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  1. Afdyce

    Advice for leaving car in airport car park

    Drive to Tesla Gatwick, about 7 miles, and use one of their 3 phase chargers (not a Supercharger) to top up when you leave the airport. Available weekdays in normal working hours.
  2. Afdyce

    "Clean up in aisle 7!"

    The voice recognition in my S is really very good and finds more than 90% of my phone contacts first time. Sadly there are some names it consistently struggles with no matter how slowly and clearly you say them. This is my favourite so far when trying to call my colleague Mark Seaman this...
  3. Afdyce

    20" Zito ZS05 Black, Thoughts...

    70,000 miles on 19" T Sportlines on my S and zero problems as they are purpose designed to fit Teslas. They get my vote and would love to see what they look like on your X. Red Calipers look good too!
  4. Afdyce

    Does some kind person have a referal code I can use? Just ordering a Model X

    Wow! A thousand thanks to everyone for their generosity! All sorted now for what will be our third Tesla. My wife has an X60D and I am replacing my four year old 80,000 mile S P85 with an X100D 5 seat in Midnight Silver with black leather interior/light headlining and carbon dash plus...
  5. Afdyce

    Does some kind person have a referal code I can use? Just ordering a Model X

    If you can help me out, please email me at [email protected] I have a referal code on my Model 3 order if I can reciprocate and help anyone else out! Thanks everyone!
  6. Afdyce

    Are we expecting any Model S upgrades during the factory summer holidays?

    I am about to order my third Tesla and I have a bad record of just missing upgrades from the factory Missed the AP1 auto pilot hardware by one week on my S Missed the ability to unlock the extra acceleration on our X75D by a month Does anyone know if therer are any planned upgrades to the S...
  7. Afdyce

    Phone Distracted Driver on Autopilot Slams into Firetruck

    The excellent news for the driver is that he only broke his ankle after a 60mph crash in to a solid stationary object. That is one safe car! Having driven thousands of miles in the States the straight roads seem to encourage drivers to look down at a phone/tablet at every red light and often...
  8. Afdyce

    Summer Tyres for 19" MS in UK

    Just changed from Michelin Pilot Sport 3 to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 255/45R19 My priority is the other way round, performance first and economy second. I have driven a couple of Tesla loan cars on the Primacy and I found it too soft and prone to understeer when turning in, which is when you...
  9. Afdyce

    New Tesla Accessory

    This man has grown a Tesla logo. Also available in black for younger models.
  10. Afdyce

    Undecided following test drive of both S and X

    We have both. A 2014 Model S P85 2WD and a 2017 Model X D75. The S is the sportier car and has the best ride and would be my personal choice. The extra height of the seating position on the X plus the excellent position of the front A pillars makes placing this wide car easier than the S...
  11. Afdyce

    Which tyres do UK models X's come with?

    We have 20s and the car came on Michelins
  12. Afdyce

    Vibration in steering wheel?

    Seriously, check you "Lane Assist" is off. When the update arrived I thought I had a front suspension/wheel balance problem.
  13. Afdyce

    Construction started Warwick Southbound

    That's great news, I used Northbound last weekend to get to Nottingham from Winchester, It will b e great to be able to do the reverse trip!
  14. Afdyce

    Time from "in production" to UK delivery

    Ouch Cookielovers! That doesn't sound too good to me. The only issue I can see at the moment on mine is that the bottom of the Falcon Wing doors are not quite flush with the front door when it's closed. Gatwick were very helpful, fitting a locking wheel nut set and the metal pedal covers...
  15. Afdyce

    Time from "in production" to UK delivery

    And delivery took place of our 60D at Gatwick on the 28th as promised. As a pre-AP S owner my initial comments are: Pleasantly surprised by how good the performance is, both acceleration and passing ability. Well above any other premium brand diesel SUV we have had as a second car Handling is...
  16. Afdyce

    Time from "in production" to UK delivery

    My dashboard changed to at Tillburg on Monday 13th March and I have agreed a delivery date of the 28th March. That makes 8 1/2 weeks from in production to delivery
  17. Afdyce

