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    Free SeaSucker roof rack

    Interested if still available
  2. K

    Stealth Hitch for 2017-2021 Model 3

    Interested, sent PM.
  3. K

    Stealth Hitch 2 inch receiver with tow ball

    What model Tesla is this for?
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    Where can I buy/rent snow chains for an X with 20 in wheels in San Diego? Need by the weekend.

    You can try Amazon. I purchased an AutoSock, which is tire chain alternative, in beginning of year for trip to Mammoth, and it was fine. I mainly purchased in case of snow chain check points. If you have prime, you should hopefully be able to get it before weekend. Hope that helps!
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    Model 3 Totaled - Accessories for sale

    Interested in spoiler if still available
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    Need a good body shop in SoCal

    I recall seeing a vendor post for a shop called Diamond Hills Collision Center. It looked like a legitimate place that specialized in Tesla’s. They have a location in Diamond Bar and another place somewhere in OC I believe.
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    Hi, I would be interested in this as well. Thanks in advance!

    Hi, I would be interested in this as well. Thanks in advance!
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Same here...Just updated to 46.2 tonight and bass sounds pretty good to the level when I first got the car pre-v9.
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    Referral Code in Exchange for Wall Connector

    Hi Johnny, I’m in SoCal. Please send me a DM if you haven’t received one already.
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    Southern California (Orange County) Tesla Model 3 Tint/PPF Group Buy

    What's the name of the shop in Temecula? I'm still shopping around for window tint.
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    WTB: Tesla High Power Wall charger (HPWC) - non working

    Anyone have and/or looking to get rid of a non-working Tesla HPWC unit still in their possession? It can either be the new or old style. I’m interested in using for parts.
  12. K

    Southern California (Orange County) Tesla Model 3 Tint/PPF Group Buy

    Just spoke with Jesse from Rodz Tint Shop and Complete Tinting package (including windshield) is now $950. Too bad I entered in late and just missed the cutoff.
  13. K

    What are you ordering? RWD, AWD, P?

    Just placed order tonight for AWD, Silver Metallic, 19" Sports Wheels, and EAP with estimated delivery showing as Sep '18 to Nov '18.
  14. K

    So has everyone been invited to configure? (Anyone on here still waiting for invite?)

    I have a friend who placed reservation 2 weeks ago and received invitation e-mail today for design & order, who is Southern California resident.
  15. K

    White Seats, are they really easy to keep clean?

    I have close to 20k miles. I just noticed this stain on my front passenger seat, not sure where it came from. I tried 91% rubbing alcohol with no luck. I’m debating to try bar keepers friend. Any suggestions? stain looks darker than it appears.
  16. K

    Can set of 22” turbines fit in rear cargo area of MX?

    Got it, thanks for everyone’s inputs. I actually just completed the transport this past weekend. It was piece of cake fitting them in, especially without any passengers in 2nd row.
  17. K

    Supercharger - Fontana, CA (LIVE 29 Mar 2019, 24 Urban type)

    These are in the parking lot right in front of CVS. I visit this shopping center quite frequently. I was wondering what construction was going on when I saw this area fenced off. Very exciting to hear, nice find!
  18. K

    Can set of 22” turbines fit in rear cargo area of MX?

    Great, thanks everyone for your inputs!
  19. K

    Can set of 22” turbines fit in rear cargo area of MX?

    I’m planning to pick up a set of 22” turbine wheels with tires from a seller and was thinking to use the MX to do so. Was wondering if anyone else did this and if so, any challenges in getting these to fit in the rear cargo area. I’m have a 6-seat configuration. I’ll be coming prepared with...
  20. K

    SoCal Car Wash?

    Congrats on the new MS. I personally wash my vehicles as I built up the right set of equipment to wash and dry properly to minimize scratches and swirls. I’m fairly picky who I would let wash the car, but that’s just me. But I second what was mentioned above regarding waterless or rinseless car...
  21. K

    Model X 60D - 12k Miles - $73k

  22. K

    Referral code for Radio Flyer deal

    I have a code available for a radio flyer if anyone is planning to place an order for a Model S or X.
  23. K

    Lane Departure Warning - Doesn't do anything

    Just picked up our MX last month and I thought this whole time that LDW was an audible or some on-dash screen alert, not a steering wheel vibration type of notification. Good to know.
  24. K

    Tesla Owner API Tutorial (All you need is your browser)

    Did you make sure to enter the Headers info as Content-type=application/json?
  25. K

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheels For Sale Black

    what is your asking price?
  26. K

    Just did LA to Las Vegas in a Model X 60D with 22in wheels

    Nice write up. I tried to make only 1 supercharger stop when going from Rancho Cucamonga to Vegas and back but it seems I have to stop at both Barstow and Primm just to play it safe in a MX75D. I tend to keep my speed at 80mph using cruise control.
  27. K

    Tesla Cable Organizer - Free for pickup

    Jimmy, I'll take it
  28. K

    Referral Code & unlimited supercharging

    I received a reply this morning regarding my inquiry. Here's what they stated. "In regards to the supercharging credits, this is something that will take a few weeks to update and reflect in your account. I apologize for any confusion on that subject, but can assure you that your referral code...
  29. K

    Xpel full front + tint

    For Xpel full front protection, I got quotes ranging from $1400 to $2450 in SoCal areas. Feel free to PM me if you want to know the details. I will be getting mine installed next week. For window tint, I was looking to have the windshield done in one piece. There's not many shops that can do...
  30. K

    Shortage of keys?

    Just took delivery 9/16 in Costa Mesa, CA and only 1 key received; no box, no key ring, no swag :(. They added a line item on the Due Bill for the 2nd key.
  31. K

    Referral Code & unlimited supercharging

    I just noticed the same with my Model X delivery on 9/16. I've been keeping a lookout at the Supercharging section in My Tesla but it still displays as "Remaining Credit". I sent a support inquiry tonight so hopefully I get this resolved in next few days.
  32. K

    Tesla charging cable UMC for sale

    No J1772 adapter?
  33. K

    Set of Model X 22" Wheels

    Does it include TPMS?

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