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    Cool, thanks. I wonder why the change to front is +10 whereas the rear is +20? I.e. 255 -> 265 and 275 -> 295 Why not 275 on the front?
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    Any issues getting a tire place to fit the larger/wider (than stock) tires? My PZeros need to be changed and I'm interested in wider tires to protect the rims a little better. Any issues with rubbing? Thx.
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    P Zeros winter report

    Second full winter on my 21s PZeros in the North East. PUP is my daily driver and has gone through two winters of -5deg F temperatures, thick snow pack and icey conditions without any cracking or traction problems. Even found the traction through thick mud was absolutely fine. No problems to...
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    Annoying bug came with Holiday Update

    My kid plays Sky Force while we wait for his bus. When I exit the game the car graphic on the left shows the car as parked even when driving. So no indications of adjacent cars, lane following etc (new blind spot camera feature still pops up though). This persists through multiple drive cycles...
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    PUP Tow - some suggestions

    Hi all, I had a 200mile roundtrip today towing the smallest U-haul trailer, and learned a few things to share with others: - Fully charged to 277 miles before heading out. I got down to around 50 miles remaining after 150 miles which was surprisingly bad doing a steady 65mph. First 100 miles...
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    Regenerative Braking after 40.8 update

    Got my 2020 PUP back in July and love how strong regen is for 1 foot driving. Also noticed a reduced regen after 40.8 update, but now realize it just happened to coincide with much lower temperatures here in the NE. When its cold I get hardly any regen on start and sometimes it doesn't improve...
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    2020.40.8 for Performance

    Mine too (and I don't drive it mildly) Funnily enough I named my car Y Not!
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    Performance spoiler starting to detach

    1st was loose one end at delivery 2nd was new spoiler fitted at SC, came unstuck lifting one side a week later Now on 3rd new spolier fitted at SC a few months ago, still holding fine. Ymmv
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    2020.40.8 for Performance

    PUP updated here in NY last night. Full charge unchanged at 276
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    Regen Braking Temporarily Reduced - Every time

    Having the same problem. Its 47 degs here, battery has 200miles remaining. Regen reduced message on every drive. First time I've used the brake pedal in months! Really miss one foot driving already....!
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    Anyone Fix the B-Pillar Rattle?

    That's more elegant than what I did, which as just put gaffa tape on it. Doesn't rattle any more but doesn't slide either (which is fine for me)
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    Gap between headlight and bumper

    As others have said, your headlights casting a shadow on the bumper is indicative of them not being fitted correctly. BTW spec for this overhang is 4mm! I made a big stink at the SC when they told me they wouldn't fix mine, and they did make both perfectly flush with no overhang or gap on the...
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    Door and Panels not aligned properly

    My door alignments were worse that yours. got the same, take the car, make an appointment "we'll fix it". 1st SC appointment was 10 days later (conveniently after the 7 day), they adjusted the doors and made them worse. Big arguments with SC manager, got me a 2nd SC visit where they got them...
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    Condensation forming in the camera housing

    same thing happened to me. although it hadn't been raining.... magically went away
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    No rear lights in park!

    Exactly. Thx. With option selected for headlights to stay on after exit I think it's a reasonable ask for the tail lights to stay on as well.
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    No rear lights in park!

    This is a Tesla only problem that does not function as it should. I would put an ICE car in Park, leave the engine running, and get out to collect mail. All exterior lights remain on. As you said all rear lights on the Tesla turn off once you leave the drivers seat (headlights stay on if chosen...
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    No rear lights in park!

    Manual says headlights revert to Auto every drive so have to remember to set Park or On every time you want to step out. Not practical.
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    No rear lights in park!

    Hi all, As the title says, got out to check my mailbox and found the rear of the car completely dark! Have checked, and brake lights work in park, and rear lights + license plate lights are on when in drive, but not in Park....! Can someone post back if this is just me or a software bug on...
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    should I return or keep?

    I had the exact issue you have with door alignments. On delivery day was told it would be fixed 2 days later by mobile service. Once I got home with the car they cancelled the mobile appointment saying it needed to be done in the SC 9 DAYS later (conveniently outside the return window). Now two...
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    Exterior doors, rear hatch, body panel fit and gap tolerances

    Yup.... "in spec" for light alignments is up to 4mm My doors were really out of alignment and after 2 SC visits specifically to fix them I was told "they were as good as they could be". So if you want clean lines and doors that don't stick out you'll need shop elsewhere
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    3D Maxpider Model Y Floor Mats

    Got mine from www.autoanything.com $200 for front/rear passengers, top trunk and both trunk sidewells. Shipped same day I ordered. Arrived today. Perfect fit.
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    Tow hitch dust cover too hard to remove

    ...or there's simply more clips than needed. As the guy says, you can always buy another cover for 20 bucks if it doesn't work out.
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    Alert for leaving phone (key) in car

    +1 left my phone on the charging pad and was a mile away before I realized.... (now added pin to drive to avert a real disaster) Dont carry a wallet as my phone case holds cc's so keeping a key card in there wouldn't help. Wondering what I'd do if I left/lost my phone someplace. 1st world...
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    Tow hitch dust cover too hard to remove

    New video from LivingTesla. Free fix. Simply cut most of the tabs off:
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    Bike carrying options...

