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    Induction Stoves

    Tramontina sells direct for $30 more than Costco did. 8 Pc Double-Hob Induction Cooking System
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    Aero Wheel cap kit - updated 2021

    These? Orbital Thread about them here: Orbital Wheel Covers Kickstarter reboot
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    How did you get your SolarEdge Physical Layout

    Ah, so that's what you needed the endoscope for. =)
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    Aero Wheel cap kit - updated 2021

    These? Custom Aero Wheels
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    How did you get your SolarEdge Physical Layout

    I got the serial numbers off the panels, but they do NOT correspond to the serial numbers listed in the SolarEdge account. I sent an email to q-cells and was informed that the solaredge serial numbers are internally generated. Unless I'm mistaken, the only way to map after the fact is to cover...
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    Emporia Vue is an Interesting Companion to Solar and Powerwalls

    So I took a look at this and am wondering how I would install the Gen 2 Vue if I don't have whole-house backup. I have my main panel with a sub-backup panel. If the Vue goes in the main panel, the sub will be totally lumped together as one value, no? Not sure how the plain Vue would work with...
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    Model 3 Interior Trim Panel clips / fasteners

    SF Tesla service center or store? I'd be surprised if the SC doesn't do parts. I've generally called the SC, asked for a price on a part # and then ordered through them for pick up. I don't believe they deliver.
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    Second dashcam setup. Yay or nay?

    Its the EDR one linked by android04. I found that it held the cam a bit far from the windshield.
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    Second dashcam setup. Yay or nay?

    Mine was pretty much installed the same way. I ordered a mount from France which was cheaper, but it was mostly 3d-printed. It worked. My BlackVue died after 13 months, and they wanted $150 to repair/replace. Ended up getting a $100 dash cam off Amazon which has a higher resolution, but not...
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    Second dashcam setup. Yay or nay?

    FYI, there have been a few instances of accidents where TeslaCam did NOT record the actual incident (my own experience included), so better to have redundancy, especially if you already have the cam. Ultimately your decision, though.
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    Recent Accident- Sentry/Dashcam did not record the Accident!!

    I had the same issue in Aug 2019, but my Blackvue recorded the accident. Car was totaled, so promptly bought another and still have a secondary dash cam for redundancy (Blackvue died after 13 months).
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    Mirror top cap removable w/o housing disassembly?

    I cracked a couple of the portions of the housing that clip on, so be careful. I actually removed mine before the video came out, so if you follow the instructions, you should be good.
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    DIY Carbon Red Plastidip on the '17 S

    I did my 3 white w/abalone pearls. Subtle, but looks like mother-of-pearl. I'm considering carbon red when I'm ready to change. Did you use only the carbon red pearls or did you also get black betty pearls per the kit? Thanks.
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    Anyone with US Bank as the loan holder?

    Picked up Model Y on 7/25 and received a snail mail letter from US Bank on 8/10, dated 7/31. It has the account number and other loan details. This was a loan through Tesla.
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    Question on powerwall mode

    I think Cost Saving does this. I have off peak, shoulder and peak. I noticed when I first started to use this, the Powerwall would only charge during off peak. All solar would be sent to the grid during shoulder and peak. Either a software update or learned behavior has changed such that...
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    Tesla App & Homelink Control

    I think it only shows with FSD.
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    Tesla App & Homelink Control

    Homelink needs to be turned on in the Summon menu in the car.
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    Using a Credit Card or Paypal to pay for TESLA Solar

    I inquired about this re: solar/powerwall install next thursday and was told cc by phone or PayPal. I have the email so if they try to tell me different...
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    For recent buyers in CA applied to CVRP rebate

    Temporary registration is what's stuck to the bottom passenger side of your windshield.
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    Pickup Appointment made with no advance notice

    Same happened to me. Saw a VIN appear in my account sometime yesterday afternoon, along with the MVPA. Got a text at 3:50p for an appointment today at 2p. Said I'd be contacted by a specialist 24-36 hours prior to the appointment, which obviously couldn't happen. I texted back saying I couldn't...
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    AWD Non-Performance White Interior Waiting Room

    Okay, is the person who rejected VIN 023683 at Marina Del Rey delivery center here? Noticed the VIN appeared sometime this afternoon and got a text at 3:24p for a delivery TOMORROW at 2:00p. At the bottom of the text it states, "A Tesla representative will reach out 24-36 hours prior to this...
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    FS Founder series Powerwall, Energy Gateway and $1k Install Credit

    FYI, $1k install credit is non-transferable.
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    Power Wall For Sale - For real this time

    Here's a whole thread about it... Buying or selling a Powerwall 2? A warning...
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    Power Wall For Sale - For real this time

    I believe the average price for these was about $5k, but the award policy was recently updated and the $1k install credit is now non-transferable, so that would effectively bring the asking price down to $4k. I also believe the tax liability cannot be passed along, either, so you'd have to...
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    Buying or selling a Powerwall 2? A warning...

