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  1. J

    Gen1 HPWC refuses to charge dual-charger P85D. How to troubleshoot?

    From past personal experience: You might want to try removing any crud from the contacts in the HPWC's handle as well as the Tesla port with some electrical contact cleaner and soft pipe cleaners.
  2. J

    battery cooling question

    Yep, looks like a shotgun approach to repair. However, the quoted prices for some of the louvers are quite a bit less than those paid by other members within the last couple of months for the identical parts. Maybe some Tesla parts guys just make up the parts prices on the fly, lol. In...
  3. J

    What's the best frunk fridge solution and power source?

    12 volt refrigerators (like my Engel MT35) work great in the rear well, but not so in the frunk. Why? There is no ventilation in the frunk. Without ventilation, the little air that is in the frunk will quickly become hot, and the refrigerator will not be able to dump heat efficiently to the...
  4. J

    battery cooling question

    I recall it being listed at $385 in a post I read a while back. The side louvers were $239. Motors included in both.
  5. J

    battery cooling question

    I think your AC is out. When working normally, the BMS never lets the battery temp get above 113.5 degrees (at least, prior to Batterygate/Chargegate). Without your AC working and the battery chiller cooling your battery with evaporating R134a, the car is trying to dump heat solely through the...
  6. J

    2019.12.1.1 Supercharger Throttling?

    It's been discussed before: Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software Currently at 614 pages, and 12,272 posts.
  7. J

    MCU Fan Sound Coming From Center Dash

    Gruber Motors, as well as the Electrified Garage (former Tesla tech) have videos on YouTube about removing the MCU. If you go to all the effort to remove your MCU, fix the fan problem, then reinstall the MCU, you are almost guaranteed that the eMMC chip on your MCU will fail within a month or...
  8. J

    Best aftermarket parts for Model S?

    You could try private messaging "norm". To PM someone in this forum, left click on your icon in the upper right and go to "conversations". Then "start a new conversation". Use the name "norm". It doesn't look like he comes around this forum very often anymore: he was last seen 4 weeks, 5...
  9. J

    Tesla parts numbers catalogue

    They did at the time I wrote that post in June, 2018. Anymore, I would assume so, but can not say for certain. Tesla seems to have morphed into something unrecognizable to us older (gimped) Tesla owners. (I need a few parts too, but haven't figured out how to contact the new Tesla SC in El...
  10. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    The reference to Van Horn pertains to 4A and 4B that have been dead since, at least, June 2018. That's 20 (or more) months out of the 35 months that this Supercharger has been opened.
  11. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    I was there last night around 9pm. 3A and 3B are dead, but the other six chargers work, including 2A. The latter has not lit up at night since (at least) Feb. 2019, but otherwise has always worked fine.
  12. J

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Yes, I'm referring to the 2012-2016 Tesla Model S Service Manual, which contains three main sections. The first section is the actual service portion. The second section contains ten wiring diagrams along with connector references for each diagram. And the last section has the Theory of...
  13. J

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Agree. From the "Charging" section of the "Theory of Operation Guides" found in the early MS service manual: " 1. Tesla Supercharger The Tesla Supercharger recharges Model S quickly on road trips that exceed the range of a single charge. Superchargers are not intended for everyday use...
  14. J

    Source for OBD cable?

    Thanks for the links. I need another cable since a Tesla tech cut my first link cable and kept the Tesla connector end when he came out to my house to replace the steering gear bolts. He was nice enough, though, to tuck the remaining cable back into place so I wouldn't immediately notice his...
  15. J

    Supercharger - Van Horn, TX

    2A apparently not working either. I was at the Van Horn SC earlier this morning and saw four of the eight superchargers with their cables wrapped around the top of the units. It does not present a very good image of Tesla to the many travelers who stay at this frequently sold out Hampton Inn...
  16. J

    "Unable to charge - Disconnect cable and retry" - fixed

    I had a similar intermittent charging problem a couple of years ago: same messages, and the red ring of death. Everything returned to normal after I cleaned all the charge port contacts with soft and hard bristle pipe cleaners and some WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray.
  17. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    Sorry, Charlie. I had planned to attend FS solo, but just found out I'll be entertaining a friend from back East. So, put me down for 2 for everything: FS, Hotel Limpia, and noon photo shoot in Marfa. Thanks.
  18. J

