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    How Polestar 2 Compares To Other EVs After Range Cut

    Polestar 2 Gets Range Cut As New Competitors Appear | ZAP EVs Blog
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    The Longest Range EVs In The World

    It's insane how good EV range is getting, across all vehicle classes. Cars can go up to 402 miles, bikes can go 155 miles, scooters can go 120 miles, even skateboards can go 60 miles on a charge. The Longest Range Electric Vehicles In 2020 | ZAP EVs Blog
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    Tesla Cybertruck: The Most Bang For Your Buck

    The average electric car in America costs $250 per mile of range. The Cybertruck (Tri-Motor) costs $140 per mile of range. It's the least expensive EV (by pro-rated range) in America. ZAP EVs Blog
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    Compare Over 500 of the World's Most Popular EVs

    Every few days I stumble across a new company building a new electric vehicle. The pace of innovation in the EV space is truly incredible right now, so I built this dashboard to keep track of all the world's top electric vehicles. ZAP EVs | Find Your Next Electric Vehicle Check it out!
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    Tesla Decade In Review

    10 years ago, Tesla had only sold 937 vehicles globally. Now, they're selling over 937 vehicles every single day! Incredible progress in the last decade.
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    Tesla 'Services and Other' Revenue Line Item

    Does anyone on here know what Tesla's 'services and other' line item includes? Obviously revenues from service centre appointments are included, but how about things like supercharging payments? Is there anything else I'm missing that would be included in the line item?
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    If Tesla can win 10% of the pickup market, they'll earn $20 billion per year

    The US pickup truck market is about 3 million trucks per year. With an average selling price of $65-70K, the Cybertruck could do more revenue than the Model 3 with only a 10% market share. And as the video explains, there are only 3 main truck competitors in America.
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    Smart summon can recognize and avoid construction pylons!

    Impressive stuff watching the Tesla avoid obstacles and respond to different edge case scenarios while on smart summon...
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    Tesla vehicle efficiency has been improving 3.1% per year since 2008

    It's insane how steady Tesla's efficiency improvements have been, and the charts in the article show how Tesla is simply in a league of its own when it comes to overall efficiency. Tesla Vehicle Efficiency: The Gold Standard Among EVs
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    Autopilot is 30% safer than in Q3 '18, and Tesla's active safety system is 41% safer than in Q3 '18

    Absolutely insane progress. The average US car on the road is only 1% safer than last year. Tesla Autopilot: Building A Network Effect Around Safety
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    A 20,000km road trip in my new Model 3

    I just returned from a 45 day road trip in my new Model 3, which was over 20,000km (12,400 miles) all over North America. In the video below, I covered some of the best and worst things about taking a Tesla on a long road trip. If anyone here is thinking about taking their Tesla on a long...
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    In 2017 Tesla delivered 103,000 cars. Now Tesla is aiming to deliver 100,000+ in a single quarter!

    Crazy how fast sales have grown for Tesla. Their FY 2017 sales are now their expected quarterly sales! The Spring on Instagram: “A leaked email from Elon Musk claims Tesla could deliver over 100,000 vehicles in Q3 if the end-of-quarter delivery push goes as planned.…”
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    Tesla is destroying ICE car sales one model at a time...

    Since Tesla revealed the Model 3 in 2016, US sales of Mercedes C-Class cars are down 31%, while US sales of BMW 3-Series cars are down 37%. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now the Model 3 is out-selling both cars combined! In the first 8 months of 2019, 94,250 Model 3 cars have been sold in America...
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    If every car in America was a Tesla...

    If every car in America had Tesla's autopilot, 5.5 million crashes would be avoided each year. On active safety alone, 5 million crashes would be avoided each year. Insane how much better these cars are than the average US driver... The Spring on Instagram: “There were 6,452,000 car crashes...
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    My Tesla Adventure

    A couple weeks ago I bought my first ever car, a Model 3. After 6 years of waiting and saving, I decided to immediately take off on a road trip around North America. The car is driving like a dream so far, I'm now 13 days (and over 7,000km) in to my adventure. I'd love to hear recommendations...
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    Just bought a new Model 3. These AP/Sentry Mode videos were a major selling point

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    Tesla Model 3 is crushing competition

    BMW 3-Series US sales are down 40% in 2019. Toyota Prius US sales are down 45% in 2019. Kevin Rooke on Twitter
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    Tesla vs. Uber vs. Lyft

    I wrote an article explaining the challenges ahead for Lyft and Uber as Tesla gears up for full autonomy. Would love to hear your thoughts! Lyft, Tesla, Uber, and the Two Newspaper Town
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    A Guide To Tesla Energy

    I wrote up a guide to distill my thinking around where Tesla is today, and where they need to go in order to make Tesla Energy an impactful business line. Would love to hear your thoughts! Tesla Energy And Elon Musk's Sustainable Future
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    Why Tesla will win the Autonomous Driving race

    Not sure if this has it's own thread, wanted to get your opinions on how Tesla will beat GM, Ford, Mercedes, Google, Uber, etc... in autonomous driving. I think it's fair to say Tesla has the most advanced product on the market today, it's also probably fair to say Tesla has the best talent...

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