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    2022 S LR Can't get into Autosteer

    Have you tried two clicks down on the right stalk?
  2. G

    “Dumb” cruise control?

    Mine does both things the one poster mentioned. It phantom breaks on two lane roads and hugs the centerline. In addition it often drops its speed limit on Interstate 77 to 55 MpH and rapidly slows despite there being no change in the actual limit.
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    Autailer mats for 2022

    My mom wants to use the same Autailer mats that I have. Her model Y is a 2022 and Autailers website states the mats designed for June 2021 and later builds won’t fit the 2022 Y. Other manufacturers don’t state that. Anyone know what the changes might be if any at all?
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    Phone key issue

    Kind of basic but the app has to be running open or in the background for the key to work. If you shut your phone down or closed out the app it will not work.
  5. G

    Take your time with your acceptance inspection (photos)

    If however you wait to pay until acceptance you keep your money until the next car arrives. You could also elect not to purchase a Tesla and your out only 100.00. Based on nightmares posted here about getting refunds ect. From Tesla I would not pay until acceptance.
  6. G

    Had an accident..

    I doubt visibility was a issue. I looked up the stopping distance from 40 MPH and it’s about 70 feet. From 60 it’s only 118 feet. I really saw no evidence in the video of hard braking at all until just prior to curb impact. It almost looks like the OP planned to just pass her in the right lane...
  7. G

    Had an accident..

    I watched the video multiple times. There is no doubt that from 40MPH and even 50 there was plenty of time to stop. Stopping distance ftom 40MPH should be under 100 feet. The woman enters his side of the road with him at least 200 feet away. Having said that she is still certainly at fault. The...
  8. G

    Don't keep the Tesla app on your phone open.

    My car will not open away from home without the app running in the background. At home I have the car set to not lock so off course it opens. It won’t however start unless the app is open or running in the background. Tesla confirmed this is required.
  9. G

    Hard braking for no reason

    Not exactly what I am describing. There is no recent or ongoing construction and it doesn’t do it every time. Sure seems like a bug to me!
  10. G

    Model Y Powertrain warranty

    Not a single one of which will ever pay you a nickel!
  11. G

    Hard braking for no reason

    My Mar 2021 build phantom brakes on Interstate 77 often. The displayed speed drops from whatever I have set to 50 MPH. I was nearly rear ended yesterday. I am guessing this has happened a dozen times. I saw something about sending a report to Tesla but can’t figure out how. Anyone know?
  12. G

    Airport 10%+ drain daily!

    My Model Y sees only about a 1% drop per day. You need to turn sentry mode off. Also make sure you don’t have any third party software keeping the car awake.
  13. G

    Blog Report: Ford Doubles Production Target for F-150 Lightning

    When you discuss towing range for the F150 lightning keep in mind the Tesla is a very efficient vehicle that gets its range in part ftom excellent aerodynamics. One reason range drops so fast while towing is the dramatic increase in aero drag. The F150 on the other hand starts out as a barn door...
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    There are no words - Irresponsible driver crashes Model Y into building

    Law suit to follow, Tesla willfully put sales ahead of safety and allowed my client a test drive who was clearly not qualified to drive the car unsupervised resulting in a accident that has caused my client to have PTSD among other medical issues. We are suing for 10 million dollars and a model...
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    A sincere effort from a hater to adapt to living in a world with Teslas

    I find it strange that as a Christian you admit to and advocate so many anti Christian actions. Hopefully one of these days when you vandalize a parked Tesla the owner will get a nice video of you in action And you can explain to the judge what a good Christian your are! After sentencing maybe...
  16. G

    Vision Only Limitations

    Why is that a bother? The car will slow down and reestablish a safe following distance on a car that ducks into the gap. You arrive at your destination 1 second later.
  17. G

    Tesla Atlanta

    I doubt tinting causes roof cracking but it certainly would change the thermal stresses on the roof. More important to the issue is that if your roof does crack Tesla will probably try to refuse it as a warranty claim if tinted.
  18. G

    AutoPilot tried to kill me. Again.

    When doing 70MPH a bit more than two car spacing on the car in front is prudent. My Tesla won’t even get that close at that speed. Did the braking occur when you engaged it at that following distance?
  19. G

    Change my lease to finance on model Y

    Leasing is far more profitable for dealers 98% of the time. I ran the numbers on leasing a model Y and switched to a purchase as I felt in 3 years I would be well ahead based on strong resale values. I think your stuck at this point. Unwinding the deal would be complicated.
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    Model 3 rear-ended in stop-and-go, slight rear bumper damage - go through insurance?

    Be aware that most insurance companies require accidents to be reported within a certain time frame after the accident. If you call the other guys insurance company a month after the accident don’t be surprised if they ignore you.
  21. G

    Front Windshield on 2021

    It’s possible it’s 70%. Almost all factory glass has some degree of tint. I suspect from looking at my 2021 it’s more like 85%. I doubt they would allow much tint below the ASI line as it would inevitably lead to lawsuits.
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    model Y as a limo

    What you want the car for screams model X and you may qualify for some extremely good tax deductions driving a X for business. The Y does not weigh enough to be eligible. Cost overall might be less on the X.
  23. G

    App does not give me any option to pay two days before delivery

    Write a personal check at pickup. Never pay for a Tesla until after you inspect it!
  24. G

    Track mode Model Y performance

    EV’s usually don’t need a lunch mode. Foot to the floor is launch mode!
  25. G

    Cruise control / Auto Pilot is Garbage

    I have 2000 miles on my model Y now and can compare it to my 2021 BMW X5. The BMW is simply a better system. I have had exactly 1 phantom braking episode in 4000 miles verses to many to count over 2000 miles in the Tesla. The BMW is also a smoother system both in braking and acceleration. It...
  26. G

    Why are people buying new ICE cars?

