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  1. UncleCreepy

    Semi Launch 12/1 - What comes out of the back this time?

    Probably a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and a few other gases, nicely wrapped in vaporware.
  2. UncleCreepy

    Tesla App showing different kWh than car

    Presumably we are talking about the power at which you charge which is 2 kW vs 3 kW (kWh is energy, kW is power). Also, just to avoid incorrect answers let me point out that you are in Austria where the nominal mains voltage is 230 V, thus the 2 or 3 kW. I wouldn't be too concerned about the...
  3. UncleCreepy

    Regenerative braking on icy roads

    That's very insightful, I'll keep it in mind this winter. I'll get back to you once I end up in the ditch. Shouldn't be too long.
  4. UncleCreepy

    Tesla proximity warning - The worst in the industry!

    That and the beeping does change once you get close enough to an obstacle.
  5. UncleCreepy

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD Charging limited to 32 amps?

    I used to have a M3 LR RWD and as others pointed out, it should be able to charge at 48 Amps. Mine did. I second @ucmndd's post, it's likely a PCS fault.
  6. UncleCreepy

    Charge limited to 16/48a

    Assuming that this is not temperature related and didn't happen above 95% SoC you might have a problem with the on-board charger. There are three of them, each of which runs at up to 16 A. If two of them fail you'd be limited to 16 A. Sounds unlikely though that two units fail at the same time...
  7. UncleCreepy

    Auto pilot and cruise control gone - multiple error messages

    Yes, in my case it always helped. Seems like it's a different issue with your car.
  8. UncleCreepy


    Same here except they're only offering me 2022.36.6 right now. I still have a working radar in my car and I sure won't let AP take control over high beams and windshield wipers. Not going to give that away. I only hope they won't force an update at some point. I mean what's next? HVAC control...
  9. UncleCreepy

    Auto pilot and cruise control gone - multiple error messages

    Happens every few weeks to my M3. Let it sit for a while and check if autopilot becomes available again. The service centre will only tell you that there is a software issue that will be fixed in a future update. If it stays like this you'll probably have to get it checked though.
  10. UncleCreepy

    Tesla Wall charger on a "50 amp circuit"

    Depends what you call electricity. It will use less current (32 Amps instead of 48 Amps) but that also means you have to charge longer. The amount of energy you put into the battery is the same, so charging slower isn't going to save you any money if that was your question.
  11. UncleCreepy

    Tesla Wall charger on a "50 amp circuit"

    There are literally dozens if not hundreds of threads about charging, wall connectors, wire sizes etc. Short answer: with a 50 Amp breaker you can pull 40 Amps continously (80%, rule) and the WC needs to be set up so it will report a max current of 40 Amps to a connected car. Nothing wrong...
  12. UncleCreepy

    Wow, 36.5 is out

    It'll take a long time before I trust Tesla enough to install another "bugdate". Until then, no more OTA (online terror attack) for me.
  13. UncleCreepy

    Is Regenerative braking a safety issue?

    I barely ever use the friction brakes and never had any issues when I did need them. Just because you never press the brake pedal doesn't mean they will never engage (read the manual). Plus, as of one of the more recent updates, the car can be programmed to use the friction brakes if regen is...
  14. UncleCreepy

    Turn Off Speed Max Display

    It's always been there. And no, it can't be removed. As soon as AP is available it will show up.
  15. UncleCreepy

    Can anyone recommend a heated steering wheel cover for the M3?

    Thanks @KenC. I'm surprised that it fits properly. To my knowledge the Model 3 steering wheel is less than 14" in diameter, that's why I never even looked at the 15" units. The 14.5" I had before was already a pretty loose fit. Maybe the one you have is more stretchy? I dunno. Anyway, thanks for...
  16. UncleCreepy

    Can anyone recommend a heated steering wheel cover for the M3?

    Winter is coming to the great white north and sadly I have one of the older M3s that don't have a heated steering wheel. Due to the small size of the steering wheel I couldn't find a matching heated steering wheel cover. I've tried one that turned out to be total crap. Not only was it too large...
  17. UncleCreepy

    No headlights in heavy rain, seriously???