    Concerns about availability of roadside towing for New Mexico Tesla owners

    In such a situation as you describe, I would try very hard to contact Anthony Glass or the other Tesla mobile service technician who cover Albuquerque, southern NM,and far western TX. They are both excellent. And they perform emergency repairs. I would only consider flat-bedding my Tesla to a...
  19. J

    Water Leak in Trunk Storage Area

    When I had soaked carpeting and insulation padding in the trunk well, I dried them out, then soaked them in a few inches of water in the bathtub, along with 8 ounces of generic Hibiclens that you can buy at any larger pharmacy for under ten dollars. Hibiclens is generally known as an...
  20. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    I'll be there but just for the planned activities on Saturday.
  21. J

    Older HPWC - All sorts of issues

    You held the reset button for 5 seconds after flipping on the breaker?
  22. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    Here's a little history about the L2 in Iraan. It was written in late 2013, by an early cross country Tesla S 'road tripper' : Iraan | The Frunk Is My Suitcase
  23. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    I drove from the Temple TX area to Las Cruces, NM yesterday (including through flooded Llano and over the massively swollen Llano river that made the national news this AM). Contrary to some reports from this past summer, I had first-rate supercharging at Junction, Ozona, and Van Horn. Seems...
  24. J

    Removing rear chrome piece on a model S

    If you are referring to the applique on the rear lift gate, start by using nylon fishing line or dental floss to cut through the double sided 'foam tape' where the applique overlaps the tali lights. Then use a nylon pry tool, preferable one with a "U" cutout on the prying end, and carefully pry...
  25. J

    Pre 'next gen' seats comfort

    Assuming that your back pain is located in the lumbar region, your might want to try a McKenzie back roll.
  26. J


    I have a four year old P85 with 103,000 miles on it. For the first two years, i charged 98% of the time at home. Since then, and for the last 50,000 miles, most of my charging has been done at Superchargers. Supercharging, for me, has slowed down significantly. Nowadays, as a "rule of...
  27. J

    Tpms from TireRack not reading

    About two and a half years ago, I purchased a set of the earlier style, Baolong sensors for my 2014 Tesla from Tirerack. After 16 months, after swapping out to my summer performance wheel/tire set with the aforementioned sensors, I immediately started receiving error messages that pointed to a...
  28. J

    Camper, party/tailgate mode questions and cigarette/aux plug in adapters/chargers?

    Yes, it will fit. This might also interest you (I copied it from another post): Ingineer said: ↑ BTW, it's a simple matter to keep the 12v outlet in the console live all the time if desired. It's just a simple relay in fuse box #2 (the one on the passenger side under the removable cowling...
  29. J

    Louvers not opening during supercharging

    The front louvers do not always open when the condenser fans are turned on. From the "Theory of Operation Guides" section of the 2012-2016 Tesla service manual: "Two sets of louvers are fitted to Model S. The front louvers are visible from the front of the car, and the rear louvers are...
  30. J

    Supercharger - Van Horn, TX

    After waiting since mid-2014 (when I bought my P85) for Supercharging along I-10 in western Texas, I'm very appreciative of the motels in Ozona and Van Horn, and the Chevron in Junction for hosting Superchargers. Did you really need to rip-off food from the Van Horn Hampton Inn?
  31. J

    Tesla parts numbers catalogue

    PM me. I can help you with the part numbers. Every Tesla part # is listed as restricted, unrestricted, or 'over the counter'. 'Over the counter' is the least common category.. It includes 'consumable' items such as wiper blades or brake pads. These can be purchased by anyone...
  32. J

    Road Trip from Atlanta to San Diego to Pick up CPO

    In western TX, don't underestimate range loss if you have strong headwinds when heading west from the Midland Supercharger. It's pretty desolate country out there. Cell phone connectivity can be spotty. And you'll loose about 12 miles of range with the increase in elevation to get to Van...
  33. J

