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    Car dead after successful software update

    I suspect the 12 Volt battery has failed. Cure will be to replace the 12 Volt battery.
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    12v battery upgrade - worth it?

    I have a 2019 I bought new from Tesla. I received a 12V battery failure warning on my display about 6 weeks ago. I called for mobile service and they replaced the battery the next day at a cost to me of $165 for the battery and $75 for labor. Car was still under warranty and I advised I...
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    Tesla App Charging Stats Cannot Show Home Charging

    Me Too! I use SuperChargers and a wall mount charge at home. Numbers look right for SuperCharger but shows 0 for home which is just not true. It does show usage on other. I am not sure how Tesla identifies home, however I assume it is geo coded. My address has been input in settings so it...
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    12Volt battery, warranty or consumable?

    An update! The work was done and I did pay for the battery and labor to install. I asked and the mobile tech. did attempt to get it under warranty however it was denied. He did advise that they review all such billing inquiries and there is a chance they might reverse the billing. I won't...
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    12Volt battery, warranty or consumable?

    The battery is original to the car. I have read the warranty and see no mention of the 12V battery, only the main traction battery. If you could direct me to the language that includes the 12V battery for my 2019 Model X, that would be great! Perhaps if I removed the battery and took it to the...
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    12Volt battery, warranty or consumable?

    Yesterday I received the dash notification "Schedule Service to Replace low voltage battery". I used the app and Tesla Ranger is to arrive this AM. I received an email that advised the service visit would Reseal Upper Control Arm Ball Joints, at no charge, and that the battery would be $165...
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    Model X Energy Graph and Snow Traffic

    Like many others, I got stuck in the Christmas Holiday traffic and then power outage at Lake Tahoe. With power out, all but one SuperCharger was out, and of course gas stations could not pump fuel either. With no heat in Time Share we made a dash to Reno to get a hotel, Hiway 80 was closed for...
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    DCC-10 Box Install With Nema 14-50 Outlet

    I agree with mxnym. Since the inclusion of the DCC-10 renders the circuit for EV use only, why not just hardwire the EVSE and forget about any type of receptacle. A Tesla wall charger will require this since there is no plug ended wall charger from Tesla. As stated above, if there is a need...
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    Help Charging with J1772 Adapter

    What home charger are you using with your Tesla now, or do you have one? I suspect your question regarding gen2 and gen3 related to WiFi has to do do with Tesla wall chargers. The gen3 model is WiFi enabled, but at this juncture offers little to the end user in terms of added value. If you...
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    New 100 kw pack

    I agree with dmurphy, hard to imagine they mean the drivetrain battery. What were the symptoms? If the car was unresponsive, it sounds like the 12V battery, an easy swap for the SC.
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    Plaid at Pikes Peak

    I did not see a final posting of this video on here, and it is great to see Randy Pobst make it look like a Sunday drive. My son was there as he is with Yokohoma Motorsports and mentioned it was tough to get tire pressures dialed on slicks that were really not designed for such a heavy car...
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    Where to buy key fob batteries CR 2354?

    Lithium primary cells, such as the CR2354, have a shelf life of 10 to 12 years. Do not confuse with lithium-ion chemistry, which is a secondary cell and has a much shorter shelf life.
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    Mounting a Yaesu FTM-400XDR

    Thanks for the information and pictures. I had not really considered installing a radio in my 2019 Model X, but now will consider it. How is the radio environment, any noise from the inverters, or any issues from your RF getting into Tesla systems? Have you tried HF as well as VHF/UHF...
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    mobile charger on 240volts?

    Please insure that you ordered the proper 14-50 adapter for either a Gen 1, or a Gen 2, Mobile Connector, as they are not interchangeable. I was very surprised that Home Depot actually had an adapter made by AC Works. I don't think my Home Depot handles anything like that. I just looked at...
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    mobile charger on 240volts?

    Is the picture of the 14-50 plug you have shown, the one going to your juice box, or is it the one that is part of the Mobile Connector adapter? If it is part of the adapter, it does not look like a Tesla OEM part, but rather third party, and may not be providing the correct coding and limiting...
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    mobile charger on 240volts?

