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  1. LBusDoor90

    What will battery day do to our resale values?

    Sorry to hear that. I have had the exact opposite experience at 30k miles. My under 20k VIN 3 is more solid than either of those 2 cars at the same point of ownership. Nothing at all beyond the need for new cabin air filters so far.
  2. LBusDoor90

    What will battery day do to our resale values?

    I made my only other 2 cars, a `91 manual Ford Escort and a `05 Prius, last 15 years each and both were still solid and able to be sold at the end. I have similar faith in the crew at Fremont (with a battery pack replacement or 2 on my way to 6 feet under).
  3. LBusDoor90

    What will battery day do to our resale values?

    Exactly. I’m planning on being buried in mine. I’m 52.
  4. LBusDoor90

    Full Charge Range

    This is my experience, too. I can sit a long time at a supercharger or my own 220V and only peak at 308. I used to let run down to around 5 miles at the end of odd months before a full charge but it never made a difference.
  5. LBusDoor90

    Long term(ish) Model 3 owners, how reliable has the car been to you?

    Flawless. Exact 2 year owner of an LR RWD one after standing in line in March 2016. 30,000 miles in, I've had mobile service replace cabin air filters while I worked once and after taking some nails in 2 tires that couldn't be repaired, bought new tires last week. The service at my local Tesla...
  6. LBusDoor90

    Tighten your lug nuts

    You have to wonder what these first time FUD posters are paid and by whom. So many losing market share to Tesla.
  7. LBusDoor90

    Are we Really Really Saving Money owning a Tesla?

    I know I am. Paid on the average $34 more on my electric bill each month to drive around 1300 miles instead of $100+. See my spreadsheet.
  8. LBusDoor90

    What did you name your Tesla?

    As a planetary and environmental science teacher with a daughter (whose future world is in question) that loves Tesla’s mission and the movie Interstellar... Murph
  9. LBusDoor90

    Splitting a nema 10-30 outlet

    My 14-50 is right under my panel. It actually only cost me $30 for what he ended up needing.
  10. LBusDoor90

    Still stuck on 2019.5.15

    Same here in NJ as a LR owner since May (in case that’s meaningful info).
  11. LBusDoor90

    Stop complaining and start promoting if you want Tesla to survive!

    How is this coming as a surprise to anyone? They are computers on wheels and other buyers getting more for less soon after your purchase is the way tech markets go. I paid for it when I wanted it last May knowing someone could pay less for my LR in 2019-20 (well, without the full tax credit though).
  12. LBusDoor90

    Do you prefer Creep On or Off?

    Absolutely true. I see the green bar indicating regen down that low. Yes, it’s a tiny speck of green but it’s there. Creep kicks in around 7 mph and the regen stops. Try it.
  13. LBusDoor90

    Do you prefer Creep On or Off?

    OFF! Since turning it off, regen is pretty much happening all the way down to 0 mph in many stopping cases instead of having creep kick in to keep me moving at around 7 mph. With a commute that is mostly local roads or highways with lights that has me between 30 and 50 mph, going without creep...
  14. LBusDoor90

    Blog Which Model 3 Color Will You Choose?

    Thanks for your concern but the 5-coat ceramic coating package I chose comes with a lifetime warranty should it lose those properties. He specifically told me the use of the touchless car wash would NOT void my warranty. Ask for Nick should you have more questions: AO Detail - South Jersey &...
  15. LBusDoor90

    Any perfect mattress for 3 certain yet?

    My apologies if this is discussed elsewhere (a search didn’t turn up a definitive thread on it) but did anyone find a perfect mattress yet for the 3? Camping later this month and it’s time to pull the purchasing trigger. Thanks!
  16. LBusDoor90

    Anyone get a 3 and regret not getting the S instead?

    An S would have made my garage explode (and my finances). Nope.
  17. LBusDoor90

    $75.00 for a tire rotation!

