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    Given Michelin tires are stretched onto the 9.5” wide rims in the OE 255/45 size, I thought about going to 285/40’s which keep similar diameter but increase width about 1”. Anyone try this? I think 275 would be better but 285 opens up door for some pilot sport ties including the new Pilot Sport...
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    275/40R19 Michelin PSAS4

    The OE size Michelins look very narrow and stretched onto the wheel. Was wondering if anyone has installed this size on their OE 19” wheels. Keeps same diameter but tread pattern is a bit wider and will cover the edge of the rim. Looking for better grip, aesthetics, and rim protection. Need...
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    Rear HVAC additional AC condenser

    Hi all, Placed an order for a Model X 5 seater. Found out the 5 seater May only rely on passive AC cooling from front HVAC. The 6/7 have a possible second condenser line that allows for added cooling power in the rear. Can any one confirm this? Having a young kid in the car and often...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs AS4

    Which would you prefer if you lived in the Bay Area? Temps don’t drop below 40. Thought about going to Tahoe once but more than likely roads will be plowed and mostly cleared. For reference, my OE 19” tires are at 4/32 after 10k miles.
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    Helpful hint: Dog mode in app activates rear vents

    I’d like to call out that I now use dog mode to precondition the cabin on hot days. This activates the HVAC more aggressively and includes the rear vents. Additionally, when I start to drive, the rear vents will remain active so I don’t have to engage those for my kiddo sitting in the back...
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    Bike rack mode

    @elon There should be a “bike rack” mode whereby the rear parking sensors are disabled. Currently, with bike rack in place (loaded or unloaded) it causes a fault with the sensors and then disengages the front sensors with it. A simple, “disable rear parking sensors” or “bike rack mode” would...
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    New app shows charging stats

    The new app shows last 31 days. I hope they increase this to allow for monthly, annual, weekly, etc. Love the data so far. It looks like they will slowly target the 3rd party apps to improve their own app. I like the simplified data. Obviously it doesn’t show the behind the scenes of the...
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    Have you received this update yet? Will Tidal be available in the US? ability to download hifi would be awesome!
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    Update 2021.36.5.5 feedback

    Please post your feedback for this update released recently. How has it impacted AP, any UI, any freezes or unexpected resets, and what works/positive improvements?
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    Phone volume

    When listening to a phone call, the audio is only paying out of the driver side speakers. Is there a way to formally adjust this so it includes all speakers? I find it’s not quite loud enough unless put at max volume. Any thoughts or experiences? On the base 11.103 software. TIA
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    Dash cam highlights

    Post your dash cam footages. I caught this today.
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    High frequency noise - sound reduction

    I’d like to stuff something under the rear passenger seats to muffle to 4-6khz sound emitting from the electronics. Service center said noise is normal and penthouse seal is aligned properly (which it visually appears to be). The noise is most noticeable driving without music or music at low...
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    EV Offer Model Y Electric Frunk - not actuating

    Installed the parts last night and so far no luck getting it to operate. Verified all connections are good, no bent pins or damaged wires (visibly at least). When attempting to actuate the frunk, the main release activated but struts are not powered. When closing, no power struts and soft close...
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    “Power off” power savings

    Is there a power difference using “power off” as opposed to skits letting the car sit there? I’ll be camping and want to minimize any drain as I’ll be just far enough from a charger where there won’t be much power to spare. Anyone test this?
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    12v switched power for Radar Detector

    I’ve not found any recent threads doe Model Y where to tap into switched 12v power for a radar detector. I followed a thread for a Model 3 where there’s a plug under the drivers dash you can use a spade. I took everything apart last night and did not find a similar plug. I found a small plug...
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    Set up profile accepting Tesla financing. I would like to change to DCU for partial financing (1/2 purchase price) as money is cheap from them. what’s the best way to go about changing this without messing up the order/date? Also, knowing I won’t get the car for about a month, when should I...

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