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    200,000+ Mileage Club

    Can you bring your services to the Bay Area, please?
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    Software Update 2019.8.x

    I’m going to go through my USB stick today to check my sentry footage because yesterday I noticed that my dashcam is no longer recording. I suspect sentry is going off all the time in the garage and the videos have filled up the USB drive.
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    Opening and Closing Sunroof is So EMBARRASSING!

    I love my sunroof, especially on Sunday drives to Napa with the wife (god, i sound like an insufferable yuppie :D). I would probably not buy another expensive car without a sunroof, Tesla or otherwise.
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    Software Update 2019.8.x

    Lots of reboots and black screens on power up since .6.
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    Software Update 2019.8.x

    That’s interesting. My MS woke up and flashed its lights last night while my wife and I walked past it, but on the outside of the garage. I didn’t have my fob on me, and there was no one else in the garage. I wants into the garage after my wife mentioned the flashing lights and the sentry...
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    Software Update 2019.12.x

    Wait a minute. If sentry doesn't store footage locally, where are all those sentry videos from the side cameras coming from?
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    Software Update 2019.12.x

    Lol, I don’t know, but I’ve had the same release notes for the last three updates.
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    Software Update 2019.12.x

    Just updated to 2019.8.6 (2018MS, MCU2) Will check out the release notes when I get to my car
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    Software Update 2019.8.x

    Figured out what is happening when updates fail when you try to kick them off via the app: - Attempted to fire off the update remotely through my Tesla app - installation would fail after the countdown expired - Attempted again (remotely), just because - installation failed after the countdown...
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    Software Update 2019.8.x

    D’oh! Thanks :) Edit: turned off sentry mode and it’s still not downloading the update. Will soft reset the vehicle when i get to work and try again.
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    Software Update 2019.8.x

    My Tesla app is telling me I have an update, but when I choose to install it, it always fails to actually start.
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    Vote on software features/bugs to fix in 7.1 and beyond

    Sentry with collision awareness: Parallel parking in cities around the Bay Area are a nightmare, especially in Oakland and SF because drivers around here whom have decided that their car is just a tool for getting from A to B will use their bumper (against yours) to tell when they have no more...
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    Model S/X deliveries drop off cliff, down 56%

    Same here. I put a deposit on a TM3 the day after it was announced, but ended up leasing a 2018 S after I seeing a TM3 in person and getting to sit in it and compare the two models. Thing it, though, we're the exception/small sample size of consumers who are in the market for an EV who can...
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    “Systems Are Powering Up. Press Brake When This Message Clears

    Been happening consistently for me since I bought the car in March 2018. One time, I was stuck outside my coffee shop with the message, and the only solution was for me to initiate an update (that I had scheduled for 3:00am the next morning). Back then, cars with MCU2 could not reboot the...
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    Too young for a Model S

    I get a lot of looks when I walk up to my Tesla, partly because i'm AA, don't dress like I work in tech and definitely don't have the look of what everyone expects a Tesla owner to look like (that's on them, not me :)) When my wife and I decided to get a MS, it was because we wanted to finally...
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    Valet Parking

    One thing I learned from the valet near me is that every Tesla keyfob looks the same, so they struggle to differentiate them. One valet thanked me for having the protective cover for my MS keyfob.
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    Enhanced Anti-theft add-on from Tesla

    My Arlo system works pretty much list this, and those tiny batteries last me months. It would be amazing to have this many layers of security to the point where word got out on the streets that Teslas are not to be f****d with.
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    Mobile service experience

    My rangers are great - very thorough and personable. The parts department, however, is a hot mess. I've had two visits where the ranger was given the wrong part by the parts department. The firs time he had to drive back to the service center to pick up the correct part, the second time, they...
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    My first monthly payment is coming up - where do *you* make your payments?

    *UPDATE* It looks like Tesla finally rolled out an online payment portal that supports online payments and autopay: Welcome to Online Bill Pay Service No more calling in my payments :) (I don't use mail to pay my bills)
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    Hazy Model S windshield

    Have you had ceramic coating done on your car?
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    Software Update 2018.39.5 a1c2332 (first 9.0 release)

    Blame Spotify - they charge crazy licensing fees in the US.
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    Voice command list - From Car

    I feel like every function from the MCU that is driven by code/commands should also be voice activated. There’s no reason it shouldn’t at this point. I’m not even close to being able to code and I could reverse engineer that JSON file to create new (voice) command functions.
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    Voice Command Stop Working

    Same here. Glad it wasn’t just me.
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    Slacker Radio Premium experience

    I was speaking with a friend who works at Tesla and asked him about Spotify, and he tells me that the issue is with Spotify wanting to charge Tesla a boatload of money on licensing fees. That money would have to be carried over to the owner somehow, and Tesla does not want to do that.
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    MCU2 with the premium sound system.
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    Audio: Slacker Radio - Premium or Basic

    I upgraded to premium, and don’t really notice a pronounced difference in audio quality. I also dislike everything else about the service, from functionality, to user interface, to how the application manages your media. It’s an overall terrible service. Please give my Spotify :-(
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    Yeah, I mistyped. I’m on 2018.18.2
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    I just installed 12.2, but my EQ settings still only go to +\-8 :-/
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    Multiple accessories for sale

    Willing to ship the tire inflator to 94610 in California?
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    Static/crackling on some random slacker songs.