    So with a lift, there are no concerns with using the lift properly with a Tesla to also avoid damage? Can a lift also not be employed correctly so that I need to “interview” candidate tire rotation shops to make they know how to lift an EV properly?
  18. LBusDoor90

    Model 3 Software Version 2018.26.x has lock confirmation sounds

    Same here. The only failures I’ve had were because my battery stingy self had shut the Bluetooth off. Immediately upon turning it on, it unlocked.
  19. LBusDoor90

    Model 3 Software Version 2018.26.x has lock confirmation sounds

    Gosh, it’d be nice not to still have 21.9.
  20. LBusDoor90

    Banging noise over bumps

    I have it too. I have just assumed it is the lid over the trunk well getting a little airborne and then slamming when it comes down.
  21. LBusDoor90

    Some videos from YouTube about other manufacturers

    Seeing unhinged attacks like this warms my heart. Every ride this GenXer gives to a Millennial or GenZer results in “this is what I want (whether Tesla makes it or not).” The end is now in sight for ICEs and oil (even if it’s a fairly distant tomorrow) and multiple post rants like these are...
  22. LBusDoor90

    Poll: Model 3 Efficiency (Battery-to-Wheels)

    My daily commute is on local roads and semi-highways where 30-50 mph speeds are typical. I voted for 200-219 which is where it falls when using the heat or A/C but when I just use the fan, I often pull into the parking lot at work or my driveway with 180 Wh/mile efficiency.
  23. LBusDoor90

    Black Model 3 at Brickworks last night

    At my delivery, I smiled upon seeing it, then walked straight to the wheels to pull the aeros off to then put on the center cap and lug nut covers. The staff laughed but quickly agreed it looked much better. (I’m currently getting the aeros painted uniformly exactly the same dark gray as the...
  24. LBusDoor90

    Take that, Ford and Adidas...

    Nothing from RPM about the E badge discontinuing? I’m very curious if there was outside pressure that led to it.
  25. LBusDoor90

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    Sorry, I forgot about your request to see the final product (RPM applique decal AND their badge) installed in this thread after posting it in its own: I too think others not confined to the lower lip “crowd” the logo (and I like the logo too much to remove it).
  26. LBusDoor90


    I’ve only seen the 2 scroll wheel push reboot (with the merits of also pushing the brake debated) in my limited reading here. What specifically constitutes the difference between hard and soft?
  27. LBusDoor90

    Take that, Ford and Adidas...

    It is just a decal made to look like the actual metal applique on the S and X. Works for me since putting actual thick metal on that thin angled portion of the lid wasn’t available or practical.
  28. LBusDoor90

    Take that, Ford and Adidas...

    It’s you. Under the ceramic coating, it looks great. Only the RPM version was narrow enough to fit on the angled portion of the lid and not crowd the bottom of the logo. But then again, maybe it’s ME.
  29. LBusDoor90

    Take that, Ford and Adidas...

    It’s certainly possible but if specifically Ford actually pulled a cease and desist on a small accessory maker over three little bars on the back of what is ultimately very few cars, I would say they’re in full panic mode for being late to the EV game.
  30. LBusDoor90

    Take that, Ford and Adidas...

    It will always be the Model E to me. (For those wondering, the trunk lid edge applique is from RPM Tesla. The badge was, too, but it appears to be no longer available.)
  31. LBusDoor90

    Model 3 camping mode?

    But I thought I saw it mentioned here by someone undergoing a car wash struggle that if you remove your weight from the driver's seat, it puts the car into park. Yes, no?
  32. LBusDoor90

    App displayed car moving in reverse when parked

    I happened to look at my app today when my detailer was moving my 3 from his lot into his building. I thanked him for staying under 3 mph with a text. It amused him.
  33. LBusDoor90

    The 1st week with my new Model 3

    My past: 14 years with a 1991 Ford Escort 13+ with a 2005 Prius My first 5 miles of driving with my 3 delivered on Friday had my brain and body suspicious I had stolen a wealthy person’s car. Near the end of the 5 miles, I stopped checking the rear view mirror for the fuzz and just started...
  34. LBusDoor90

    Blog Which Model 3 Color Will You Choose?