    To my knowledge the lights have always been triggered by darkness only. It works fairly well, however in rain or fog it usually doesn't unless it's also dark at the same time.
  18. UncleCreepy

    Wh/Mi Display Change [Feature Request]

    But now you can have the side mirrors in that corner. Because it makes so much sense to look at the screen while changing lanes or turning... (yes, I am being sarcastic) I really wish there were more options to customise the screen. It's not horrible, but there is room for improvement.
  19. UncleCreepy

    Just had Wall Charger installed

    Nothing for you to do if it has been properly installed. Unless you have any special use for it (only allow specific vehicles etc) there is no setup necessary. Think of it like a phone charger. You plug it in, end of story. Imho WiFi on the wall connector is totally overrated. After what Tesla...
  20. UncleCreepy

    Software Version 2022.24.8 deleted driver profiles, homelink setting and turned off mobile access

    ^ That. It has nothing to do with the software version itself, it just happens sometimes, although rarely. I had the same thing happen to my M3 LR once. The car thought it was in California although it was still in Ontario, speed limit signs were European and it took lord knows how many reboots...
  21. UncleCreepy

    Mobile Connector = 32A Max?

    32 A is the max current you can get from the mobile connector. It's exactly the way it's designed.
  22. UncleCreepy

    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    Whatever you guys want to call it, I'd like to point out the elephant in the room: are they going to force the update via LTE? I'm currently on 2022.20.8 and I have no desire getting radar disabled or receiving an annoying message that the outside speaker isn't working. The speed at which the...
  23. UncleCreepy

    Lowering amperage a good thing?

    Assuming you're using the correct wires, the thermal cycling is well within the design limits. Long cycles are generally less stressful. What stresses the connection isn't the connection being cold or hot, it's the change of temperature. EVs as such are actually less problematic than other...
  24. UncleCreepy

    Fed up w/not getting new FSD. Lawsuit?

    Not really a secret. Read my post, I wrote "Aren't you just monitoring the car without actively driving while FSD is active?", so I am well aware that the so called "Full Self Driving" is more like "Occasional Self Driving under favorable conditions that can require you to take over at any given...
  25. UncleCreepy

    Fed up w/not getting new FSD. Lawsuit?

    I don't get it... your personal safety score is based on how you drive, right? Why does it matter how YOU drive when it comes to FSD? Aren't you just monitoring the car without actively driving while FSD is active? Yeah... reading this while sitting in my Roadster 2.0 passing a Tesla Semi 😁...
  26. UncleCreepy

    Another Tesla motorcycle death in Boca Raton, FL

    Would be interesting to know if the Teslas involved were equipped with radar or if they used Tesla Vision. Apart from the fact that the driver is responsible for well... driving, the radar might still have been able to see the motorcycles and initiate an emergency braking maneuver if the driver...
  27. UncleCreepy

    Bad 48 amp charge feature not included in battery warranty

    Nope, I used to have a M3 LR RWD. They scrapped it at some point.
  28. UncleCreepy

    Getting complaints about using public level 2 charger

    I get that. It's a tough situation. However, asking other people to vacate a spot -at least in my book- is not the solution. What do you do if your neighbor is in the same situation at the same time? If we artificially make it look like as though there were enough charging stations by only using...
  29. UncleCreepy

    Getting complaints about using public level 2 charger

    The way I see it is that if you depend on free (or even paid) L2 chargers, it's on you. I don't think I need to keep a spot open for someone who isn't even there. If I can get free electricity, I'll just go for it. If the charger is occupied then I'll have to look elsewhere or charge at home...
  30. UncleCreepy

    Is there any free introductory supercharging

    Maybe, maybe not. I can't speak for others, but I did not get charged for using the SuC on delivery day of my M3 RWD in September 2018 and the M3 AWD in December 2020. Maybe I was just lucky. Ymmv.
  31. UncleCreepy

    Is there any free introductory supercharging

    When I took delivery in December 2020 I was able to supercharge for free on the delivery date but that was it. No more freebies. Luckily I still have premium connectivity for life (not my life though, just the car's life. Which might be longer than mine, who knows 🤪)
  32. UncleCreepy

    No Software Updates for 3 Months!

    I'm sorry I was a bit snippy earlier, my apologies 😟. While I still think that it's not a big issue, updates are still pretty frequent. I recently got 2022.20.6 which was replaced by 2022.20.7 just two days later. As others mentioned, updates appear to be less frequent with FSB beta.
  33. UncleCreepy

    No Software Updates for 3 Months!