    Just to confirm, is this a Gen 1, or Gen 2 Mobile Charger? Also both the charger and the 14-50 adapter are Tesla, and not a third party like AC Works?
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    mobile charger on 240volts?

    Which adapter are you using on your mobile charger? What receptacle did you have that you are plugging into? If you are using something like a dryer receptacle, that is rated for only 30 Amps, the adapter that is plugged into your mobile charger will limit that to 80%, or 24 Amps.
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Not sure it will make much difference since neither rear toe, or rear camber is adjustable unless you have replaced factory links with aftermarket adjustable links.
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    I really do not understand how there can be so much variation in tire wear, on cars with pretty much fixed alignment values, assuming no accident damage, and similar driving habits. I would love to have the alignment values that Josephponline posted but not sure I am ready to invest in the...
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    Battery drain advice 2016 P90DL

    As an average, seems a bit high. Long term average for my 2019 Raven is more in the range of 325 to 350. That is NorCal climate, highway, and local town driving.
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    Which car next?

    For me it is not the car, as much as the infrastructure that supports it in terms of charging. I do enjoy our 2019 Raven, warts and all, but since we use it a lot for travel, it is the SC network that makes the deal for me. Yes, I know there is a huge effort to "Electrify America", but it is a...
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    My out-of-warranty MX is dead for the second time in a month :(

    How old is the 12 volt battery? I would think the SC would check this first thing, but a failing one can lead to many evil gremlins!
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Do you have a printout of the alignment values that the car now has? I am interested particularly in what they set the rear toe value too, since they now have an adjustable link.
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    what's needed to plug the mobile charger into 220?

    I would not assume that seeing the 5/20 duplex that it is indeed wired with 12 ga wire and served by a 20 Amp breaker. If it were a single, non duplex, than I would feel better about the likelihood that it is on a 20 Amp circuit, perhaps even dedicated, such as a whole house vacuum outlet...
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    Locked out of Model X - Both Key Fobs not working

    Just curious how this issue was resolved? I measured the current draw on both of my key fobs, while a distance away from the car, and it was less than a mA. I am not sure of the system used if there is some period of sync or polling, but clearly a continuous 40mA or so will not work. Reading...
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Just to be clear, the wear issue was on the rear inside tires? I would be delighted to correct the issue by buying Michelin tires since they are one of my preferred brands. I just do not see how the tire design can correct the excessive, non-adjustable rear camber. I realize the inner tread...
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    A Positive Service Experience

    I wanted to give a shout out to the SC in Portland Oregon. While on a road trip I experienced a flat tire, and while investigating realized that I had one flat and one ready to become flat in a few miles. This was a case of me not recognizing the fact that you can have fair (4mm) tread on the...
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    Picked up my first Tesla!

    The picture on original post shows odometer at 38,629 miles.
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Are you checking the innermost rear tread? Put the car in the highest suspension and reach in and feel the tire to be sure, as you do not want a surprise on the road. Just seems odd since rear camber appears to be the issue, and it is not adjustable on your car, as it is not on mine. I am not...
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    When this happened to me, to both rear tires while on a road trip, I did a deep dive of the subject on the internet. By far the conclusion seems to be this goes with the territory, be it pre or post Raven, height setting, driving style, etc. My wear was very similar, inside destroyed, while...
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Here is before/after alignment spec. Note rear camber does not change since it is not adjustable. Ride height is normally set to LOW, inflation at 42PSI. Note that the alignment was done at 46PSI, and left rear shows 0. All work done by Portland Or. Service Center. I do wish it showed the...
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    2019 Model X, Raven, September 2019 production, factory 22 inch wheels I have now come to realize this is a known issue, but want to caution others as it caused a trip interruption for me, and an unexpected Service Center visit. Check the rear inside tire wear! I checked rear tread depth...
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    Model X, 22inch wheel Tire Pressures

    Vehicle is 2019, Model X, Raven, produced September 2019, factory 22 inch wheels and tires. Just what is the cold inflation pressure recommended for this vehicle? The door pillar spec says 42 PSI, both front and rear, however I recently had all 4 tires replaced at a SC in Portland on somewhat...
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    Front Vibration

    First, I have no solution but curious at what point did this start? If I read you post correctly in one year's time you put on 35000 miles. Did you notice this issue shortly after purchase or did it develop over time? Has it gotten worse or remains the same? Is there a place where you can...
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    Navigation system really is not even close to TomTom....

