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  1. Lucas007

    FSD subscription

    Is it worth buying the $199/monthly FSD subscription? Anyone here using it and is it just like the $15,000 FSD just in a monthly basis?
  2. Lucas007

    FSD on a used car

    A friend of ours just bought a 2021 M3 with FSD, is that going to stay is it going to be deleted?
  3. Lucas007

    Can I get my order fee back if I Canceling my order [no]

    Am I out of luck on getting a refund when canceling my order? Is there a way to getting a refund? TY
  4. Lucas007

    SoCal to Vegas

    Doing this drive tomorrow morning, are there SC along the way? Thank you.
  5. Lucas007

    Software updates

    Is there a way to read about the new upcoming SU before downloading it or does just tell you to download it and hope for the best? TIA
  6. Lucas007

    Acceleration boost

    Has anyone purchased the software upgrade "Acceleration boost" yet and is it worth it? TIA
  7. Lucas007

    Socal to Reno drive

    I will be sharing my first experience long drive(roughly 400 miles one way) with our MYLR. Wife and I often take this drive from Reno to Socal back to Reno and about six months ago we moved to Socal and that is where our MYLR got delivered. Since we still own a house in Reno we decided to take...
  8. Lucas007

    WTB 19" rims and tires

    WTB 19" rims for 2022 MYLR just a single wheel/tire for spare in Socal. Thank you,
  9. Lucas007

    Looking for 19" rim/tire in Socal

    Hello all, I'm looking for a 19" rim/tire as a spare for our 2022 MYLR in Socal that is reasonably prices. Thank you,
  10. Lucas007

    Lug nut size

    Hello all, I'm trying to put together a flat tire tool kit. Since I'm away from home and don't have access to my tools at the moment, what size lug nuts are on the MYLR or wrench I need to remove the lug nuts. Thanks a million.
  11. Lucas007

    SA for us who have ordered

    Is there an SA available for us who have put in an order and are still waiting for a real EDD? and if there is one where and how can we contact them. Many thanks,
  12. Lucas007

    Delivery time and financing

    My MYLR EDD is coming up soon(it was moved way up) how much time do I have for financing when I do get my VIN? How can I apply through Tesla financing at this point? Thank you for the help.
  13. Lucas007

    Need help determining if I can get home charging with this panel

    Hello all, I’m not sure if this I the right place to ask, but here it goes. I was just told by a retired electrician that my house have a 50 amp panel and it is too small to add a breaker for a Tesla 220 charger, is there any truth to this? Thank you,
  14. Lucas007

    Delayed again

    Put in an order on October 1 and several EDD(lost count exaclty how many) and now another one. New date is March 16-31. Delivery location is Baldwin Park, CA.
  15. Lucas007

    Possible upgrade for Model Y

    Saw this today for a good read.
  16. Lucas007

    News about Model S

  17. Lucas007

    App question

    I see apps out there that are being used and cost money to subscribe. In reality do you need these apps(ie: key app, camera app) does Tesla have their own app for such functions? TIA
  18. Lucas007

    18” rims on MYLR

    Will 18” rims fit my upcoming MYLR? TIA
  19. Lucas007

    Price changing

    Hello all, I have a reservation number and just waiting for VIN and EDD. I have put in the order October 1 and I have seen the price change couple of times already, is this normal? TIA
  20. Lucas007

    What voltage

    What voltage would I need in my garage to charge our MY when we take delivery? TIA
  21. Lucas007

    What year is my Y?

    I ordered our Model Y 3 weeks ago and my delivery date was April and now February-March is it going to be a 2021 or 2022 model? TIA
  22. Lucas007

    VIN number

    Does a vin number starts with RN and 9 digit numbers? TIA
  23. Lucas007

    Delivery date coming to soon

    I am comfortable with the delivery date being April and now I look at my account it is saying January-February. Is there anyway I could get it pushed back to my expected date? Reason for this is I am paying this in full and would not want to finance it and around that time is when I will...
  24. Lucas007

    No more 24 hour test drive?

    About 3 months ago we went to look at MY at our local dealer and at that time they were offering 24 hour test drive. We drove friends MY and finally put in an order three weeks ago and went to the same dealer to do a test drive and now they only offer a 20 mins test drive? Just wondering if...
  25. Lucas007

    Welcome me to the Tesla family

    Hello Family! I just got my “Welcome to the Tesla family” email this morning. Tesla is not really clear about a lot of things. My expected delivery date is April which I am fine with that, the “Review” button in my account is not clickable and when will the payment be due? Is it going to be...
  26. Lucas007

    Ordering process

    For all that have ordered and taken delivery of their Tesla can you please walk me through the purchasing process. What happens after you choose your options and put your $250 deposit? Thank you,
  27. Lucas007

    Hey all!

    Brand new member here. Getting ready to order a Model Y here in about a month or so. Is this a good commute car for my wife who would be using it for work 35 mile commute each way? It will be her daily and it will be driven at an interstate and city streets. TIA

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