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  1. Lolly

    Direct Line insurance - Foreign use extension

    Thanks I'm with DL too so will bear this in mind.
  2. Lolly

    White noise in the EU

    This whole idea just really p155es me off :mad:
  3. Lolly

    New 120D? - Also... 100D vs P100D?

    Here, here! Me too.
  4. Lolly

    Jaguar I pace preview yesterday

    To Tesla there are no 'Tesla killers' only car companies that have finally seen the light. The Mission of Tesla Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect & CEO 18 November 2013 Our goal when we created Tesla a decade ago was the same as it is today: to accelerate the advent of sustainable...
  5. Lolly

    Waze thru Android auto / Apple carplay seems like a no-brainer?

    Maybe I'm an undemanding user but built-in maps have done me fine for the 2 months I've owned the car and certainly far better than my old Garmin Nav. What's so great about Waze? (i.e. what am I missing that I didn't realise)
  6. Lolly

    Crazy uk tesla driver.

    It wasn't even his Tesla but his sisters!
  7. Lolly

    New 120D? - Also... 100D vs P100D?

    Agreed. 100D plenty quick enough and beats 99% of most things out there. RPM make a really nice OEM look carbon fibre spoiler.
  8. Lolly

    Summer Tyres for 19" MS in UK

    I'm running P-zero's, great handling in all weathers, seem quiet enough.
  9. Lolly

    Excellent EV holiday destination

    Nice, thanks for posting. :)
  10. Lolly

    Heathrow or Milton Keynes...

    I cancelled my i-pace reservation and bought a S75D instead. supercharger network, more passenger space and that fussy buttons everywhere dash (Jag) swung it for me.
  11. Lolly

    Autopilot worth the money?

    I drive half the 'road to hell' once every month, hated it previously. Now AP1 makes it a breeze, wouldn't be without it.
  12. Lolly

    Model 3 uk questions

    I'm an M3 reservation holder (for a year now) and it's always said Q1 2019 fpr delivery, but I'm expecting it'll actually be around Q3 2019. Bought S75D as I didn't want to wait any longer for my first EV, the only problem with the S is the small UK parking bays where a M3 would definitely be...
  13. Lolly

    Servicing lead times

    I phoned around, 6 weeks+ at Dartford, Heathrow & West Drayton. 2 weeks at Gatwick. I think if the distances aren't unmanageable you've got to phone around and see who's got the least wait time. I had heard bad things about the service at Gatwick, but have to say personally they couldn't have...
  14. Lolly

    Newbie to TMC, ordering Model S soon, many questions

    There's a 16 stall at Hopwood park (M42 J2) en-route ~70 miles for the OP. It's money vs convenience of course. Personally, I can't drive 120 miles in one go without a loo/refreshment stop anyway and no matter how quick I am it always seems to take 20 mins at least, which puts a nice chunk of...
  15. Lolly

    Newbie to TMC, ordering Model S soon, many questions

    I'm a couple of months into owning my S75D and can state categorically that it's enough for your particular described needs. Yes I'd love a 100D of course, but why shell out all that extra cash for the occasional trip when you can work a short Supercharger stop into the route? If it was a more...
  16. Lolly

    Watch out!

    Hi everyone. I have just tested this Faraday pouch, works a treat and looks nice. Tested as follows: 1. Enabled passive entry, allowed car to self lock. 2. Checked each key unlocked car on approach independently, self lock in-between. 3. Tested key 1 in pouch, put right up against and all around...
  17. Lolly

    Driving on sunshine

    LOL, maybe best to store the energy in a big car battery (you might have handy) like I did rather than charge and drive on the go ;)
  18. Lolly

    Driving on sunshine

  19. Lolly

    Driving on sunshine

    Can you drive around the M25 (on autopilot) using only energy from the sun? Yes you can! Total energy used 38.2 kWh, total energy supplied to car last week from sun 49.1 kWh. video coming soon.
  20. Lolly

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    Me too, 'update available' from android app, this morning, usual icon on the MCU when I checked to do update, which took less than 30 mins to install, BTW.
  21. Lolly

    My New Model X rear ended only 2 hours after picking it up in Fremont

    What a nightmare, I'm gutted for you.
  22. Lolly

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    I wasn't, perhaps there could be a new thread to discuss?
  23. Lolly

    Browser default language (UK)

    Looks like this is fixed in 2018.14.2 a88808e installed today. Google searches now come back fully in english UK!:)
  24. Lolly

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    Thanks @SeBsZ, you and this forum rocks! That solution didn't quite work but gave me a different thought process to try a few things not related to just the settings menu to fix. Here's what I did: 1. Tried the suggestion - no go. 2. Locked and unlocked from inside the car with key in cup...
  25. Lolly

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    Installed 2018.14.2 a88808e on UK 2016 S75D from 10.4 this morning. Now passive entry doesn't work! Really annoying, have to use the key (first world problem I know) to unlock every time. Release notes say it can be turned back on but option is completely 'greyed' out. Anyone else have this...
  26. Lolly

    Should I or not?....Re-thinking...

    Being a reservation holder in the UK we're still looking at Q1 or Q2 next year at the earliest, fed up with waiting I recently bought a late 2016 S75D and have held onto the reservation 'just in case'. This is my first EV and I absolutely love it and will never willingly go back to ICE. If the S...
  27. Lolly

    Leaving the Tesla family for an ICE

    I'm happy charging at home and generally do, but also happy to have a coffee and cake on Tesla by charging at the SC, as the cost to fill the tank here in the UK at home is about the same. Depending on facilities of course an SC charge is what you make it, I'm never bored, there's internet...
  28. Lolly

    Browser default language (UK)

    I have recently purchased a used S75D, mine seems to be dutch for searches. Why don't all us UK users submit a support enquiry from mytesla suggesting Tesla provide a solution to overcome? I have already done so, maybe if enough of us ask....
  29. Lolly

    My M3 vs my MS...the revolution is underway

    Depends on what one wants and values in a car. Take it from a fellow Brit with a M3 reservation (and a cancelled i-pace reservation) you will not regret buying an S. Yes it is a big car on UK roads, yes it is wide and long for UK car parking spaces, but in every other aspect it is awesome...
  30. Lolly

    Software Update 2018.10.4

    I had a loan late 2017 100D with AP2/2.5 whilst my late 2016 AP1 75D was in for 48k service, both running 10.4. Route is ~35 miles of motorway with similar traffic and weather conditions on all 4 runs (1 each way with each car). Bringing the AP2 car back it was noticeable that the car wandered...

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