    Happens on my month old Model S as well. I use the pause trick to fix it.
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    Fed up with supercharging, going back to ICE

    People quickly forget how much of a *sugar* show the average gas station can be. There’s one near my house that played a particularly huge part in me switching to an EV.
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    Slacker not streaming

    Wasn't working in my car as of 45 minutes ago.
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    Slacker not streaming

    Still would rather have a native Spotify app. The Slacker interface and app functionality are wack.
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    A Quick and Easy QI Wireless Phone Charger?

    Yeah. I’m going back to the factory phone dock. Will sell this to someone in here for $20 :-)
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    A Quick and Easy QI Wireless Phone Charger?

    I was supposed to report back after i installed mine, which i have. The verdict: Ehh, I'm not really sold on it. Pros: - No trying to line up your charging port hole while driving, you just place you device on the pad and (slowly) charge it. - No worrying about your case not fitting inside the...
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    Will this mean more (if that's possible) car break-ins?

    I would do this when my car is parked at work since i work in Foster City where crimes of this nature are virtually nonexistent, but it's not really any more efficient than to have it delivered directly to my mail room, IMHO. Terrible idea.
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    Will this mean more (if that's possible) car break-ins?

    Are Tesla break-ins that common, or is it that *all* cars in SF get broken into, including Teslas?
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    Electrician help

    I went with these guys: EVCharge4U – Electric Car Charging Consultants & Specialist Very thorough, and they even took care of all of the logistics for the home inspection. They're not the cheapest, but their work is solid and guaranteed.
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    Paint protection

    I wouldn't pay any money for a partial wrap because of the visible/unsightly seam you'll see on your hood and fender. just pay the extra $$ to have the entire hood and fenders wrapped.
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    My first monthly payment is coming up - where do *you* make your payments?

    I got a Lol, not my first loan, but my first with Tesla, and financed through Tesla Finance LLC Thing is, for company that allows you to buy a >$100K car by taking a deposit online, their monthly payment system is a bit archaic. With Toyota, though Toyota/Lexus financing, I had access to all...
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    My first monthly payment is coming up - where do *you* make your payments?

    I received a letter with my monthly payment info, but I don’t typically like to send payments via mail. There’s a payment section in my account page (that rewards “$0.00” balance) - is that an option for submitting monthly payments?
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    NEMA 14-50 vs NEMA 14-30

    Dang. How are you getting 22 on a 14-30? I max out at 18/19.
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    Valet Parking

    Man, there are so many Teslas in LA that i'm sure every Valet attendant has driven at least one.
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    Immersive Sound on New MCU?

    Maybe it's helps with distortion? I have my bass set to 6/7 and it sounds amazing, but then again, i have a brand new 75D with the new MCU and nothing to compare it to (i'm a new Tesla owner)
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    NEMA 14-50 vs NEMA 14-30

    I was told that I could only go with a 14-30 after hoping i would be running a 14-50. The obvious drawbacks are that i charge at a rate of 18 miler per hour on 24A versus the ~29 on a 14-50 @ 30A. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with my setup - I haven't' had any issues with tripping...
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    Stuck on “Systems Are Powering Up” error message. Car is essentially dead

    Since none of the steering wheel controls did anything on my current version of my MCU, my only options was to force an update (the touchscreen still worked, thankfully). The update fixed the issue, and it now allows me to do a force reset using the steering wheel controls now :-)
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    Stuck on “Systems Are Powering Up” error message. Car is essentially dead

    I have the new MCU and haven’t downloaded the .12 update yet, so i can’t reboot via across wheels. I’ve powered down and exited > entered the vehicle to try and restart the screen boot sequence, but nothing. I’ve called roadside, and they are out of solutions, and what do you know, engineers...
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    Immersive Sound on New MCU?

    Is this only a feature for those with the PUP? I have the upgraded sound system and noticed that feature when i got my car a few weeks ago. What i did noticed was missing on min that was present in the older 85D loaner was an option for Dolby Surround.
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    MS P85D wheel spacers?

    Haven't pulled the trigger yet, but i'm looking at getting the Motorsport Adaptec 20mm spacers with pressed studs.
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    MS P85D wheel spacers?

    So, for 19" and 21" with smart air suspension, everyone is going with 20mm spacers with no rubbing? I have my cursor on the "BUY" button of these spacers :)

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