    Time from "in production" to UK delivery

    My best guess is the Missouri, due Antwerp on the 5th March. The delivery team confirmed they expect handover to be in the last week of March. This is of course subject to eddies in the space time continuem disrupting Tesla time, so stand by for further updates!
  18. Afdyce

    Model X tyre size

    On the S going up by a 10mm width increases the tyres diameter and some owners have experienced tyre rub at the front. The X isn't a sports car, so may I ask why you want to go to a square set up?
  19. Afdyce

    Time from "in production" to UK delivery

    My X completed production on 27th January and today, 21st February, shows as loaded on a ship and on it's way to Europe. That's three weeks in my case.
  20. Afdyce

    Time from "in production" to UK delivery

    Please can you tell me how long it took from getting your In production notice on my Tesla to picking up your car? Thanks, Andrew
  21. Afdyce

    Model X UK deliveries in 2016

    My MX vin 9986 went in to production today, in line with the revised estimate from my DS in December. The delivery estimate has also moved from May/June up to March/Early April
  22. Afdyce

    Model X UK deliveries in 2016

    Sorry to ask in an un-British way, please could you share the cost with us plus a picture? Thanks.
  23. Afdyce

    Anyone taken delivery of a rhd Model X yet?

    If you are on the forum, please let us know, post some pics and give us your first impressions!
  24. Afdyce

    Anyone with a Model X 60D Order please read this Important

    Yup, I got the mail, makes me even happier I ordered the 60! Our production starts date have gone back by a month so I am still optimistic that the real delivery date will move from Feb/March to March/April. If so there's a chance we'll get our cars in time to avoid VED. If not we will at...
  25. Afdyce

    Anyone with a Model X 60D Order please read this Important

    Hello cookielovers. I probably would have had the same concerns as you if I hadn't been driving a Model S for two years and had time to relax in to using a Tesla everyday. I have an X60D on order for my wife and echo everything said above. In the UK pretty much any journey is practical using...
  26. Afdyce

    Model X UK deliveries in 2016

    I have a VIN for my X60D and had a production date of 19th December, now bumped to 23rd January. My estimated delivery went from Feb/Mar to May/June. This is my second Tesla, so I have got used to this application of Tesla time which, if you have read Elon's autobiography, often stems from him...
  27. Afdyce

    Model X UK deliveries in 2016

    Update: Spoke to my DS and he has confirmed: Production scheduled for 19th December Should expect delivery end February/early March
  28. Afdyce

    Model X UK deliveries in 2016

    Ordered my X60D on 23rd July VIN came on my dashboard today 15th November ending 9986. Happy!
  29. Afdyce

    Could the Model 3 have a FWD configuration?

    The answer is no. Front wheel drive is a way of increasing the ratio of cabin space to exterior volume in an internal combustion engine car compared to an inline engine and gearbox. The basic Tesla architecture masterfully overcomes all these issues with a far greater volume of cabin space to...
  30. Afdyce

    The X60D is discontinued

    The 60kw battery option for the X has been discontinued and no longer appears on the Tesla Motors configurator in the UK or the US. Glad I ordered when I did because the 75 took the car over the price point I could live with for a second car. My guess is that the 60 was just there to build...
  31. Afdyce

    Model X: Can you add a second car to the Tesla App?

    Thanks liuping that's the perfect answer. Now all I need is the X!
  32. Afdyce

    Model X: Can you add a second car to the Tesla App?

    I have an S now and an X60D on order. Can you add the second car to the same App?
  33. Afdyce

    60D Order/Delivery Thread

    Ordered my UK spec right hand drive 60D on the 23rd July. Right hand drive production is due to start in Q4 with first UK deliveries in January, I have a February date at present (subject to Tesla time). We aren't getting VINs at the moment, only order confirmation numbers. My Dashboard...
  34. Afdyce

    How does Model X drive compared to Model S?

