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  1. Dakkor

    Is there anyone aftermarket Rear Suspension Lower Control Arm ?

    This is driving me crazy. Is there any aftermarket suspension parts available anywhere in the world? I'm looking for the Rear Suspension Lower Control Arm 1027459-00-A They are labeled made in Canada. Who makes them in Canada?
  2. Dakkor

    Model S Door handle don't show - out of warranty

    Anyone have this fixed recently and know the canadian cost? I am reading here post from 400 to 1000$ US.... There a guy doing it in Granby for 200$ canadian... i'm out of warranty. Door handle on driver door stopped presenting after washing my car. I managed to open with a car and put some tape...
  3. Dakkor

    Cancelling maintenance plan - Anyone did it?

    Did anyone cancelled their maintenance plan? What have you done to do it? Phone? email? The amount refunded was base on what?
  4. Dakkor

    Need new 19" tires...

    People are recommending the Michelin Primacy MXM4 (that I currently have) and the Pirelli Cinurato P7. I want them to last the longuest possible since I do 30-40k KM per year and want them to be a good ride/silent. Any other recommendations and pro/cons for these 2?
  5. Dakkor

    Clicking noise while parked every 2 minutes

    Hey I don't know if this is new or what but my car is doing a clicking noise right now while parked. Every 2 minutes. I already heard that noise before but not every 2 minutes and this is starting to be anoying. Like I will need to close my room windows anoying. it's sound like 2 click and 1...
  6. Dakkor

    85D... Getting low battery usage(i think)

    Left at 100% so I used 82% of battery for 59kwh If I do a small math that make around 72 kwh usuable.. It's seem low. https://imgur.com/uZSTrQZ
  7. Dakkor

    Service plan - Feeling meh.

    So when I bought my car I took the 8 year service plan. Service are "supposed to be done" at 20000km or 1 year whatever come first. I did my first service at 1 year and 35000km. They said nothing. Did my 2nd service at 2 year at 55000km. They said nothing. So this week I call for my 3rd...
  8. Dakkor

    Power inverter question

    Would this work in a Model S? I plan to only use it with the 12V plug inside the car. https://www.amazon.ca/AUKEY-Outlets-Inverter-Smartphones-Tablets/dp/B019Q9859I/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1527374291&sr=1-3&keywords=power+outlet+to+12v&dpID=51f7cYtmJUL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch...
  9. Dakkor

    Referral - How much time before displayed

    Hey How much time should it take before I can see someone that ordered with my referral code?
  10. Dakkor

    Dead key fob after leaving it in the car

    Hey guys long story short. Lost my keyfob for 5 days. I was using my wife key until yesterday when I got to work and realized that the car was not locking. Then it hit me. I forgot my wife key at home. So the damn key was in my car all that time. Anyway. For the 5 days the car was displaying...
  11. Dakkor

    Guys.. don't skip annual inspection.

    I know. It's electric and don't need inspection and some people are at 100k miles and the car is fine. I bought the 8 year annual inspection when I bought the car and each year i'm thinking about just getting it refund. So Tuesday I drop my car for my 2 year inspection. End of the day got a...
  12. Dakkor

    Is it just me that is disapointed by the cargo space!?

    I mean... 13ft cube for trunk AND frunk combined.. this is smaller than my Kia Soul that does even have a frunk. Am I missing something?
  13. Dakkor

    Enjoy 10400$ AP 2.0....

    Ouch? 10400$ for full self-driving Model S.
  14. Dakkor

    Canadian 8.0 topic

    So does anyone in Canada received 8.0 yet? I'm pretty sure we are going to wait a while ;(
  15. Dakkor

    Maps app crashing 3G connection

    Anyone else is having this problem? If I leave the maps application open I will loose 3G connection every 5-10 minutes. Only solution right now I have found is to close the navigation application and have something else open. Any informations from Tesla when this will be fixed? I did not contact...
  16. Dakkor

    Canadian Model S 85D for sale

    Hi! We are selling our Model S since the family is getting bigger and we want to buy a Model X Here is the link via AutoHebdo it is a french canadian website but if you guys have more question I can awnser here quickly. Thanks! Auto - 2015 Tesla Model S 85D à TERREBONNE, QC 115 000 $
  17. Dakkor

    People switching from Model S, how do you like it?

    We are waiting for baby #2 and our S feel inadequate. Our 1st daughter is almost 2 year old and she is very small. Wife want that she stay in rear facing position the longuest time possible. We have Clek brand baby car seats and it's huge but very good quality but it takes a lot of place and I'm...
  18. Dakkor

    Back of front seat

    Are the back of the front seat replaceable or you need to change the entire seat? My baby car seat was to near the seat and it left some mark inside the back of the seat.. When I will sell the car I will probably need to replace it.
  19. Dakkor

    Winter tires for Model X

    Hi! I have the Michelin Xice Xi-3 on my Model S for winter tires. Any recommendation for winter tires on the X? I looked real quick on a Canadian website and there was only Pirelli's at 700$ each.
  20. Dakkor

    Navigation taking longer way...

    Last week I was using the navigation to see wich way to use to get home. I always have 2 options. I know the way I just wanted to know the traffic. So I set my destination and it is making me use the longer road. 10km longer. I unzoom the map and look around, there is no traffic and the...
  21. Dakkor

    Drive-in Cinema

    Anyone went to see a movie in a drive-in cinema with their Model S in Canada? With DRL I feel this is impossible to accomplish since there is no way to close the lights and key the radio running..
  22. Dakkor

    Red brake calipers

    They are now available on the shop, is that a new thing? I knew that we could buy the spoiler but now the caliper are available
  23. Dakkor

    Looking for rims and winter tire near Montreal

    Hello! Any shop recommandation for rims and winter tire(meh already?) near Montreal? I want to buy a second set of wheel, already have regular 19" tesla set for my summer tires but I am looking to put the Tesla rims on my winter tires and buy a better looking set of rims for the next summer...
  24. Dakkor

    Xpel near Montreal

    Helwlo! I am looking for a good shop to do a full Xpel Ultimate on my new Model S who is coming in around 2-3 weeks. On Xpel website it says that Protex is the official dealer in Canada. I have contacted 3 Protex shop near me(Terrebonne, Mascouche and Repentigny ones..) by email and none of...

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