    I'm not sure what mjptech meant by Powerwall sales being quashed as well, but it still seems possible to transfer Powerwalls to non-awardees. It's just the $1k credit that's non-transferable from what I understand.
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    RWD LR Order?

    I was also successful in having this done and mine was a day one order. I did it through chat on Wednesday morning and was informed that the upgrade would not be with the current price book and that i would be notified when it was completed. I asked if I would be able to review before the change...
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    Buying or selling a Powerwall 2? A warning...

    bummer... thanks for finding that...
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    Buying or selling a Powerwall 2? A warning...

    I'm being told by Tesla that the $1k installation credit is non-transferable. Anybody here recently "gift" their Powerwall to a buyer and encounter this? I was "gifted" one last December and there weren't any issues with the $1k installation credit being transferred as well. Anybody know when...
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    MY in Pasadena, CA showroom

    Must've reopened because I have an appointment for Friday. I was contacted by them last Thursday, called Friday and they said they had openings Wed, Thu and Fri of this week.
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    MY in Pasadena, CA showroom

    Century City does test drives.
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    Storm Watch

    Mine went on Storm Watch in Los Angeles.
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    Texts vs E-mails from Tesla

    It looks like the Tesla Account page has been changed. I believe under Contacts, there was previously a way to add an alternate contact in addition to selecting preferred methods of contact. The choices were text, email, phone. All of that appears to be gone now, at least in my account. The...
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    I copied the file onto my local drive, edited it there, dropped it back onto the image mounted after creating with balenaEtcher. To edit, open Terminal, type "vi " and drag the file from your drive into the terminal window. It'll automatically populate the correct path. Hit enter and you're in...
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    I'm also on a Mac, but I used vi in terminal to edit. No problems for me.
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    So how does one go about getting this trim piece?

    I've actually had pretty good luck with the parts departments at a few of the service centers. Parts are pretty cheap directly from Tesla, also. A bracket for the Homelink module cost me $14 when eBayers were asking upwards of $50.
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    So how does one go about getting this trim piece?

    Maybe Tesla? https://epc.tesla.com/#/systemGroups/47318?partNumber=1112072-00-A&partId=12337128
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    Homelink: Improved install process.

    Yeah, it's a great idea, but not sure if the service center was supposed to actually charge me. After I had purchased the module from eBay, I saw some instances of labor charges for activation. I actually called the service center and texted a mobile tech that had come to my house previously...
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    Homelink: Improved install process.

    I did this on my Model 3. Ordered the module from eBay, ordered the bracket and bolt directly from Tesla for <$20 total, installed myself and took to service center for activation. They told me it was included in the module price, so I got it activated gratis. Wondering if that might also be...
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    Homelink: Improved install process.

    So how did you go about getting it activated?
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    Finance Rate Went Down

    I did this in August 2018 for my Model 3. They beat a secured loan with an unsecured loan. I plan to do the same for Model Y.
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Unless they changed their policy, they beat a secured loan when I purchased my Model 3 in August 2018 and the loan from Lightstream was unsecured.
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    Finance Rate Went Down

    FYI, once you get your lowest rate, go to Lightstream.com and have them beat it. The loan I got on my 3 was unsecured, also, so no lien on the car. Not sure if that's still the case, since I don't have a VIN/delivery yet.
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    Account page changed from 'Prepare for Delivery' to asking for details

    LR RWD here, as well. Here are my payment details. I'm not sure when FSD went up $1k, but I placed the order on the night of the unveiling. Car Price $56,200.00 Full Self-Driving Capability $6,000.00 Autopilot Included Rear-Wheel Drive Included Black and White Premium Interior $1,000.00 Pearl...
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    Model Y - Hands On

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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    Yes, using Marcone. Have tried all three of the one-step images and same results with all. Snapshots off and added a few of the lines of code that supposedly remedy the Too slow USB issue, but I still get the too slow message.
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    I'm having the same experience. Redo and it works for maybe a day or two and teslacam icon disappears the third morning. I unplug and replug and it reappears, but then arriving home, sentry never turns off and videos never finish uploading. I end up taking the pi in the house, reviewing...

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