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  1. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    don’t skimp and get this $10 tool. The sprudger on the far right is what worked for me.
  2. SJC3

    Unopened Tesla Tequila For Sale

    Is the plastic sticker seal the only thing that proves it’s unopened?
  3. SJC3

    Wtb. Tesla tequila unopened. Bay Area.

    Dm me with pics and price. Thanks.
  4. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    I’ve concluded that it’s just a poorly designed piece with too many plastic pieces flexing and creating rattles, buzzes etc. it’s not just that cable holder, it’s all the tabs inside the cover and the pieces that attach to the glass. our 3 does none of this but the triple camera housing is...
  5. SJC3

    Rear door closing terrible rattle and glass sounds

    I know the rear doors simply do not close with a solid thunk, esp compared to the front doors of the Y or the rear doors of the 3 which are solid. Any home fixes to reduce the glass rattling noise when closing the rear doors? My rear doors click and clack when opening and even worse when...
  6. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    Crazy the tech was pulling down. There is a plastic cover as you’ve seen in this thread and a bolt that would have broken off…along with other parts up there!
  7. SJC3

    Annoying noise from drivers seat cushion! Is this normal?

    Mine is starting to make popping sounds when I shift around in the seat. I got it to subside by adjusting the lumbar around. Not ideal but the noises do seem to be related to where the seat is positioned and especially the lumbar bladder rubbing something inside.
  8. SJC3

    Automatic emergency braking is disable

    Mine stopped and hasn’t come back. No update either just a good sleep cycle.
  9. SJC3

    Yosemite SouthGate oakhurst to hetch hetchy and back in MYP?

    Only 80 miles one way but I think there’s a lot of elevation and twists and turns. Car gets right at 300 full charge now. Planning to do it in a couple weeks so weather is cooler. Thanks for any tips!
  10. SJC3

    Rolling feeling under driver side floor

    When pulling into an angled driveway I’ll occasionally feel something thumping-rolling under the floor of the driver side. It’s not something small like a coin but more substantial. The car is obviously flexing more than normal so I wonder what it could be? Different than the abs/traction...
  11. SJC3

    Automated Braking System Disabled

    Same, overnight sleep cleared it up. Hope it stays that way!
  12. SJC3

    Automatic emergency braking is disable

    Started getting this today. Anyone else? Aeb was working just fine before. Anyone that went in for service have fixes to share?
  13. SJC3

    Automated Braking System Disabled

    Just started happening to me today. Reboots didn’t work. Anyone else or just need to take it in?
  14. SJC3

    Problems with BayArea FasTrak on Model Y

    weird how it works for some though. I have a front windshield tint (xpel xr ceramic), i think that should be OK as it's not "metallic?" Havent installed fastrak yet
  15. SJC3

    Mr Emblem for MY

    Sold to me...reason I had my eyes on these is because of the OEM quality. Didnt want to roll the dice with what I saw on Amazon.
  16. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    Try some blue loctite next time. I noticed the factory had some on there.
  17. SJC3

    Driver side Lumbar adjustment confusing

    Up and down seem to work logically but once I move the lumbar all the way down, I want to push it out (fill lowest part of the seat/back, but it feels like the lumbar is moving back up the seat (to upper back). What’s going on?
  18. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    Sad to report that all my fixes aren’t working so I don’t advise others putting tape on the mirror cap. My next attempt will focus on those white tabs I pointed out in a past post. I got some thing neoprene tape to see if that helps absorb/dampen vibrations. Creaks Ike this are usually caused by...
  19. SJC3

    Driver profiles to be stored in the cloud

    It defaults to the cloud account on both cars. So it’s annoying to switch it back to the local every time
  20. SJC3

    Driver profiles to be stored in the cloud

    I don’t like this and want to delete the cloud account. Anyone know how? No obvious way in the car UI. My 3 and Y positions are different enough that I don’t want them to be identical.
  21. SJC3

    Model Y Performance too low?

    I saw a very recent Y non performance (dec temp tag expiration) and was surprised at the wheel gap, has it gone up recently?
  22. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    This is my latest iteration with painters tape on the inside lip of the mirror cap and it seems to be working. The tape is thin enough and puts a barrier between the two hard plastics that rub tightly. Also note these white clips that the triple camera cover snaps into. When I pressed on mine...
  23. SJC3

    Sentry mode without flashing lights?

    my my22 doesn’t seem to flash like my 3 does. The y sometimes flickers the headlights but the red eye doesn’t show up in the screen. Did Tesla change how sentry mode operates?
  24. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    Just took mine off and once you do the mirror cover once, it’s less worrisome! I used felt tape in a number of areas, including inside the mirror cover to make sure the mirror cable and its retaining string/clip didn’t rattle. It seemed to work on my first test drive but on my next drive, creak...
  25. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    If you only put the rubber feet on the end of the triple cover, then you don’t even have to remove the mirror cap/cover. Did you put the feet any higher (closer to headliner) than the lower edge of the camera cover? Btw did you mirror cap/cover have a little notch like mine? Almost looks like...
  26. SJC3

