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    Model 'Y' - Help. Is it possible to remove driver's front seat headrest?

    Remove it, turn it around, and re-insert. Did it for my M3 and MY...more comfortable for me.
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    Model Y Bio Defense filter question

    Anyone have an update? Can't believe it's taking this long to get this retrofit.
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    And now, the rest of the story. I called my SA about the trade quote and he put in a request to fix it. Nothing changed. I woke up on Friday, May 28th, to an e-mail saying my AWD Y was here for delivery this weekend (memorial day weekend) and to pay the balance...trade was still not finished...
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    Is there an alternative to Modern Spare?

    Has anyone found an alternative to modern spare? I need a compact spare...just don't want to pay their price. Someone found a Genesis compact spare that fit the M3 for half modern spare's price. Only need it for road trips where there is no cell coverage...so yes, I need it vs the plug/pump...
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    Got my VIN Today

    Originally reserved MY LR RWD on Sep 4, 19. Upgraded to AWD, added tow and my referral number on May 3, 21. Got my VIN today with estimated delivery this labor day weekend. I'm trading in my 2019 M3...still shows pending after calling twice about it. Still waiting for credit for the cheaper...
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    I originally reserved a MY LR RWD on 4 Sep 19. Since then, I added FSD for $7K. After that, I have no way to make changes, just cancel. I finally got fed up waiting...even though the extra range would be a plus. I did a chat with Tesla regarding upgrading to AWD...they said I would have to...
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    Tesla Cancelled Model Y order and Lost 7k FSD

    I put a $2,500 deposit on an MY LR RWD on Sep 6, 2019...RN is still active. I did a chat about upgrading to AWD last Friday and Tesla said I would have to speak to a SA and they would have one call me...haven't heard from them as of yet. I want to add tow and my referral code to the order...
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    My Flat Tire Story--with Pic of the foam inside the tires

    I'm been making 300 mile trips lately. Hate that I have to stop twice to charge...been waiting 18-months for my Model Y LR RWD...I digress. There is no direct route, so I have to take a few 2-lane roads to get from "A" to "B" and back. Not too bad, about a half-hour or so. Today, I was...
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    If I place order today, will I get the new console?

    It's Tesla...nothing what so ever is guaranteed. Anything and everything can and will change. Just ask those that wanted the MY SR--it's been pulled. Everything is subject to the whims of Elon.
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    Installing Amazon Echo Auto in Model Y.

    I used to have the Echo Auto...moved it to the spouse's ICE car. I have an old echo hockey puck that sits on the rear floor and plugs in just above it. I don't have a Tesla subscription (unless on road trips, $10 is worth it for that). When I get in my car, I set my phone to hot spot and...
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    If I place order today, will I get the new console?

    What about the new HEPA filter? Anyone seeing it yet?
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    Tow Hitch Option Gone from Design Studio

    I really like my Tesla and am looking forward to buying a model Y...however, I really can't believe this is how they run a company. Employees don't have a clue what's going on and can't answer simple customer questions. Zero information...conflicting information...misleading information.
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    RWD LR Order?

    Teslarati is the only one reporting the MY LR RWD has been canceled. Everyone else is quoting him. I did a chat with Tesla and they have no information regarding the cancellation. I'm hoping for the interior refresh before they fill my order...placed Sept 2019.
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    Model Y standard range is here

    Serious BITCH move Elon!!!! 16 months I've been waiting while you have been holding on to my $2,500. Now anyone can just walk to the front of the line with $100 and get a SR Y in 2-5 weeks...yet you can't take that same SR Y and put in the AWD Y battery and fulfill your backorders FIRST...
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    RWD LR Order?

    I've searched the web over after reading Elon's tweet. I had a thought and no one else has mentioned it. Elon texted that their will be a "single motor model Y"...he never said it would be RWD. AWD has a heat-pump on the front motor...how to rework this cheaply? Simple, just take out the...
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    Just started dropping wifi phone connection while driving???

    Is it just me or a coincidence that after the last update I'm having wifi issues? I normally turn on tethering and connect my model 3 to my phone via wifi to listen to music while driving...after placing into drive as we all know. Haven't had an issue since I've been doing it. Today it...

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