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  1. fataldeadlock

    FS: 2015 Model S 85 Blue Metallic AP1

    Scuffed paint on front driver wheel well has been buffed out, no longer an issue. Current Mileage: 80,026 New Asking Price: $34,500
  2. fataldeadlock

    FS: 2015 Model S 85 Blue Metallic AP1

    2015 Used Tesla Model S 85 Oklahoma City, OK - Asking $42,000 Autopilot with Convenience Features: Enables Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Front Collision Warning and Lane Departure Avoidance. * This version cannot be upgraded to Full Self-Driving. – Autosteer – Adaptive Cruise Control – Auto...
  3. fataldeadlock

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I am running 2019.32.12.7 on my 2015 S85 AP1 car, I have two complete sets of 19" wheels / tires. I just took off the 19" all seasons and put on the 19" winter tires in my garage. This proved odd because it asked me to change tire configurations in the menu, but the correct option was still...
  4. fataldeadlock

    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    For road trips, it will be an issue until Superchargers are located every 25-50 miles. In my one year of driving a 2015 Model S 85, I have thus far encountered three scenarios where relying on the Tesla navigation could have got me stranded. 1. Road Closure. Driving from Illinois along I-44 to...
  5. fataldeadlock

    Text Message Solutions?

    My solution for cell phone use outside of US is to continue using my phone as usual. Google Fi provides cell service. Zero international roaming charges (voice, text, or data), only pay for data the you use, and it also has an unlimited data option for those few months when you need it. If...
  6. fataldeadlock

    Car Seat and Passenger

    No. I drive an S and while you "can" fit an adult in between two car seats back there, it is a pain to get in and out. It is also really tight, car seats push firmly against you. If they are both forward facing car seats then you have no room for your shoulders. Gotta be worse on a Model 3.
  7. fataldeadlock

    Another CPO question....

    To answer your question, they called 3 mm tire tread too low, and we set to replace it. The remaining tires for me were 5.2mm to 6.0 mm, new tires should be 7.9 mm (10/32 inch). Don't believe they will fix curb rash on the current no "cosmetic" CPO plan, but make sure they are not cracked.
  8. fataldeadlock

    Another CPO question....

    I bought my CPO 2015 Model S just before they stopped fixing "cosmetic" issues. An argument can be made that tires are a "safety" item. I pressed my sales advisor very firmly that I would not accept mismatched tires on my CPO car. My pre-owned inspection sheet showed one tire "repaired" due...
  9. fataldeadlock

    Time to Replace Tires

    Beware, summer tires are no good below 40 deg F. The slightest amount of moisture one the road with temps under 40 will cause nearly zero traction and can be very dangerous. Maybe thats not a concern in FL, but in the Midwest I cannot run summer tires between Nov-Mar.
  10. fataldeadlock

    My neighbors keep opening my charge port

    Negative, my 2015 Model S w AP1 do not auto-close the charge port. There is not even a motor or anything to close it. It is held closed by a magnet. Opening the charge port consists of the magnet releasing it and letting a spring do the rest. It also seems that the slightest moisture from...
  11. fataldeadlock

    Discriminated and Kicked out of Ford dealer for using Level 2 charger.Owner responds on Google.

    FWIW, owner is perfectly in his right ask anyone to leave, though no reason to be a jerk about it when no signs are posted (assuming no other foul play by Tesla owner). I will add to this comedic discourse with a tangentially related image. Ford dealerships can be quiet the hostile businesses...
  12. fataldeadlock

    Don't take your hands off the wheel

    I disagree that there is no nag when used properly. Some roads are dead straight and autopilot will get so locked onto the lane that I will repeatedly get warnings. Both hands are on the wheel, but no input has been needed (or my guidance has 100% matched the autopilot steering action.
  13. fataldeadlock

    Oklahoma Tesla Owners

    Recently moved "back" to Oklahoma, I have blue 2015 Model S. Been seeing lots of Model 3's around South OKC, not many S or X.
  14. fataldeadlock