    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    Just got the Amazon clip thing and it works great. Clipping closest to the buckle/female end is just enough to pull the shoulder strap away from my neck. Put on once and leave it. The flat black one looks inconspicuous. Thanks for the tip!
  27. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    I think your rattle is a little different than the other posts as my mirror is rock solid. The crackle buzzing comes from the triple camera cover, the big black cover that snaps in but needs the mirror cover popped off before it completely releases. Curious to see the fix that a couple folks are...
  28. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    Can anyone else with a MY22 confirm the little notch in the rear view mirror housing?
  29. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    weird how mine already has a mark like it’s been removed before? Was your mirror noticeably loose or cant tell unless you turn the screw? Also mine is a 22. Does yours have vents on both panels like mine?
  30. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    So just tightening the mirror did the trick? No need to remove the triple camera housing?
  31. SJC3

    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    Took me a second to understand what it was doing! Does it work for your Y issue? How might you improve upon it if you printed something?
  32. SJC3

    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    I was thinking some external hook device like the rear seat belt holder would work, but actually looking at the B pillar and seatbelt adjustment mechanism, just being able to stop the pivot of the belt rotating forward would do the trick. Perhaps some kind of plug that doesn’t restrict free...
  33. SJC3

    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    I’m still trying to find that one perfect seat position so the belt doesn’t dig but it’s been elusive! Maybe impossible as I’ve tried all heights, seat back angles, and forward back combos.
  34. SJC3

    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    Can anyone make a front belt guide to pull the belt away from rubbing one’s neck?
  35. SJC3

    Have To Share This Genius Product For The Model Y

    Any of these 3D printing guys want to make something for the front belt rubbing on necks? The lowest setting still cuts into necks. Simple guide that pulls the belt tighter to the b pillar would do it.
  36. SJC3

    Nightmare Experience! Only 500 miles driven...

    Small sample but my recent experience with roadside was great. First time using it in 5 years with 4 teslas. Got a spare tire put on in about 1.5 hours. Had to wait till next morning for new tire to be installed by mobile tech (I had to pay for that service and tire) and they took away the...
  37. SJC3

    Rearview mirror housing rattle/vibrations

    Anyone else with a recent repair tip? So is the earlier posted video not applicable to 2022s? Doesn’t seem like a coincidence and i doubt SCs haven’t dealt with this before.
  38. SJC3

    Driver Seatbelts

    Reviving old thread. I find this problem too and can’t find a good position that doesn’t run my neck. Some kind of clip that holds the strap against the b pillar would work.
  39. SJC3

    Secret handshake to directly contact email Tesla?

    Impossible to ask a question without being redirected/funneled into their FAQs whether on the website or app. There’s no proper option to ask a question like “it’s been two months, where’s my license plate?”
  40. SJC3

    Model 3 19” tire. Great to new condition. Bay Area.

    Let me know! 235/40/19
  41. SJC3

    California License Plate/registration time

    Looks like plates are still taking more than 30 days? More like 60? Im on day 36 post home delivery in the Bay Area.
  42. SJC3

    Cleaning headliner?

    Unscented baby wipes from Costco and Amazon both work well on light marks/smudges. And I do blot first, then light back and forth to get into the cross hatch headliner fabric. No issues once dried.
  43. SJC3

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    I’ll need to do some research on the DCFCs. Never heard of em! Is there an app you use?
  44. SJC3

    Problems with BayArea FasTrak on Model Y

    Anyone with a non windshield install location? Say the glass roof? I have windshield tint and prefer not to stick stuff on it.
  45. SJC3

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    Thx guys. Finished the trip and proved to be too easy on the 5. I’m sure traveling in a non holiday window helped but was amazed at how built out some superchargers are now. Love the ones with solar panel roofs/shade. Now I can’t say the same for the city chargers in LA where some were packed...
  46. SJC3

    Best paid used car site to list?

    Ended up selling privately via Facebook lead...got a lot more than any service, but it does take time and some trust when dealing private party.
  47. SJC3

    Problems with BayArea FasTrak on Model Y

    amazing how this system/scheme is so terribly designed and implemented...in silicon valley of all places. Should be dead simple and intuitive.
  48. SJC3

    Driving in HOV lane without sticker

    I stand corrected. This is more logical than the three rear. Still would prefer the license plate attachments other states have!
  49. SJC3

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    Thanks Bruce! Great info and confidence inspiring. The last time I saw the kettleman charger was a holiday week so that probably contributed to the long lines. Russell, my family will be happy to not leave at 7. We’ll prob do 8 now :) thanks!
  50. SJC3

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    Never drove our teslas on this route but plan to soon. One reason we didn’t do the trip was seeing the lines at superchargers throughout the day in our ice vehicle. Weekends being the worst. I plan to leave at 7am to hit the chargers a bit earlier than most would but does it make a difference?

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