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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Do you have a side picture?
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - East Ben White Blvd

    They are flooding the Austin area with superchargers
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    Supercharger - Bastrop, TX

    I was there today at noon. They were blocked off with cones.
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    Supercharger - Bastrop, TX

    How many stalls? 12?
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    0-60 MPH for new Long Range Model S WITH and WITHOUT "Drag Strip Mode"

    I dont see how having a performance boost option for the LR will hurt the plaid. Even a boost won't come near the plaid. I mean, I wouldn't skip on the plaid for a LR with a performance boost if plaid is what I wanted. Make the LR a 10.5 quarter mile car.
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    Unexpectedly fast (3 weeks) delivery for Model S - something fishy?

    I just got a vin with a built date of May 10th. What would I be missing? New lights, taillights, swivel screen?
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    Abandoned Model S at Huebner Oaks San Antonio, TX Supercharger

    All you have to do is press the red Watch button on top of the tread and it will subscribe you.
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    RN1149 and earlier, still waiting group!

    Resevartion 1156 EDD May 3-31 White/White interior/ 21"/ no FSD
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    Catch me up on M3 LR from 2018 vs current

    Yeah,dont hold your breath.
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    Catch me up on M3 LR from 2018 vs current

    It also got a bigger battery too. I believe its 82 or 83 kwh now.
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    Considering Selling my F-150 Raptor for Model 3 Performance

    Im 6'1" and 275lbs. It sucks getting in and out for me. Once im in, im comfortable. Once the model y comes out with the new cells i may trade up.
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    Windows opening on its own

    I believe its a bigger issue than we know. And thats why the app now tells you when a window is down.
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    Windows opening on its own

    I really dont know what they did. From how the service guy was talking to me it seemed he had never heard of a window doing that. I even made a post on the M3 section and people didnt believe what i was saying.
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    Windows opening on its own

    This happened to me on my M3. I had to get the service department involved. At first they blamed it on me,that i had to be pushing the button down and i just didnt realize it. They didnt want to come out. But i would log every time it happened. Finally they came out and since hasn't happened.
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    What’s the secret sauce?

    Its called effort in the game. Tesla does, while others dont.
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    Model 3 removed from my app

    Same here. My app says, No product found.
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    Pink foam under the car

    Its a girl:p
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    Keeping a model 3 Long term...? Hold value, Reliability?

    My car has 12k miles and its at 270 miles at 80% charge
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    PEARL WHITE... Represent!!!!

    The outside of the car has pearl paint. The inside door jams are just white,no pearl.
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    Tesla Model 3 spoler efficiency question

    I install the spoiler when going on long trips, so i can get the extra 30 miles(10% efficiency).:p
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    Cancelled Y Reservation for S Long Range

    Would i loose my 100 deposit if I switch vehicles?
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    Pics of Pearl White with carbon fiber Side mirrors caps?

    Which rims are these? And what size? Your car also looks dropped. How much? Love the looks!
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    2021 Performance boost

    I was talking about the front door windows.
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    2021 Performance boost

    Are they getting the new glass like the MY?
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    2021 Performance boost

    Does anyone know if the performance boost option is still a thing for the 2021 LR AWD?
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    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    If the tax rebate came back, it would have to be unlimited vehicles till such date in the future. If they do the 200k, it would last Tesla 1 year.
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    Adding Range( batteries)

    The car will not drive if it thinks it plugged in and charging. So,the company that comes up with adding batteries would have to override that software. And seeing how Tesla is,it wont allow it for the safety of the vehicle.
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    Should I trade in my 2019 SR+ for the 2021?

    Very true, tesla offered me 4k less than carvana.
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    Should I trade in my 2019 SR+ for the 2021?

    I think you have to trade it in to tesla to get the tax break
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    Tesla starts delivering Model Y to Mexico

    That makes a difference. I would go to mexico driving a car that doesn't stand out. Tesla recently installed a supercharger station in the small city where my grandma lives. To bad i will never use it.
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    Tesla starts delivering Model Y to Mexico

    Where you in a tesla?
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    Tesla starts delivering Model Y to Mexico

    Mexico is still a dangerous place. Even the cops are crooked. They see an american license plate and they pull you over. Plus teslas are known to be expensive and you will stick out like a soar thumb that you are well off. You might be ok in boarder cities, but go in deeper and good luck.
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    Tesla starts delivering Model Y to Mexico

    I would never go to mexico in my tesla.
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    Help. Placed order and I'M TOO EXCITED

    Maybe read up on the negative post of the M3 and you may start to not want it. :p
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Current 3s

    Dont hold your breath on this or maybe........
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    new Startech front end..

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    Returned MY Today

    With all the issues, i wonder if there are saboteurs working the production line.
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    Cyber Trailer?

    A trailer with its own battery would cost in the neighborhood of 15k+.
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    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    So this only happens to tesla?
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    I glad it finally went away. It was so tempting to just press the buy button.
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    Returned within 7 days

    From what I've read you cant get the same trim. You can however upgrade,from a non performance to a performance
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    Performance Boost Available

    I dont have a Y yet. Is it a limited time offer?
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    Returned within 7 days

    You cant return it and get the same trim for a year.
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    Did Elon just show us a European Model Y (Station Wagon) ?

    If you look at the model x from the same screen it has the same curvature. This is a non story.
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    Considering these forged wheels models for model 3

    The owner must be the OP
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    Battery Day...

    In about 2 to 3 years. Giga Berlin will have the first single piece front and rear castings on the model y. And from the presentation these castings were placed on top of the new battery pack.
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    Enhanced Autopilot Vs. FSD

    When i bought my car i paid 3k for basic autopilot. If i buy EAP i will have paid 7k for EAP. Then an extra 5k in the future for FSD. 12K I cant do it.
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    New upgrade option as of 9/19

    It says only till the 30th. I really want this option but i think i will pass. Or i could downgrade from performance to non-performance,but i prefer the speed.
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    EV destination charger app

    Find Us | Tesla This shows all the available destination chargers from hotels and restaurants.

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