it! Reason No.2 Clear bra is invisible protection that cleans up like paint! Reason No.3 Clear bra protects your car so that you can recover the most money when you sell it and it sells faster! The full explanation can be...
  10. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Want clear bra and a paint coating on your new Tesla? [We transport via enclosed trailer at no cost]

    We are happy to announce that Detailed Designs Auto Spa has just acquired a custom built aluminum Intech car hauler for pick ups and drop offs. This trailer features an escape hatch as well as a removable fender which allows us to exit the car without having to climb through a window as many...
  11. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Taking a silver 2017 TMS to SILVER++ with Modesta and a full clear bra wrap

    Well....it actually got a bit more... Full clear bra wrap, Modesta BC-04 on the body and door jambs, Modesta BC-06 on the wheels and Modesta leather coating. She's buttoned up and beautiful for the streets of Atlanta!
  12. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How silver should look? Modesta paint coating over a full body clear bra wrap [video]

    This is my kind of gloss on a silver car... Paint correction, full body clear bra wrap, Modesta BC-04 on the body/jambs and Modesta BC-06 on the wheels and calipers means it looks good, is easy to clean and is as protected as it can get! (Make sure to turn the hi-def on!)
  13. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Not Tesla content but content for a great cause; The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

    I am pleased to share quite the epic project for a noble cause. I know it's a little bit of a read and it took me some time to generate this content. But all of my staff and I at Detailed Designs Auto Spa hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed experiencing it! Smokies GT3 event, an...
  14. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Tesla Model S full body Xpel clear bra wrap in Atlanta

    Another Tesla Model S owner gets a fully buttoned up, fully Xpel clear bra wrapped finish in the Atlanta area! Read more here: Tesla Model S With a full body Xpel clear bra wrap - Detailed Designs Auto Spa
  15. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Clear bra saves a Model S from a repaint

    The owner told me how happy he was that he got the clear bra when he came by for us to see if the damage penetrated the film or not. Fortunately for him, none of the damage made it through the clear bra! Read more here: Is Clear Bra Worth it on a Tesla Model S? - Detailed Designs Auto Spa
  16. Jean-Claude

    Vendor A video about who we are

    This video will help you learn more about my staff and I. What we stand for and why we do the things we do. We would love to hear your feedback.
  17. Jean-Claude

    Vendor [Video] How to remove clear bra from a car

    Have you ever wondered what goes into safely removing clear bra from a car? While the car in the video is a Porsche, the methods used are just as legit for a Tesla. Understanding what goes into safely removing clear bra helps the DIY'er as well as owner taking his car someone to have this...
  18. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How to safely clean leather seats on your Tesla Model S [images included]

    How to Safely Clean Leather Seats on Your Tesla Model S Above all else: Ensure that you follow manufacturer's directions when cleaning and/or conditioning automotive leather. Notice in the image that we have Soft Cleaner, Strong Cleaner and finally, Super/Cleaner/Remover. The products have...
  19. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Self-healing Paint Protection Film: What is it & does it work? [explained with video]

    What does it mean when clear bra can 'self-heal'? In the years since self-healing paint protection film was released there has been some level of confusion as to what self-healing technology really is. Some think self-healing means that any defects that could occur to the film will be repaired...
  20. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    TMC, I feel terrible that we've been too busy to post up fun articles for some time. So I wanted to create a place that members could post up questions that I field. With that said, if you have any questions in terms of detailing, clear bra / paint protection film, coatings and their...
  21. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How a full body clear bra wrap is supposed to look on a Tesla Model S in Atlanta

    Let me begin by apologizing that there are no outside or sunlight shots. The schedule to have the car ready and when it was picked up created a poor opportunity to photograph our work. At any rate, it looks great even when shot at night in the shop! This Tesla Model S got a full body clear bra...
  22. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Tesla Model S p85d visits for a full body clear bra wrap and Modesta coating

    p85d Modesta BC-04 and Full Body Clear Bra Wrap We are always happy to get calls from new Tesla Model S owners inquiring about clear bra (paint protection film) and the coating systems we offer here in the greater Atlanta area, but happier to see them leave in the care of their owners! After a...
  23. Jean-Claude

    Vendor PART 3/3 - 'Wheel, Wheel Well and Tire Care' - How to clean and dress tires

    Part 3 of 3 of a Wheel, Wheel Well & Tire Care[DIY] -How to clean and dress tires (without getting sling)- Like just about anything in life, dressing tires can be an incredibly brief process or it can be more in depth. For some, spraying some liquid gelatin on the tires over the course of 20...
  24. Jean-Claude

    Vendor PART 2/3 - 'Wheel, Wheel Well and Tire Care' - How to safely clean Model S wheels

    Part 2 of 3 of a Wheel, Wheel Well & Tire Care[DIY] -How to clean Tesla Model S wheels- When your Tesla Model S was brand new you absolutely ADORED it. Much like any new car, you loved how it drove and you loved how it looked. Over time, some of that can change. One of the reasons we fall out...
  25. Jean-Claude

    Vendor PART 1/3 - 'Wheel, Wheel Well and Tire Care' - How to clean a fabric wheel well liner

    Part 1 of 3 of a Wheel, Wheel Well & Tire Care [DIY] -How to clean a fabric wheel well liner- What can I say about the fabric wheel well liners used in the Tesla Model S that owners don't already know? They get filthy and retain grime easily and can be a real pain to get properly clean. ...but...
  26. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Extreme paint correction and clear bra wrap on black Tesla in Atlanta [image heavy]

    Black Tesla Model S visits Detailed Designs Auto Spa for paint correction and clear bra wrap in Atlanta If you have a black Model S, then you probably already know how easy it is to have swirled up paint. If you do not have one, you’ve probably read how easy it is to swirl a Model S’s black...
  27. Jean-Claude

    Vendor [DIY] How you can safely clean the exterior trim on your Tesla.

    How to safely clean the exterior trim on a TESLA At some point you may find yourself in a position where you wish to perform a heavy cleaning on the exterior vinyl on your Tesla automobile. This DIY is a great solution for most folks needs in terms of cleaning typical dirt, polish or grime...
  28. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Thanks for having us TMC!

    My name is Jean-Claude. I am the owner of Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Georgia. We are located just east of Atlanta, about 13 minutes east of 285 on i-20. We are an automotive protection and detailing business that offers paint protection film installation (known by many as clear bra), paint...

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