    Just took delivery of my STUNNING black 3 and now the waiting as the front half and mirrors get PPF before a lifetime warrantied ceramic coating is added. The touchless car wash a half mile away will certainly not let handprints, dust or anything last long as the hydrophobic properties of the...
  35. LBusDoor90

    My So my M3 broke down 2 days after delivery

    Bingo. I’m fortunate enough NOT to have my nephew’s OCD demands (see above) since 27 combined years of Ford Escort and Toyota Prius led me to gradually discover ripples and trapped contaminants in and under the paint and clear coat of each over time. With each discovery?....a shrug. My black 3...
  36. LBusDoor90

    My So my M3 broke down 2 days after delivery

    Well, that’s just super. I take delivery of my own 159XX on Friday. :(
  37. LBusDoor90

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    It will take a while. After I get my 3 on Friday, my ceramic coating guy has agreed to put it on before doing his thing.
  38. LBusDoor90

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    Received and completely scratch free from end to end...
  39. LBusDoor90

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    I just bought it and it’s scheduled to arrive Monday. I’ll put up photos after I put it on my black 3 over the next 2 weeks. So much better an option being on the lower edge and it will give meaning to my accompanying Model E badge to outsiders. It’s still on their site here: RPM Tesla
  40. LBusDoor90

    Before the 3, what have you owned/driven?

    Also just 2: 1991 manual trans Ford Escort for 14 years. 2005 Prius right now that just reached 13 years in April. I take delivery of the best (and maybe last) car I’ll ever buy on Friday. Can’t freaking wait.
  41. LBusDoor90

    Auto pilot doesn’t detect deer

    This unfortunate incident should be a final entry here...
  42. LBusDoor90

    Anyone add EAP just before the delivery for $5k?

    This may not pertain to the direct experience of anyone here but since I’m in NJ where EVs aren’t charged sales tax, am I correct to assume that if I add EAP this week (I take delivery Friday!), I won’t pay sales tax on that $5k since it will be considered part of the car’s initial sales price?
  43. LBusDoor90

    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    There's NO WAY they don't add this with an update.
  44. LBusDoor90

    Let's talk financing rates

    The South Jersey Federal Credit Union last told me they are still ready to offer 2.24% (maybe 1.99% if my credit checks out as excellent with an underwriter's blessing) but that was about a week ago. Tesla is on its 2nd VIN for me and I'm hoping they'll draw up the buyer's order or contract soon...
  45. LBusDoor90

    Delivery Estimate to configuration invitation?

    Last estimate was March-May. Received invite to configure on Thu March 23. After an initial VIN appeared online in early April, it disappeared with a new one appearing a week later, followed soon after by a delivery advisor’s call near the end of April. Tentative delivery set for 5/18 but HQ and...
  46. LBusDoor90

    Do you think Tesla/M3 will change the auto industry? I'm concerned

    Hear, hear. We are just flat out overdue for high pressure hot gases (and a ton of friction that turns costly stored energy into wasteful heat) to be put to bed. Yes, the injection of combustible mist at just the right moments into 4, 6, 8 or 12 cylinders is much more efficient than steam...
  47. LBusDoor90

    Woo-hoo. Cherry Hill, NJ Tesla store officially open 4/13/2018

    So there's a happy ending for this South Jerseyan who at first was told he would have to drive an hour and 40 minutes up to Springfield off exit 11 to get his 3... The new Cherry Hill Tesla apparently was locked, loaded and ready to deliver 3s but they weren't appearing on the Tesla system to...
  48. LBusDoor90

    Does the SiriusXM app work well in a Model 3?

    Excellent, thanks. To get the best quality and not worry about the data usage...T-Mobile, here I come for sure.
  49. LBusDoor90

    Does the SiriusXM app work well in a Model 3?

    Thanks. One more question: Assuming you’ve owned or heard regular SiriusXM receiver quality in a car before and you’re connecting your phone with the app to your 3’s sound system via Bluetooth, is the quality comparable or the same?
  50. LBusDoor90

    Seeking Paint protection in NJ

    I don’t know if you’re in southern NJ like me but I am super impressed by Nick at AutObsessions in Pennsauken (impressed enough to be driving my 3 straight to him in 2-3 weeks when delivery is finally scheduled). I’ve seen his work and he has been reviewed very well online: AO Detail - South...

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