    I went with the factory hitch after seeing the time needed to install the after market. Yes its cheaper but not much if you add the wiring harness. Not worth my time and risk of damaging other bits. In my other posts you can see the Yamkaza I use for 2-4 bikes. When it's just me I put my bike...
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    Debadge fans

    Did exactly that. Cleaned up great. Pics a couple posts above
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    Carbon Fiber Interior

    Is that a cover on the steering wheel. Like the fabric, link? I did 3 panel white vinyl on my steering wheel but the two side pieces kept lifting near the edges, so I took them off.
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    Frunk latch fail on freeway

    Everyone should check the function of their hood latches. My secondary latch is there (first click when manually closing) but opening from the screen pops the hood in one go past the secondary latch! Service appointment created.
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    More USB ports in front?

    I got this hub for 12 bucks: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DCQPRVH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_iq0oFb377YMCW Bunch of extra high speed ports and built in card reader that works great for sentry mode.
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    Exactly how it should be. That secondary latch is there to stop your hood opening if the primary latch fails. Else the hood will fling open due to the wind at highway speeds and very bad things will happen....
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    There is and your car (and mine) have a very serious safety defect. Opening the front from the screen or app should release the frunk but a second mechanical latch should prevent the frunk from opening. When at the front of the car you should not be able to lift the frunk without depressing the...
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    Debadge fans

    Not a fan of chrome so Dual motor badge gone (with some polishing compound). Wasn't ready to delete the emblems yet so opted for subduing with vinyls first - gloss white (rear) and ghost pearl white on the front. Comments?
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    Fremont Model Y casting machine

    Sounds cool, but if the car gets rear ended I'd think it would be a total loss every time. Be interesting to see what the insurance industry thinks about it
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    Autailors Upfront - Maxpiders in Cargo Areas

    Thanks for sharing. Does the trunk mat fold across the middle allowing you to open the rear under floor compartment with the mat in place?
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    Warning about accepting delivery

    Is what they will tell you , but absolutely not. When you organize your delivery make it an in-person visit and tell your assigned rep you'll need time with the car before that. Its not a condition of sale that you have your phone with you!
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    Warning about accepting delivery

    Shared info where I thought it would be helpful in my posts. To be clear, my views are generally applicable to all SCs and not intended to say one SC is better or worse than another. SCs are in the same boat as customers getting variable quality from manufacturing overwhelming their abilty to...
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    Warning about accepting delivery

    As someone who has refused delivery and also accepted delivery I have some advice: The person doing delivery will agree with anything you point out at delivery and tell you all will be corrected in your first SC visit and that you have 100miles/7days to return the car so you should accept...
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    White Model Y - Paint Mismatch

    I was at an SC last week and looked over a bunch of white Ys, some looked perfect, some had very subtle tone differences between bumpers/trunk etc while others had very noticeable mismatches (which were mainly on older cars with 15K or lower VINs). You will see differences in panels purely on...
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    Debadge fans

    Same. Its very suble. I wasn't expecting any shadow but it looks like the car was detailed after the badges were put on. I'll get some polishing compound and hopefully that will sort it out.
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    Debadge fans

    Did mine today. Picked the dual motor off by hand (it was hot today) and used goo gone to clean off the adhesive. BUT i can still see where the letters were as the paint underneath is dull. I cleaned and buffed with water and wipes but it's not improved. Do I need add polish or something else?
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    Blind spot warning chime

    Exactly what frankvb said. Let's hope this happens in a future sw update.
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    Mt. Kisko NY Delivery Experience

    Picked up two Ts from there, both had a lot of issues which couldn't be fixed by mobile service. Know that your best chance of getting anything fixed is to leave the car with them to have everything you want done BEFORE accepting delivery. That way you can still reject after they've done their...
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    Blind spot warning chime

    Miss having warning lights in the mirrors, and think the chime would be helpful during all driving modes. The user manual (page 111) speaks to a "Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime" in the Autopilot section. I thought using the turn signal (without FSD) cancels Autopilot? Is this only when...
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    ALL MY rear seats now supposed to be misaligned?

    Model Y quality issues are a complete crapshoot. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. I'm happy with my 26xxx vin seat alignment so disagree all Ys have an issue
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    Debadge fans

    Ha! Thinking of doing the same. Getting white vinyl over the emblems to see how I like it before pulling them off. Dual motor has to go, no point to that for me.
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    Took Delivery 07/29 VIN 29xxx peabody MA

    Just a bunch of alignments I'm sure can be fixed MK SC. The car has a very subtle color mismatch only between the drivers side doors. Directly inspecting the doors they match and are both perfectly painted. But from one particular angle on cloudy day the pearl doesn't run consistently across...
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    Took Delivery 07/29 VIN 29xxx peabody MA

    How does that work? I reported a bunch of QC I wanted fixed at delivery and more before 100miles. Have 1st SC appointment next week. If they dont fix all of it then can I go back in the queue or have to wait a year as I'm over 100 miles now?

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