    I needed a vehicle that could tow 6000 lbs and also make trips to our mountain home. The Tesla cant tow that load and the mountain trip would be extremily inconvenient with no supercharges on the route and the nay charging option once there being 110 power.
  27. G

    CR Report/Test on Recent Model S Crash

    I just found out that if you douse yourself in gasoline and light a match it can be bad! When is consumer reports going to write a article on this enormous safety problem. Why are they not demanding action by gas companies! How culpable are the match makers?
  28. G

    New Tesla Y defective - what would you do?

    You might expect a replacement vehicle from other dealers but you would not get it. They would change the motor. A corvette recently had the motor fail on the drive home from delivery. He is getting a new engine not the new car he wants.
  29. G

    MY just went up $500

    Net price hike is in fact 500.
  30. G

    Model Y test-drive experience (not a current Tesla owner)

    Tesla certainly has fit and finish problems however the two ford MachE’s I looked closely at had the worst exterior fit and finish of a production car I have witnessed since the 1982 Jeep! The interiors were however very good.
  31. G

    Model Y 7 seater Floor Mat Recommendation

    I have the autailer mats in my 5 seater. They look fantastic and appear to be very high quality. Not sure if they make a 7 seat version.
  32. G

    Anyone else being forced to cancel long-pending MY reservation?

    Your situation is somewhat different than those who ordered a car in production. I would have demanded a refund and Tesla should provide that. The timeline to deliver a rwd Lr was always in the future. They have however had enough time and should refund your deposit. Have you requested a refund...
  33. G

    Anyone else being forced to cancel long-pending MY reservation?

    Let’s be realistic here. The point of ordering something is to have it delivered. I would consider a delay of 90 days reasonable but delaying delivery for a year or more and expecting to hold the slot and pricing from long ago is a very unrealistic expectation.
  34. G


    The green light option is a mere 10,000 however they bundle it with automatic lane change!
  35. G

    HUH??? 250 miles isnt up to standard? wow

    As I posted they had a huge number of unsold SR model Y’s around the country. At my service center you could walk in and pick almost any color combination you wanted. That has never happened with any Tesla in the past. 14 SR model Y’s lined up is a pretty sight but I don’t think Tesla liked it...
  36. G

    MYP range

    My MYP shows a fully charged range of 313 miles. I thought that number was set at the EPA number at 303? It’s a late Feb 2021 build. My range so far appears to be quite good and not far off EPA estimates. I charge to 250 miles and if I drive 50 miles show 190 to 200 miles left. I did however...
  37. G

    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    Try this option! You need to load it in the car via the Tesla browser. https://teslawaze.azurewebsites.net/
  38. G

    Progressive insurance Model Y

    I just insured a Model YP with USAA. My insurance increased 12 dollars a year. Paying about 100 a month for a BMW X5 and the Tesla.
  39. G

    Model YP purchase.

    I wrote this for a non Tesla forum so some info everyone on here will be aware of however I am lazy and just pasting it here. I picked up a Tesla Model Y performance on Saturday. Fit and finish was surprisingly better than I expected. I have looked at Tesla’s for several months and fully...
  40. G

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I purchased a in stock Y performance today. Hoping for delivery Saturday. Only issue at the moment is getting the Tesla app to work. Welcomes me by name but won’t due anything else.
  41. G

    Tinting Model Y Roof

    Most states do not allow front windshield tinting below the AS1 line. You may well find you have to remove it to pass inspection. I hate rules but this is a good one.
  42. G

    Progressive insurance Model Y

    Have everyone pay the same regardless of who is hi and low risk. Personal actions and accountability should mean something. If you own a rental I am sure you don’t pull credit histories etc.. before renting because you are pro consumer. I don’t want my rates raised to cover high risk clients.
  43. G

    Stoplight chime

    Sadly EAP is not available.
  44. G

    Stoplight chime

    Posted in the user interface forum but no reply. Do autopilot only cars get the stoplight change chime? Love that feature but don’t want FSD.
  45. G

    Shipping my Model Y to Europe - Lots of questions and concerns!

    In the end you will be far better off to sell it and purchase a car when you arrive. When you come back to the states buy a new model Y with a 500 mile range! Rota is a great area!
  46. G

    Reason for SR Y discontinued

    The main bill that has left committee in the house specifically states the credit will only be effective as of date of signing.
  47. G

    Stoplight chime

    Do autopilot only cars get the stoplight change chime? Love that feature but don’t want FSD.
  48. G

    Reason for SR Y discontinued

    I suspect they are just matching you with a inventory car. I am told there are no new SR’s being produced. They have a very high SR inventory.
  49. G

    Progressive insurance Model Y

    Another reason I am glad I left CA. Credit ratings are very good predictors of future claims and allow insurance companies to determine rates more accurately without having lower risk customers subsidizes high risk individuals.

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