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    Model S Wheels: satin black Slipstream (245/45 R19 Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires with 7/32 tread

    Long shot, but assuming you sold these? If so, how much did you get for them?
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    Model S P85D lower and lower range for 3 - years - WARRANTY ENDING SOON - what to do?

    Following as I am in a similar predicament with a upcoming warranty expiration on my late 2014 P85+ where full charge says 245, but I can only get 180 with 2% left with light driving. Any heavy driving and I’m down to 120. I have not taken it to the service center for it yet, but would...
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    Is my high wh/mi normal for my P84+?

    So I just got back from a trip primarily on back roads around Michigan and thought I would see some pretty good wh/Miles average, but ended up averaging about 350! Here are my specs, I’m hoping some of you experts out there can tell me if this is normal or an indication of something wrong I...
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    Model S Slipstream Wheels / Tires / Rims / West Michigan

    Are these all the 19" version?
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    Configuration of 20 Inch Wheels & Tires

    I am loving what you did here! I have nearly the identical twin to your car except I am picking up some silver X slipstreams tomorrow. Can you confirm that the Conti DWS06 Plus tires are the XL version? This is what I can find locally and want to make sure I am on the right track..
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    2014 Tesla Model S 85 - Build Thread

    What tires/rim combination are you running? I have a similar car to yours (late 2014 P85+) and was considering switching from my 19" slipstreams to a set of staggered 20" Mx slipstreams, but thought I would gauge what other vintage cars are running.
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    Used Rim Prices

    So I was experiencing a vibration in my 14 P85+ So I take it in for an alignment and the service center tells me two of my rims are bent. They rotated so they are on the back and the vibration is minimal, but recommended I start shopping around for a used pair to replace two. So I start...
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Does anyone know if the Arnott AS-3380 would work on my December build 2014 P85+? I have the same low speed suspension rattle from the front left area. Service center looked at it and suggested a new air shock would solve it, but I was hoping to avoid the $900 cost and potentially have the...
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    Model S Rear Center Console - $!00

    Can you send me some more pictures? I am interested! text works too 2693641824
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    Model S Parts for Sale

    Interested in some more details on the center console. I'm around the corner from you in GR for local pickup if that helps.
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    Fort Wayne: Free (4) Used 21” Silver Turbines

    I would pay for shipping on these or meet you in between Fort Wayne and Grand Rapids, MI where I am located. Let me know!
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    Arnott AS-3380 suspension

    Following... My left side front air strut is rattling like a mofo (and no, is not the stabilizer bar links, I already replaced those). Its just an annoying rattle over bumps. Local service center said they thought it was design flaw in the strut, but I am out of warranty so they want like 900...
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    2014 Model S P85+

    Another bite of perspective, after months of searching, I found and purchased nearly the exact same car (and love it!) for $29,900. Now, I know I got a great deal on it since the little dealership had no idea what they were selling, but all the same, I think the true value is somewhere mid...
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    21" wheels from 2014 Model S (Chicago Area)

    Hi, I might be interested, can you send me some more pictures of the curb rash? Do the tires come too, if so, how much tread depth is left?
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    Used P85+ Advise

    Well, to update everyone, I got it! Went and picked it up on Saturday and made the ~250mile trip back with one stop at a supercharger. On my test drive, I did top it off at the closest supercharger, but after the second stop, it now says that a supercharging is not available because I need to...
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    Used P85+ Advise

    Thanks for all the replies. When I mentioned the weird CARFAX, I meant that it looks like it sat around at dealers for a year and the sales agent at the current dealer said it just came in from a Canadian auction. If that’s true, would Tesla strip anything like free unlimited supercharging from...
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    2014 P85D Ludicrous + Autopilot + Lifetime 34k miles

    I did PM the guy and he responded that it’s in suburban Philly and he is asking $46,500.
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    Used P85+ Advise

    Hi, I found what I think might be a good deal on a 2014 P85+ and wanted to get opinions and advice from the pros on here about the car. Link below. It would be my first Tesla so feel free to school me on the in's and out's. My biggest concern with this particular one is that it has a weird...
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    Ownership journal: living with a used P85D

    Curious, because have looked at and almost bought the same car, but with high miles at 145K, what concerns would everyone have with a car of that age and miles? (its a 2015 P85D)

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