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  1. gambit48

    No sound

    I have this very intermittent problem where the car makes no sound. No music no matter what input. The weirdest thing is that even the turn signals don't make that ticking sound when you initiate them. Doing the two button reset doesn't do anything either. It only seems to happen after the...
  2. gambit48

    How long does it take for referrals to show up?

    I just had a friend use my referral code yesterday. She ordered at a Delivery Center but said she used my code. How long does it take to show up in my app?
  3. gambit48

    Do the black triangles at the base of your side mirrors stick out?

    If so, did you try and get Tesla to fix them? What was the result? I looked at a bunch of Model 3's at my local dealer yesterday, but the fit of the triangles were all over the place. One car happened to be marked as produced in Oct 2018 and both triangles looked great. I couldn't tell when...
  4. gambit48

    Getting EV'd at Superchargers

    Its bad enough when you get ICE'd at a charger, but it seems worse to get EV'd by a fellow Tesla owner. They should know better. I had to leave one Supercharger because it was full. Some by cars just parked there. Got the last one at another nearby one. X next to me looks parked for a while...
  5. gambit48

    Have you checked on your car via app while at service?

    So, Tesla is gonna have my car for a few days while they work on some stuff. I've been checking on it a few times a day and wonder if things I've noticed is normal. How accurate is GPS? It's looking like they keep it parked in the overflow parking outside. There's a gate, but it's not closed...
  6. gambit48

    Can I get a replacement Monroney sticker?

    So, being one of those 5 minute deliveries, I found a bunch of stuff buried within various cubbies and compartments of the car after I got home. One of these was the Monroney window sticker. Except, it didn't belong to my car. The options and price were right, but it was for a red car whereas...
  7. gambit48

    Cooler for compartment in trunk

    Anyone find one that fits, so you can still place that cover back over the compartment? I've heard this one fits, even in the frunk...
  8. gambit48

    Are you supposed to be able to access App before you get the car?

    So my delivery is coming up. I just downloaded the app. When I try to log into the App, it says I don't have anything assigned to me. I've got two orders already in, with one due for delivery tomorrow. Do they add my car to the app account when I take delivery?
  9. gambit48

    How much is tax and licensing, etc?

    I'm trying to see if I have enough funds to just pay cash for the car. It'll be a little tight. Can you post how much your tax, license, registration, etc costs? Or if anyone knows the formulas to figure out, that'd be great too. My sales tax rate is 7.25% They sent me a Pro Forma sales...
  10. gambit48

    Urban living owners: how are you charging your M3?

    This is more of a "do you think there will be a theft/vandalism problem" question? So, we go into SF fairly frequently to visit family. Like many homes there, the garage is not used for parking. They use it for storage, but many others build living spaces and stuff down there. Anyways, most...
  11. gambit48

    Does only using the Supercharger to charge car hurt the battery?

    Are there any long term (or short term) effects on just using the Supercharger to charge your car? I know speed charging your phone is supposed to damage the battery slightly, but that's an object that gets disposed of after just a couple of years or isn't too much to buy a new battery so it's...
  12. gambit48

    Another Fed. Tax Credit question

    First of all, I have to give credit to Tesla for the incredibly fast response. I sent them an e-mail asking about the transferability of the reservations (including the part where it says in the agreement about needing Tesla's agreement in writing). Essentially, it was a big "no" for all but...
  13. gambit48

    California: White Clean Air sticker

    Anyone heard anything about the Clean Air stickers being extended again? Or is the expected mass of Model 3 owners the reason for allowing it to expire?

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