    Wrap / Dip - Advice on Rear applique

    Mineral spirits/paint thinner is helpful for removing the glue residue. This solvent is relatively weak, and won't damage plastics in my experience. The double sided foamy tape you get from your local SC comes in two versions that are shaped a little differently. Best to take a couple of...
  34. J

    Wrap / Dip - Advice on Rear applique

    I've removed the rear applique twice when replacing the inner portion of the stop light assembly. The ends are held down by thin foam with adhesive on both sides. Nylon fish line or dental floss works best for cutting through this foam/adhesive. For the rest, work both sides alternately, going...
  35. J

    New Mexico Law Prohibits Tesla Stores and Service Centers

    NM state sales tax is 5.125%, with local taxes boosting this to as much as 9+% in some counties. However, car sales, new or used, are taxed at 3% (with no local add-ons). Title fees are minimal. On the title, you have to indicate the number of cylinders that are in your car.... I pay about...
  36. J

    Power inverter question

    That should work and is probably your best option.
  37. J

    Power inverter question

    I'll bite..... since I recently installed a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter in my P85. The max output from the 12 volt plug in your Tesla is 180 watts (12 volts x 15 amps). Your inverter is rated at 300 watts (although it is common for cheap inverters to have overstated specs). For...
  38. J

    Cheap source for current gen TPMS?

    Tirerack has them for $65 each. If you run more than one set of wheels for your Tesla. you might consider getting the Autel universal 433Mz sensors for $23 each on Amazon. You would also need to buy the Autel hand held tool for about $132 to program them for the use on a Tesla. (The same...
  39. J

    20” turbine replicas

    The Tesla OEM lug nuts will not work with Axis wheels. Axis uses a standard lug nut size readily available from Amazon or your local car parts store. The Axis lug nuts take a 19 mm deep socket instead of the 21mm deep socket used with the Tesla nuts. Occasionally, I've heard scrapping of...
  40. J

    20” turbine replicas

    Axis offers their Model S turbine style wheels in the 20" diameter size, in addition to the 21" version. They are available through Tirerack for less than $1000 for a set of 4. Currently, it appears that the 20" will not be in good supply at Tirerack until this June. I have a set of these...
  41. J

    Camber Kit

    There is camber adjustment on the front, but not on the rear (generally speaking: I believe that some early S's did have an eccentric type adjustment on the rear upper control arms). Camber (and inner tire wear) increases as the car is lowered. Not much of an issue with 19" wheels, but can...
  42. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    I only looked at the travel centers and motels I listed. There are many other potential SC sites in Fort Stockton I didn't check (I've seen Superchargers built in/by public parks, shopping strips, museums, car washes, police stations, visitor centers, and restaurants of all types). I was...
  43. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    I drove through Fort Stockton early this AM, and checked out the Flying J, Love's, Stripes, and Walmart, as well as the motels along the south I-10 Service Road (Best Western, Hampton, Candlewood, and Fairfield). Nothing to report. No SC activity seen.
  44. J

    "Car needs service - car may not restart" - what now?

    I've been having similar problem when trying to supercharge. Charging port turns red, car won't charge, and displays the same error messages as yours. My 2014 P85 is at a service center now. Diagnosis: bad high voltage junction box. If your Tesla is out of warranty, you might try popping of...
  45. J

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    Unless your range has seriously degraded in your 85, there is no need to avoid going east on I-10 (provided you have 19" eco "green" tires such as the Primacy MXM4 or the Pirelli Cinturado P7"). I do it often in my P85. Going west is the bitch. The distance from the Van Horn SC to the Ozona...
  46. J

    Components in the trunk

    Perhaps to access the AM/FM antenna, booster, and filter located in the liftgate.
  47. J

    Who uses the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Plus'?

    I tested the kWh consumption of Pirelli Cinturato P7 Plus with about 60% tread with the OEM Michelin Primacies with about 15% tread left last summer on my P85. I ran the same 90 mile roundtrip on I-10 at night, so I didn't have to use the AC. I chose summer nights that had only crosswinds less...
  48. J

    Charge port ring rainbow

    My charge port was putting on a psychedelic color show occasionally while charging with the UMC this past fall. Cleaning the port and the UMC contacts with pipe cleaners and WD40 brand electric contract cleaner took care of the problem.

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