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  1. Dsancho

    Any nose-cone'ers tried XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER headlight bulbs?

    I did see a member recommend Osram when he painted his headlights and changed the bulbs.
  2. Dsancho

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    @Aggmeister2010 sorry forgot to upload these. I’m not a good photographer . I think the road a bit uneven. The back usually sits lower. Let me know if you need a different angle.
  3. Dsancho

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Sure. I have take some pics tomorrow. It still rubs a bit but not as bad when I had stock turbines w/ spacers. On the freeway I do get a little rub on big dips. I got the wheels used so I actually don’t know the exact off sets.
  4. Dsancho

    WTS: M3 and MS Tesla all weather interior and cargo mat full sets

    I’m interested in the trunk mat for model s if you’ll willing to ship.
  5. Dsancho

    Bloxsport 20mm spacer MODEL S/X

    Pics of spacers with 245/35 and 265/35,
  6. Dsancho

    Bloxsport 20mm spacer MODEL S/X

    4Pc 20mm Hub centric Wheel Spacers 5x120 fit 2012-2018 Tesla Model S X Adapters used for 9 months. Good to make the stock 21” flush with the fender. Purchased for $190 plus tax. 4Pc 20mm Hub centric Wheel Spacers 5x120 fit 2012-2018 Tesla Model S X Adapters | eBay asking $150 OBO located...
  7. Dsancho

    Nikola Model S chrome delete kit - matte black

    Hi all, im selling an extra set of nikola chrome delete kit. Complete windows, mirrors, side markers, rear chrome trunk trim and front bumper. Asking $100 plus shipping. located in Bay Area
  8. Dsancho

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Love how it looks. I actually wanted these as my first choice. Vossen?
  9. Dsancho

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Forgestar cf10 21” staggered, satin black 255/35 front and 275/35 rear
  10. Dsancho

    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    ASM Auto Body & Repair - Hayward, CA @paixim @FlatSix911
  11. Dsancho

    Eligibility for carpool stickers

    I purchased my 2015 last year out state. DMV has a website database of vins of cars that have be issued a sticker. I was able to get one that I registered for in Jan 2020. I have orange stickers. @Funchik
  12. Dsancho

    Recommended Rims for P85D?

    There’s a thread here for aftermarket wheels I would go through. For TSW I like the Bathurst.
  13. Dsancho

    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    Headlights look great. Can’t wait to see the draggy results.
  14. Dsancho

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    looks great
  15. Dsancho

    Picking up my new to me 2015 P85D today

    Congrats. I just my 1 year anniversary from when I picked up my p85d. I’ve only put on less than 10k due to COVID/Wfh. Luckily I’ve had a pretty good experience from Tesla during the purchase, delivery and service standpoint. I brought the car for failed cinch motor for trunk and they replaced...
  16. Dsancho

    Vendor Instructions for facelift bumper/fascia installation on nosecone Model S

    I would think it would look better and be cost effective to buy a facelift hood than Frankenstein the factory hood. Then you can always sell the stock hood to recoup some of the cost
  17. Dsancho

    Removing Stock subwoofer

    i have a brother in San Bernardino County. I’ll ask if he’s headed out that way soon
  18. Dsancho

    SF to Palm Springs - Reco for charging in the LA area?

    I’ve been to the Valencia/Santa clarita supercharger and it’s located in a small plaza with a small man made lake with ducks to feed. I also used the rancho and San Bernardino chargers, both are good places to stop if needed. Yelp has pictures of all these locations.
  19. Dsancho

    Removing Stock subwoofer

    I’m interested. If you still have it.
  20. Dsancho

    Who has installed their own chrome delete?

    I just did a chrome delete with nikola pro. Relatively easy. I opted not to plastidip as I didn’t want to cover and tape off the whole car. And I didn’t like the “feel” of the plastidip on my spare wheels. I have an extra set of matte black if you are interested.
  21. Dsancho

    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    I’d be super interested if I didn’t have to ship my car to the east coast.
  22. Dsancho

    Model S Front Bumper Refresh Instructions

    I think the adjustment is for those who kept the prefacelift hood. But it’s the 4 bolts on each side
  23. Dsancho

    Speaking of PPF ... Model S Black Clear Wrap?

    theres a ppf install on YouTube of a new black model s. Looks good
  24. Dsancho

    Model S jump/rear facing seats

    Gone. Sorry
  25. Dsancho

    MS P85D wheel spacers?

    the rear studs definitely were touching the inner pocket of my turbines. They left a small circular mark inside each pocket. similar to the attached pic. (Not my pic) the pockets of the 19s were way too shallow and didn’t fit.
  26. Dsancho

    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    hoping for my battery to get bad while in warranty lol
  27. Dsancho

    MS P85D wheel spacers?

    I shaved a couple mm off the rear studs because they were hitting inside of the pocket of stock 21 turbines. I didn’t notice any vibration but after inspecting The wheels after a couple weeks I saw the damage. 20mm spacers all around, fronts do not need to be shaved. I tried to leave the...
  28. Dsancho

    Anyone DIY their own PPF on their Model S?

    i wanted to give doing the whole hood a shot too. It seems pretty straight forward. What part(s) were most difficult?
  29. Dsancho

    App Vent Control

    oh. Thanks for the translation. yes, remote window control would be nice.
  30. Dsancho

    App Vent Control

    Doesn’t climate control the vent? @r1200gs4ok
  31. Dsancho

    Oem Refreshed bumper retrofitted on 2016 Model S

    I have a new model X Badge for sale if anyone needs one.
  32. Dsancho

    Keys locked in the car (for real)

    glad to see you got this resolved. but if you have to break a window, I’d consider the rear window next time. Also the Tesla app wouldn’t unlock as well?
  33. Dsancho

    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    did you get your car back yet?
  34. Dsancho

    Model S help with dead bug stuck in turn indicator unit

    I have had the service center address this via warranty. They did not take the bug out instead they put a brand new tail light.
  35. Dsancho

    Model S help with dead bug stuck in turn indicator unit

    Common issue. I even have this issue on my Mercedes. I recall seeing a video on YouTube on removing the lights
  36. Dsancho

    Loss of power during quarter mile run

    Did you get any other runs in afterwards?
  37. Dsancho

    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    I did the side skirts and plan on doing the rear due to fact that it also makes the car appear lower since the paint would show better than the black trim. If you look at your pics the front bumper appears to be lower than the side. But it’s just the white vs black
  38. Dsancho

    Painted rear valance for prefacelift

    Looks good, did you paint just chrome diffuser or the grey plastic as well? I did the facelift install myself at home.
  39. Dsancho

    Painted rear valance for prefacelift

    Side skirts came out good. Was a bit of a pain to remove due to the shallow bolts holding them on plus the number of bolts/push pins that needed to be removed. Overkill imo.
  40. Dsancho

    Painted rear valance for prefacelift

    The light grey bothers me so much. I tried bumper black and it worked on lower sides not on the light grey. Which only made it stand out more I actually did the facelift bumper and painted the side skirts already. I was quoted $250 for rear 3 pieces. I had the front bumper and side skirts...

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