    I agree that some of the features described would be helpful but I continue to be impressed with how up to date the nav data is and how well the voice commands work to input requests, making it very much "hands free". It does not seem to matter if I say "drive to Mexican food", or "drive to...
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    WiFi at Tesla Superchargers?

    Is there a Tesla provided WiFi at Supercharger locations? I note that Amenities are displayed at most Supercharger locations, showing WiFi, however I don't believe I have ever encountered a Tesla provided WiFi connection. Is this really just an indicator that there is cell phone coverage, and...
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    If you have clearance for the FWD you can override the sensors and allow them to fully raise. Our 2019 Model X would not raise the FWD fully on the first attempt. After checking clearance I just held the UP button down, there will be warning alerts, and the doors extended. You have an option...
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    Pedestrian Warning Speaker

    Just trying to determine do I have this, have part of it or all of it but not working etc. Not trying to evoke discussion on the merits of pedestrian warning, just curious what I have. I have visited past posts, and other forums and still murky to me. Vehicle is 2019, Model X, Long Range...
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    Constant cycling of charging (every few sec)

    You indicated that when this erratic charging event occurs that the display shows low voltage between 0 and 187 Volts. Is there a way that when it is in this mode that you can measure the voltage at the 14/50 receptacle? I know you said the voltage was fine when there was a continuous 40 Amp...
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    Where do you all put your USB devices for dashcam?

    It was my understanding that the rears are charge ports only, with no data connection.
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    Better than rated Wh/mi?

    I think it should be 100kWh/325Wh/mi=307 mile range.
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    How to engage Model X auto-park?

    Do you have FSD, (Full Self Driving)?
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    12 volt battery question

    Even if you do not have the Wall Charger, or 14-50 receptacle, you can just leave your mobile connector plugged in operating on normal 120 Volts. Set your charge limit to 80% if not already there.
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    Tesla wall connector gen3 overheating fix

    Installing a 14/50 could be a solution, based on your intended usage. Would you then use your Mobile Connector plugged into the 14/50. As I recall this will give you a charge rate of 32 Amps. If you are paying to install a 14/50, and feel there is a Wall Connector in your future once bugs are...
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    Tesla wall connector gen3 overheating fix

    Why max output set to 24 Amps? Is this on a 30 Amp circuit? Is this just the way Tesla is "solving" the overheating problem by limit to 24 Amps, and or tapering to that value in short order after starting at 48 Amps?
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    Tesla wall connector gen3 overheating fix

    Gen. 2 Connectors could be wired with up to a 90 Amp circuit, and capable of charging earlier vehicles up to 72 Amps. Newer cars are maxed out at 48 Amps. Seems as if they could at one time handle 72 Amps reliably, that a reliable 48 Amp Connector should not be so difficult. Remember these...
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    Tesla wall connector gen3 overheating fix

    If I were only looking at the spec. sheets I too would say the Gen. 3 is better. It has all the capabilities of the Gen 2 but is more future proof due to the WiFi capability. Sounds like folks are not paying attention to real world issues that are clearly part of the Gen 3 roll out.
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    Long Range Plus or Performance X

    Range was a big deal to me when we bought our 2019 Model X. I now realize that with a home charger, and access to many SuperChargers, it is just no big deal. I do not tow, but I do quite a few 1000 mile trips each year and it has not been as issue. For me, performance is never enough, and I'm...
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    Tesla X going crazy

    Thanks for the update of the issue. Sounds like it was a total shut down of all systems, perhaps a failure of the 12 Volt battery. Clearly they will need to get to the bottom of this with a clear explanation of what happened and what failed. Please keep all updated!
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    Tesla X going crazy

    Make sure only one key FOB is in play. I had a similar issue of locking/unlocking, mirrors folding at random etc. It turned out it was because I was keeping the unused FOB too close to the vehicle, and it would occasionally detect that FOB and open up the car. I moved unused FOB location to...

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