    Did any of the previous dozens of software versions, particularly the one you're on, cause the car to not function anymore? I just don't see what the obsession is with getting a new software if the car is working perfectly well.
  34. UncleCreepy

    How is Kingston these Days with the new added capacity?

    I occasionally use the ferries in Rockland and in Cumberland. Personally I prefer the more scenic (and electric!) one in Rockland. Both will take you across the river and on a nice ride to Mont Tremblant. As you are probably aware, Mont Tremblant also has superchargers as well as level 2...
  35. UncleCreepy

    Tesla M3 completely disabled with 'Vehicle shutting down' and 'Rear motor temporarily disabled'

    So much for Has there ever been a case where one motor failed and the car was still able to drive using the other motor?
  36. UncleCreepy

    5amp charge setting

    It would be interesting to grab an oscilloscope and see what the supply voltage actually looks like, ideally under load. The fact that only this particular car reverts to 5 Amps doesn't necessarily mean that the car is the problem, especially not since you ruled out that possibility by checking...
  37. UncleCreepy

    Autopilot & cruise control unavailable 2022.16.3

    I contacted Tesla Service with this very issue two months ago and this was their response:
  38. UncleCreepy

    Tap the card

    Most of the time (if both the car and the phone have internet access) you can still open and start the car via the app, just not via bluetooth.
  39. UncleCreepy

    Tap the card

    Same issue here, it happens randomly. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (dorsn't seem to matter, it happened before with an LG Q6, too) Current Software 2022.16.3 (doesn't matter either, it's randomly happened since I got the car) Audio via bluetooth is usually playing but the car still insists...
  40. UncleCreepy

    Petition for Tesla to replace CCS as standard in US

    And while we're at it, maybe we should also ask congress to decide for us if Windows or macOS should be "the standard" that everyone has to adhere to. Seriously though, this is something the market will decide. Actually, it already has. In Europe even Tesla uses CCS. I like the slim Tesla...
  41. UncleCreepy

    Best home charger?

    That's up to you. Although I do believe in using the fastest charging rates at home, I probably wouldn't upgrade from an existing 50 A to a 60 A service as the difference isn't that big and in my eyes wouldn't justify the cost of replacing the existing wiring. I would probably just leave it as...
  42. UncleCreepy

    Best home charger?

    It is not. Lithium batteries are generally happier if they don't go through a full charge/discharge cycle but instead charge whenever you get a chance. - it's 240 V, not 220 V. - sure, if you live in California, you likely never have to spend any energy and time on warming the battery...
  43. UncleCreepy

    Rough probability of battery failure prior to warranty expiring?

    Not specific to the Model S, but as a ballpark number: if we estimate the usable lifetime of a lithium battery to be 1,000 full charging cycles (that's a rather low estimate) and the cars approximate range per charge at 328 km, you'd get 328,000 km out of the battery before it reaches 70% of its...
  44. UncleCreepy

    Save mirror position for reverse

    Hence the workaround proposed by @Garigari. I just tried it in my M3 and it works like a charm.
  45. UncleCreepy

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I can't tell you what's "normal", but I will provide another data point: my car is at 46,500 miles and currently shows a maximum range of 298 miles. LR AWD, very little supercharger usage and I'm a relatively slow driver. There are lots of threads about battery degradation. You might want to...
  46. UncleCreepy

    2 EV Household - what else you got?

    Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Chevrolet Bolt Zero SR/S (Motorcycle) Stihl RMI 632 PC (electric lawnmower with "FSD") The snow blower and the generator are the only machines left that have a combustion engine.
  47. UncleCreepy

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    The issue seems to be resolved with 2022.16.1.2. Up to and including 2022.16.1.1 my car reported "current as of May 27", now it shows the current date and time when I check for updates.
  48. UncleCreepy

    Why is the Tesla 24' Gen 2 wall charger so much on eBay?

    Not on any car that has a max charge current of 48 Amps or less. Some older Moled X/S can and will charge faster on a Gen2 WC if it's set up for more than 48 Amps though. To me that is an advantage. I have both a gen2 and a gen3 WC and I don't like how flimsy the gen3 cord feels, plus it gets...
  49. UncleCreepy

    Supercharging now costs more than gas (one owner's experience)

    It's not an apple to oranges comparison though if supercharging used to be quite affordable in the past (infrastructure cost money back then, too) and now the prices suddenly increased by a factor 3 or 4 or whatever it is now. What does it have to do with anything if it's only for road trips...

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