    When my 6 seat X arrives in February it will come with the centre counsel as standard. Husband and wife in the front, Granny and Grandad in row 2 and teenagers in row 3. Worked perfectly in our R Class Merc and I expect great things from it in the X. No need for a sunshade as we will be...
  35. Afdyce

    Chademo Adapter

    I agree with Arg, my P85 has dual chargers and I use my CHAdeMO adaptor regularly. My experiences are: 13 amp charging cable: 5 miles per hour My home 32 amp single phase charger: 18mph Ecotricity AC with Menekes 2 plug: 60mph Ecotricity CHAdeMO: 120mph Supercharger: 200+mph I bought my...
  36. Afdyce

    Tesla Referral Program

    A word of caution. I own an S and have a deposit down for a 3. I just ordered an X for my wife and was unable to use the referral code from my 3 order to get the discount on X.
  37. Afdyce

    Is the X anywhere in the UK for viewing yet? (dealerships, roadshows, car shows, etc)

    X and S are very similar to drive with the same smooth drivetrain. You are nearer the windscreen in X which moves the A pillars further back in to your peripheral vision. The base of the windscreen is lower in your eye line because of the elevated seating position and the windscreen extends up...
  38. Afdyce

    Is the X anywhere in the UK for viewing yet? (dealerships, roadshows, car shows, etc)

    Drove the X at Tesla Sacramento last Wednesday. Loved it and my wife loved it too. Had a chance to look at both the 6 and 7 seater configuration. I had dismissed the X as just too expensive as a second car but the 60D has changed my mind. My wife's current car is a Range Rover Evoque on a 3...
  39. Afdyce

    6 or 7 seat configuration?

    Tried the 6 and 7 seater at the Tesla store and then drove a six seater. My two lanky teens were much more comfortable in the third row of the six seater because they could put there legs out in to the space normally taken by the 7th seat. They'll be back there when my in-laws are in the middle...
  40. Afdyce

    Right Hand Drive X?

    I ordered a RHD 60D today in the UK and got a February 2017 delivery date, hope that helps!
  41. Afdyce

    Is the X anywhere in the UK for viewing yet? (dealerships, roadshows, car shows, etc)

    Not the UK Saw this one in Sausalito today. Model S is plentiful in the Bay area now, so you have to buy an X if you want exclusivity!
  42. Afdyce

    Is the X anywhere in the UK for viewing yet? (dealerships, roadshows, car shows, etc)

    It's official.... Tesla Model X's UK debut at FOS
  43. Afdyce

    Got 19s but really want 21s?

    Just send me $2,999.99 in cash and I'll send you a kit
  44. Afdyce

    Full Autonomy All But Confirmed for 3, "We're doing the obvious thing"

    I hate that idea, looks tacky
  45. Afdyce

    Is the X anywhere in the UK for viewing yet? (dealerships, roadshows, car shows, etc)

    I have just got back from Goodwood Breakfast Club where Tesla had three Model S for people to sit in. Spoke to the Tesla person manning the display and got confirmation that they expect to have an X on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 23rd to 26th June. So that's (semi)...
  46. Afdyce

    Design Studio - model3config.com (unofficial)

    Loved it! A Douglas Adams inspired interior would be all black with black switches that when you touch them emit a black light (although I might just tick that Millenium Falcon option box)
  47. Afdyce

    Model 3 Reservation in UK

    Placed my deposit today and received an email from Tesla to confirm.
  48. Afdyce

    19" winter tyres for 2WD cars

    Just switched back from the Alpins to my Pilot Sport 3s. We didn't have bad enough weather in the South to really test them on icy roads, but they were great as soon as temperatures dropped below 5 degrees or there was standing water. They really are like changing from slicks to wets on a...
  49. Afdyce

    Is the X anywhere in the UK for viewing yet? (dealerships, roadshows, car shows, etc)

    I think it is likely that the first time you will be able to see X in left hand drive will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 23rd to 26th June. Tesla have a stand there and FOS has taken over as the defacto British Motor Show with manufacturers spending vast amounts of cash. It is the...
  50. Afdyce

    firearms storage

    HaHa! Thanks YoungStranger but no, I've no need for a lead box in the armrest for my polonium. Turning to you guys over the pond, this thread has taken weapons escalation to a whole new level! We are only at page 6 and already I see AC1K is toting something that I would expect only Vladimir...

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