    Tesla Referral Program

    Likewise, I have a fresh referral code with the $500 discount if anyone wants it, send me a message.
  15. fataldeadlock

    Question on Spare power suppy in Mic grill

    I am having trouble with the 4 pin connector in the speaker grille. I metered it out and I am able to measure 10.7 volts between the two middle pins. I bought A119 list on teslatap.com ultimate dashcam guide, since this requires 5 volts, I bought the 12v to 5v adapter http://amzn.to/2sMRHhz...
  16. fataldeadlock

    Driver Assistance - Unavailabe (after charging)

    I will second the deep power-off. I had some random issues with "Driver Assistance Unavailable", but more concerning to me was that my frunk was unlatching itself and consequently setting off the car alarm once per night, and even once while driving. I called the service center and was...
  17. fataldeadlock

    Guess who just got pulled over??? This loser!

    That mini van has a cleft lip, lol.
  18. fataldeadlock

    S85 Battery Degradation

    2015 S 85, 43k miles, 90% charge is 237 miles rated
  19. fataldeadlock

    New Model 3 vs Used Model S

    If you are considering a used Model S, request a callback and speak with a Tesla sales adviser. If you can figure out with options you "need" and which options you can do without, they can find cars that are not listed anywhere online which still qualify for the CPO warranties. I just took...
  20. fataldeadlock

    P100D Model S Crazy Lease Deal

    A brand new Model S with zero options is $74,500 with advertised interest rates of 2.99% for a 72 month term. Longer terms, generally mean a higher interest rate. A rate of 3.5% at 96 months would easily make total interest paid over $10k, likewise adding options such as EAP, Premium Upgrade...
  21. fataldeadlock

    Model S Recall - Power Steering

    I am stuck in limbo. I received the email about this letter last night. Had an Amtrak booked to pick up our CPO 2015 Model S 85 this Saturday in the Chicago area, and I already sold my other car. My service rep called me this morning and I am told that my delivery must be cancelled because...
  22. fataldeadlock

    Taking kids to delivery?

    I will be taking my 2 year old daughter to pick up our CPO Model S this weekend. She gets really excited to ride in Daddy's fast RX-8, and making motoring sounds. I can't wait to see her reaction when she is silently launched to 60 in the Model S. Hopefully she will be in a good mood while we...
  23. fataldeadlock

    P100D Model S Crazy Lease Deal

    What the what. Financing a new car for 8 years? That must add at least $10k in interest, not to even mention depreciation. That is mind boggling.
  24. fataldeadlock

    First quarter 2018 deliveries

    I suspect that the real reason for the Model S/X backlog (June deliveries) is not due to orders alone, but a focus on ramp up to 5k Model 3's per week. I suspect they will push really hard to achieve the target Model 3 throughput a few weeks and then it will relax downward temporarily while...
  25. fataldeadlock

    Might order my 3 soon, very begrudgingly.

    The no haggling comment deserves a like. Recent news articles show shady dealers with insane mark ups on highly anticipated Honda Civic's (lol), Dodge Challengers, and others. Whether you want the extra Model 3 first production options or not, at least you don't have to worry about the car...
  26. fataldeadlock

    CPO Buyers - Original Monroney Sticker Available

    Thanks for the advice, I was able to get the Monroney sticker by emailing my sales adviser.
  27. fataldeadlock

    3 vs. S -- Your Thoughts on Smaller Crumple Zone?

    If you are looking for AWD due to performance reasons, go for it. However, you will be just as good or better off simply buying a good set of winter tires for snow & cold weather driving. These can certainly be had for less money than the AWD option. My current daily driver is a rear wheel...
  28. fataldeadlock

    Looking for Clear Wrap in Central Illinois

    I am currently awaiting delivery of a CPO Blue 2015 Model S 85 kwh with AP 1.0. The last vehicle I bought was a 2011 Mazda RX-8 which I bought new and was very disappointed by the massive number of rock chips eating away at my paint. Looking to prevent that with the Model S by installing a...

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