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    Couple of questions on 2017 Used Model S

    Hello, I bought my 2017 100d 11/2020 so I've had mine a bit now. Congrats on your new toy! 1) It's hard to hear in your file for me. My car is completely silent at those speeds. However, I have a slight rattle sometimes that took me forever to determine. It was the passenger door. If I reach...
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    Tesla App Store Concept

    I thought it was going to be a more closed off app store. Just a new revenue stream for Tesla with apps by Tesla. I agree, if it's an app store like Apple or Google, it's most likely a horrible idea due to security risk. It's next to impossible to really lock it down without an unrealistic...
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    The more things change, the more they stay the same...

    On a positive note. My 2017 with MCU2 seems to perform way better in transition from Netflix back or games back. The speed in which it closes and everything comes back is no longer this oh crap how long until I can move or is it going to crash. Hopefully that is not short lived. Browser is...
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    Text Message Feature is Displaying Old Messages

    I have a 2017 model s. Didn't happen until I upgraded to MCU2. My phone is Android. It seems to come and go. Initially, it was EVERY message I would get an old one first. I believe it's been 4 months since I upgraded and it seems to slowly get better, I'd say now it's only about 15% of the...
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    Refusing Delivery at Remote Pickup Location

    I bought mine 11/2020 and I'm in Tulsa. Had to go to Kansas city and get it. I spoke with the SC just a few weeks ago about that because I thought it was something to do with the Pandemic. I was told it is because of our dealership laws here in OK and they are working on getting a law change...
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    Models S - 2017 100D or 2019 75D

    I do not believe there is anything else you would miss vs 2019. I would think the 300 mile trip would be a reason to lean harder towards the 100d. If your going to keep the car for long enough the bigger battery is going to continue being more important over the long run in my opinion...
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    Trouble Printing Invoices from App on Android?

    Had the same issue. On my phone it saved to downloads but not with correct extension so I couldn't open it. Had to email it to myself and then add extension and open on the desktop.
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    Spare Tire

    Tesla sells a kit that's essentially fix a flat and air compressor which is what I believe DerbyDave is talking about. I didn't see the need to buy it. Never used it in my Corvette, it came with it though at least. Escalade doesn't have a spare or a kit either. As stated above, there is quite...
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    Blog Panasonic Sells Tesla Stake for $3.6B

    Exactly what I was thinking. Although I do not think it is a guarantee they are losing confidence if they sold all. Taxes, cash flow, many reason's why this may be a good time for them to sell but knowing they still have a solid stake sure feels better.
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    Used Tesla Model S Delivery Experience!

    Nice car. I'm sure you will enjoy it! I picked up my 2017 100d in November 2020. Came from CA to MO in 2 weeks. Also a LONG two weeks LOL. Everything was quite smooth for me aside from no delivery in OK. Had to drive to MO and get it but it's fun to do a road trip in your new car. Note for any...
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    Somebody upgrade MCU2 and lost free premium connectivity?

    May 2017 MCU2 upgrade along with HW3 because of FSD and Radio Module. Free Premium is still there. I also received XM update. Told me I had the antennas. That conflicts with some of what I read.
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    Soon to be first time parent - Help with car seat!

    Congrats! We chose a base system with our daughter also. I did not own a Tesla in 2013 though and rocked the 2012 Volt. My volt has leather and our Escalade also has leather. The base is a great move, it makes moving between cars so much less of a hassle. The base makes one heck of an impression...
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    Purchasing a used model S

    I bought my 2017 MS 100D in November Used from Tesla. I've not posted about it but I'll throw in my experience now. My car was listed in September just before they stopped posting pictures so I could still see pictures on ev-cpo. I was adamant about only picking a car I could see pictures for...
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    How did this happen?

    Your musk say it was a miracle got me to reply LOL. No idea past maybe some hard core dirt on the rear sonic sensors? Clearly a glitch of some sort. Weird it sorted itself out without a reboot. Maybe something got wet that shouldn't have?
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    Model S Body Kit

    Prior to owning my MS I would have liked this more. My 2017 has grown on me quite a bit and I don't see this as a worthy upgrade for me. For sure an added aggressive style though. Is that custom or just a rendering of a potential design?
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    Ultimate EV Road Trip - Circumnavigating North America

    Great write up and EXCELLENT video! Thanks for sharing.
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    Purchased new MS a few months ago (2020), 1st rain wiper issue.

    LOL, I did not know that.
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    After over a year search, found my MS

    Congrats on the new car! I talked myself out of the performance model since getting a 2017+ at a price point similar to what you achieved seemed difficult.
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    Purchased new MS a few months ago (2020), 1st rain wiper issue.

    Do you by chance have Auto Wipers turned on. I've found it isn't that great at triggering wipers sometimes as it's still in Beta. If you pick any of the intermittent modes nothing happens unless it detects rain. Which I've seen it NOT do with significant or moderate rain randomly. If you move...

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